15 Times WWE Ruined Your Favourite Wrestler

What matters most to you? What do you hold dear? Well, what if we told you that nobody gives a damn? This is a world of vanity; a place of greed. And what happens to secure a place in your heart means little to anybody else.

If you ever (by chance) meet Vince McMahon in some strange turn of events, be sure to fill him in on all of your ideas on how to improve the WWE product. Surely McMahon would love to hear all of you I.W.C. jabber (yes that's exactly what we're doing here; but who cares, right?)

Over the years, your favourite wrestlers have seen their share of bad gimmicks, storylines, and straight up burials from management. And today, we will examine a few of these case as we dig into the WWE dirt and present our findings.

Here are 15 Times WWE Ruined Your Favourite Wrestler:

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15 Sasha Banks' Slow And Steady Decline

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It is a very simply formula in WWE: if Vince McMahon doesn't like you, then you're screwed. And such is the case with Sasha Banks. Make no mistake about this, Banks currently walks a slippery slope within the company.

Sure, Sasha Banks is now a three-time Women's Champion. So what? Vince McMahon doesn't give a damn about this so-called "Women's Revolution." This is simply a way for the company to say: "hey, we're no longer sexist. Look at our Women's Division."

While Sasha Banks may not be completely "ruined" at the moment, just give it some time. There is a reason behind all the times she was left of television and it begins and ends at the top; where very few Superstars (especially the women) are invited.

"We Want Sasha!" We sure do but this battlecry falls upon deaf ears backstage. It doesn't matter what you want; it's what Vince McMahon says you want.

14 Sami Zayn Cannot Find a Spot

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Sweet Sami Boi! ... Life in WWE is nothing compared to life in NXT; where Sami Zayn was not only a stand-out star but considered to be "the heart and soul" of the promotion. So, what exactly is Zayn now?

Aside from his rivalry with Kevin Owens (a feud that has been alive and well since the Independent Circuit), Sami Zayn has little to brag about in regards to his time on the main roster. Such a shame for such a talented wrestler.

Of course, we all know that being a great wrestler means nothing in WWE. And unfortunately for Sami Zayn, the Montreal native has been learning this the hard way. Zayn's WWE future looks nothing like Kevin Owens' does.

Sami Zayn at best will be a mid-card lifer in WWE. And this is not a fact that should make fans happy. However, reality always comes around.

13 ECW Originals Turned WWE Superstars

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Truths About ECW: Nobody ever wanted to watch The Sandman have a traditional wrestling match. Nobody ever wanted to watch Sabu survive a contest. Nobody cared about Tommy Dreamer unless he was violent.

In WWE, these three ECW Originals would all suffer under the re-launched brand. In fact, the men who helped build the ECW of old back in Pennsylvania would have to witness a Connecticut millionaire take their title and call it his own.

Yes, when WWE announced that ECW would return as its own exclusive third brand back in 2006, hopes were high that this would serve as an alternative to the cookie-cutter nature of Raw and SmackDown; and for a brief moment, it did just that.

Of course, Vince McMahon could not allow such a thing as ECW would likely overtake his "A" and "B" programs in popularity. Thus, the officially burial of ECW began.

12 The Dudley Boyz Are SAWFT

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While we can do without the assaulting of women, The Dudley Boyz were brought back to WWE as a version of light beer; almost the same but not quite the same buzz. In reality, there was no place for Bubba Ray and D-Von in the New Era.

Eventually, WWE decided to turn The Dudley Boyz heel but lost upon the audience was the true Dudley appeal. "Those damn Dudleys" (as Jim Ross would say) were a thing of the past and it was made clear that in the past was where they would remain.

Was it fun watching The Dudley Boyz once again in WWE? Sure. At least that first night in Brooklyn. However, that light beer would wear off quickly and suddenly The Dudley Boyz were simply two lost boys from the Attitude Era trying ti grab a piece of the New.

Thankfully, The Dudley Boyz realized that it was time to pack up and leave WWE. Good on 'ya Dudley Boyz.

11 Paige Gets Lost in The Shuffle

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Call it a "Divas Revolution," call it a "Women's Revolution," or simply call it a "Revolution." No matter how you look at this movement, one thing is for sure: the entire uprising of Women's wrestling in WWE is passing by a certain Superstar.

In many ways, Paige and her vocal outbursts played a key factor in the Divas to Women shift on the current product. However, somewhere along the line - while Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch - were on the rise, Paige was on the decline.

During the final shift of her latest run (prior to injury) Paige was booked in an unfavourable light. Which is a shame considering how the British Superstar is less of a Diva and more of an actual wrestler.

While it is never too late, Paige may drown in the negative reactions she has received from her scorn relationship with Alberto Del Rio.

10 Dolph Ziggler in Quicksand

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This isn't so much about a gimmick change or poor booking. This is about Dolph Ziggler being the perennial loser of WWE. And that's just the way things are as it pertains to "The Show Off." Ziggler simply doesn't win when it matters.

Of course, this is not Dolph Ziggler's fault; it is the fault of management who seemingly refuse to push Ziggler to that next level. While Ziggler is a two-time World Champion, bot title reigns were short and nothing worth mentioning on a wrestling resume.

In recent months, Dolph Ziggler was awarded a victory over The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. And once again, there was hope at the end of the tunnel for Dolph Ziggler. Then along came the SmackDown Live 900th episode.

Days prior to the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View event, Dolph Ziggler would lose the Intercontinental Championship back to The Miz because why not?

9 Vader Loses His Aura

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Sad circumstances surrounding Vader in recent weeks. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion announced via Twitter that doctors have given him two years to live due to congestive heart failure.

In this Old School entry we remember Big Van Vader as an unstoppable force; a true wrestling monster in every sense of the term. Vader was perhaps the most feared man in the business at one point and with just reason.

