15 Times WWE Star Lana's Instagram Was Too Hot To Handle

Without a doubt Lana is by far one of the hottest blonde bombshells in WWE history. Few wrestling women (past or present) could or can rival Lana in the attractiveness department, and the only luscious wrestling blondes that could potentially rival Lana's hotness are Trish Stratus, Alexa Bliss and Kelly Kelly. This clearly speaks volumes in regards to just how luscious of a Women's Division wrestler Lana truly is, and if anything, her looks will guide her to success in WWE despite being a below average in-ring performer right now. Lana's just beginning her singles career, and though perhaps she seems somewhat "out of place" at the moment, with time, I believe Lana will figure things out and work out the kinks.

Her harshest critics are definitely the fans, and up to this point, the WWE Universe have refrained from getting behind 'The Ravishing Russian" as an in-ring performer - something that could not have been said regarding Lana as Rusev's valet. Although it's highly unlikely that Lana will ever "take the Women's Division by storm" anytime soon, I believe that she's still an asset to the company. And speaking of "assets", I think it's safe to assume that we have all checked out Lana's infamous Instagram account that showcases countless photos that highlight her very prominent "assets". Considering just how gorgeous and luscious Lana is, I think we can all agree on the fact that there have been many times when Lana's Instagram was simply too hot to handle.

Stay tuned, as we divulge 15 of Lana's IG pictures that were just that - too hot to handle.

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15  15. Alluring White Bikini Pose

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas 😍 #RAVISHING 💋 Where do you want to travel too?

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

Though Lana's Instagram is jam-packed with a ton of gorgeous and flattering photographs, this revealing picture of "The Ravishing Russian" taken during a guided tour in Cabos San Lucas definitely stands out as being one of those times Lana's IG was just too hot to handle.

The scenery of this photo was absolutely spectacular, and without question, Lana was looking beyond hot. As you'll start to understand as we continue to delve into this list, Lana's far from being "camera shy" and she has no problem posing skimpily in front of others. It's pretty obvious that Lana's confident with her appearance, and judging by just how much "fan love" Lana receives through her Instagram account for her undeniably hot pics, it's no wonder she knows exactly how attractive she really is.

14 Glamorously Gorgeous

What could possibly describe this beautiful picture of WWE's Lana more accurately than "glamorously gorgeous"? Lana was showcased in this pic with her hair and makeup intricately done, and I'm sure it took a good couple of hours in the makeup/hair booth which is unimaginable to me. As a guy (a sporty guy mind you), I find that I get very antsy sitting in a chair for any prolonged period of time, and this is especially true if I was sitting in a barber shop chair. Anything over the 15-20 minute mark and I start to get impatient.

Perhaps this is just me, but I am sure we can all truly admire Lana's (and all other WWE Women's Division wrestlers) ability to sit in a chair for more than a couple of hours getting their hair and makeup done on a daily basis. However, when it was all said and done, Lana had a perfect photo to post to her Instagram account - and judging by the number of likes this photograph garnered, over 87k people thoroughly enjoyed it.

13 National Bikini Day

via instagram.com

What could possibly be a better way to celebrate "National Bikini Day" (is that really a thing?) then to pose by the pool for over 2.5 million loyal IG supporters. This truly alluring photograph showcases Lana posing in her swimming pool in a vibrant leopard print bikini. Although I'm sure most of you rolled your eyes at the idea of a holiday dubbed "National Bikini Day", if you happen to be a Lana fan I'm sure you were digging the idea after viewing this picture.

Judging by Lana's comment in the description of the pic was "my favorite type of day", it's pretty clear that she has no problem "stripping down" for her legions of fans. However, with that being said, I'm sure "The Bulgarian Brute" Rusev would be willing to crush just about any fan staring at photos such as this one for more than a few seconds.

12 Eye-Catching Red Dress

via instagram.com

If the first thought that came to your mind after viewing this stunning picture of Lana was "damn", then I'd say you're on the same wavelength as most fans including myself. Lana is showcased in this eye-catching photo rocking a stunning red dress which accentuates The Ravishing Russians' set of long legs in the most flattering way imaginable.

