15 Times WWE Purposefully Trolled Its Fans

The WWE has not become the multi-billion dollar company it is without the help of the fans, who have essentially been the reason for their success over the years. The fans are the people who put in all the money to the company by buying the tickets and attending the shows over the past few decades, buying official merchandise of their favorite wrestlers as well.

While the WWE does say time and time again that the company serves and "listens" to what the fans have to say, that isn't really true all the time. While the WWE has listened to its audience and pushed fan-favorites from time to time, they have also been pretty adamant at trolling the fans just because they can! The company has come up with some rather infuriating swerves in the past where the exact opposite of what the fans wanted took place, and they just let the fans deal with it.

Vince McMahon has quite the history of being adamant at doing what he wants and has angered many fans by fooling them!

15 Emmalina


Emma has been a really misused talent in the WWE ever since she broke through their NXT circuit, as she hasn't been able to properly make it in the main roster yet. So WWE decided to spice things up with her when they repackaged her gimmick to "Emmalina", which seemed like a sexier version of the diva who was hyped really well. WWE kept on showing vignettes of her debut, but this dragged on for months! The fans were getting really impatient with WWE trolling with them through Emmalina's delayed debut, but when she eventually did debut, it turned out that she was going to go back to being Emma. This incredible swerve caught every fan off-guard as the WWE completely fooled with them throughout the months, as the excited fans ended up being trolled by the company in the end.

14 Mark Henry's "Retirement"


The WWE does love to troll its fans from time and again, but there are some trolls which may shock fans at first but actually impress them in the long run. So when Mark Henry teased his retirement in 2013, many were shocked and appalled at the dominating "World's Strongest Man" taking a bow from wrestling when he was still so good. Henry came down on an episode of Raw in 2013 and stated how he was retiring, as John Cena came down to give him his last hurrah. But in a stunning turn of events, Henry hit the World's Strongest Slam on Cena as this all turned out to be one big swerve on WWE's part. The fans were actually delighted that they were trolled, as Henry attained some popularity because of it and continued wrestling for a few more years.

13 Chris Jericho Defeats AJ Styles At WrestleMania 32


When AJ Styles debuted in the WWE in the 2016 Royal Rumble match, wrestling fans around the world went nuts at the thought of somebody like the "Phenomenal One" wrestling in the WWE and feuding with all the superstars. His initial feud was against Chris Jericho, who helped him get adjusted to life in WWE. Styles was all set to end his feud with Jericho in a match at the grandest stage of them all, as his first WrestleMania match was filled with excitement. Many fans were sure that Styles was going to win because of how the feud was going on, but the WWE completely swerved the fans by having Jericho go over. This was an intentional troll on WWE's part as they let us know how even somebody like Styles has to take the hard-road to success, but he was later rewarded for his excellent WrestleMania debut.

12 CM Punk Dresses Up As Jeff Hardy


The WWE loves to put more heat on their heels by having them mock the fan-favorites and get some cheap heat as much as possible, but they really stung the fans during Jeff Hardy's last stint in WWE. Hardy had lost a steel cage match against CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship and as per the stipulation, he had to leave WWE. But the next week to that, the show started with Jeff's music and out came a guy wearing his face-paint and resembling him. But it was quickly discovered that the person was actually CM Punk, who trolled the livid WWE fans. He went onto berate Hardy and state how he'd never come back to the company, as this ingenious step to put more heat on Punk succeeded in completely swerving the fans!

11 Sheamus Defeats Daniel Bryan In 18 Seconds


Things were actually pretty weird back during WrestleMania XXVIII. Sheamus was a face who came up off winning the Royal Rumble match in 2012 and faced the heel Daniel Bryan who had AJ Lee at his side. They faced off for Bryan's World Heavyweight Championship at the grandest stage of them all, as the cocky Bryan went onto kiss AJ Lee before the bout began. But just as he turned, he was met with a Brogue Kick, with the match finishing in 18 seconds with a new World Heavyweight Champion. This horrible swerve was the WWE trying to bury Bryan and intentionally trolling the wrestling fans who supported the heel Bryan, but thankfully he would be rewarded for this terrible defeat two years later when he achieved the ultimate underdog story by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX.

10 Brodus Clay's Weird Gimmick Change


Brodus Clay was quite the entertaining character in the WWE, but his gimmick was something which the fans couldn't really get behind because of how childish it seemed for someone as big as him. Clay was originally teased as this monster-heel who squashed his way into success in the WWE and he also squashed some wrestlers on Superstars and in dark matches. But his re-debut was delayed time and again until when he was finally revealed to be the "Funkasaurus" who had two dance-partners with him and danced his way into the ring. He was a guy who loved to have fun and entertained the fans, but the WWE purposefully swerved the fans by delaying his re-debut and giving us something which nobody could really accept for a big man like Brodus.

9 James Ellsworth Turns Heel


James Ellsworth was a hilarious character in the WWE when he initially made his way into Smackdown Live! last year when AJ Styles was the WWE champion. He even defeated Styles with the help of Dean Ambrose who was his only "buddy" on the brand. So when Ambrose faced off against Styles in a TLC match at Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Ellsworth decided to come on and "help" Ambrose. But in a shocking turn of events, he turned heel by throwing Ambrose off the ladder and letting Styles win. This massive troll on WWE's part was definitely intentional as it put massive heat on Ellsworth and has made him a disgusting character in the eyes of the fans, who have loathed him ever since he showed his "true colors".

