15 Times Your Favorite Female Wrestler Dressed For School

Many of the best-looking females you will see on television today are currently competing in the sport of professional wrestling. These women are extremely athletic and, more often than not, in excellent physical condition. Moreover, they also have some incredible costumes that help highlight their finer point.

There is an old saying that “the clothes make the man.” While the ring attire may not “make” the lady wrestler, it often goes a long way in helping to develop the character they are trying to portray.

If a female wrestler is trying to come across as a powerhouse or even sexy, it will often show in the clothes they wear to the ring.

In fact, back during the late '90s, during what’s come to be known as “The Attitude Era,” female wrestlers would compete in attire-themed contests, such as the bra and panty match.

While there are a number of themed outfits that fans have grown to enjoy over the years, there is one costume that everyone seems to love: the schoolgirl outfit.

In this article, we will take the opportunity to celebrate the famed outfit with 15 photos of popular wrestlers who look ready to go back to school.

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15 AJ Lee

via PWmania.com

Though she's straight-edge in real life, AJ Lee has a look on her face that might lead one to believe that the principal just caught her smoking in the bathroom. The stunning brunette looks smoking hot in the short skirt and colorful red top.

Lee is was three-time Divas Champion who at one point had a 406-day title reign which was the longest in the belt’s history at the time, though her record would later be broken by Nikki Bella. She also portrayed the General Manager of Raw at one point. During a period between 2012 and 2013, Lee was one of the most popular wrestlers in the company, male or female. The 5-foot-2 brunette abruptly retired from pro wrestling in her late 20s, after her husband CM Punk left WWE under controversial circumstances.

14 Mickie James

via Skyrock.com

Mickie James definitely looks like the kind of girl that any guy would love to share a locker with. The 5-foot-4 wrestling starlet shows us why the schoolgirl outfit is such a favorite among wrestling fans, with this stunning photo.

Mickie James is a veteran performer who has done it all inside the squared circle. The Virginia native has had numerous title runs in both WWE and TNA. Outside of the ring, James has also had some success in country music and has opened for many popular acts like Rascal Flatts and Montogomery Gentry. James recently re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2016 and had had a bit of a career resurgence. In fact, she is currently feuding with Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, who is arguably the most popular female in the company right now.

13 Trish Stratus

via pinterest.com

When it came to wearing themed costumes in the ring, few women did it better than WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. This photo shows the vivacious blonde, in her prime, wearing a schoolgirl outfit that would drive any wrestling fan crazy.

One could make a strong case that Trish Stratus is the most successful female wrestler of all time. The stunning Canadian managed to capture the WWE Women’s Championship on 7sevenseparate occasions. Moreover, Stratus is three-time “WWE Babe of the Year” and was even named “Diva of the Decade” by WWE. Her feuds with stars like Mickie James and fellow Hall of Famer Lita are some of the most memorable rivalries in the history of WWE’s women’s division. Stratus remains the benchmark for females in the wrestling industry.

12 Torrie Wilson

via eBay.com

Wrestling has had more than its fair share of gorgeous blondes over the years. That being said, Torrie Wilson is among the most beautiful golden-haired Divas ever employed by World Wrestling Entertainment. The native of Boise, Idaho looks ready for class (though she may be violating the dress code) in this flattering outfit.

Despite being a somewhat limited in-ring performer, Wilson still managed to have a successful career in pro wrestling, which lasted nearly a decade. While she was never able to capture any gold, Wilson did manage to wind up on the cover of popular magazines like Playboy and FHM. She is arguably best remembered for 2003 storyline with Dawn Marie, which involved Marie trying to seduce the Boise native’s father. Her undeniable sex appeal even captured the attention of baseball star Alex Rodriguez, whom she dated for several years.

11 Maria Kanellis

via pinterest.com

Maria Kanellis has been one of the hottest gals in wrestling for well over a decade now. The native of Ottawa, Illinois looks nothing short of amazing in her revealing schoolgirl outfit. With her charming smile, seemingly any teacher could forgive her for being a little late to class.

