15 Times Female Wrestlers Revealed More Than They Wanted To

Some of the sexiest women in the world earn their trade inside the wrestling ring. With a combination of athleticism, beauty, sweat and tightly fitted clothing, there is something very sexy about the female wrestling world. Whether your cup of tea is a larger woman like Nia Jax or Tamina or maybe you prefer the more athletic build like Charlotte and Naomi or perhaps the more petite Alexia Bliss, there is always someone to capture your eye.

While the current lineup of female wrestlers are more in-ring talents than the "eye candy" they once were during the late 90s and early 2000s, their sexiness is still alluring, but with that being said, there is little to no chance that you'll find any of these ladies displaying their goods in risqué photo shoots or other adult oriented sources (minus the obvious phone hacks).

Although a wardrobe malfunction is obviously embarrassing for the individual involved, it is certainly more often than not welcomed by the couch potato fans either ringside or at home. Sometimes it feels as though a wardrobe malfunction is scripted in order to gather ratings, but for the following 15 instances, chances are it just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.

15 AJ Lee - The T-Shirt Incident 

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It may have just been a bra, but for wrestling fans, it was enough of a tease to get their blood (and other things) rising as the pure AJ Lee had her top accidentally exposed during a SmackDown tag match with Dolph Ziggler against Natalya and The Great Khali back in 2013.

What made this occasion even more tantalizing was the fact that Lee wasn't in that much of a hurry to fix the error and started to lick herself. Now whether AJ (who rocked a pair of cut off jeans and a t-shirt as her ring gear) was just trying to show some sex appeal (not that she needed it) or was subtly talking trash to Natalya (who has made it well known to fans that her favorite animal is a feline) is unknown.

14 Stephanie McMahon- The Pedigree Gone Wrong 

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Before censorship and the "PG Era" took over the WWE, Triple H and his wife Stephanie were on opposite sides of the fence. During one infamous night on RAW, Hunter grabbed Stephanie on top of the announcers ringside table and positioned her for a pedigree. For ringside fans and those lucky enough to be viewing the broadcast at home, "The Billion Dollar Princess" popped out of her leather outfit, revealing her well endowed chest to the world before Chris Jericho ran in to make the save.

It was a rare piece of footage the WWE likely wants you to forget about. How ironic that Triple H was on the other end of it all. To make matters worse, it took Stephanie sometime to pop "it" back in an as Hunter had a grasp of her arm in the Pedigree position.

13 Lita - The Live Show Malfunction

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Edge wasn't the "Rated R Superstar" that was on display during the "Live S** Show" back in 2005 when he "celebrated" his WWE Championship with his former girlfriend Lita. While most fans enjoy a good display of romping in the hay, even that night came across as a bit too over the top as the ring was turned into the makings of a Ron Jeremy film, complete with mood lighting!

When the champ and his main squeeze got under the covers and started getting hot and heavy, a little peak-a-boo of Lita's upper anatomy was captured by a well-timed cameraman's zoom lens. And the world thanks that cameraman! As odd as the entire angle was, it was a dream in the ratings department. In fact, Edge's title reign as the champion was a huge point for viewership in the company. Not too shocking, sex sells folks.

12 Dawn Marie - No Pants, No Problem 

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Let's face it, Dawn Marie wasn't much of a wrestler, rather than a tasty piece of "eye candy" that could put together a bit of a wrestling match. Regardless, fans weren't filling out complaint boxes and during the Judgement Day PPV in 2004, Marie ended up giving everyone something to cheer about.

Rocking a new pair of skin color tights, Marie would battle her long time rival Torrie Wilson and not only lose the match, but also lose her ring gear as well. What made the horrible Divas match that much better was the fact that Marie lost her pants half way through the battle and like the old adage says, "The Show Must Go On" with Marie continuing the fight with her cheeks and thong exposed for all to enjoy.

11 Cameron - Over The Top Battle Royal

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Okay, Diva Battle Royals are rarely if ever over the top, but in the case of WrestleMania XXX, the former Funkadactyl' lost her top during the Vicki Guerrero Diva Invitational match. Midway through the contest that featured 14 WWE Divas, Cameron's top became unhitched from the back during her battle with Emma and for the next few minutes, some creative covering up and a strategic exit helped make sure that there was limited camera coverage of the indecent exposure.

While Cameron was often mocked for her lack of talent in the ring, her ability to make sure she continued the match was praised by many. Vince wasn't praising her agreement of Ryback's comments however as she was shown the door shortly after. Not very surprising, Cameron completely changed fields today.

10 Francine - Bottoms Up

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Physics says that if you hold something upside-down, chances are it will fall. The same rule goes for clothing. Back when ECW was still ECW, Francine ran into Tommy Dreamer during a match between the Innovator of Violence and her man Shane Douglas, Dreamer grabbed Francine and put her in position for his signature Piledriver. With gravity taking it's toll, not only did Francine's dress fall to reveal her undergarments, but her well endowed chest fell victim to scientific forces before she too fell to the ring. Whether fans liked him or hated him, many were cheering his name as he paraded Francine around the ring, exposed for all to admire.

It was a significant moment that stood out in ECW history, however, you'd see nothing of the sort in a WWE ring that's for darn sure.

9 Aksana - T & A Malfunction 

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The Lithuanian beauty had a short and relatively uneventful career with the WWE. A former bodybuilder and fitness competitor, Aksana had the misfortune of having multiple exposures take place at the same time. During a multi-woman tag match on Raw, the cast of Total Divas took on those who haven't been privileged to be part of the E! Entertainment show.

