15 TNA Superstars You Didn't Realize Were Parents

TNA has always been in WWE's shadow, but recently the brand has seen their feud between real-life brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy reach a point where it has become an internet sensation. So much so that Matt Hardy is now being targeted by WWE, who are hoping to resign their former Cruiserweight Champion.

That being said, TNA has an entire roster of accomplished Superstars including many who used to work for the company's main rivals. These Superstars have often made the switch over to TNA because their travelling schedule is much lighter for people who have families.

Instead of spending three hundred days a year on the road with WWE, these Superstars can choose to work for TNA and enjoy a fraction of the time on the road and still have time to go home and visit their wives and children.

TNA only ever records shows in Orlando, Florida and hardly ever travel around, which means that the company is a lot more family friendly than Vince McMahon's globally successful brand.

This means that many of the Superstars that are seen on Impact every week are actually parents without the WWE Universe knowing. This is because they can easily do their job and head back home. It means the female wrestlers, in particular, have much more freedom and are not forced to give up what they love.

The following is a list of just 15 of the Superstars in TNA that you didn't actually know where parents. These stars manage to juggle parenthood as well as maintaining success in their wrestling careers.

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15 Jeff Hardy

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The Charismatic Enigma and former WWE Champion made the switch over to TNA back in 2010 following his release from WWE for his third violation of the company's Wellness Policy.

Hardy met his girlfriend Beth Britt back in 1999 before The Hardys became a household name. The couple welcomed their first child back in 2010, a daughter whom they called Ruby Claire. The couple then married in 2011 and welcomed their second daughter Nera Quinn on December 31, 2015. Hardy stated that when his first daughter was born he was going to do less dangerous stunts in the ring because he wanted to be there for her and watch her grow up. It seems he has toned his move-set down since the move to TNA but he is still considered one of the best wrestlers to watch live.

14 Mickie James

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The former WWE Women's and Divas Champion is another Superstar who left WWE on bad terms after it was said that WWE came up with the 'Piggy James' storyline when officials backstage told Mickie to lose weight and she refused. Following the switch, she joined TNA and is now a three-time Knockout's champion, proving she could succeed away from WWE.

Mickie was previously engaged to WWE star Kenny Dykstra before she met her husband Nick Aldis (better known by the ring name Magnus) when she joined TNA. The couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Donovan Patrick in September 2014. Mickie and Magnus then finally married on New Year's Eve 2015 and have more recently begun making appearances on the Independent Circuit together at various British and American promotions.

13 Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke Adams or Brooke Tessmacher as she was known during her time with TNA, is another Superstar who began her career with TNA biggest competitor. Brooke entered the 2006 Raw Diva search and although she didn't win the contest, WWE decided to sign her and sent her to ECW. Brooke was a part of Extreme Expose for a few months before WWE released Brooke from her contract.

During her time in TNA Brooke became a three-time Knockouts Champion and met her current boyfriend, a personal trainer named Weston Wayne in 2014. The couple then welcomed their first child in September of this year, a boy named Jase, after announcing Brooke's pregnancy much earlier in the year. While Brooke left the promotion after she discovered she was pregnant, it is thought that she could come back when her son is old enough.

12 Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley or simply Lashley started out in WWE and is a former ECW World Champion, but he was released from his WWE contract in 2008 after a six-month hiatus due to injury and he headed over to TNA. (Lashley was thought to be the next big Superstar in WWE but things didn't quite work out.)

While with WWE, Bobby Lashley met his girlfriend Kristal Marshall and the duo welcomed their first child, a son named Myles in 2008 before Kristal announced on her Twitter account that the duo had decided to go their separate ways. Lashley is currently signed to Ballator MMA where he is undefeated after four heavyweight fights. Marshall appeared on TNA TV many times along with her boyfriend before they were both released from the company.

11 Mike Bennett

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Mike Bennett is a former TNA X-Division Champion and the husband of former Diva Search contestant and WWE Diva Maria Kanellis. Bennett has previously wrestled for Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling which were all before his career in TNA began.

Bennett and Maria met when she made the switch over to ROH and became the First Lady of Ring of Honor. The couple confirmed that they were dating back in 2011 before becoming married in October 2014. Through the marriage Maria became step-mother to Bennett's son Austin. Maria is also a Knockout for TNA and it seems the company is hoping to build their division around the talented star since she made the switch from Ring of Honor. You may never see this couple in WWE but they have done well elsewhere.

10 T10. Madison Rayne

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Madison Rayne joined TNA back in 2009 after a successful run in the all-women promotion known as Shimmer. Rayne rose to fame alongside Velvet Sky and Angelina Love as The Beautiful People. Madison is also a former five-time Knockouts Champion in her own right as well as a former Tag Team Champion.

Rayne married Jesse Cabot in 2011 and Madison announced her pregnancy in 2013. Madison and Jesse welcomed their first child, a girl named Charley later that year before the couple announced that they were filing for a divorce. Madison then quickly moved on and married former WWE announcer Josh Matthews in August 2015. Earlier this month Rayne was announced as a member of TNA's creative team, replacing Christy Hemme who left the company in April.

9 T10. Josh Mathews

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Josh Mathews is a former WWE employee. He was with the company until 2014 and served as an interviewer, professional wrestling journalist, commentator, and ring announcer for the company. He was released from his contract with WWE in June 2014 before he joined TNA the same year.

Mathews was once married to former WWE Afterburn announcer Rue DeBona. The duo broke up and Mathews then married TNA Knockout Madison Rayne in April 2015. Mathews then became a step father to Rayne's daughter Charley when the duo married. Mathews has been commentating on TNA Impact for the last few years alongside D'Angelo Dinero who was known as Elijah Burke during his time in WWE. It is highly unlikely that Matthews will return to WWE as he has seemingly been afforded more responsibility in TNA.