Having worked for TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and World Wrestling Entertainment over the course of the last several years, Kanellis is a name both casual and hardcore wrestling fans will likely recognize. Outside of wrestling, she also appeared on reality television shows like Celebrity Apprentice and even recorded her own music album called Sevin Sins in 2010. The redhead recently returned to WWE with her husband Mike Bennett for a brief period in 2017, before taking a leave absence due to pregnancy.

10 Gail Kim & Christy Hemme

via Skyrock.com

These two ladies have trouble written all over them, in the best way possible. Based on Gail Kim’s expression in the photo, it looks like these girls might be headed to detention shortly. The photo of Kim (pictured on the right) and Christy Hemme (shown on the left) proves the only thing better than a wrestler in a schoolgirl outfit, is two wrestlers in a schoolgirl outfit.

Ontario’s Gail Kim had two somewhat forgettable runs in WWE. However, she went on to make quite a name for herself by becoming the top female in Global Force Wrestling where she became a six-time Knockouts Champion.

Poway, California’s Christy Hemme is a former WWE Diva Search winner, who also spent several years in Global Force Wrestling (then known as TNA) as a wrestler, but mainly as a ring announcer.

9 Alexa Bliss

via pinterest.com

This may not technically qualify as a schoolgirl outfit. The costume from Alexa Bliss’s NXT run looks like flashy cheerleader uniform. That being said, it’s close (and Bliss was once a high school cheerleader), and anytime you can feature a photo of a lovely star like Bliss, it’s an opportunity one shouldn’t pass up.

Columbus, Ohio’s Alexa Bliss is one of the hottest females in pro wrestling today, in more ways than one. The tiny blonde stunner is not only of the most attractive women on the roster, but also one of the most popular. She is the first person to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship. With stars like Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks on the roster during her time in NXT, Bliss was somewhat overlooked. However, since being called up to the main roster, the 5-foot-1 champ has become as big a star as any of her NXT contemporaries.

8 Velvet Sky

via Skyrock.com

If there was an award for the hottest female wrestler who never competed in WWE, then Velvet Sky would have to be near the top of the list. The look on her face makes one wonder just what she may have hidden in that locker, as she poses in her provocative schoolgirl outfit.

Connecticut’s Velvet Sky had an outstanding career in TNA (now Global Force) wrestling. She was two-time Knockouts Champion who is best remembered for being a member of the all-female faction known as The Beautiful People. Outside of wrestling, Sky, whose real name is Jamie Lynn Szantyr, has appeared on television shows like Family Feud and Soccer AM. She is currently dating fellow wrestling Bubba Ray Dudley. The 36-year-old recently announced her retirement from in-ring competition.

7 Michelle McCool

via aminoapps.com

Former schoolteacher Michelle McCool used a sexy schoolgirl or naughty teacher outfit as part of her in-ring persona during the early portion of her WWE run. It definitely got her noticed, which probably won’t surprise anyone after seeing this photo. The 5-foot-10 blonde is the definitely the kind of teacher whose class you wouldn’t want to skip.

McCool was originally a member of 2004 Diva Search cast. Though she wound up finishing 7th in the Divas Search contest, McCool would end up being signed anyway and had arguably the most successful career out of any of the first season cast members. She became the inaugural Divas Champion and ended up holding onto the title for about five months. She is currently married to WWE legend The Undertaker.

6 Candice Michelle

via pictures-digital-best.com

Candice Michelle posed for a number of steamy pictorials during her time in WWE. However, one would be hard-pressed to find a better picture of the buxom brunette than the one here, which features a somewhat unique schoolgirl uniform.

Milwaukee's Candice Michelle had a memorable run in WWE from 2004 to 2009. She debuted in the Raw Diva Search competition back in 2004, with fellow WWE future stars like Michelle McCool and Christy Hemme. Moreover, Michelle would make history by becoming the first Diva Search competitor to capture WWE gold, when she won the WWE Women’s Championship at Vengeance back in 2007. Outside of wrestling, the busty babe is also known for being a model for the company Go Daddy and has appeared in numerous Super Bowl commercials on their behalf.

