15 Times WWE Stars Crossed The Line On Social Media

The wide, wide world of social media is a pretty incredible thing. Fifteen years ago it didn't really exist but in the present day it plays a big role in the majority of people's lives. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat it's hard to imagine a time when these platforms weren't around and how exactly we got by without them before they were. Thanks to social media, if a news worthy story happens on the other side of the world you can find out about it in real time as if you were actually there yourself. It's pretty incredible. As much good as social media can do though, it can also be used in a multitude of bad ways.

WWE and its Superstars are extremely present on social media. The majority of what those stars post is very PC and friendly towards there own employers. Every now and again though a wrestler tweets or posts something that they shouldn't have. They insult a fan, slate the company, or even accidentally post a nude photo. Even if said Superstar is quick to delete that post you can rest assured that it has already been seen by thousands, and a large proportion of those will have taken screenshots. We thank those people because their quick thinking has meant we were able to put together this list.

These are 15 times that WWE stars crossed the line on social media and no matter how hard they try, the evidence will always be out there for all to see.

16 Baron Corbin Insults A Veteran

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Baron Corbin seemed to be on a collision course with the WWE Championship scene. The Lone Wolf won Money In The Bank earlier this year and that almost always leads to a reign with a World Title. Then during SummerSlam week Baron's WWE world came crashing down on top of him. During an episode of SmackDown Live Corbin cashed in his contract and lost, and then just five days later suffered a defeat to John Cena. The fall from grace didn't make sense, unless you follow Baron on Twitter. Corbin had a heated exchange with a fan who turned out to be a military veteran, referring to him as a loser before that realization. He attempted to back pedal and apologize but the damage was done and if there's one group of people Vince McMahon has the utmost respect for, it's veterans.

15 Ryback And The Kat

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Ryback is known as somewhat of a controversial and polarising character in pro wrestling. Since leaving WWE The Big Guy has been extremely outspoken, both on social media and via his podcast. Speaking his mind isn't reserved to Ryback's post WWE career however. While with the company in 2014, color commentator Jerry Lawler made one of his signature quips and it was aimed at Ryback being dumb. Lawler said that the former WWE Superstar wouldn't know which way an elevator goes if you gave him two guesses. Ryback took the comment to heart and hit back via Twitter. The Big Guy took a shot at Lawler's ex-wife, tweeting that if he was in an elevator with her (The Kat) it would definitely be going down.

14 Michael Cole's Homophobic Slur

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It's not always in-ring Superstars that screw up when it comes to posting the wrong thing on social media. Back in 2011 WWE lead announcer, Michael Cole took to Twitter to to make his feelings known about fellow commentator, now with GFW, Josh Matthews. It was a one word tweet featuring a homophobic slur aimed at Matthews. I'm sure you don't need me to go all Enzo Amore and spell it out for you. While that is a terrible thing to tweet or say at any time, to anyone, the timing of the tweet was particularly poor from Cole. WWE had been in talks with GLAAD at the time, discussing how to tone down the use of homophobic terms on their television. So yeah, this was the exact opposite of what WWE needed at the time.

13 Scott Hall's Very Merry Christmas

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Scott Hall is hardly one for political correctness. However the former Intercontinental Champion has a reputation in the wrestling business for being an extremely smart man. Unfortunately, he also has a long history of substance abuse. With the help of Diamond Dallas Page in recent years he has worked past that, but that hasn't stopped him from posting some extremely odd and frankly inappropriate things via his social media accounts. A couple of weeks before Christmas in 2016 The Bad Guy took to Instagram to share a picture of his freshly decorated Christmas tree with all his fans. Pretty sweet right? Well maybe if you didn't notice the television off to the side with a pornographic movie playing at the time. Whether it was a complete accident or Hall playing a joke is still unclear. Either way though, pretty hilarious.

12 Randy Disrespects A Fan

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Randy Orton isn't exactly known for enjoying his interactions with fans. It was only recently that The Viper almost tore an onlookers head off for taking photos of him at the gym. That can be understood to an extent, but a few years ago Randy tweeted the above - along with a photo - about a fan he bumped into. He tagged his girlfriend in the post and claimed that he had "met the Latino Ms. Piggy". That's how it appeared on first instance anyway. Turns out the woman featured in the photo was actually one that had been bullying Orton's girlfriend, now wife, for a while beforehand and this was a form of revenge. All that said it still seems like a bit of a silly thing to do considering Randy's fame and the reach of his social media.

11 Seth's Big Mistake

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This one was the result of a pretty big mistake from Seth Rollins, and what exactly happened is still unclear. First of all a naked photo of former WWE Performance Centre signee, Zahara Schreiber turned up on The Architect's Twitter. Pretty embarrassing for both parties involved. What makes it worse though is that Rollins had a fiancee at the time, and it wasn't Zahara. The rumour was that Seth's actual partner at the time, Leighla Schultz, tweeted the photo to the masses after discovering that the two had been seeing each other behind her back. Leighla then took to her own Twitter and sent out some nude photos of Seth. All in all, a pretty big and embarrassing mess for all involved.


9  9. Whatever Happened To The Latest Tough Enough Winner?

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A couple of years ago WWE brought back it's own take on reality TV competition, Tough Enough. Competitors battling it out for a cash prize and a WWE contract. The eventual winner was the above gentleman Josh Bredl, or Bronson Matthews as he was going to be known in WWE. Unfortunately for Josh things didn't really pan out, and that may have had something to do with a tweet he posted very early on in his WWE career. The Tough Enough winner posted a tweet about the Social Outcasts, referring to them as 'Social Jobbers'. A jobber is a derogatory term for a wrestler who loses a lot, to give it its most basic definition. Wrestlers don't like when the term is used, and Josh quickly found that out when his 'peers' took to social media to slate the new comer.

