15 Times Stephanie Was The Embarrassment Of The McMahon Family

Stephanie McMahon is one of the most powerful people in WWE. But much like all other talents in the company, she has climbed through the ranks and been part of some embarrassing segments, rumours, and urban legends over the past few decades.

Stephanie grew up in the spotlight and wasn't even aware that her life's antics were public knowledge until much later in her career when she was finally used as a star on WWE TV. Coming from a family that is obviously not a fully functioning one like the McMahons would obviously cause Steph a few problems growing up. But she has had her own fair share of moments that would embarrass even her family.

Sometimes it is alright to say no to some of the things that the company wants you to do live on air. Because it seems that over the past few decades the WWE has done everything in its power to make Stephanie one of the most embarrassing members of her own family, which must be hard with Vince at the helm.

If you don't believe me, here is a list of 15 times Stephanie has embarrassed her own family and a lot of them were things that she actually agreed to do.

15 Stephanie Doesn't Play Well With Others

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Stephanie is reported to have had problems with a number of stars over the past few years. The most famous problem would have been when Steph was co-writing SmackDown with Paul Heyman and the duo apparently had a number of fallouts that eventually led to Heyman leaving the company.

Stephanie has also had notable fall-outs with former Divas Champions Kaitlyn and AJ Lee who have now both left the company. It's never a good idea to fallout with the bosses daughter or as AJ used to call her "Boss Lady." Steph obviously has all the power and this has even been shown on Total Divas when she has been seen to have to talk to Natalya and Eva Marie when they are reported to be in trouble.

14 Shane Blamed WWE's Failings On Her

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When Shane McMahon returned to WWE last year ahead of his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania, part of his "storyline" reason for returning was that his sister had failed with the company and her father Vince didn't want to tell her so instead he went behind her back and told Shane.

Shane took great delight in telling Stephanie that it was all her doing and that WWE was losing fans and dropping in the ratings because she was running the show. In actual fact it wasn't Steph's doing. She wasn't really doing much in WWE at that time. She was only controlling the Women's Division so Stephanie was doing her job quite well. But the company were happy for her to take the fall publicly for the failings.

13 Stephanie McMahon Vs. Brie Bella

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It was the only obvious way to continue the feud between Triple H and Daniel Bryan when it was made apparent that Bryan was too injured to continue competing. Instead, the wives stepped in and began to build a feud that allowed them to main event Raw with a contract signing and then go on to be part of SummerSlam.

It was a huge moment for both women, that was unable to build up to the hype surrounding it. Stephanie's outfit became one of the biggest talking points from SummerSlam that then led to a god awful feud between Nikki Bella and her sister Brie that was voted the worst feud of 2014. If we think about it, if Stephanie didn't target Nikki in the first place, then the Bella's wouldn't have fallen out so it is all Stephanie's fault that we were forced to endure that.

12 First Ever WWE Women's Main Event

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Stephanie has played her own part in the Women's Revolution over the past few years and the women in WWE are all about breaking records. When Sasha Banks and Charlotte were the first women to main event Raw for more than a decade a few months ago, WWE made no mention of who the first main event women actually were.

That's because it was Stephanie McMahon and Jacqueline in Steph's first ever WWE match where she had the help of Triple H, Tori, and the rest of D-Generation X. Steph had no wrestling ability at the time but was able to main event for the first time in what was an embarrassing segment for women's wrestling and perhaps even worse for the career of Jacqueline afterwards.

11 The Incest Storyline

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As you can probably imagine, Vince McMahon has made a career out of coming up with some of the craziest ideas for WWE storylines. He would go a step too far when it came to an incest storyline that he wanted to pitch between himself and Stephanie McMahon.

Vince was said to have been trying to incorporate the storyline for years, and it was going to be centred around Stephanie and Triple H's relationship with Vince later being revealed to be the father of Steph's unborn baby. Obviously, Stephanie did the right thing and turned the idea down, but it deserved to be included on the list to show just how messed up the family is that Stephanie comes from and how hard it would be to embarrass someone who has those kinds of ideas on a daily basis.

10 The Unholy Wedding

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Stephanie's first big storyline in WWE saw her working with The Undertaker and Paul Bearer. Stephanie was abducted and crucified by The Phenom. As she was tied to The Undertaker's Cross Bearer then read out the marriage vows and it seems that the couple were about to be married.

Luckily Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and made the save, even though he hated Vince McMahon, but it was just that he thought it was the right thing to do, obviously because a woman was being forced into a marriage, which wasn't a great thing for WWE to attempt to dramatize on TV in front of children. It was quite an embarrassing time for WWE when it came to any kind of storyline revolving around the women of WWE back then.

9 Stephanie And John Cena

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Stephanie hasn't always been in the position of power that she currently holds in WWE. Back when John Cena was still at the beginning of his career and attempting to be the Doctor of Thuganomics, he and Stephanie had an altercation in the middle of the ring where Stephanie actually allowed Cena to slap her behind.

Cena was all about rapping at this point and turned to Stephanie and said "sorry I lost my concentration, I was looking at your targets. At Vengeance hopefully, I will see if the curtains match the carpets." It wasn't a segment that WWE would want to remember for the sake of both Cena and Stephanie's career. John has moved on to bigger and better things and it seems that Steph would definitely not want her daughters to google that segment.