5 Billie Kay

via glorywrestling.com

Australian sensation Billie Kay is currently wrestling in WWE’s developmental promotion, NXT. This photo, which appears to have been taken prior to her NXT run, may have helped get WWE management attention. The 5-foot-8 Aussie makes a stunning schoolgirl in this memorable photo.

NXT fans are likely to recognize Billie Kay as one-half of The Iconic Duo with her current tag partner and fellow Australian, Peyton Royce. However, prior to being signed by the WWE, she made a name for herself in the all-female wrestling promotion known as Shimmer, where she wrestled under her real name, Jessica McKay. The 28-year-old has both the look and athleticism to become a major star in World Wrestling Entertainment, sometime in the very near future. Expect to see Kay called up to the main roster soon.

4 Cameron

via pm1.narvii.com

Former WWE superstar Cameron looks like she means business in her schoolgirl uniform. The former Funkadactyl also looks smoking hot while heading to the ring in this amazing shot. Cameron may not have had one of the most successful runs in WWE, but she could definitely rock a schoolgirl outfit.

Los Angles native Cameron, who these days goes by her given name Ariane Nicole Andrew, debuted on the WWE reality show Tough Enough. She would go on to appear on the main roster with her dance partner Naomi as a member of The Funkadactlys with wrestler Brodus Clay. Her success as a member of The Funkadactyls helped land her a role on the E! reality television series Total Divas. However, once the Funkadactyls disbanded in 2014, Cameron was unable to find success as a singles competitor and was released from the company by 2016.

3 Stacy Keibler

via pinterest.com

When fans discuss the most attractive females in the history of pro wrestling, the name Stacy Kiebler is sure to come up. The 5-foot-10 former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader looks amazing in whatever she wears, and this schoolgirl outfit is certainly no exception.

In truth, Roseland, Maryland’s Stacy Keibler didn’t have one of the most accomplished in-ring careers in professional wrestling. However, in an industry full of gorgeous gals, the long-legged blonde's beauty still stood out. Besides her run in WWE, Keibler is also known for her success on the reality television competition Dancing with the Stars, where she finished 3rd overall in 2006. Keibler would go to become something of a mainstream celebrity when she began to date A-list actor George Clooney in 2011; the two remained an item for roughly two years before calling it quits in 2013.

2 Paige

via Pinterest.com

WWE’s Paige shows us a holiday-themed schoolgirl outfit in this steamy photo. The Christmas theme may be appropriate in this instance as the attire could be described as both naughty and nice. Paige is a superstar who doesn’t shy away from taking risque photos and usually looks great doing so.

Norwich, England’s Paige got off to a hot start in WWE by winning the Divas Championship in her main roster debut in a match against AJ Lee, which took place back in 2014. Despite her early success, due to a series of unfortunate events, the English star’s career has been trending downward as of late. She suffered a serious neck injury that has had her sidelined since 2016 and also had unauthorized explicit images released, which resulted in a great deal of controversy. The good news is, at just 25 years of age, she still has plenty of time to right the ship.

1 Ashley Massaro

via Pinterest.com

Ashley Massaro is a former WWE wrestler who merged the schoolgirl outfit with the bad girl look, and as we can see from the photo, it definitely worked. Massaro may not end up in the WWE Hall of Fame, but she there is no denying she looked good in schoolgirl attire.

Massaro became a full-time member of the WWE roster after winning the Diva Search competition in 2005. She managed to stay with the company for roughly three years and competed in multiple WrestleMania matches and even appeared in Playboy back in 2007. Folks may also recognize Massaro as a contestant on the CBS reality show Survivor: China. Despite a relatively short run in WWE, Ashley Massaro made the most of the time she had with the company.

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