15 TNA Wrestlers Who Should Make The Jump To WWE

If you've been following wrestling other than the WWE recently, you may have noticed that another promotion has been putting on some rather interesting television. Whether it is their X Division, the battle for the World Heavyweight championship, or the recent #DeleteorDecay storyline that is taking place between the Hardys and the Decay, Impact Wrestling has been really working to turn their programming around. One of the most exciting things about Impact Wrestling is their huge stable of talent. Whether they are big or small, the men and women Impact Wrestling has in its employ are without a doubt putting on some of the most exciting matches the company has ever seen.

However, that doesn't mean these men and women would not excel in a different promotion, as well. For a number of them, WWE is likely the ultimate goal, their be all and end all. While some were there before, they could still benefit from being brought back, like the recently returned Curt Hawkins. We wouldn't anticipate Ethan Carter III to make the jump so he wasn't included on the list. Who exactly should make the jump to the WWE? Check out the list below of who we think may be a welcomed addition.

19 Trevor Lee

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While a relative unknown, Trevor Lee has moved up the ranks of stand-out wrestlers in TNA. He has been an active competitor for various wrestling promotions throughout the United States. Before joining TNA, Lee competed for Global Force Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and achieved success as both a singles and tag team wrestler. He may seem rather unassuming to look at, but when he steps in the ring fans can be assured that they are getting a highly competitive and free-wheeling style in the ring. Much like a number of other names on this list, Lee would be a welcome addition to WWE's cruiserweight division. He is a wrestler that is able to hit hard and hit often, and would fit in very well with what the rest of the division has to offer.

18 Madison Rayne

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Often when a wrestler steps away from the ring and then returns, they aren't quite the same. That isn't the case with this former five-time TNA Knockouts Champion and two-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. After stepping away for a couple of years after having a child, Rayne returned and did so with authority. She has had some of the most memorable of feuds in TNA, along with having been part of arguably the most popular women's faction in the company's history, The Beautiful People. At just 30 years of age, it's remarkable what she has accomplished, and can still accomplish. Rayne could add greater depth and competition for either the Raw or Smackdown brand. She has shown that she is capable of being both a villainous heel and a beloved face during her time with Impact Wrestling.

17 Eddie Edwards

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A fourteen-year veteran, Edwards was well known before he stepped into Impact Wrestling. He has competed for such promotions as Pro Wrestling Noah, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Chikara, but it was during his time in Ring of Honor that he truly turned heads. During that time, he competed against the likes of Kevin Steen (now WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens) and El Generico (now Sami Zayn). In ROH, Edwards was as accomplished as a singles wrestler as he was a tag team wrestler, as he was a World Champion, Tag Team Champion and World Television Champion. During his time in TNA he has continued to excel, whether as a tag team partner or a singles competitor. There, he has been a World Tag Team champion and X Division champion. Eddie Edwards would only heighten any division he was part of in WWE.



14 Eli Drake

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The saying ‘Good things come to those who wait' has never rung truer than it has for Eli Drake. Drake spent the first nine years of his career on the independent circuit, and during that time faced the likes of Adam Pearce and former WWE superstar Michael Tarver. He did compete periodically for the WWE, and was even part of their NXT brand. However, towards the latter part of the summer of 2014, he was released from the promotion. In 2015, Drake aligned himself with former WWE Intercontinental champion Drew Galloway as part of the faction The Rising. However, he has shown he can achieve success on his own since being given time to spread his wings. His growth in TNA has shown that he can achieve, and would benefit WWE.

13 Tigre Uno

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Some of the most successful wrestlers in WWE came from outside the United States. When TNA brought in Tigre Uno, they knew they had someone special on their roster. He first began to wrestle in 1998 and was trained by legendary luchadore Rey Misterio Sr (the uncle of Rey Mysterio Jr.). After competing for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración in Mexico, TNA came calling and he has been there ever since. He has faced some of the more notable men on the roster such as The BroMans and The Wolves. He has also captured the TNA X Division championship. There is no question, with the development of the new Cruiserweight division, Uno would be a welcome addition.

12 Rosemary

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She has been trained by fellow Canadians Tyson Dux, Scott D'Amore and Johnny Devine, and earned a name for herself competing in promotions such as Shimmer. After only competing for six years, the former Courtney Rush turned heads when she morphed into one of the most creepycharacters we've ever seen portrayed by a women's wrestler. She debuted for TNA wrestling under the name Rosemary, a dark cheerleader who spoke in riddles and was aligned with Crazzy Steve and Abyss, forming the faction Decay. As the year has progressed, her character has shown depth, and adding that to her wrestling ability, she has proven to be a welcome addition to the women's division. In WWE, the lacks depth in the women's division on Raw and Smackdown Live is an issue, and the dark and creepy nature of her character would be a change of pace.

11 Cowboy James Storm

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After a brief appearance with WWE's NXT brand, Cowboy James Storm returned to TNA. He has been with the promotion since their initial broadcast, and initially had success as a tag team competitor. However, that isn't all he has accomplished during his time in TNA. He has captured the World and King of the Mountain championships, along with countless tag team championships. He is a near twenty year veteran, with a rugged character that is reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin, something that is missing from today's WWE. Storm's brief time in NXT and his ability to connect with the audience means that he is capable of doing it once again. One can only hope Storm's is once again a consideration for WWE.

