15 Times WWE Divas 'Broke The Internet'

The term “break the internet” became popular after a racy Kim Kardashian photo shoot made the cover of Paper Magazine with the headline “Break the Internet.” The term is also the name of an award given to celebrities who dominate social media conversations through their online presence. What they do to win the award depends, with its sole winner Kardashian being apart of one of the sexiest magazine covers ever.

So ideally, photos are where the butter is when it comes to “breaking the internet.” When it comes to the WWE, even moments can do that—and no female stars are better at breaking the internet than the WWE’s very own. Kim K is the first winner of the “Break the Internet” award, but these WWE divas have enough clout, moments—and really hot photos—to break the Internet any day.

Although many of these entries took place before the term became popular, they still drive much discussion on the Internet. These are 15 times when WWE divas “broke the internet.”

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15 Stephanie McMahon “Gets Everyone’s Attention”

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After Hogan was forced to sit out his contract by Vince McMahon, a storyline involving his alter ego commenced, and his introduction involved a hot scene that many WWE fans will never forget.

In an effort to introduce Smackdown’s latest roster addition, Mr. America (aka Hulk Hogan in a ridiculous and over-patriotic costume), Stephanie showed off her body’s curvaceous contour to get fans’ attention. Starting at her feet, the camera proceeded up her legs and to her body as she leaned on a managerial desk. In the scene, one could hear Jim Ross gasp, “Wow!”

Although the scene was just a detour from the actual plot involving Hogan, fans got a real good look at her buttocks and breasts. This remains as one of the hottest Stephanie McMahon moments ever.

14 Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson Makeout Session

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In a plot conceived by Paul Heyman, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson were involved in, perhaps, the most talked about erotic scene in WWE history. After defeating Wilson in a tag team match, Marie gets engaged with her father and bribes her to her hotel. Marie proceeds to seduce Wilson, with the scene cutting off halfway.

According to Marie, the scene was supposed to go on longer but someone “got pissed.”

"I know Paul Heyman had a lot to do with that angle and I'm sure he probably pissed somebody off or I pissed somebody off,” said Marie. “I'm sure it was either me or him. (laughs) That's about as honest as I can get. It just ended too abruptly for it to be any other reason."

13 Trish Stratus’ Super Steamy Photo shoot

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If you’re a fan of WWE’s divas, then there’s probably a good chance you’re a fan of Trish Stratus. After all, she was one of the company’s most successful divas, winning championships and becoming renowned in the same light as superstars like The Rock and Triple-H.

Her hot body had nothing to do with her success, as she trained intensely to improve as a wrestler. She was also incredibly dedicated to fitness (even before being found by the company), going on to spearhead her own line of yoga studios after her time in the WWE.

Photographers were eager to make use of her fitness background for racy photo shoots. In this shoot, fans got a look at why Stratus was considered one of the hottest WWE divas of all time.

12 Eve Marie Photo Shoot

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Eve Marie is definitely one of those WWE divas that owe their success to the company rather than their abilities as entertainers, or wrestlers for the matter. Perhaps that’s why she gets so much hate from fans, or maybe it’s her sour personality that flourishes in the E! reality show Total Divas.

She was a photo shoot vixen before the WWE found her, and one of the shoots was so racy that the WWE used it in one of their storylines. Marie claimed to regret the shoot, but still, fans love to look at it considering she’s wearing essentially nothing.

11 Sable and Torrie Wilson Backstage Segment

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After Sable returned to the WWE from a four-year hiatus, the first thing the company did was put her in an angle involving Torrie Wilson and a sexy bikini contest. Although the latter event held host to another entry in this listicle, this entry is about Wilson and Sable’s first encounter during the feud.

After Wilson made the cover of Playboy magazine, Sable went to her locker room to meet her in the flesh. Impressed, Sable attempted to seduce her, unzipping her top and standing bear-breasted in front of Wilson. Wilson, albeit obviously aroused, turned down Sable’s advances, leaving the locker room for her match.

At the end of the scene, Sable cupped both her breasts in amusement, innocently asking, “was it something I said?” as the fans cheered on about what they had witnessed.

10 Torrie Wilson Kisses Sable

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The feud between Wilson and Sable would not end there, and after Sable spent weeks building the plot and manipulating Wilson, the two had a bikini contest at Judgment Day. The entire exhibition “broke the Internet” due to how hot Wilson and Sable had come to the event, and after a tough decision, Wilson won the bout.

As a way of showing Sable that there were no hard feelings between the two of them, Wilson shared a slow and passionate kiss before walking out of the ring. As such ended one of the hottest WWE diva feuds ever.

Afterward, the relationship between the two broke down due to Sable feeling that Wilson was trying to steal her shine. What’s done is done, however, and the Internet will never stop talking about the time the two kissed.

9 Hot Kelly Kelly Photo Shoot

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After finding success with hiring models like Trish Stratus, in 2006 WWE scouted Kelly, inking her to a contract that would not only send her to Ohio Valley, a developmental branch of the WWE. Kelly had her debut with the ECW brand “Extreme Expose” at the ripe age of 19, becoming the youngest diva on the WWE roster.

Although she won the Divas Championship in 2011, Kelly’s role in the WWE often involved coming on stage and stripteasing before being stopped too early. It’s clear that Kelly would have excelled during the Attitude Era.

Naturally, any WWE diva is subject to hot photo shoot hires, and Kelly was certainly in one almost as hot as the ones Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson did during the Attitude Era.

