15 Times “Love Making” Went A Little Too Far On WWE Programming

Welcome back you savages. Love making scenes in professional wrestling were non-existent until Vince McMahon sprung the Attitude Era. The closest fans got to any reference of love making was when the Macho Man Randy Savage accused Miss Elizabeth and Hulk Hogan of adultery. Ted Turner’s WCW was destroying the WWE in the ratings in the mid-90s, McMahon had to make a change and he did by going with some attitude. Before you knew it, there were bra and panties matches, an adult entertainer as a character, and thousands upon thousands of sexual innuendo references.

We get it, intimacy sells and it was a huge rating booster. Talents didn't have to be the best at wrestling but if they were very attractive, then the WWE wanted you. Even after the WWE beat WCW and bought the company, McMahon would continue having storylines involving lovemaking. All that came to an end when the company decided to go “PG,” which made a lot of parents happy. We doubt we'll ever see anything like that again in the WWE.

Not every example on this list is exactly love making although it’s under the umbrella. It’s all about the titillating and sexual innuendo that makes these scenes go a little too far in the WWE, especially by today’s standards. Enjoy.

15 Vince McMahon & Trish Stratus


One constant theme of Vince McMahon is he likes to come to an event in style. Fans have seen all too often a limo showing up and Vince popping out of it. For some reason, McMahon decided he wanted to have intercourse with Trish Stratus in his limo. It’s good to be the boss. On television, the WWE would show the limo very foggy with hand prints everywhere.

You may be able to hear some noises coming from the window as well. The best part about the whole segment is Michael Cole saying, “King, you’re sweating.” Although we don’t see any skin, it’s pretty clear that there was some love making going on in that limo. If we did see some flesh, it would be higher on our list.

14 Stacy Keibler & Scott Steiner 


There are a lot of themes under the umbrella of lovemaking. One of those themes is the art of lap dancing. Although lap dances aren’t doing the actual deed, it’s definitely sexualized and can lead to some adult activities. Stacy Keibler is arguably one of the hottest women to be in the WWE. The long legged blonde knew how to make the crowd go wild for her.

When she was the manager of Scott Steiner, the two would put on a sexualized show in front of thousands in the stands and the millions watching at home. The purpose of the skit was to make Test very upset while being involved in a match. Steiner would sit in a chair while Keibler gave a great lap dance, which involved taking off her skirt.

13 Val Venis' Debut 


We’re cheating here a bit but this has everything to do with “lovemaking” in the WWE. In 1998, fans got to witness the first adult entertainment character (not Rick Rude) in the WWE when Val Venis popped up in a video. We see Venis, presumably naked in bed, watching something on television. If you listen to the audio, you would realize some females are having a really good time.

Venis would then say, “I am just so damn good,” before his “Hello ladies” line. Obviously, Venis was watching his adult entertainment videos which even kids could pick up on. Venis then goes into a lot of sexual innuendo lines, such as penetrating the WWE. We have a woman moaning in the background and half naked Venis saying how great he is, you got to love the Attitude Era.

12 Lita & Dean Malenko


A lot of love making goes on in hotels. Whether seedy or five-star, maybe it’s better if you bring your own sheets and pillows if you can. One of the best technical wrestlers in the history of the industry, Dean Malenko, wasn’t always the most charismatic character on camera. He was involved in one of the steamiest scenes in the WWE with Lita. Lita is basically half-naked with some sexy lingerie on. There was some seduction and "Not So  PG” material going on but it was tamed compared to other skits.

It ends with the lights coming back on before they could get down and dirty with the Hardy Boyz in the room. It’s definitely “Broken” Matt Hardy like as he’s hovering over Dean with a maniacal look. The brothers would beat up Dean while Lita is still rocking that sexy clothing.

11 Zach Gowen & Sable 


Zach Gowen would work for the WWE from 2003-’04 and is one of the few wrestlers in the business with a prosthetic leg. Vince McMahon would put him in a top storyline with several legends such as Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper. Not only that but he also had a steamy segment with Sable. The beautiful bombshell would seduce Gowen, leading to some risky lines and shots.

Sable would not only kiss him but started to take off her clothes while they were on a desk. She would demand him to yell her name which the youngster obliged to. Unfortunately for Zach, it was just a scam and Sable would end up slapping him in the face. The best part was Vince coming in, scaring Zach and then a short time later we got to see Sable and Vince getting it on.

10 Katie Vick Angle 


Lovemaking isn’t always glorious. Sometimes it could be embarrassing or down right shameful. The WWE used to be a wrestling company that would push what wasn't acceptable on television. No shame is the game and the Katie Vick angle is one of the most shameful segments the WWE has ever done. In 2002, Triple H and Kane were in a huge feud. Triple H would accuse The Big Red Machine of necrophilia, Ted Bundy style.

A video would show Triple H dressed as Kane while he climbs into the casket and begins to touch a mannequin. The mannequin and casket represented Kane’s ex-girlfriend, Katie Vick. Necrophilia isn’t cool and neither was this segment as it took lovemaking to a dark place. We can’t imagine how many kids found out what necrophilia was that night.

9 Val Venis & Jenna Jameson


You can’t have a list about lovemaking in the WWE if you don’t include Val Venis. It’s like having a discussion about the history of theater and not including Shakespeare. Venis may not have been the best wrestler but his character is legendary. The WWE decided he should be an adult film star so what’s the best way to make fans believe this?