8 James Storm

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James Storm is a former King of the Mountain Champion, TNA World Champion, as well as a record seven-time TNA World Tag Team Champion. All together Storm has held 16 Championships in TNA and is one of the most recognizable athletes currently on the brand.

Storm has a daughter, named Makayla who was born in 2005 before he then married Dani McEntee in March 2011. The couple then welcomed a daughter (Storm's second), a boy named Mason James in January 2012. Storm had a brieff spell in NXT towards the end of 2015 but after just one televised match he opted not to sign for NXT and instead returned to TNA. Since then Beer Money reunited for a while but Bobby Roode eventually left TNA and joined WWE on it's NXT roster.

7 Gregory Helms

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Gregory Helms is a former WWE Superstar who was best known as The Hurricane. He held the WWE Cruiserweight Championship before his release from the company in 2010. Helms then spent some time on the Independent Circuit until he was signed to TNA in 2015.

Helms has previously dated former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky until they broke up in 2009 and Helms met his most recent girlfriend. Helms then announced that the couple had welcomed their first child, a boy named Sebastian in 2012. More recently Helms has turned heel after helping Trevor Lee to defeat Tigre Uno for the X-Division Championship. He had previously congratulated Tigre on his win at Bound for Glory and it was thought that he would join the company as a face under his real name but he pulled a swerve and turned heel.

6 Davey Richards

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Davey Richards is a five-time Tag Team Champion with partner Eddie Edwards, and a former Ring of Honor Superstar. He joined TNA in 2014 and has since been paired up with Edwards as The American Wolves. (One of the more popular non-WWE tag teams on the current wrestling scene.)

Richards married professional wrestler Christie Summers in 2008, who is also a former bodybuilder but the couple separated in 2010. In 2015 Richards announced that he was dating fellow wrestler Angelina Love. They were then married in June 2015 and welcomed their first child in March 2016. Richards has been out on hiatus following an injury in March 2016 and is currently stated to be an inactive Superstar on TNA's roster. Fans of Richards patiently await his return.

5 Al Snow

Al Snow is one of the best known wrestlers on the professional circuit. He is also a color commentator and one of the judges of TNA British Bootcamp. Al Snow would find himself bounced around the WWE roster quite frequently before ending up at TNA in 2008.

Snow married for the first time in 1986 when he met Pam Sarven. The couple then announced that they were getting a divorce in 2004. The couple have two children but Al Snow is currently engaged to Jessica Gousha, a massage therapist and personal trainer. Snow has worked many jobs for TNA over the past few years include being a road agent, commentator, and a producer. Snow has become one of the most recognizable wrestlers on the circuit over the past few years. Once Snow marries Gousha, he will become a stepfather to her children.

4 Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter is the most powerful woman in TNA. She's the owner, Chairwoman and Chief Strategy Officer of the promotion. Carter often making appearances on the TV show as well.. Carter was the president of TNA up until August this year when she was switched to being the Chairwoman.

Dixie is a successful business woman and comes from a family of successful business people. She is also married. She married Serg Salinas who is a music producer for TNA a few years ago and together the duo have two children. She has a daughter who was born in 2005 and a son who was born a year later in 2006. Dixie saw potential with TNA when she invested in the company in 2003 and renamed it TNA Entertainment rather than just TNA.

3 Earl Hebner

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Earl Hebner is widely considered to be the most recognizable and famous professional wrestling referee in the world right now. He is best remembered for his time in WWE up until 2005 (and as the referee who called for the bell during the Montreal Screwjob). He was fired from WWE for selling merchandise without permission and so Hebner then joined TNA the following year.

Hebner's son Brian is also a professional wrestling referee and is signed to TNA. Brian and Earl have worked together before and called a match back at Victory Road in 2010. Earl also has a daughter named Katie who made a TNA cameo appearance as Katie Kim, the sister of Gail Kim. She officially began wrestling training in 2012. Earl has a twin brother cnamed Dave who is also a professional wrestling promoter and referee.

2 T1. Matt Hardy

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The older brother of The Hardy Boys left WWE not long after his brother and made the switch over to TNA to reunite The Hardy Boyz. More recently Matt and Jeff have become 'Broken' Matt Hardy and Brother Nero and gripped TNA with their Final Deletion storyline, which is considered one of the best in Professional Wrestling today.

As part of this storyline, Matt decided to involve his wife Reby Sky who herself is a TNA Knockout and his son Maxel. Matt met Reby Sky when he joined TNA and the couple married in 2013. Their only child, a boy called Maxel or Max was born in June 2015. He also plays a part in Hardy's most current storyline with members of Decay attempting to kidnap him. Matt Hardy has previously dated 2005 Raw Diva Search winner Ashley but the duo broke up before Hardy left WWE.

1 T1. Reby Sky

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Reby Sky is a current TNA Knockout but is also a former photographer and dancer. She has been with TNA since 2014 although she has done very little wrestling for the company. Sky was a part of the Knockout's match at Knockout's Knockdown before she began valeting for her real life husband Matt Hardy.

The duo married in October 2013 and announced that they were expecting their first child the following year. Maxel was born in June 2015 and has been used in many TNA storylines. Both Reby and Maxel were at ringside for Bound for Glory in 2015 in Hardy's home state of North Carolina and were seen celebrating when Matt Hardy won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. With WWE recently expressing interest in Matt Hardy, you could very well see this family on WWE programming in the near future.

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