Whether you love or hate Lana as an actual in-ring performer, you can't argue the fact that she was born for the entertainment industry - specifically for television shows such as Total Divas or other drama based series. The fact she has been able to stick around the wrestling business despite barely wrestling is a clear indication that the fans want her around.

11 Lana's Bedroom Selfie

via instagram.com

If there's one thing that we've learned so far from this list, it's the fact that Lana has a love for two things - selfies and bikinis. And taking into account just how much of a "blonde bombshell" Lana is (even without makeup in this photo), I don't think she's off base with her love for those two things in the slightest. Lana always had aspirations of working in "show business" when she was younger, and by all means she has definitely succeeded considering she has realized her dream.

Perhaps professional wrestling wasn't exactly what Lana had in mind originally, but I'd say it has been working out pretty well for her so far - though her in-ring career is just beginning, and Lana has a long uphill battle ahead of her to prove that she's a valuable asset to the Women's Division versus simply performing as a valet or being a cast member on Total Divas. Although we don't have any problem with seeing more of her selfies!

10 Lana Enjoying Her 4th of July Weekend

via instagram.com

With Lana's irresistible attractiveness and a large Instagram following, it sure doesn't seem like "The Ravishing Russian" requires any luck finding willing photographers to do photoshoots with her. Especially for America's most patriotic holiday, the 4th of July!

That being said, Lana still pulls in some extra dinero this way so it's really a "win win" situation for her considering she likes to pose skimpily and enjoys rocking all sorts of bikinis. This alluring photograph showcases Lana posing in an American flag bikini to celebrate the 4th of July Weekend. I think we can all give a salute to that, and she definitely gives us all the more reason to love the stars and stripes.

9 Lana Rocking Some Hot Fitness Attire

When it comes to modelling, Lana can certainly do it all. This picture highlights the luscious Lana rocking some fitness attire - something a bit different from all of the bikini selfies that have dominated the list thus far. Although I don't think this outfit leaves any more to the imagination.

I mean in all honesty, any post on Lana's Instagram account could classify as being "too hot to handle", as you really couldn't find a more attractive blonde bombshell. With over 2,200 photographs to browse on Lana's IG, there's definitely no shortage of alluring and flattering pictures of Lana to take in. Similar to Eva Marie, if Lana's WWE career ever begins to "go down hill" so to speak, the modelling industry will surely utilize "The Ravishing Russian" to her fullest potential.

8 Try Not To Stare

✌🏻️ #USA & hello #Europe #LanaSquad 😎

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

I highly doubt that you could find a better photo on Lana's infamous Instagram more fitting of being dubbed the "try not to stare" challenge than this one. Lana is showcased in this alluring picture giving a "what's up!" as R Truth would say to the USA all while wearing an incredibly revealing and vibrant red velvet top.

Lana truly looked gorgeous in this IG post, and her "set of twins" was on full display front and centre. Though I'm sure Lana's goal wasn't only to show off her "twins" in the photo, I also doubt she was oblivious to the fact that her red dress was truly eye-popping. In the description for this picture, Lana used the hash tag "LanaSquad", and looking at the shear number of fans and supporters she has on her social media platforms, I suppose it's a pretty accurate statement.

7 Lana Modelling Calvin Klein

Here we have one of Lana's many Instagram pictures that showcase "The Ravishing Russian" (even though Lana isn't Russian at all) rocking Calvin Klein wear. Considering Lana pulls in close to (or quite often over) 100k likes and many comments on her photos, I'm sure she's making more money from her modelling than we'd probably expect.

Many "Instagram models" have made careers off of posing for big name clothing brands, and with Lana's growing social media presence her paycheck will also continue to grow. Taking a look at the description for this pic, Lana advertised a meet and greet which shows that she actually cares for her fans and supporters. Perhaps the Lana on television comes across as being rather stuck up, but the Lana in real life is an entirely different person (most likely anyways).

6 Stunning Beach Pose

☀️What are your plans for spring break ??? 😊 👙@beachbunnyswimwear

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

After reading Lana's description for this extraordinarily alluring photograph, I'm sure most fans would admit that they would've been spending some of their spring break lurking on her Instagram account which features nothing but absolutely breathtaking pictures. Lana is showcased in this gorgeous photo posing on a beach in Orlando, Florida all while wearing a beautiful bikini from one of her most obvious sponsors - Beach Bunny Swimwear. Though most fans would've been receiving a spring break, for WWE Superstars including Lana, nothing changes when it comes to their gruelling work schedules.