8 Paige’s Poolside Pose

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Unlike Trish Stratus and Kelly Kelly, Paige was recruited by the WWE for her actual wrestling ability. The WWE star had been wrestling since the age of 13 in the World Association of Wrestling run by her family. After being recruited by the WWE, Paige had her debut match in April 2014, winning the Divas Championship.

Not only was she the youngest champion in the title’s history, but she was also one of the most acclaimed divas the WWE had on their roster at a time when names like Trish Stratus, Stacy Kiebler, and Torrie Wilson were no longer around.

She was also one of the hottest. Thanks to the photo above, Paige made many more fans than she already had, and till this day remains a common topic online when it comes to hot WWE divas.

7 Paige Kisses Rosa Mendes

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Another reason why Paige gained popularity so quickly in the WWE was because she had qualities of divas from the Attitude Era. This means she was willing to do things that would be frowned upon by PG enthusiasts, like undressing in front of an entire arena and making out with fellow divas. In regards to the latter, the best “internet breaking” moments in the WWE usually involve two women.

In a WWE Total Divas episode, we see Mendes plant a big kiss onto Paige after the two had shared many intimate moments. Earlier in the episode, Mendes proclaimed she was into women to Alicia Fox. However, it did not seem like Paige shared her tastes, receiving the kiss quite awkwardly.

The clip from the episode has nearly a million views on YouTube, with fans making fun of Rosa for her poor-received courage.

6 Lita Cruelly Teases Matt Hardy

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The trio of Lita, Matt and Jeff Hardy was once known as “Team Xtreme,” and they were one of the most popular stables of the Attitude Era. However, by 2004, the group had broken up, and when Matt returned in 2005, he was quickly inserted into a plot involving Lita and Edge. After his return, she had a little message for him.

As Matt prepared for a match with Edge, Lita appeared and told Hardy she had spent much time warming Edge up. As she slowly removed her sweater, she asked Matt, “How does it feel to know that you will never, ever experience this again.”

The scene was quite spicy considering how Lita’s top showed just how defined her breasts were, and fans went wild over it.

5 Trish Stratus Strikes Again With Beach Photo

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It’s hard not to sell a character like Stratus’, especially when she’s as hot as any WWE diva. Photographers seemed to have quite the taste for her body, as many of her photo shoots show her wet at some beach showing off her blessed bum. It’s not like her fans disdained that—every single time a photo of hers unveiled via a magazine of sorts, it seemed everyone went crazy.

Online, forum discussions even appeared asking if Stratus had the best-shaped bum in the WWE. That said, it seems much of Stratus’ clout is a result of not only her ability and success as a wrestler but also her incredibly healthy body.

Here’s a story where we discuss 15 of the greatest booties in WWE history.

4 Torrie Wilson and Sable in Photo Shoot—Together

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There was a time when Wilson and Sable had a decent relationship as colleagues. The two did more than just their little WWE bikini contest feud, engaging in photo shoots for Playboy. However, the relationship between the two WWE divas eventually diminished. In an interview, Wilson recalled the moment the relationship had fallen.

Apparently, Sable believed Wilson was trying to outshine her. One day, she met Wilson and Dawn Marie in her locker room. “Dawn can you come here, I want you to stand witness to this,” she told Marie. “My Playboy sold better than yours.”

Still, neither their real or fake feuds were as interesting as the photos they took together, especially the ones from a photo shoot where the two showed off their goodies while beachside.

3 Yes, Another Trish Stratus Photo Shoot

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Although Stratus has recently turned 41 years old, discussions about photos showing her amazing body continue on as young as a New York night. Fans can even reminisce about the figure that Stratus once had through these photo shoots.

Don’t fret! There’s a chance Stratus may even return to the WWE to make more “internet breaking” moments. Referring to a potential WWE return, in an interview with Bleacher Report, Stratus noted that, “I will never close the door if there is something that will challenge me. It would have to be a challenge to me, it would have to elevate someone else on the show and it would need to be something exciting for the fans.”

If such is the case, then get ready to see a few more Stratus listicles in the future.

2 Sable Unveils Hand-print Bikini

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Like many of WWE’s most successful divas, Sable was never really shy at taking her clothes off. We’ve seen everything from her in bikini contests, racy photo shoots, and backstage trying to seduce other divas. That’s why it was not a surprise when she unveiled her handprint bikini at a Fully Loaded pay-per-view bikini contest against Jacqueline. Their feud started after Marc Mero left Sable for Jacqueline. Jacqueline went on to proclaim that she was more woman than Sable, resulting in quite a non-conservative battle between the two.

Although unsurprising, the move still “broke the internet”—Jerry Lawler’s live reaction agrees. He practically malfunctioned from her unveiling. The WWE went on to mass-produce copies of Sable’s handprint bikini with hopes that her fans would sport them on their walls.

1 Edge and Lita Get A Little Too X-Rated

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In January 2006, Edge won the WWE Championship after cashing in his Money-in-the-Bank briefcase at New Year’s Revolution. The next day, the Rated-R superstar went on to gloat over his win by “having sex” with his girlfriend Lita in the middle of the ring. However, Lita was a bit too committed to the angle, and one of the cameras displayed her bare breast for millions to see.

The scene has been deleted all over the Internet by the WWE due to the company’s reputation as a PG entertainment source. Still, at the time, it not only broke the internet, but it also shattered ratings, giving the WWE their highest ratings since Batista signed his WrestleMania contract in 2005.

For more controversial WWE moments, check out these 15 instances.

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