15 Trashiest Wrestlers Ever To Work For WWE

Sports entertainment has never been seen as a classy place to work, especially if you're a female. Over the past few decades, some of the trashiest men and women in the world have made their way over to WWE and proved that they really did not belong on a screen in front of the world.

Many wrestlers have been able to step up and gain some class in front of the WWE Universe, while others use their fame as an excuse to continue the same exploits they were freely able to get away with before they were signed to the company and became a household name all over the world.

Considering the fact that WWE superstars are seen as role models by many of their fans, it's a shock that so many trashy wrestlers have been able to rise to the top of the company over the past few years and that WWE has allowed it. Since the company is publicly traded, they try to keep a clean image but that hasn't stopped the following stars from tarnishing the brand.

The following list looks at 15 of the trashiest wrestlers that WWE has ever employed. Some fail to hide their lack of class when they are on screen, while others have proved that their real persona is completely different to the one in the ring.

15 Terri Runnels

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When Terri Runnels was seen as Marlena on WWE TV, she definitely wasn't a woman who oozed class. Of course, along with her husband Goldust, Terri was one of the women who pushed the barriers during The Attitude Era and became somewhat iconic in her role.

In that era, there weren't many women who could be considered classy, since many of the women on TV at that time were wearing skimpy outfits because it was their job. Terri seemed to enjoy showing off her body to the world but she did it in such a way that made it clear she was just another one of those women happy to show off her assets to get paid, which in itself is a trashy thing to do. She's a mother now, which means her child is going to accidentally google her one day and she won't be proud of the results.

14 Sunny

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Sunny is a WWE Hall of Famer and was considered to be quite a successful manager when she was part of many tag teams, but it seems that despite her accomplishments on screen, it will always be her exploits off screen that define Sunny's career.

There are numerous stories about Sunny and the things she would get up to behind the scenes with other wrestlers while her boyfriend was mere inches away. Not only that but since her career has ended, Sunny has lowered herself to charging fans for "private" Skype sessions. Over the past year, Sunny has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons after she decided to share all of the sordid details about wrestlers she has been with, details that no one really wanted to know.

13 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio is a former World Champion in WWE and during his second stint was even able to dethrone John Cena as the United States Champion when he returned to the company in October 2015. It was throughout his second stint that the WWE Universe found out just how much class El Patron lacked when he was revealed to have dated Charlotte while he was still married before going behind her back to start dating Paige. Del Rio and Paige's relationship then proved just how trashy they were as a couple before they later broke up following a string of incidents that they blamed their fans for. It just hasn't been a great few years for the former World Champion, who has finally given his wife a divorce after dragging her name through the mud as well.

12 Lita

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Lita may be seen as one of the best female wrestlers that WWE ever employed, but some of the stories about her throughout both her career in WWE and when she was first coming through the ranks on the Independent Circuit are not flattering.

Lita was once part of one of the most famous scandals in professional wrestling along with Matt Hardy and Edge, which turned her into a heel character for the rest of her career. Long before this was made public knowledge, there were stories about Lita and how she would "pay" for her training in Mexico. It seems that Lita managed to make it to WWE the old fashioned way, if these stories are to be believed, and would give out favours to anyone who would help her to get there.

11 Cameron

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Cameron was one-half of the Funkadactyls for a number of years before she was released from WWE back in 2016. Cameron wasn't able to accomplish very much in her short career with WWE because she wasn't at the same level as her tag team partner and it seems that when she was added to Total Divas, it just made things worse.

Cameron came across as a woman who only cared about money. She only cared about doing things that meant she would be gaining money and fame from them and was the kind of woman who purposely went outside to mingle with celebrities so that people would write about her. She was never interested in the wrestling business and WWE did the right thing when they sent her on her way.

10 Amy Weber

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Amy Weber is someone who the WWE Universe perhaps doesn't remember very well because she didn't hang around for very long. Amy was part of the generation that included the WWE Diva Search and incredibly when she was signed by WWE, she decided that she didn't like anything that was connected to the business anymore and left.

Amy couldn't really wrestle so it was no great loss to WWE since they had many more attractive women to take her place. But for someone who was against the wrestling business and the sexism that surrounded it, she decided to cash in on the fame that she had found in the wrestling business and leak her own nude photos to TMZ so that they would get released to the world. Stay classy Amy.

9 Ashley

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Ashley was the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner and considering her nickname while she was in WWE was "Trashly" she was always going to have to be part of this kind of list. Ashley was part of the Women's Division for a few years before she requested her release back in 2008 to look after her daughter. In that time she was definitely no stranger to drama.

Ashley dated Matt Hardy before she was moved to SmackDown and began dating Paul London, which caused a rift between the two stars. Not only that, but Ashley then managed to get on the wrong side of Sunny on Social Media and the WWE Hall of Famer then revealed that Ashley used to work as an escort before WWE made her famous. Maybe Ashley should have just stayed silent, at least then the world wouldn't know her past.