How about hiring one of the most successful adult entertainers ever, Jenna Jameson, and putting her in a vignette with Venis. The video shows a presumably naked Venis in the bushes at first. He gives his monologue and then we see Jameson come up from the bushes. With the position she was in when she came up from the bushes, it clearly shows what kind of lovemaking she might have been "undertaking".

8 Torrie Wilson, Jamie Noble & Nidia 


Swingers aren’t something new and the WWE decided to incorporate the adult hobby into one of their storylines in 2003. Jamie Noble had the hots for Torrie but Torrie was dating Billy Gunn. Noble would have a match with Gunn and if he won, he would have Torrie for one night in a hotel. In an upset, Noble would win and Torrie would have to own up.

Video shows a hesitant Torrie enter Noble’s hotel. The only hiccup was Nidia, Noble’s girlfriend, who barged in and decided to do some lovemaking of her own with Noble. Skip a little further in the segment and then Gunn comes into the hotel room. Torrie and Billy stand there while they watch Noble and Nidia get it on and the WWE subtly hints that another type of "Fatal Four Way" may take place soon.

7 Layla In The Shower 


There was no lovemaking in this skit but it still falls under the umbrella because lovemaking definitely takes place in the shower. People fantasize about it and the WWE kind of lived it out for the fans. For some reason, the WWE decided to show fans a shower scene that wouldn’t make it to television today. We’re pretty sure the writers thought it would be a fun scene but it raises the issues of sexual abuse instead.

Unfortunately, there are messed up people out there that would take advantage of a person in a public bathroom/shower. The skit involved several women basically abusing Layla in the shower. Water was flying, clothes were coming off and a spanking was being performed in this skit. A bunch of girls spanking another while water is drenching them sounds like a great idea but wouldn’t slide today.

6 Batista & Melina 


A young Drax The Destro….. we mean Batista, was one of the hottest talents in the WWE before making a jump to Hollywood. As a champion, Batista had a lot of people wanting his attention. One Diva named Melina decided to take it upon herself to get Batista to listen to her. The segment would be backstage while Batista was getting ready for a match.

Melina would ask Batista to withdraw from a match because the team she manages is involved. She tells the big fella that it would be worth his while and proceeds to makeout with him. The scene cuts to a messy Melina putting her shirt back on. Although more tamed than other lovemaking scenes, it’s something that you would never see today.

5 Vince McMahon & Candice Michelle 


When you’re Vince McMahon, you can make up any storyline in the WWE, including hooking up with a beautiful lady. No one creates adult scenes in the wrestling industry better than Vince and fans got to see him in a provocative skit in the mid-2000s with Candice Michelle. The build up lasted all night and ended with Candice on his lap.

A seductive Candice asks Vince to help her with her condition called “labia-gitis.” Vince being the kind hearted man he is, decided to help Candice out stating, “I’ll be the doctor and you can be the patient.” Vince begins to feast on Michelle’s neck but Triple H breaks it up before it gets too steamy. Triple H then jokes about a flashlight being in Vince’s pocket. It doesn’t end there as another segment shows Vince making out with Candice, damn you Vince.

4 Val Venis & Terri Runnels 


Hello, ladies or should we say hello Dustin Rhodes' ex-wife, Terri Runnels. Val Venis and Dustin would be pitted in a feud together in 1998. Dustin was no longer the outlandish Goldust and his character took on the role of someone who didn’t approve of the edgy product the WWE was giving the fans. This was a perfect feud as it was the adult entertainment star versus the religious conservative.

Venis has had some edgy vignettes and this one could take the cake. The adult star decides to get underneath the skin of Dustin and shows him a video while he’s in bed. Someone could be seen under the sheets giving Venis the time of his life, which turned out to be Terri. The lovemaking was pretty noticeable and Dustin didn’t appreciate it for one second.

3 Torrie Wilson & Sable 


Torrie and Sable not only worked together in the WWE but also for Playboy Magazine. A storyline would revolve around their competition involving the adult magazine. The two stunning blondes were absolute stars and took advantage of every opportunity their beauty and brains gave them. When they would be in a segment together, the WWE Universe would go bonkers for them. How could they not?

One scene would have Sable walk in on Torrie while she’s nude in the shower. Sable would then take her towel and Torrie would have to walk over naked to get it. Another scene had the two in sexy lingerie with a lot of sexual innuendo undertones. Maybe the best scene was when Sable showed off her goods to Torrie. Or you can argue when they kissed with practically nothing on in the ring. Never forget the good old times.

2 Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie 


The WWE Universe exploded into space when Dawn Marie and Torrie had their fling. The company wasn’t shy about girl-on-girl action and when you have some of the hottest females in the business, it’s a no brainer to make a titillating skit. In 2002, fans got to witness Dawn Marie almost marry Torrie Wilson’s dad. Dawn would end the engagement if Torrie would participate in some lovemaking at a hotel.

The scene would never happen today but fans can watch it over and over again thanks to YouTube. Dawn Marie would be seen seducing a reluctant Torrie. Wilson would get more into it as the two had their shirts off. We’re surprised the cameraman didn’t faint from how hot that room must have been when filming the scene.

1 Edge & Lita 


Is anyone surprised this lovemaking scene made the list? Edge and Lita were not only a couple on television but also in real-life. You can tell they had great chemistry together and the two would shock the WWE Universe when they decided to have intercourse in the middle of the ring. You may be asking yourself why? After Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on John Cena the night before, he decided to celebrate on an episode of Raw with his main squeeze.

Adults and children got a lot more than what they were expecting. Although there were sheets covering things up, you can definitely make up some of the positions involved in lovemaking. It will go down as one of the riskiest segments in WWE history.

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