Clad in a tight fitting black bodysuit that put improper images in to the male viewers mind, Aksana found herself not only in a battle against Brie Bella, but also her ring attire as Bella tried to keep her opponent from crawling away and in turn not only exposed some rear-end cleavage but also a glimpse of side-boob. Fans got the best of both worlds in that unfortunate malfunction.

8 Kaitlyn - Peek-A-Boo

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She was really only relevant in the WWE for a short four year period, but in that time, Kaitlyn made herself relevant twice. Once when she captured her first and only Divas Championship, which she held for 153 days and the second when she accidentally popped out of her top on national television.

During a warm summer evening on Raw, Kaitlyn confronted AJ Lee and began laying the "smackdown" on the champ, before Lee scampered away, however in the process, not only did her rival escape her grasp, but so to did her right breast. Turns out, it wouldn't be the last time Kaitlyn would see her "twins" get exposed as the phone hacks caught up to the former WWE Superstar showcasing some "Not So PG" photos of the Divas Champion.

7 Brie - Bella Twin Comes Out

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Let's face it, both Brie and Nikki are extremely beautiful and both offer fans a different flavor of sexiness. While many will claim Nikki as their favorite, Brie found herself with a whole new level of fan appreciation after one particular episode of Raw in 2013.

Some think the malfunction was a well concocted marketing plan on the Bellas and Vince McMahon's behalf in order to gain viewers and ratings for Total Divas, but to be honest, nobody really cares how it happened. On an episode of MizTV (which for this was definitely Must See T.V.!) Brie, her sister and the cast of Total Divas were promoting the show when fans were treated to an eye full of "nip slip" in what appeared to be a very air conditioned arena!

6 Christy Hemme - "TNA" Action 

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Impact Wrestling may not be what it once was, which for a while was a decent counterpart to the WWE machine that dominates sports entertainment. However, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have its following and with Hemme as the former ring announcer, there was even more reason to tune in.

While she has already done a spread in Playboy, however, it does not take away from the fact that a scantily clad Hemme is still easy on the eyes and for one night in the fall of 2013, the black see through dress that she rocked on Impact Wrestling certainly brought new definition to TNA! Hemme hopes to put those days in the past as she's now playing the role of a proud mama. She was also recently seen backstage at a WWE event.

5 Eve Torres - Roll Up Incident 

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One of the most beautiful and underrated female wrestlers of her time, Torres found herself on the wrong end of some questionable camera work and even more questionable lack of material. A former Diva Search winner, Torres turned herself into a credible in-ring talent that was more than just the typical "eye candy".

Unfortunately for the former three-time Divas Champion, her choice of attire during an episode of Raw found not only her opponent in a losing position, but also Torres herself as her bottoms revealed more than she may have hoped for. Like Hemme, she's put those days in the "derriere" (cheap pop) as she currently enjoys motherhood quietly away from the WWE. That botch was one of her few mess ups during her dominant WWE run.

4 Melina - That Entrance 

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There have been some iconic ring entrances in wrestling history. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and The Undertaker to name but a few. You can add Melina's name to this list. Now don't get it twisted by thinking that as a wrestler that Melina, a three-time Women's Champion and two-time Divas Champion, can be mentioned with the aforementioned as part of the greatest entertainers in wrestling history, but when you consider the epicness of her captivating ring entrance, she just might.

While managing MNM, Johnny Nitro often made it a point to block the camera man from the pot of gold view, but sometimes to many fans delight and especially when the team disbanded, there was nothing but clear viewing.

3 Rosa Mendes - Full Moon

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Again, conspiracy says that this was a planned event, but others, including Mendes insist that her memorable match on WWE Main Event was purely accidental. During a pretty uneventful tag match between the teams of Mendes and Natalya against the duo of Summer Rae and Layla, Mendes found her gluteus maximus exposed to the wrestling world.

After a confrontation with her opponents outside the ring, Mendes' attempt to re-enter the squared circle was halted by Layla grabbing a handful of tights and revealing the junk in Mendes trunk. Sadly, that was one of Rosa's only real memorable moments as she was a big time afterthought throughout her WWE journey. She's remembered in a greater light for her brief time on Total Divas than her actual long in-ring run.

2 Trish Stratus - Epic Wedgie

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The one Diva that most wrestling fans had hoped to be exposed but never really did (though there are plenty of scantily clad and not to PG pics floating around), even though she was more than willing to take part in Bra and Panties matches, was of course Trish Stratus.

During the No Way Out PPV back in 2001, Stratus and Stephanie McMahon went to battle and midway through the match, McMahon attempted to fling Stratus out of the ring via a suplex and a handful of tights. However the only thing that came from the failed attempt was Stratus finishing most of the match with one of the move favorable wedgies in history...at least from a fans standpoint. It was a welcomed wardrobe malfunction in the eyes of most.

1 Nikki Bella - Fearless On The 'Tube 

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Ah Nikki Bella, John Cena finally snatched her up for good proposing in front of a live audience at the past WrestleMania event. Nikki is on the sidelines at the moment, but that hasn't stopped her from posting content whether that be on social media like Instagram, or, through her new YouTube channel that's growing at an insane amount with more than half a million subs.

She's made headlines for some "wardrobe malfunctions" in all categories, whether it be while she lay outside of a ring, or took a video of herself playing with the family dog. In that specific clip, Bella lost her top for a brief moment, she swiftly salvaged it, but it was enough for the viewer to enjoy. That lucky dog got a full first row view of the ordeal!

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