8 Paige

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Paige was once considered to be the future of the WWE Women's Division. She was the first ever NXT Women's Champion and then was given the opportunity to become the Divas Champion on her main roster debut back in 2014, but her life hit a bump back in 2016.

Ever since Alberto Del Rio and Paige announced that they were in a relationship the couple went on a downward spiral. Paige was suspended from WWE, she had personal pictures and videos leaked onto the internet and she was part of a domestic dispute that almost got her arrested. Many of the WWE Universe can't look at Paige the same way since these events and are shocked that she still has a job to come back to at all.

7 CM Punk

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CM Punk considers himself to be "The Best In The World" when it comes to the wrestling business, but it seems that he doesn't hold his personal exploits on the same kind of level. Punk is the only man who can rival the dating history that John Cena has backstage in WWE, but at least Cena had the class to not go and publicly humiliate one of his ex-girlfriends in an interview.

Punk also cheated on Lita with AJ Lee, when he could have just come clean and decided to move on. He wasn't well-liked backstage in WWE and there are a number of reasons why, but his lack of class and ability to always think he can talk his way out of situations could have been why.

6 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is a third-generation superstar and someone who you wouldn't expect to have made a list like this. Orton hasn't always been the stand-up father and husband that he is seen as today. Kim Kessler has changed him for the better over the past few years.

Orton was once seen as the kind of star who would think it was ok to defecate in someone's bag and then call Kelly Kelly out for sleeping with a number of WWE superstars when he was one of them. It seems that if anyone in WWE lacks class, it would be Randy Orton, the same guy who had a disagreement with Mr Kennedy and got him fired. It's lucky that Orton has changed in recent years or he would be much higher up the list.

5 Summer Rae

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Summer Rae was one of the most recent WWE releases and the WWE Universe was not shocked that the company had finally decided that Summer had overstayed her welcome. Summer hadn't appeared on WWE TV for almost 600 days and was seemingly coasting by without having to wrestle.

When Summer was still part of the company, she didn't come across as the kind of woman who was well-liked backstage. On Total Divas, it seemed as though all she wanted to do was cause trouble and was jealous of all the women who had spouses because she was 30 and single. Whether Summer was like this in real life or not is unknown but she didn't leave a great impression with the WWE Universe which is why she probably won't be missed.

4 Miss Kitty

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Stacy Carter became well-known on WWE TV as both Miss Kitty and later The Kat, and later for always being the kind of woman who wanted to take her clothes off on national TV. Stacy was brought into the company by her husband Jerry Lawler and almost cost him his job when she was fired in 2001.

Stacy brought nothing to the women's division at that time and just managed to diminish the way the world looked at the women who were attached to the company. It was a dark few years for women's wrestling, but thankfully, those days are now over. Stacy, like many other women of her time, left no legacy and forced the women of the current generation to forge their own.

3 John Cena

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John Cena is the face of WWE, but behind the character he plays in WWE, Cena has shown a side where he is quite selfish and trashy. Considering Cena was once married, he has still been linked to just about every female wrestler in that locker room over the past few years from Mickie James to Victoria before he then had the audacity to divorce his wife.

When Cena's ex-wife attempted to bring up the adultery claims, the 16-time Champion was able to have WWE step in and move along the proceedings so that they didn't affect his wrestling career. Cena will always have the ability to have someone else do his dirty work for him, which makes him untouchable. There is also a radio interview that Cena did a few years ago where he talks all about his exploits with "ring rats" which definitely doesn't paint him in a great light.

2 Melina

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Melina is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion, but she is one woman who couldn't keep her ego in check. There are numerous stories about Melina's issues with other female wrestlers backstage, about her being kicked out of the locker room and being taken to wrestlers court.

Melina seemed to be saved a lot of the time by her relationship with John Morrison, who even forgave her after she cheated on him with Batista, but when Melina shared personal details about his life on her Twitter account, it seems that even he had seen enough. By all accounts, Melina has to be one of the most classless WWE wrestlers that the company have ever employed which could be why WWE hasn't once tried to approach her to make a return.

1 Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore has only made it in WWE this long because he is entertaining and considered to be one of the best wrestlers on the mic. Amore has managed to rub just about every other wrestler up the wrong way in the year he has been on the main roster and was even kicked out of the locker room earlier this year.

Amore reached a new level of hate in the eyes of the WWE Universe when it was revealed a few months ago that he had cheated on his girlfriend and current NXT star Liv Morgan and that he has an addiction to strip clubs. Trashy should be Enzo's middle name, from the way he dresses to the way he acts, he is definitely not the kind of role model that WWE would usually present their superstars as.

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