15 Unattractive Wrestlers Who Were Once Good Looking

Say what you will about the wrestling business but there is one thing that even the most casual observer must come to realize, that image is a really big deal. Don’t get us wrong, we love a great match as much as anyone and realize that smaller people that are good at taking part in them can find work but being flashy is still a big difference maker. That is why there are so many people that have become stars in the industry who most people would see are hot, to say the least. That said, it often is a lot of work to be that pleasing to the eye so, over time, some of them begin to let themselves go and steadily become a lot more of a mess. Alternatively, some try too hard to hold onto their former physical glory and things like bad plastic surgery take their toll. Realizing all of that is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen ugly wrestlers who were once good looking.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion in this list, they first off need to have made a living at one point in the wrestling business. For the purposes of this list, we will not be limiting ourselves to those that we saw in the ring since there are several many that made an impact on the industry outside of grappling. As such, you may find things like interviewers, managers, valets, ring announcers, or anything other position as long as it is part of putting on a wrestling show. On top of that, they need to have been good looking at one point but fall significantly short of that now.

19 Dawn Marie

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First rising to prominence in the wrestling business when she was brought into the ECW fold as the manager of Lance Storm, Dawn Marie took full advantage of that opportunity. She also made her mark by being clumsy instead of glamorous and acting smitten with Storm, while also feuding with the likes of Tammy Lee Sytch. She eventually made the leap to the WWE, where she worked there for several years, but is most remembered for one thing, feuding with Torrie Wilson in a terrible storyline involving her father, Al Wilson. When it comes to behind the scenes machinations, there are also many that will never forget that the company released her while she was on maternity leave, which is disgusting. Because she is seemingly no longer putting the effort into her looks that she once did, we wouldn’t be shocked if some wrestling fans failed to recognize her.

18 Ric Flair

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He is the only person that has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice as of this writing. That in and of itself is a testament to the degree to which the biggest figures in the industry adore Ric Flair. Officially recognized as a sixteen time World Heavyweight Champion, although the actual number is higher, he has stood at the top of the business again and again in the past. Because he's one of the most respected wrestlers of all-time due to his decades of matches and promos that entertained masses of fans, we hate to kick him while he is down considering his recent health issues. However, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend like the once handsome man that held the world in his hand remained and his look hasn’t changed dramatically.

17 Shane Douglas

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It only seems fitting going from Ric Flair to Shane Douglas, who is someone who spent years and years throwing him under the bus of public opinion whenever he could. Employed by all four of the biggest North American wrestling companies of the last several decades, namely ECW, WCW, TNA, and the WWE, Shane’s work has created an impressive legacy for him. Best remembered as the man who was at the helm when ECW broke away from the NWA in a controversial moment, his boisterous nature made him the perfect person to be in the middle of the ring at the time. As he continued to try and be an important part of the business with his various attempts at relevance on the indie scene since 2009, it probably would have helped his chances if he hadn’t let himself go.


15 Sojourner Bolt

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Spending most of her career as an indie wrestler, it was her time in TNA that Sojourner Bolt is most known by everyday fans for. Despite that, she never really made that large of an impact on that company as evidenced by the fact that she never won a title, nor did she stick around for all that long. However, she did have a much more successful run in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where she holds two impressive records. She also has the most lengthy run with it at 343 days, making her he person who has won their women’s championship more times than anyone else through her seven combined reigns. As she looks quite different by the end of her career than she did during her time in the national spotlight, it was quite the transformation.

14 The Rock 'n' Roll Express

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Here's an entry in which we are giving you two for the price of one. We could have broken these two up, but that just feels wrong considering how interlinked their careers have been. The Rock 'n' Roll Express are a legendary tag team that is made up of Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton, and we think that anyone who wants to know about the history of the business needs to read about them. Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017 by Jim Cornette, the manager they will always be associated with, it was a deserved accolade considering all they accomplished. Although they are remembered for feuding with the likes of the Four Horsemen and The Midnight Express, among others, they won the tag team belts in far too many promotions to list here. As they are still taking bookings to this day, as a result, they try to look and act the same way they once did but aren’t even close considering how old, balding, and out of shape they are.

13 Marty Jannetty

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From one tag team performer to another, this time around we are looking at one-half of The Rockers, Marty Jannetty, who teamed with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels during their formative years. He is somebody with a fascinating career to look back on, as he received more opportunities at success in the WWE than anyone else considering how many times they signed him only for him to squandered it all. Now a figure of great controversy, due to a recent social media post about a possible intimate relationship with a woman he thought was his daughter, he has done some messed up stuff. He also has gone from someone with a rock star look that many people lusted after, to a guy that looks creepy, although we do have to admit that part of that may be because of what we know about who he is.

12 Jillian Hall

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If there is one thing that we all know to be true in our heart of hearts it is this–the WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world. That is why being signed by them and having a run on the main roster is seen by most as the ultimate accomplishment that a performer can have. Unfortunately, things aren’t always as great as they seem for those that get there. Just ask Jillian Hall. Introduced as someone with a huge and clearly fake “growth” on her face, once it was peeled off of her she would then come to the ring and horribly warble out songs. In short, she was weighed down with some truly terrible gimmicks. Seeming as though she has undergone further plastic surgery since she left the spotlight, it isn’t the best look for her.