10 Braxton Sutter

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Much like a number of TNA talent, Sutter first earned a name for himself on the independent circuit, in his case competing under the name Pepper Parks. He is former trainee of Les Thatcher and his Heartland Wrestling Association, and even competed for WWE in either squash or dark matches. He has competed on a number of occasions for Ring of Honor, facing the likes of former champion Roderick Strong and current ROH champion Adam Cole. Sutter has a big personality, which is what makes him so appealing to watch. He is also a physically gifted athlete that can compete against anyone. With the type of training he has undergone, it's not surprising the man that lives by ‘sex, weights, and protein shakes' not only believes he's better than most, and can without a doubt prove it match in and match out.

9 Drew Galloway

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He was once dubbed “The Chosen One” during his time in WWE, and is every bit as good now as he was then, if not moreso. He is a fifteen-year veteran that has competed in his native Scotland, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe. He also currently competes for Evolve, having captured their championship, and based on his accomplishments in TNA has reached a different level. With a slightly different look, and competing under his real name, he is as refined in the ring as anyone in TNA. He is above being used as enhancement talent like his former partner Jinder Mahal currently is, and would be a bona fide contender for the Intercontinental, United States, Universal or WWE World Heavyweight championship.

8 Mark Andrews

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He is often referred to as ‘Mandrews,' and is a fiery and exciting wrestler to watch, with a very bright future ahead of him. Despite being under twenty five, Andrews has several years of experience behind him performing in England in promotions including NWA Wales and NWA Hammerlock, and has been competing since he was thirteen. Although he earned his initial popularity in the United Kingdom, he has made a name for himself with TNA. One of the most notable promotions he has competed for is Progress, who he still works with. He initially debuted for TNA during the companys British Boot Camp. His speed, finesse and all around technique show that he would be another welcomed addition on the WWE roster. While he would fit in well as a Cruiserweight, there really isn't anyone on the roster he couldn't match up well against.

7 Rockstar Spud

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If there is any performer that has evolved during his time in TNA, it is Rockstar Spud. He will often say that James Michael Curtin (his actual name) and his in-ring persona, Rockstar Spud are interchangeable. A veteran of fifteen years, Spud has grown from simply being a lackey to TNA President Dixie Carter and second fiddle to Ethan Carter III to standing up on his own two feet. During his time in TNA, Spud is a two-time TNA X division champion and the 2013 British Boot Camp Winner in 2013. While it could easily be said that his titles are his greatest accomplishments, it has actually been the storylines he has been part of, some of the most riveting television TNA has presented. Whether it was his exchange's with EC3 or Kurt Angle, Spud has consistently delivered.

6 Moose

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This former NFL player has risen up the ranks more quickly than many had anticipated. He first trained under Mr. Hughes, but it was his time in Ring of Honor that made him highly in demand. He is incredibly agile, which is a given considering his football background. Still, his athleticism is remarkable given his size, so when he joined TNA it seemed like he was clearly moving on up the wrestling ranks with an ultimate goal in mind. He already has friends on the WWE roster, and on social media he shares laughs with Apollo Crews or jokes with Big E. Upon entering TNA, Moose immediately confronted the biggest man in the company when he stood face to face with Bobby Lashley. Moose is one of many men that would prove to be someone of keen interest for the WWE.

5 Davey Richards

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If Richards' look appears familiar, it should. He is a long-time fan of Tommy Billington of The British Bulldogs, and bears a resemblance in body type to him. The former Ring of Honor World and Tag Team champion has faced some of the greatest talent in the world. He was first introduced as Kenta's protégé, then formed a faction with Rocky Romero and Roderick Strong, and most significantly he teamed with Eddie Edwards to form The American Wolves. Although he is injured at the time of this writing, he is certainly a game changer, and one of the stiffest workers in wrestling. He is world travelled and has fought some of the best wrestlers in the world. Though he and his partner Eddie Edwards made an appearance in NXT, it didn't fully tap what they, either individually or as a unit, could contribute to the WWE roster.

4 Mike Bennett

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The man known affectionately as ‘The Miracle' is being given the opportunity that he had with other promotions. The former trainee of Bob Evans has continued to evolve both in the ring and on the microphone. He is a former Ring of Honor world tag team champion alongside Matt Taven, but it is as a singles wrestler with TNA that fans have been able to see how he has grown. He has an incredible moveset and is armed with a great look that is something WWE has always looked for. After competing all over the world, Bennett is more seasoned, and that seasoning that will only add to what he would bring to his matches if he was on the WWE. While it would be TNA's loss, there is no hiding the fact that Bennett is a star that would hold great possibilities on the WWE roster.



1 Bobby Lashley

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He previously competed for WWE, and is equally skilled in MMA as well. He is a former U.S and ECW Heavyweight champion in the WWE, but during his time in TNA he has captured not only the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but their X Division and King of the Mountain championships as well. And Lashley has been able to combine his time in TNA with developing an MMA career, having fought for Bellator and Strikeforce, along with other smaller MMA promotions. Lashley's return could easily be built as the next challenge for Brock Lesnar. Both men have had MMA careers, and Lashley's has been quietly quite successful. A return to would do both Lashley and WWE a world of good.

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