8 Daniel Bryan's Royal Rumble 2015 Elimination


Daniel Bryan has been a massive fan-favorite ever since he got the "Yes!" chants over with the WWE fans and his fans were really critical when he hasn't pushed the way they wanted a few years ago. Bryan was a part of the 2015 Royal Rumble match and came down half-way through the match, as fans were excited for the underdog to pull off a story here as well. But he was quite quickly eliminated by Bray Wyatt which absolutely infuriated the fans. The WWE purposefully eliminated Bryan early to troll the fans, proving how the fans could not always get what they wanted from the company. This stung even more considering how over Bryan was at the time and the match ended up being won by Roman Reigns, who got booed out of the building by the livid fans.

7 Damien Sandow's Failed Money In The Bank Cash-In


Damien Sandow was actually quite the entertaining character when he portrayed the "Savior of the Masses" gimmick in the WWE and that got him over enough for him to win the Money in the Bank Briefcase as well. He was quite popular because of his gimmick and fans were really excited to see him cash in his briefcase and become WWE Champion. But the WWE wasn't that excited about him and decided to give him the boot. They trolled the fans by having Sandow unsuccessfully cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase on John Cena, making him the first to unsuccessfully cash-in the contract outright. This infuriated the fans who had been swerved off a great moment as Sandow's career only went down from there despite being mighty popular with a lot of fans.

6 The Silent Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho has been an amazing wrestler for the WWE ever since moving to the company from WCW in the late 90s, but he's failed to be a full-timer because of his work in the music industry as part of his band, Fozzy. He comes and goes in the WWE, but a particular return of his was especially weird considering how well it was hyped. So when Jericho returned after much hype in 2012, many were delighted to see him back and he seemed excited as well. But he just wandered into the ring and out of it without uttering a word and this continued for the next few weeks as well. This was WWE's way of trolling its fans by having its most charismatic character staying silent, as they really fooled the excited WWE fans with a rather unorthodox version of Y2J.

5 Vince McMahon As WWE Champion


Vince McMahon is the brain behind WWE's success over all these years, and be it as a booker who decides what happens in the company or as an on-screen villain, he has done an impeccable job at it as well. McMahon was always this non-wrestling boss who wrestled at times to up the ante of the show, but nobody could ever imagine McMahon winning a title belt. But he decided to swerve them in 1999 when he faced Triple H for the WWE Championship. Thanks to help from Stone Cold Steve Austin, McMahon won the WWE Championship to absolutely shock the fans. Not anyone could've imagined somebody like Vince McMahon ever wining the WWE Championship and many fans were trolled due to this title-change, but McMahon soon went onto vacate the title and make everyone feel like he'd never have won it.

4 John Cena Defeating Bray Wyatt At WrestleMania XXX


Bray Wyatt was high on his path to becoming the next big, mystical element of the WWE when he was feuding with John Cena a few years back, setting up a match between them at WrestleMania XXX. Everyone thought that Wyatt would be winning the match as it only made sense for him to go over Cena in his path to becoming a top star, but WWE had other plans. They decided to have Cena go over Wyatt for some weird reason, as it made no sense at all! It was all shaping up to be a Wyatt win(be it dirty or whatever), but the WWE decided to troll the fans and have their golden boy in John Cena win the match. This was probably WWE's version of saying screw you to the "fireflies" of Bray, who could've gotten a big catapult if he won the match.

3 Batista Winning The 2014 Royal Rumble Match


The 2014 Royal Rumble event was barred with much controversy because of how the fans seemingly "took over" the show and displayed their annoyance throughout. The Royal Rumble match was an entertaining one where Roman Reigns set a new record for most Royal Rumble eliminations with 12 and was highly cheered for it as well. But it took a turn for the worse later on when Batista made a surprising return to WWE at #28, but the fan-favorite Daniel Bryan never did appear in the Rumble. This absolutely infuriated the fans, who were getting further trolled by the WWE when Batista ended up being the winner of the match! This swerve did not go well with fans, as it was an intentional troll which backfired for the WWE and in turn resulted in one of the most disappointing Royal Rumble endings ever!

2 Hornswoggle Is The Anonymous Raw General Manager


When the Anonymous Raw General Manager was in charge of proceedings at Monday Night Raw, many were thoroughly wondering about who exactly the person who is taking all these decisions. There were many rumors of it being Stone Cold Steve Austin or even other former wrestlers in the company, but the WWE completely put an end to all these fan theories when they finally revealed the person who is the Anonymous Raw GM. But the discovery was anything but fascinating, as it turned out that none other than Hornswoggle was the Anonymous Raw GM. They explained how he was taking all those decisions under the ring, as this was WWE pulling a big troll on its fans who ended up looking like fools who over thought this whole thing and were swerved big time by the company.

1 Roman Reigns Entering The 2017 Royal Rumble Match


The 2017 Royal Rumble match was shaped up to be one of the best in years, as the confirmed participants included the likes of Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and The Undertaker along with the other top WWE superstars as well. Along with that, there was a possibility of a surprise entrant as the likes of Samoa Joe, Finn Balor or even Shinsuke Nakamura were all possible surprise entrant. So when #30 was approaching and no really surprising superstar had come out, fans were sure that WWE kept the best till last. But then Roman Reigns comes out at #30. Having already wrestled Kevin Owens for the Universal Title on the night, The Big Dog came out at #30 which absolutely stunned the fans. The fans were trolled very badly by the WWE with this, as WWE proved how mean they can be to fans with this abysmal ending.

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