11 Chris Harris/Braden Walker

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In the early years of TNA, America’s Most Wanted, aka Chris Harris and James Storm, were a pivotal part of its roster. They were able to be hated one month and beloved the next if they wanted to be, as they made waves with their association with Gail Kim and the massive stable Planet Jarrett. Harris was one of the first performers from TNA to be signed away by the WWE, but his tenure there as Braden Walker, unfortunately, has become a punch line in the annals of wrestling history. He wrestled as a part of their version of ECW, but only appeared for a short time before disappearing only to be the focus of a fan-made joke video that called for his inclusion in their Hall of Fame. We can’t say for sure, but we think his large weight gain likely had a big impact on his trajectory in the WWE, considering how physique-obsessed Vince McMahon is, and how big he looked by then.


9 The Honky Tonk Man

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The Honky Tonk Man had a unique persona. He was one of the most colorful members of the WWE roster during the height of its Rock N’ Wrestling era, which is really saying something. Making himself look like the spitting image of Elvis Presley between his many jumpsuits, hairdo, and the way he moved his hips, fans resented his attitude that he was a star of a similar stature. Making his most lasting mark as the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion in history, that run was also marked by the fact that it ended at the hands of The Ultimate Warrior. He still makes occasional appearances in the ring in recent years, but has packed on the pounds and has many wrinkles in his face which almost always seems to have an angry look on it.

8 Sunny

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Often referred to by the WWE as the first Diva in company history, well before the time where they regularly used that moniker, Sunny definitely was the first woman they presented in that fashion. Serving as the manager of three consecutive WWE Tag Team Championship-holding tandems, she kept jumping to greener pastures proving herself to be quite hateable in the process. She also served as perfect fantasy fodder during the same period where she garnered boos from the audience. Because of that, the company started utilizing her several other ways so fans would tune in to see her. After her release, she would also appear in ECW and WCW before being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame several years later. In the years since she was enshrined in that group, however, her life has been mired in controversy and the once gorgeous woman looks very little like she did at that time.

7 The Dynamite Kid

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One half of The British Bulldogs alongside Davey Boy Smith, The Dynamite Kid and his cohort are considered one of the best tandems in history by many observers of the business. Both explosive in the ring, they also complemented one another perfectly as Davey was the power of the group and Dynamite flew with great grace. Considered a huge influence on many of the best in-ring grapplers of the next few decades, Dynamite’s time at the top may have been a little bit on the short side but his legacy is lasting. He was extremely ripped when he was at the height of his career, but ended up retiring after a back injury that would force him into a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Sadly, he is an angry little man these days, as his body has withered away to a large degree and the snide expression he often has doesn’t help anything.


5 Raven

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A former two-time ECW World Heavyweight Championship who also held their Tag Team belts with three different men, Raven is one of the most important figures in that company’s history. He was also brought into WCW, TNA, and the WWE, where he became NWA World Heavyweight Championship and had 27 reigns as WWE Hardcore Champion, which is stunning to even think about. Best remembered as the leader of a series of stables where he led fellow performers that embraced his gothic look and persona, he performed alongside some major wrestling stars. He was at one time very good looking, if you were attracted to the alternative look of the nineties. Since then things have certainly changed for him considering how beat up he looks and the extra pounds he carries.


3 Perry Saturn

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A wrestler that was a total workhouse in the ring during his time in ECW, WCW, and the WWE, Perry Saturn could be relied upon to take part in vicious and believable matches. First becoming a big deal as one-half of the tag team The Eliminators, he and John Kronus were known for taking part in brutal matches. He then became a member of The Flock, where he would eventually challenge the leadership of Raven. He joined WWE, where he finally made a big mark on the business as a member of The Radicalz; when he and the three others in that group joined the WWE, it meant that the spine of WCW’s roster was gone. Since he disappeared from the public eye for several years after leaving Vince McMahon’s employ, several people thought he may be dead at that time. He did resurface, but his health is horrible today and you really can tell by looking at him as he looks very sickly.

2 Ahmed Johnson

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Obviously, someone that the powers that be in the WWE saw big things in at one time, during much of Ahmed Johnson’s time in that company he was pushed to the moon. He won a Slammy Award for New Sensation of the Squared Circle in 1996, then would go on to win their Intercontinental Championship as well as the mostly forgotten Kuwait Cup Tournament. Also involved for a brief period of time with the Nation of Domination, he was their principal enemy during the early days of its run. By the time he was released from his contract and joined WCW’s roster in 1999, many wrestling fans took a while to even realize that he was the same person. Gone was the immensely muscled man we’d come to know at the time and he was replaced by someone who had put on so much weight it was shocking.

1 Lex Luger

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Going from one person that seemed destined to become a huge deal in the WWE to another, this time around we are looking at Lex Luger who was clearly being positioned as their biggest star at one time. Riding around the company in a bus they called the Lex Express, everyone seeing the way they were making him look like the All-American hero knew they were trying to build him to be the champion. As they fell way short of that goal, he would go on to become a two-time Heavyweight Champion but only after he went back to WCW.

As someone that built his entire career around his look, Lex always stood out because of how massive his body was. He was clearly a performer that worked out constantly as well as taking steroids, but since leaving the business his face is the only thing that looks at all the same about him. Suffering from “a nerve impingement in his neck that led to temporary paralysis”, he would recover from that but went on to have a stroke and his body has shrunk significantly as a result.

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