Few entertainers can handle the same jam-packed schedule as a WWE performer, and it looks like most Superstars will even be performing on Christmas Day this year considering the WWE announced that they'll be broadcasting Monday Night Raw live on Christmas. Definitely not an easy career, that's for sure!

5 Lana Training

Training for when the time is right #LanaCrush 💔💪🏽

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

What could possibly be more pleasing to the eyes than observing a blonde bombshell working out? Just like her husband "The Bulgarian Brute" Rusev, Lana was showcased in this picture training with very simple and old school equipment - a large tire. Obviously the angle that was captured in this photo was revealing, and I'm sure that's exactly what Lana and the photographer were going for. Lana's certainly in great shape, and her fairly intense workout regime speaks volumes about her overall work ethic.

Although some may believe that working out is nothing more than a personal choice, it certainly helps make a person feel more alive and ready to get down to business. I personally believe someone who exercises on a regular basis is far more productive than they would be otherwise, and WWE Superstars are no exception.

4 Lana's Wavy Blonde Hair

As we continue to work our way down this list, I'm certain that many of you are beginning to realize that almost any photograph Lana posts to her Instagram could be considered "too hot to handle". As you can probably tell, this picture was no exception, and Lana was posing for this selfie rocking Calvin Klein attire which definitely accentuated her "assets". Lana was also sporting shorter hair in this pic, and after viewing some of these pictures that showcase "The Ravishing Russian" with either short or long hair, which look do you prefer on Lana - shorter or longer hair?

Personally, I think Lana looks drop-dead gorgeous regardless of her hair length, but let's just say that she was looking fantastic in this photo with her relatively short and wavy blonde hair. And yes Lana, I think it's clear that we all want you to post your workout regimen - just as long as you post similar pictures to the one highlighted above.

3 Lana Was Born For Rocking Bikinis

Although it could come across as rather arrogant for someone to state that they were "born to live in bikinis" like Lana mentioned in the description for this photograph, in Lana's case it's the truth and you can't teach that! Lana was undoubtedly born to live in bikinis, and the thousand and one pictures of her rocking them are proof of that notion. This Instagram photo was taken during a pool party that was showcased on Total Divas at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Although I'm sure a good portion of you cringe at the thought of watching WWE's women bickering back and fourth for a whole hour, the fact that Lana is featured on the show makes it slightly more appealing to the average fan. However, not even Lana could make the show watchable for me in my humble opinion - though I'm pretty sure these types of shows were designed for the female fans anyways.

2 Sweet Dreams

via instagram.com

After taking a good long look at this ravishing Instagram post, I'm sure the only thing that you'll be having is "sweet dreams". It's not arguable that Lana loves to rile her fans up, and pictures such as this one truly do just that - rile them up. This late-night selfie highlights Lana's undeniably attractive "set of twins" all while subtly advertising for Calvin Klein. Although Rusev is one of the WWE's most talented and diverse "big men" in the company today, there's no denying that it's still a shocker that "The Bulgarian Brute" managed to marry a woman of Lana's caliber.

Even The Bossman himself Vince McMahon couldn't believe it, and rumors suggested that Vinnie even attempted to break the two up because he felt as though "Lana was too good for Rusev". However it's entirely Lana's decision as to who she decides is a fitting love interest, and Vince definitely took things too far. What else is new?

1 Lana's Post-Workout Pose

Coming in as the number one picture that made Lana's Instagram simply too hot to handle was this bathroom selfie that showcased "The Ravishing Russian" posing post-workout. Perhaps this isn't Lana's most glamorous IG post considering she wasn't wearing any fancy makeup, but that's just the point - Lana's gorgeous without any makeup on as you can see from viewing this photo.

If anything, Lana looks even hotter without the makeup, and this speaks volumes as to just how much of a bombshell Lana truly is. Taking a look at the description for the pic, the fact that Lana enjoys indulging in the History channel show "Vikings" only makes her more attractive in my opinion. What glamorous blonde bombshell can you think of aside from Lana who enjoys watching a show that definitely has a male-dominated audience? I can't think of any.

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