15 Times PG Superstars Said Non-PG Things On WWE TV

WWE's Attitude Era stood out for many reasons, but the language used back in the 1990s and early 2000s made WWE a show that was aimed towards adults.

When WWE decided to create their new PG era, they made the decision to tone down the violence, no longer allow bloodshed on TV, and change the language and sexual innuendos that Superstars used during promos.

Even though WWE decided that a New Era had begun, sadly there are always a few Superstars who think that they are bigger than the rules. Obviously, the likes of The Rock and Brock Lesnar no longer conform to what is requested from other contracted wrestlers, but even the ones who adhere to the rules sometimes slip up under pressure.

When Superstars are trying to promote a match that has become personal to them, they often go overboard and in a way to make their promos much more controversial they often bring in the sexual innuendos or references to things that have happened outside of the ring that fans are well aware of.

WWE is now always recorded live so sometimes these slips make it into the recordings and the WWE Universe are aware that they are in trouble when they head backstage, so just for the sheer fun of it, here are the 15 times when PG has been broken in WWE promos.

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15 The Rock and Lana

The Rock has come under fire from WWE officials so many times over the past few years that it seems the rules no longer apply to The Great One. He once interacted with a fan dressed as Hulk Hogan in the audience when WWE were still shunning The Hulkster and all references to him, so the company was not impressed.

The Rock returned to Raw at the beginning of 2016 and spotted Lana backstage. The duo had previously met in the ring and The Rock had thrown Rusev out when he made an appearance a few months before, but this time he talked to Lana about the night that the two of them spent together and the fact that she taught him the 'One-legged Russian Vacuum.'

14 CM Punk's Epic Pipebomb on Triple H

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been married now for more than a decade so it definitely isn't anything new for many enemies of both Superstars to often use their relationship to their advantage. Recently Shane McMahon stated that Stephanie married a WWE Superstar to remain relevant, but CM Punk went much deeper than this.

Punk and Triple H had an incredible rivalry throughout 2011 and one promo from that rivalry stands out above all others. One promo where CM Punk not only broke PG barriers but he broke kayfabe when he brought Triple H and his own names into the promo. He also brought Triple H and Stephanie's relationship into it by stating that Triple H makes judgements on other Superstars whilE lying in bed with his wife.

13 CM Punk Mocks Jeff Hardy's Drug Addictions

It's no secret that Jeff Hardy suffered from an addiction to drugs throughout his WWE career and it's the main reason that he was released from WWE because of his third violation of WWE's Wellness Policy. Hardy has had some hard times while performing for the company.

But CM Punk decided to bring Hardy's drug problems into a promo on WWE TV, something that has no place in a PG Era, given that it could be seen as a promotion of drug use. Punk claimed to be a Straight Edge Superstar throughout his run in WWE, but it still seems that he had no right to bring Hardy's personal struggles into an already personal rivalry. However, Punk was always known to push the envelop, especially towards the end of his WWE run.

12 Paige: "We All Know The Real Reason The Bella's Got To Where They Are."

Following AJ Lee's retirement in 2015, Paige became a somewhat controversial character in WWE. She decided to follow in her best friend's footsteps by delivering a Pipe Bomb on the entire Divas Division.

Paige pointed out all of the reasons why The Divas Revolution failed and she made a lot of sense in what she said. The problem was that there weren't many people in the backroom happy about what Paige had to say. One of the comments stated that 'Summer and Lana are too busy worrying about who they want to climb onto next' and 'the real reason The Bellas got to where they are' hinting that Nikki and Brie slept their way to the top of WWE. Paige rattled some cages in the PG Era. It's a shame her time with the company has likely come to an end.

11 Brie Bella Calls Stephanie a B****

When it was made obvious that Daniel Bryan could no longer continue his rivalry with Triple H because he couldn't be medically cleared, WWE decided to allow the women to continue the storyline instead. That's right, the wives of Triple H and Daniel Bryan would duke it out in the ring.

Brie quit WWE at Payback in 2014 because she was told to choose between her husband giving up the Championship and her job. She then turned up to Raw as an audience member and was confronted by Stephanie McMahon. Brie then shockingly called her a B**** off mic before screaming that she was doing this because she was a vindictive b****. Stephanie responded by slapping the taste out of her mouth and the fight was one heading into SummerSlam.

10 CM Punk Drops the S-Bomb

Chris Jericho has to be one of the best at delivering promos in WWE history and when he stepped up the game by involving CM Punk's family and real-life family problems, the PG Era would receive a dose of Attitude. Jericho brought up the fact that Punk had some family members who had actual addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Punk being the Straight Edge Superstar that he was didn't want this to be used as part of a promo and reacted the way any sane person would and called Bulls**t on all of Jericho's comments. Considering how much Punk hounded Jeff Hardy for his addictions and the fact that these should never have been brought up on TV, there probably wasn't a place for this on Raw either.

9 Vince McMahon And His F-Bombs

It's no secret that Shane McMahon's return to Monday Night Raw earlier this year was a final resort. The Prodigal Son was never supposed to return to the company and he only came back when it was made apparent that WWE had no marquee match for their WrestleMania event. They desperately needs and opponent for The Undertaker.

When Shane did return, he dished out some home truths about both Stephanie and Vince and The Chairman was not happy about it. He even went to the extent of swearing loudly at his son on live TV just to get his point across. This was edited out of any replays of the show, but eagle-eyed audience members ensured that the WWE Universe were aware that sometimes even Vince McMahon loses his cool.

