15 TNA Couples You Didn’t Know Were An Item

While these couples were only an item when the cameras were rolling, many were actually romantically involved outside the scripted world of wrestling.

Professional wrestling has produced several memorable couples since its inception. Many fans remember growing up with wrestling power couples like the Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. There may also be a group of slightly younger fans who have fond memories of acts like Triple H and Chyna. While some of these couples were only an item when the cameras were rolling, many were actually romantically involved outside the scripted world of pro wrestling. Given the amount of time these athletes spend together, it seems logical to assume that relationships that go beyond friendship are likely to occur.

Many wrestling fans are aware of some of the more visible couples in the industry. For example, even most casual followers of the sport know that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are husband and wife. However, they are two of the most prominently featured characters in the world's largest wrestling organization, WWE. The United States' second-biggest brand doesn't always get the same type of coverage afforded to the WWE. As a result, there have likely been more than a few things going on behind the scenes, which you may not have been aware of. This is especially true in regards to who is dating who in TNA, or as it's now called, Impact Wrestling. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few of the couples over the years that you may not have even known were an item.

15 ODB & Ken Anderson


Ken Anderson is known for being an outspoken superstar who could make a microphone drop from the ceiling at seemingly any time. ODB became a breakout star in Impact Wrestling as a rough-around-the-edges girl who wasn't shy about drinking from a flask and grabbing her own crotch from time to time.

Apparently, these two were an item for a relatively long period of time. The couple started dating back in 2000. It's unclear exactly when the two broke up, but Anderson married someone else in 2008, so things had clearly ended by that point. While Anderson is off the market these days, ODB is apparently single. Despite being two fairly high profile stars in the wrestling world, this relationship didn't seem to get much attention from the internet wrestling community.

14 Brooke Tessmacher & Robbie E


Brooke Tessmacher made quite a name for herself in Impact Wrestling. In fact, she would even go on the win the Knockouts Championship on three separate occasions. Robbie E is known for portraying a character based on the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. He also won multiple titles and had some success with the company.

The two competed as a couple on the CBS reality television series, The Amazing Race. The pair actually fared quite well on the show and ended up finishing 4th overall. However, the two had apparently broken sometime before they had finished filming the show, in 2014. Tessmacher posted the following on Facebook; "NO, I am no longer with Robbie E. We filmed the race this past summer and separated by the end of filming. I am so so incredibly happy in my life and have fully moved on. Hope you guys can as well".

13 Traci Brooks & Frankie Kazarian


Frankie Kazarian was a five-time X Division Champion and had two separate stints with the company. Traci Brooks is a former Playboy model who served as a valet and occasional wrestler in Impact Wrestling.

The couple started dating back in 2006 and would eventually go on to get married in January of 2010. The two have a son together, who was born in 2012. When asked about their relationship in an interview for Ewrestlingnews, Kazarian stated; “It’s great having somebody that has been there and done that. That knows what I’m going through. Being a wrestler’s wife is probably the hardest thing to do on this planet. I can’t imagine regular quote unquote women having to endure and put up with what we put them through but being somebody that did a lot in the business she understands what I go through".

12 Angelina Love & Davey Richards


Angelina Love is one of the most accomplished female wrestlers in TNA/Impact Wrestling history. She has held the Knockouts Championship six times, which is tied with Gail Kim for the most title reigns in the company's history. Davey Richards is best known by Impact fans as one-half of the tag team The Wolves. The team held the company's World Tag Team Championship on five separate occasions.

The two originally got together in January of 2015. After dating for only a few months they announced that they were engaged in April of 2015 and went on to be married in June of the same year. It appears Richards is quite pleased as he posted the following on his Twitter account: "Just married the smartest, prettiest, most inspiring and fascinating person I've ever met. Lucky isn't even the word :) ". The two are currently still married.

11 Madison Rayne & Josh Matthews


Madison Rayne is yet another former TNA Knockouts Champion. She was a member of the "Beautiful People,"  a faction that also consisted of Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. Josh Matthews worked as backstage interviewer and commentator in WWE for almost 12 years. After being released from WWE, Mathews signed with Impact, where he currently works a commentator.

Matthews was previously married to former WWE backstage interviewer, Rue Debona. Apparently, Matthews and Rayne dated for seven months prior to getting married in August of 2015. Rayne, whose real name is Ashley Simmons, was previously married to a man named Jesse Cabot before they divorced in 2013. Rayne has a daughter from her marriage with Cabot. Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are currently still married and working on Impact.

10 Velvet Sky & Bully Ray


Bully Ray is probably better known to WWE fans as Bubba Ray Dudley, a member of the legendary tag team, The Dudley Boys. The Dudley Boys have held the Tag Team Championships in seemingly every promotion they have wrestled for. Velvet Sky is a former 2-time Knockouts Champion, who wrestled in Impact for several years.

The two started dating during their time together in Impact. Bully Ray, whose real name is Mark LoMonaco, is ten years older than Sky. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Sky had this to say about her current boyfriend; “I am so grateful to have Mark in my life. We talk about wrestling a lot together and he has an amazing mind for the business, but he is also an incredible person. He’s very supportive of me and so inspiring. He is so motivating and helps me believe in myself.”It sounds like the two are getting along nicely.

9 Drew Galloway & Taryn Terrell


At one time it looked like Galloway was going to be the next big thing in WWE, where he competed as Drew McIntyre. However, things didn't work out for him there and he would wind up signing with Impact Wrestling. Taryn Terrell, who was known as Tiffany in the WWE, also wrestled in Impact. She would go on to hold the TNA Knockouts Championship for 279 consecutive days.

