15 WWE Stars Who Were Jerks To Fans Off The Air

WWE Superstars are some of the most larger than life characters on-screen when they are entertaining us with their amazing work week in, week out, but that doesn't take away the fact that everyone has

WWE Superstars are some of the most larger than life characters on-screen when they are entertaining us with their amazing work week in, week out, but that doesn't take away the fact that everyone has their personal lives and do not take kindly when they are hounded by fans to interact with them beyond their wrestling sphere. While a lot of wrestlers are pretty passionate about pleasing the fans and love to interact with and give them autographs or pictures after the shows, some others just want to get out of the building and want nothing to do with the fans afterwards.

These wrestlers put more importance into the little personal time they get on the road and want to keep to themselves when they are off-screen, as they don't really like the fans hampering them for autographs and often are pretty vocal about wanting to maintain a distance with them. These things often escalate and result in the WWE stars acting like big douches to the fans and even if they might not look like it, they can act like complete jerks towards the fans at times.

Be it by ignoring the fans or being downright rude to these people who help to put food on their table, here are the 15 times WWE Stars were jerks to their fans off the air.

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15 Mark Henry


While Mark Henry has been an intimidating big man for most of his WWE career, he also had some stints as a face where he seemed to be doing it for the fans and loves to interact with them as a face. But unlike his in-ring self, he doesn't seem to pay much heed to the fans outside the wrestling sphere as he just seems to ignore the fans whenever they approach him for an autograph or a picture. Many reports of Henry completely ignoring the fans at meet and greets and other events have emerged over the years, as one in particular noted a few years back when in the WrestleMania Axxess event Henry ignored the fans and told a young fan to "respect his privacy" when nudged for a photograph. Henry might seem to be a good guy on-screen, but he's a complete jerk outside it and several reports of him ignoring fans goes onto show how he doesn't really like them to begin with.

14 Virgil


Virgil might not be the most memorable wrestler from the 80s, but his stint as the "servant" of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase was pretty entertaining, giving him a slight popularity during the time. But after the new century rolled in, Virgil found himself out of the wrestling business and even found a new career-path, but some obsession with keeping himself relevant with the wrestling fans got him to come back. He spends most of his time in empty conventions(making for the Lonely Virgil reputation recently) and doesn't really act nicely in those either, as some reports of him being a complete jerk stretch to a point where he straight up told a young fan to pay him in order to click a picture with him as this goes onto show why he couldn't succeed in the wrestling business as his abysmal attitude and douche-like behavior is why he's a forgotten figure amongst fans.

13 Billy Gunn


"Mr. Ass" Billy Gunn was definitely one of the more entertaining, sexier elements of the Attitude era as part of the New Age Outlaws with Road Dogg, as their superb work made for a lot of popularity for both of them, but Gunn wouldn't be able to keep much due to his awful attitude outside the WWE. Gunn apparently never wanted to have anything to do with the fans outside the ring, as he continuously ignored the fans and in one occasion also told the fans waiting to interact with him to "f**k off", much to the shock and dismay of the fans. Gunn's arrogance is off the charts and his awful attitude has lost a lot of fans, as he's a real jerk outside the ring and his continuously slandering the fans has cost him dearly in the past few years.

12 Bret Hart


Bret "The Hitman" Hart might have called himself as the "Best" and even deserved that accolade because of how good he was in the ring, as his amazing work got him a lot of popularity in the 90s. But while he got more and more popular, he also got even more arrogant as he had a bad reputation with a certain bunch of fans outside the wrestling sphere as he downright kept on ignoring fans outside the wrestling vicinity and didn't pay heed into interacting with fans even in places where its impossible to ignore anyone. Even after his retirement, Hart has kept this habit of ignoring fans and denying autographs or photos in fan conventions, as he's been a complete jerk towards the fans over the years and his arrogance has got the better of him over the years to turn him into a douche towards fans.

11 Bubba Ray Dudley


Bubba Ray Dudley might have been a part of one of the most exciting, extreme tag teams of all times with D-Von Dudley, but he has this reputation of being a massive jerk in the wrestling industry. Be it his early ECW days where his vile promos often incited riots amongst the crowd and when he used to taunt the fans to come and fight him, he isn't much better off kayfabe either as he often ignores the fans in conventions and is generally rude to anyone who tries to approach him for a picture of an autograph. He apparently once screamed in the face of a fan who tried to interact with him, in turn allegedly calling him a "fat***" as well, as Bubba's actually quite the bully in real life and a complete douche to fans and has got his share of haters because of that.

10 Matt Hardy


Matt Hardy might have recently rose to prominence once again with his change in character with the introduction of "Broken Matt Hardy" which helped him win back the praise of wrestling fans once again, but he hasn't been kind to the fans in the past years. Hardy has this reputation of being pretty rude to the fans outside the wrestling sphere, as he often has just ignored fans when they came up to interact with him and also doesn't do much good in conventions either. Apparently in one event fans were waiting to get his autographs for a long time, only for Hardy to dismiss them and tell them to "f*** off" when they were tired of waiting as this goes onto show how big of a douche he is in real life and doesn't like the fans outside wrestling at all.

9 X-Pac


X-Pac was one of the more entertaining wrestlers of the Attitude Era as some of his stunts as part of D-Generation X and the nWo helped to add a lot of energy to wrestling and he was the complete entertainment package at the time. But while he seemed like a lot of fun on TV, he was actually a big douche in real life and was almost always rude towards the fans. X-Pac would often flip off many of his fans and in an occasion apparently also told a kid to "f*** off" when he was approached for an autograph and he earned quite a bad reputation among the fans because of his antics outside the wrestling sphere, as he was almost always acting like a jerk towards fans and lost a lot of his following because of his personal antics.