8 Sasha Banks: "Charlotte Came From A One Night Stand."

Sasha Banks and Charlotte have had a deep rooted rivalry on Monday Night Raw for the past few months and their feud over the Raw Women's Championship has become a very personal one. In fact, it appears as though this feud is far from over.

Sasha won the Women's Championship from Charlotte the week before and the daughter of Ric Flair was not happy about it. She stated that there it's one thing to take home the prom king but another to get him to put a ring on your finger. Charlotte continued the metaphor to state that Sasha was just a one-night stand before Sasha reminded Charlotte that she's the daughter of Ric Flair and if it wasn't for a one-night stand she probably wouldn't have even been born.

7 Roman Reigns: "Lana Expected More."

As already stated, WWE seems to enjoy including sexual innuendos on their live TV shows, since there were so many to choose from. The PG banner states that there shouldn't be anything of this kind on the show because this then makes it unsuitable for children of a certain age to watch their programming.

Roman Reigns was the latest to bring a sexual innuendo to his promo when he crashed Lana and Rusev's wedding, pushed the bride into her own cake, and stated that he expected so much more from their wedding after he was given a hostile reception. Just like Lana expected more from Rusev on their wedding night. Another cheap pop to allow the crowd to cheer for Reigns, but it wasn't one that could be classed as PG.

6 Ric Flair Tells Nattie To Go Kill Herself

Ric Flair has never been accused of not being hyper enough when it comes to building up matches in his promos. Flair has always been the kind of Superstar that would rather go over the top than not add enough, but sometimes he does cross the line.

The PG ruling means that WWE can't put ideas into children's heads either. It means they also can't be seen advertising any form of self-harm. So, when Flair decided to tell Natalya to go and kill herself on an episode of SmackDown, WWE realized that the best thing they could do was edit that out completely. Perhaps Flair got swept up in the moment and excited to dust off some of the old crazy that everybody has grown to love from Flair. Of course, Flair still crossed the line.

5 Paige Mentions Reid Flair

This one makes the list purely because it was in bad taste and not only did it have no place on WWE TV in the PG era, it had no place on WWE TV period. WWE Superstars have to OK everything that is used in promos before they go out and perform them live. Ric and Charlotte should never have OK'd the promo to begin with so the fault doesn't solely lie with Paige.

WWE needed a way to add some personal hype to the feud between Paige and Charlotte. It wasn't enough that they were both former NXT Champions and they were both up and comers in the Women's Division, WWE needed more and they decided to bring Charlotte's dead brother into it as the missing piece. It was controversial and it gave Paige more heat than she deserved. Hopefully, that's a lesson to them.

4 Stephanie Dropping the B-Word

When you're the daughter of the Chairman of WWE and you are one of the majority shareholders of the company, you can get away with a lot. Even dropping one of the worst swear words possible on live TV.

When Stephanie was wrapped up in the Daniel Bryan affair along with Kane she decided to let her true emotions run through when her monster attacked Daniel Bryan the night after Extreme Rules. Stephanie yelled at Kane that he was a B****** which basically means that he was born out of wedlock. But the crowd then continued to chant this after the attack had ended. It was a word that should never have come out and WWE  and was then edited all pieces of the live footage to remove it but the crowd can still be heard repeating it afterwards.

3 John Cena: "Go Ahead and Blow Me."

When John Cena first debuted on WWE TV he was a rapper who would spit rhymes ahead of his matches. His character then changed but every now and then Cena pulls out his rap book and decides to use it against one of his rivals. (Not so much these days.)

Cena and The Rock had a year long rivalry that saw the duo main event two consecutive WrestleMania events, but ahead of this Cena decided to write a rap for The Rock which obviously was a little bit risky. Part way through the rap Cena told Rock that he was "like a big purple pinwheel so he could go ahead and blow me" which is another famous reference to sexual activity from the Doctor of Thuganomics.

2 Big Cass: "Size Does Matter."

It became common knowledge back in 2o14 that Seth Rollins was not a well-endowed performer when his fiance decided to leak images of him to the entire world through social media. This was never referenced on WWE TV and many of the WWE Universe thought it would halt Seth Rollins' push towards the WWE Championship, but it didn't and it wasn't brought up until recently.

Big Cass managed to bring it into his promo before he fought Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship and cheekily told Rollins "No matter what you've been telling yourself the last few years, size does matter." This got the intended reaction from the crowd but it was definitely a touchy subject for Rollins who then reacted the way that Cass obvious expected him too.

1 AJ Lee: "Talent Is Not Sexually Transmitted."

When it comes to listing the best female wrestlers on the mic, AJ Lee will definitely be on that list. From her infamous Pipe Bomb to some of her more standard promos, AJ was always head and shoulders above many of the Women's Division and she proved it many times. Famously AJ told the Bella's exactly what the WWE Universe were thinking.

Now, yes this definitely wasn't PG since many parents would now have to explain to their children what something sexually transmitted actually is, but at least it would be a simple introduction into the talk that no parent really wants to give. Either way, AJ had enough of The Bella's two on one assaults and told them that 'It's about time someone breaks it to The Bella's, talent is not sexually transmitted" as a reference to the fact that both women are engaged in activities with former Wolrd Champions.

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