The two were married while they both still worked for WWE. The wedding was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  However, the marriage was short-lived as the couple would divorce in 2011. By the time Galloway arrived in Impact with Terrell, the two had already been divorced for several years. Terrell would go on to marry a stunt man named Joseph Dryden, in 2015.

8 Mickie James & Magnus


Mickie James had a very nice run in Impact but is probably better known for her time in WWE, where she currently competes. In fact, James has a chance to once again capture the WWE Women's Championship at this year's WresleMania. Magnus, who was born in the United Kingdom, also did well for himself in Impact. He would even capture the company's World Heavyweight Championship.

Mickie James was previously involved with former WWE stars John Cena and was even engaged to former Spirit Squad member, Kenny Dykstra. However, James would go on to meet Magnus during her time in Impact and the two would be wed in December of 2015. If you would like to see more of James, be sure to check out Top 15 Hot Photos Of Mickie James You NEED To See.

7 Velvet Sky & Chris Sabin


Velvet Sky appears on our list once again. Prior to getting together with Bully Ray, the former member of the Beautiful People, used to date Chris Sabin. Sabin is probably best remembered as a member of The Motor City Machine Guns, with Alex Shelly. He held 11 titles with the company, including the then-TNA World Heavyweight Championship. In fact, Velvet Sky caused Sabin to lose the title as part of a storyline in 2014.

The couple first got together some time in 2010. They apparently decided to call it quits just prior to Sabin's departure from Impact Wrestling, in 2014. The two even broke up as part of an angle on television. She would go on to date Bully Ray soon after the relationship with Sabin ended.

6 Austin Aries & Rosita


Austin Aries had a very successful stint with Impact Wrestling that resulted in him becoming the company'sWorld Heavyweight Champion. Today, he is getting ready to square off against WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville at WrestleMania 33. Rosita is best remembered for teaming with former TNA star Sarita and winning the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships. She also made a few brief appearances on NXT.

The two have apparently been dating for close to five years. According to an Instagram post, Aries gave Rosita a promise ring, and at the moment, the couple has just gotten engaged. It will be interesting to see if Aries can use his clout in WWE to get his future wife a job with the company, though Rosita did face Asuka in NXT last October, wrestling under her real name, Thea Trinidad. Could these two be the next WWE power couple?

5 Kurt Angle & Karen Jarrett


Even the most casual wrestling fan likely knows the name, Kurt Angle. He is a former Olympic gold medalist and WWE World Champion. He will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2017. If you would like to learn more about the class, check out 18 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About WWE’s 2017 Hall Of Fame Class.

Prior to marrying former TNA star Jeff Jarrett, Karen Smedley was the wife of Kurt Angle. In fact, she also debuted as Angle's wife on TNA television. Kurt and Karen divorced in October of 2008. And in a case of reality bleeding into kayfabe, Angle and Jarrett even had an on-screen feud involving Karen some years later. Kurt Angle would also go on to remarry in 2012.

4 Brandi & Cody Rhodes


Cody Rhodes is the son of WWE legend Dusty Rhodes. He is probably best remembered for his time in WWE as "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Stardust. After Rhodes requested his release from WWE, he went on to sign with Impact Wrestling. Brandi, who left WWE just a day after her husband did, may be better known to some wrestling fans as WWE ring announcer Eden Stiles. She had even started wrestling since debuting in Impact.

The two met during their time in WWE. The couple would eventually go on to marry in September of 2013. Brandi is just one of many women who worked in WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling. If you would like to see more women that worked in both companies, take a look at our list of the Top 15 Hottest Female Wrestlers Who Worked For Both WWE And TNA.

3 Velvet Sky & Hurricane Helms


And once again, we've got Velvet Sky, as she makes a third appearance on our list, this time with none other than Gregory "Hurricane" Helms himself. Helms is probably best known for playing a superhero like character in the WWE,known as The Hurricane. He currently appears on Impact Wrestling, having joined the company in 2015.

The two dated for several years before they broke up sometime around 2009. They apparently left things on good terms, though. When Helms was injured in a motorcycle accident, Sky created a Twitter account to help raise money for his medical expenses. This took place roughly a couple years after they had separated. Sky would go on to date Chris Sabin, followed by Bully Ray. Helms would go on to have a child with his girlfriend in 2012.

2 Maria & Mike Bennett


Maria Kanellis appeared on multiple reality television shows and worked for several years in the WWE prior to debuting in Impact Wrestling. She portrayed the commissioner of the Knockouts Division for most of her stint in Impact. Mike Bennett made a name for himself in the promotion Ring of Honor before coming to TNA. He wrestled the promotion for just over a year and captured the X Divison title.

Prior to marrying Bennett, Kanellis had previously dated CM Punk back in the mid-2000's. Bennett and Maria met prior to Kanellis' debut in Ring of Honor and officially announced they were dating in 2011. The couple married on October 10, 2014. The two announced they were both leaving Impact Wrestling together on March 1, 2017. It will be interesting to see where the duo surfaces next.

1 CM Punk & Traci Brooks


Most wrestling fans are aware of CM Punk's impressive accomplishments in WWE. However, some fans may not realize that he wrestled for TNA way back in 2003. His time there was relatively short and his most notable angle was as a member of Raven's TNA faction. During that time he also dated TNA Knockout Traci Brooks.

During his time in TNA/Impact Wrestling he and Traci Brooks were apparently an item for a short period. This was before Punk really hit it big, so it's not known exactly how they met. However, based on the timeline it's reasonable to assume they met while working in the company now known as Impact. They dated for about a year before breaking up. Punk would go on to marry AJ Lee, while Traci Brooks would settle down with Frankie Kazarian.

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15 TNA Couples You Didn’t Know Were An Item