8 Melina Reveals A Little Too Much About John Morrison

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Former WWE Superstars Melina and John Morrison had a pretty unique relationship. They were together, then they weren't together, then they were again. It went on for years and there were some "highlights" to say the least. One of those highlights came in the form of the above tweet, although Morrison likely wouldn't have seen it that way. What you can see in the photo is some prescription medicine belonging to John, whose real last name is Hennigan. Innocent enough, except when you realize the medicine in question is used to treat problems related to erectile dysfunction. Likely not the kind of information Morrison wants broadcast to the masses. Melina even followed up with another pic that included John's home address. The posts were promptly deleted of course, but the damage was done.

7 Hogan Defends His Racial Tirade

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Huk Hogan has been doing a pretty good job in the last few years of undoing a career's worth of hard work. The final straw was of course the release of recordings featuring The Hulkster making some extremely racist comments about who he does and doesn't want his daughter to date. When those recordings emerged Hogan should have taken his lumps, held his hands up, and slipped off into the shadows for a while. He didn't do that. Instead The Immortal One attempted to find ways that he could justify his awful comments. It was the use of a certain word that landed him in hot water, and when a fan pointed out that Barack Obama had gotten away with using it Hogan couldn't resist retweeting the point.

6 Daniel Bryan Wants To Wrestle Again

In early 2016 Daniel Bryan made the heart breaking announcement that due to a build up of injuries over the course of his career he was being forced to retire. Well since then the SmackDown Live General Manager has far from given up on competing in a ring again one day. From cryptic social media posts to blurting things out on the now defunct Talking Smack, it's safe to assume that the former World Heavyweight Champion doesn't exactly agree with WWE's stance on his condition. One not so cryptic tweet that can still be found on Daniel's Twitter is one he aimed at Ring Of Honor Champion Cody Rhodes. Daniel warned the champ that if he holds the title for 462 days, a record Bryan himself set, that he may very well come for him.

5 Roman Reigns Shoots Down An Atheist

One of the hottest angles in WWE right now is the one between John Cena and Roman Reigns. Even though they won't actually wrestle one another until No Mercy, on Raw each week the pair of them have gone at it on the mic. As expected it has been Big Match John coming out on top in those battles. Roman isn't an idiot though, and when given time to think and the opportunity to say what he feels he can actually be quite sharp. His and Cena's war of words spilled over on to Twitter recently and Roman delivered some great comebacks. John isn't the only man who has been suffering Roman's Twitter wrath however. Reigns tweeted that he was praying for those in the path of Hurricane Irma only for someone to reply an implication that if there was a God he wouldn't have sent a hurricane in the first place. Reigns didn't hold back, tweeting the above to the Atheist social media user.

4 Marty Jannetty's 'Daughter'

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While the majority of the posts in this article are amusing, this one is just down right disturbing. Marty Jannetty, a former WWE Superstar who was beloved by many when he made up one half of The Rockers with Shawn Michaels, is not in the greatest shape in the present day. Almost every time you hear about Marty it's bad news, normally in relation to his alcoholism and other issues. This Facebook post that appeared on his page recently was a new low, even for him. A photo of an attractive young girl accompanied by a quandary from Jannetty. Apparently the young lady featured was thought to have been Marty's daughter until a recent DNA test revealed that not to be the case. Upon finding that out Jannetty put it to his fans whether it was okay to have intimate relations with her now and that he had been holding out before when he believed her to be his daughter. Very messed up.

3 Zahara's Nazi Appreciation

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Zahara Schreiber has certainly made a name for herself in WWE despite never actually making it in the company. Not only was there the scandal involving the naked photos with Seth Rollins, but there was also the unfortunate photos that somebody dug up from her past despite her attempts to delete them from social media. In 2015 someone discovered that a few years prior Schreiber had posted a couple of photos depicting Nazi symbols and Nazi memorabilia. A My Little Pony complete with Hitler moustache and swastika arm band, as well as a couple of prints depicting Nazi symbols. Even though Zahara had attempted to scrub the posts from the internet before ever joining WWE, the potential Superstar was promptly fired from the company after these images resurfaced.

2 Batista Slams Stephanie

Batista is not a big fan of a lot of things that happen in WWE in the present day. The Hollywood star made that abundantly clear during his latest run with the company when he returned for a few months in 2014. The Guardian of the Galaxy was penciled in to headline WrestleMania against Randy Orton, that was until the fans stepped in and made sure Daniel Bryan was inserted into the bout and given his crowning moment. Anyway a couple of years after all that Stephanie McMahon tweeted out about her signature slap being her finishing move. Batista quoted the tweet and sarcastically replied saying that it's so great because it helps get wrestlers over, that the angle is great when they get their receipt, and that it looks good. It is none of those things of course.

1 Alberto Del Rio's Anti-WWE Rants

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For the number one spot it really was impossible to pick just a single post from Alberto Del Rio. Since his second run with WWE came to an end in 2016 the former WWE Champion has not held back when it comes to making his feelings about his former employers well-known. Del Rio is the partner of Paige of course, and if the British Superstar wants to return to WWE one day she should probably tell Alberto to hold back in his rants. One of the biggest accusations brought up by Del Rio in his posts is that Triple H and WWE were behind the leaks of Paige's personal photos. During the video Paige continually tries to cover Alberto's mouth as he effectively calls out The Game, but to no avail. He gets his message out and the videos remain online for all the world to see. Most worryingly for Paige, that includes her current employers.

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