8 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks might be "The Boss" of WWE's revamped Women's Division and one of the most over women in the company right now, but she really does not like people invading her personal space when she's outside the WWE sphere. Banks is generally good to fans when on WWE TV or working for the company, but can be rude to fans outside that as one occasion saw her single out a fan who approached her for a picture at an airport and called him a "creep" on twitter, making for much humiliation. But it turns out that the fan is actually quite an avid WWE follower and has had pictures with various WWE wrestlers, as this was quite the jerk move on Banks' part and goes onto show how even someone like she can act ike a douche at times.

7 Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest of all time, as Mr. WrestleMania was one of WWE's prized possessions during the 90s and often misused that honor. Michaels was a hardcore drug addict at the time and did whatever he pleased inside and outside the company, mostly sticking with his "Kliq" mates and not wanting much to do with the fans in his mostly drug-infused state. Michaels not only ignored the fans for most of the part, but once in his personal time also apparently denied to give an autograph to one of his young fans and wanted a 10$ cover charge in order to give the autograph. That's a big jerk move to pull on a young, aspiring wrestling fan as Michaels' drug addiction often led him to some real dark roads during the 90s and that also affected his personality and made him act like a complete douche at times.

6 The Big Show


The Big Show might be the World's Largest Athlete in the WWE, but he's always had the reputation of being a big, friendly giant outside the sphere of the WWE and has been kind to the fans and does a lot of work for the WWE to keep the fans pleased. But before he was in the WWE, The Big Show was entangled in some controversy in 1998 when he was still working for WCW as "The Giant", as he headed to a bar after a WCW show and was involved in a fight where he punched a guy and broke his jaw. Although to his defense, the fan was taunting him all the while, it was still a bad move on his part to become angry and pull a jerk move like that, as he should've kept his calm and kept things to himself instead of punching the poor, drunk guy as Show is normally quite the nice guy, but pulled a shocking, jerk move that forgotten night.

5 Ric Flair


"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is a definite legend in the field of wrestling as he has been an amazing servant for wrestling for almost the last four decades and is one of the most respected individuals in it as well. Flair might have this irresistible personality in the wrestling sphere, but he acts extremely pricy to fans in his personal life as he has the reputation of ignoring fans outside wrestling for years now. Apparently during a fan convention where Flair was giving out pictures and autographed stuff of him for 100$, he angrily ignored a fan when the fan told him to be a "Team Player" during his WCW days and didn't even look him in the eye when giving him the signed material. Flair deserves to have some arrogance, but being a complete jerk to fans is unnecessary and something which will taint his legacy in the long run.

4 Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho has been quite the entertainer in the wrestling industry for quite some-time now, as his latest gimmick might be the best of his career and The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla is actually quite the cool guy beyond the ring as well. While he is normally pretty cool with the fans, he pulled quite the douche move a few years ago when he punched a female fan when she approached him during his personal time. The video which surfaced around in the internet shows Jericho get into the car and the fan knock on his window for an autograph, as he later comes out and is seen punching the female, something which was completely unnecessary and a big jerk move. While she might have been disturbing his privacy, punching a female is nothing one should ever do as this douche move will haunt him forever and will always be a taint towards his otherwise clean reputation.

3 Scott Hall


Scott Hall might have been the coolest "bad guy" in wrestling during the 90s, but his horrible addiction to alcohol deterred his reputation in the wrestling scene after the turn of the century and he was going downhill before Diamond Dallas-Page saved his life. Hall was quite the icon in the 90s and has had his share of fans to whom he has acted like a jerk in recent years, as he forgot to send thank you cards to the fans who donated money to pay for his hip replacement surgery. To add to that, in an occasion during a wrestling convention in 2014, Hall refused to sign a birthday card for a terminally ill child which was an incredible jerk move to pull for someone even like Hall. Denying happiness to a sick child is a big douche move on Hall's part, as he has acted like a jerk outside wrestling quite a lot of times to fans and lost quite a lot of fans because of it.

2 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is the beast incarnate who loves to beat up people and provide entertainment to the fans with that and even though he's an unbelievable specimen, he doesn't do that well when it comes to interacting with fans. Ever since his first stint with WWE, Lesnar has had the reputation of wanting to do nothing with the fans, often getting security to keep fans off him and make sure that nobody can disturb him in his personal space. This escalated in 2014 when Lesnar was caught on camera snubbing a fan who tried to get an autograph from him, as the female fan was at first snubbed by his wife Sable before Lesnar himself denied her an opportunity for an autograph, much to the dismay of the fan. This was quite a jerk move on both their part, as Sable and Lesnar are both big jerks in real life and are made for each other because of that as well.

1 Randy Orton


Randy Orton is the viper who everyone seems to love recently, as he has built himself as one of the most popular guys in WWE over the years and has played the role of a face and heel equally well over the years, but it seems like he's got a bit of an attitude problem when outside the WWE. Orton has been part of some incidents where he ignored or downright flipped off fans, but the most recent one which brewed much controversy saw him act like a complete jerk to some fans at a gym. Apparently Orton was working out in the gym when the fans approached him for a photo but then went to do their own thing, but when one of the fans took a picture of him from some distance, he lost his cool and was soon berating the fans on why he took the picture despite him not wanting so. Eventually he cooled off and left them, but this was a pretty douche move on Orton's part as the fans were only trying to get a candid picture of him as things like these are what will deter his popularity and caution fans from not approaching him at all.

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