8 Embarrassing Lesbian Segments

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There was a time when Stephanie was part of the Women's Division. She is even a former Women's Champion and as part of the Women's Division, there was a number of times when she would have to be part of segments that were obviously only put together for the male demographic in the WWE audience.

The letters HLA back in 2002 stood for "Hot Lesbian Action" and at Unforgiven in September that year, Stephanie and Eric Bishoff were part of a cheesy storyline where if her team lost the match then she would have to partake in some "HLA" later in the night. Her team lost and Steph was then forced to be part of an embarrassing segment that included two other women until Bishoff thankfully put an end to it.

7 Comparing Her Father's Trial To The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

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Back in 2001 one of the biggest tragedies in the history of America took place as The Twin Towers in New York were the target of a terrorist attack. Nearly 3,000 people died that day and WWE decided to push back their SmackDown Live recording two days to go out live on September 13th instead.

Stephanie was part of the show and talked about her father's steroid trial that was on-going at the time. She compared what her family were going to with what America was going through at the same time. This is what Steph said, and has been condemned for ever since. "A few years ago, some people tried to destroy my family. They attacked my father's reputation, they attacked my mother's reputation, and they attacked the World Wrestling Federation. They tried to rip us apart...but all they did was make my family stronger. And that's exactly how America feels right now. Because on Tuesday, America was attacked. Because America is a united nation. And together, we stand strong. I am incredibly proud to be an American citizen, and I will stand up for my rights and my freedom." Not the best promo she's ever done by any stretch of the imagination.

6 Triple H's Drugging And Kidnapping Storyline

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Triple H may play the good husband to Stephanie on WWE TV right now as the COO of the company and the obvious person who looks set to take over WWE when Vince steps down, but it hasn't always been that way for Triple H's on-screen character.

Triple H and Stephanie's lengthy WWE storyline covered him drugging, kidnapping, and then marrying her. Something that then saw her announced as Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley for a number of years. WWE didn't have a great reputation when it came to family friendly storylines back then and unsurprisingly Stephanie was almost always part of them. Their legal marriage wasn't recognized on WWE TV until 2008, more than five years after it took place because of all the problems the couple had in the past.

5 Payback Dress Problems

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Stephanie and Brie Bella were locked in a rivalry that ended with their lacklustre match at SummerSlam back in 2014. But at Payback, a few months before Stephanie had told Daniel Bryan that he had to relinquish his WWE World Heavyweight Championship or his wife would be fired.

Bryan was unable to compete because he couldn't be cleared to wrestle and this was WWE's way of prolonging a decision in the hope he would be cleared in the future. Brie stepped forward and told Stephanie that she couldn't fire her because she quits. Brie then slapped Stephanie and she rushed out of the ring and headed to the back. As she left the arena camera's picked up the above image with the WWE Universe speculating that The Billion Dollar Princess had an accident on Live TV.

4 Randy Savage Saga

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When it comes to Urban Legends, there are many stories surrounding Stephanie and growing up in the WWE spotlight. One of the most harrowing would be the one that says that a 14-year-old Stephanie actually slept with Randy Savage.

This is used as a way to explain why Vince McMahon had such a dislike for Savage towards the end of his career and refused to put him in the WWE Hall of Fame until after his death. It's a story that has never been confirmed or denied by the McMahon family. But the longer the family decide to stay quiet about it the more momentum the story takes. It is one of the most well-known stories about Stephanie that the WWE Universe is aware of and it seems that her family are too embarrassed to talk about it openly.

3 Urban Legends

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As already noted, there are a lot of Urban Legends surrounding Stephanie McMahon. As well as the Randy Savage story there is one that seems to state that when Stephanie was just a teenager she would take out a limo and go around New York City with her girlfriends and apparently pick up men.

The story goes on to mention Stephanie and her friends getting up to much more mischief while they were out getting drunk together. Now, this is either a story that a friend is telling that has never been picked up or it's something that WWE has avoided being linked with altogether, but it is still talked about in the dark corners of the internet by many hardcore wrestling fans.

2 Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Like many female wrestlers back in the day, Stephanie was forced to wear a lot of revealing outfits and even underwent breast enhancement surgery while she was still performing on WWE TV. This caused a lot of problems for Steph who still had the clothes she was wearing before, that didn't quite fit over her new chest.

One of her biggest wardrobe malfunctions was when she was being pedigreed by Triple H because he had hold of both of her hands. It meant that she could do nothing about the fact that her chest had fallen out of her shirt. Triple H was none the wiser and continued the move as planned whilst Stephanie attempted to wriggle out and maintain a small amount of dignity on a show that was being streamed live.

1 Chyna And Triple H

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It's one of the best-known stories in WWE. Triple H and Chyna started dating when they worked together on WWE TV as part of D-Generation X and then when Stephanie came along and was part of a storyline with Triple H, they apparently "hit it off."

Triple H cheated on Chyna for a while before he broke up with her for The Bosses Daughter. It is then reported that Chyna didn't react positively about the betrayal and so Stephanie used the power she had in the company at the time to have Chyna released from her contract. Chyna lost her boyfriend and her job in one day thanks to Steph and this is something that she never got over and held a grudge about Stephanie and Triple H until the day she passed away.

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