15 Times Vince McMahon Regretted His Decision

McMahon clearly doesn’t like to admit he's wrong but sometimes the writing is on the wall!

The success of Vince McMahon is unquestioned with the powerhouse of WWE speaking for itself. McMahon’s vision and risk taking led WWE to enter the mainstream increasing the popularity of wrestling. The inception of WrestleMania ushered in a new era many pundits didn’t believe would ever work. McMahon continued the magic over the years and WWE is now a global phenomenon. Fans all over the world enjoy the WWE product and WrestleMania is now as big as any major annual event aside from the Super Bowl. McMahon will be remembered for his successes, but he has been involved in quite a bit of failures in his time.

It would be a bold faced lie if Vince claimed he had no regrets throughout his career. The top position means everything starts and stops with McMahon’s decision making. A desire to branch out into other business and entertainment fields has hurt the reputation of McMahon outside of wrestling. The negative feedback of wrestling fans has also seen many wrestling fans react poorly to his ideas. McMahon clearly doesn’t like to admit he's wrong but sometimes the writing is on the wall. We'll look at fifteen of the worst moments that led to Vince McMahon regretting his decision.

15 Pushing Roman Reigns Too Early


It's blatantly obvious that Vince McMahon desperately wants Roman Reigns to succeed John Cena as the face of WWE. Fans have reacted negatively partly due to McMahon’s love of Reigns forcing him down their throats. The sad part is that Roman was actually a huge fan favorite with The Shield before the group split and WWE tried making him the new chosen one.

14 Trying To Have Lex Luger Replace Hulk Hogan


Another past instance of Vince McMahon regretting his choice of making someone the face of WWE was Lex Luger’s push. WWE gave Luger a patriotic character and monster push as a face following the departure of Hulk Hogan in 1993. McMahon believed anyone with the impressive physique and love of the country would translate to major money coming in.

13 Saying The "N Word" During Backstage Segment

The popularity of the internet has allowed controversial moments to stand the test of time. You can find almost anything that happened on WWE television via a video website today. One of the more shameful moments revolves around a poor decision by Vince McMahon. A backstage segment at Survivor Series 2005 saw him become part of a comedic segment with Booker T and John Cena.

12 The Brawl for All


Vince McMahon thinking outside the box with innovative ideas often leads to success. One that went the complete opposite direction was the Brawl for All. Instead of the scripted entertainment in the ring, WWE held a tournament with wrestlers competing in real fights. The stars on the roster that had experience in boxing, MMA or other forms of fighting battled it for the prize of $100,000.

11 Pitching Incest Storyline With Stephanie


The ideas of Vince McMahon luckily don’t always win out. WWE did a documentary DVD about McMahon that featured many of his peers and loved ones speaking about his pitches. Stephanie McMahon revealed one of the more creepy ideas her father ever thought of. During Stephanie’s real life pregnancy, Vince wanted to have a storyline about it that would have seen him be the father.

10 Coming Out For The 2005 Royal Rumble Match


The finish of the 2005 Royal Rumble match featured John Cena and Batista both eliminating each other at the same time. Vince McMahon walked to the ring with the power strut associated to him. The walk was extra intense this time around and made for a horrible moment in his life. McMahon slipped walking into the ring to cut his promo and tore both of his quads.

9 Letting Shane McMahon Leave WWE


The love Vince McMahon holds for his children made it a tough decision to figure out who should succeed him. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H ending up winning out and are working alongside Vince before taking over. It left Shane McMahon out of the loop after believing he would at least have a say in the future of the company.

8 Having Hulk Hogan Win The Title At WrestleMania IX


A horrible wrestling decision made by Vince McMahon came at the end of WrestleMania IX. Bret Hart and Yokozuna faced off in the main event for WWE Championship. Instead of anointing Hart as the face of the company or going all the way with Yokozuna as a monster heel, McMahon decided to ride the bandwagon of Hulk Hogan once again.

7 World Bodybuilding Federation


Vince McMahon invested a lot of money and effort into creating the World Bodybuilding Federation back in 1991. McMahon’s love of bodybuilding inspired him to try to compete with the International Federation of Bodybuilding. An attempt to market the bodybuilding competitions similar to wrestling shows with the pageantry and characters did not impress the fan base.

6 Batista Winning 2014 Royal Rumble


A somewhat recent example of Vince McMahon being out of touch with his audiences took place at the 2014 Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan was the most popular star in WWE with fans having the hope he would win the Rumble. Instead, WWE went with the returning part-time star Batista. Every WWE show going forward featured fans booing Batista louder than ever and cheering on Bryan with extra passion.

5 Chris Benoit Tribute Show


The shocking death of Chris Benoit shook the wrestling industry. WWE decided to air a tribute episode showcasing Benoit’s best matches along with touching words from the wrestlers that loved him. It was discovered hours after the episode that the deaths of Benoit and his family were a result his double murder suicide. WWE and Vince McMahon received horrible feedback for airing the tribute to a man that would later be discovered as a murderer of his wife and young son.

4 Not Buying UFC


Most of the regrets on this list have come from poor decisions Vince McMahon went through with, but one of his biggest errors came from saying no to an idea. Shane McMahon has always been a huge MMA fan and tried to broker a deal to purchase UFC back in 2000. The correct assessment by Shane knew UFC could be a valuable asset to own and run, but Vince shut down the idea.

3 Ending WCW After Buying It


The Monday Night Wars created the most success professional has ever witnessed. WWE has failed to match the popularity of the late 90s. Vince McMahon purchasing WCW and ending his competition was among the biggest stories in the history of the industry. Everyone expected the dream storyline of WCW versus WWE to finally come through in a highly anticipated promotion war we’ve wanted for years.

2 Controversial Trish Stratus Segment


Something that will always haunt Vince McMahon was a segment that paints him poorly both as a promoter and as a talent. McMahon dated Trish Stratus as part of a storyline in 2001 that was bad enough. It reached a new low when McMahon degraded Stratus in the ring on live television. Trish was forced to strip in her underwear and crawl around the ring barking like a dog.

1 The XFL


The biggest regret of Vince McMahon’s professional life will always be the failure known as the XFL. WWE reaching new heights with their success during the Attitude Era increased the ego of McMahon. It influenced the decision to start the XFL with the hopes of competing with the NFL. WWE paired with NBC to put a lot of money into the league.

McMahon added sleazy elements of the Attitude Era that football fans didn’t care for. NBC and WWE lost $35 million during the one season of continuous flops. The embarrassing failure made McMahon a laughing stock in the news for his horrible mistake in judgment. It's still referred to as his worst decision to this day. The XFL has a legacy for all the wrong reasons, including being the biggest regret of McMahon that lost him a lot of money.

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15 Times Vince McMahon Regretted His Decision