However, when Vader was brought over to WWE, the big man would quickly lose that unique aura that made him such a great wrestling character as suddenly we were made to believe that fancy-dance Shawn Michaels was a legitimate threat to Vader.

What WWE had here was a chance to launch Vader beyond icon status and into an atmosphere of his own; and naturally, they dropped the ball.

8 Kane Goes Corporate

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"The Big Read Machine." "The Devil's Favourite Demon." Kane has been known as a demented character since his inception in WWE during the first-ever Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

And while we have seen the "lighter" or "softer" side of Kane over the years (on-screen love interests and unusual partnerships) for the most part fans have come to love "The Monster" side of Kane. Then one day, the unimaginable: Kane went Corporate!

As a member of The Authority Kane was named "Director of Operations" in WWE; a role which consisted of little power. Sure, whenever Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were "absent" Kane would be placed in charge of programming.

This entire gimmick felt forced and seemed to simply provide a way of keeping Kane on television (not that anybody was demanding).

7 Damien Sandow Made Macho

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What do you do when something get hot in professional wrestling? You run with it until your legs can no longer function. This should have bene the case with Damien Sandow following his organic rise to popularity.

And how exactly did this occur? Damien Sandow would take on the role of "stunt double" to The Miz; who himself was struggling to once again find a place within the company (The Miz is now a key component of the SmackDown Live roster).

Working as Mizdow, this stunt double joke turned into some of the best WWE television of the time. Eventually, Mizdow would break away from The Miz, leaving the door open for a huge Damien Sandow push.

There would soon be a new star in WWE, right? Wrong. Instead of allowing Damien Sandow to be himself, the promising star woud become known as "Macho Mandow."

6 Randy Orton Joins The Wyatt Family

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There was definitely a need to revamp 'The Viper" for quite some time now. Therefore, taking Randy Orton in a new direction was not a bad idea to begin with. However, the direction chosen has been a questionable one.

Randy Orton as a member of The Wyatt Family? It simply doesn't fit well. While Orton turning heel is a fantastic approach (especially since Orton can now help with putting over the young babyfaces of SmackDown Live) joining The Wyatt Family is misplaced.

The Wyatt Family is a place for the disenchanted to find their voice. And when exactly was Randy Orton disenchanted during his WWE career? Orton is a twelve-time World Champion; a number The Wyatt Family as a whole will never obtain.

Adding a new member to The Wyatt Family would have worked best by utilizing a talent who truly needed a new direction.

5 Daniel Bryan's Rise

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It would take a hell of a lot of support and verbal outrage from fans but eventually Daniel Bryan was placed into the main event scene of WrestleMania XXX. Initial, plans called for Bryan to face Sheamus for a third time at the annual showcase.

However, when the "Yes Movement" was born, WWE officials would have no choice but to listen and insert Daniel Bryan into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship storyline. Not that they would allow fans to have the final word.

And yes, Daniel Bryan would move on to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion; but at what cost? Bryan's body had started to give and what should have been a memorable title run simply became a footnote in the WWE history book.

The company saw fit to brutalize Daniel Bryan's character during this period instead of allowing him to relinquish the title with pride and humility.

4 CM Punk's Comeback

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Following an incredible 434 day WWE Championship reign, CM Punk was forced to drop the title to none other that "The People's Champ," The Rock at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View event back in 2013.

While some may argue that this was the right decision, it's time to dispel that theory: The Rock ended CM Punk's historic WWE Championship reign was not the right call. How the hell does a part-time Superstar take away the title?

That year, following WrestleMania XXIX, CM Punk would take some time away from WWE television before returning to a less-than-stellar position within the company. Upon this return, that feeling of "Believe in Punk" had faded; much to the pleasure of WWE.

This particular CM Punk run is certainly forgettable. And as we all know, Punk would officially leave the company following the 2014 Royal Rumble. What a year.

3 Hulk Hogan Dawns a Mask

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Take a look at that guy in the picture? Completely unrecognizable, right? Yeah, not exactly. The infamous Hulk Hogan turned Mr. America angle in which Hogan dawned a mask in order to fool Mr. McMahon.

This entire storyline was a disaster. One which will be looked back upon with horror when fans take into account the good, bad, and ugly of Hulk Hogan's career. This was obviously bad and ugly and a complete waste of time (which is nothing new in WWE).

The angle would include an in-ring lie detector test ordered by Vince McMahon to prove the true identity of Mr. America as Hulk Hogan. Of course, the detector was made to make fans believe that Mr. America was his own man and not "The Immortal One."

2 John Cena Turns Luchador

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John Cena has come a long, long was from "The Doctor of Thuganomics" to one of the most decorated, hated, and beloved WWE Superstars of all time. Say what you will about the fifteen-time World Champion but the man deserves respect.

However, what the hell was Juan Cena all about? So, John Cena is forced into The Nexus is somehow "fire" and decides to return under a Luchador mask as a character known as Juan Cena? This whole thing reeked of rotten odor.

This was prior to WWE finally shifting gears from its stagnant period. Luckily, CM Punk was about to drop the "Pipe Bomb" and the focus would alter.

1 The Undertaker Goes Human

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The entire purpose of The Undertaker character was to present the WWE audience with an "undead" persona. One that was meant to haunt the dreams of the children who tuned in each week to WWE programming. And such was The Undertaker.

As the times changed as did The Undertaker. However, there remained that certain "undead" aura around the character. That was until the WWE decided to humanize it's resident "dead" man and seat him on a motorcycle (an extension of The Undertaker's real life personality. All told, this was nothing as special as the dead-like persona.

Thankfully, The Undertaker would soon find his way back to the dark side of life when resuming his role as "The Phenom" oF the WWE; remaining that way ever since.

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