15 Unbelievable Go Fund Me Charities Involving Professional Wrestlers

Crowdfunding has become quite the phenomenon over the past several years. The internet is a remarkable thing and has become an excellent tool to help those in need. Instead of worrying where the money goes when you donate to a big organization, you can directly give your hard earn cash to that person, family, or community in need. Sure, many people use the site for their own selfish needs and some get a ton of money for it. However, for the most part, has been a great idea and one of the coolest charitable sites out there.

In the wrestling industry, you have many Superstars that you grew up watching who are hurting today. You also have many wrestlers that use their star power as a way to get people to donate. Case in point, Chris Jericho who is constantly giving money to GoFundMe pages involving wrestlers. Other Superstars ask fans to donate to charities that help natural disaster victims. Some of these wrestlers are victims themselves and are asking for donations.

Regardless how you feel about charity, it’s always good to raise awareness about certain situations. If you can donate to any of these charities, please do. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

15 15. Joe Doering


You may not be familiar with the name, but Joe Doering got a big boost in recognition when WWE Legend Mick Foley posted on Facebook promoting Doering’s GoFundMe page. Doering has been in the wrestling business for 12 years, mostly working for All Japan Pro Wrestling. His career has come to an end as he was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer in February.

14 14. Nicole Bass


Nicole Bass is another reminder of how far a person can fall after being on top. You would think anyone who is on television and works for the WWE would have financial stability and live a long and comfortable lifestyle. That just isn’t the case, especially with Bass. She made her debut in the wrestling industry in 1998 for ECW and quickly joined the WWE a year later. Her size made her intimidating and she was involved in a few decent feuds.

13 13. Axl Rotten


Brian Knighton (Axl Rotten) died on February 4th, 2016, due to a heroin overdose at the young age of 44 years old. The reason he’s on the list is because his page is a reminder that people really do need help and if they don’t get it, they can spiral out of control even more. Rotten was hospitalized at the Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Maryland in 2014 due to on-going back issues.

12 12. Heath Slater


He’s got kids but right now, he’s more concerned with the flood victims of his home state in West Virginia. Slater and his tag team partner Rhyno have lit the WWE Universe on fire with their Tag Team Championship run recently and maybe the success could help out with Slater’s charity. Over 1,200 homes had been destroyed this past summer due to the flooding and it also resulted in 23 tragic deaths.

11 11. WWE Camera Man Tom Stewart


On an episode of Raw in March, the WWE opened the show with an “In Memory” for Mary Katherine Stewart. Now we know she isn’t a wrestler and she never worked for the company, but her father, Tom Stewart, is a cameraman in the company. Sure, he isn’t a wrestler either, but he is a member of the WWE Universe and is just one of the thousands of cogs in a wheel that provide us with great entertainment.

10 10. Virgil


Do any of you remember Virgil? He was an enhancement wrestler and also worked as a bodyguard for WCW’s iconic nWo faction. For history buffs, his best moment in wrestling came when he betrayed his employer, The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. The feud was pretty epic, but Virgil fell back into obscurity after it. Once his wrestling career was over, Virgil would become somewhat of an internet oddity, as many fans would post about him being at conventions, alone, with no one buying his gear.

9 9. Donovan Dijak


It’s October and breast cancer awareness is one of the main issues that gets highlighted around this time of year. Most sports organizations, such as the NFL, make it their duty to promote breast cancer awareness. Even the WWE does it in their own way, such as switching up the color of their ropes to pink. Indie wrestling standout and Ring of Honor stud, Donovan Dijak, is also bringing awareness to fans.

8 8. Tommaso Ciampa & Michael Bennett


Both work in different promotions and are on different paths, but they still remain friends to this day. Michael Bennett is working his way to the main event in TNA while Tommaso Ciampa is making a great impact in the tag team division in WWE’s NXT. The two Superstars came together to help end the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. If you didn’t know, many residents in Flint are dealing with contaminated drinking water that could lead to serious health problems.

7 7. Booker T


He was the last person to hold the WCW Championship before the company was bought by the WWE. When he did come to the company, Booker T did what he does best and we’re not talking about the "spinaroonie." He would become a WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, Hardcore Champion, Tag Team Champion, and King of the Ring winner in 2006.

His accolades helped him become a member of the most prestigious group in wrestling history as he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Booker T has his own gym and still works for the WWE.

6 6. One Man Gang


We loved him as Akeem and the One Man Gang, but George Gray needs our help now. Being 6’9” and well over 300 pounds, he would become one of the most recognizable heels in the wrestling industry throughout the 80s and early 90s. He is one of the many wrestlers to file a class action lawsuit against the WWE, claiming WWE withheld information about the risks of traumatic brain injuries while on the job.

5 5. Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze


Most of us wrestling fans know the Canadians are a tight group in the professional wrestling world. Just look at the work that countrymen Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens have been doing on WWE’s flagship television show, Raw.

For those that may not know, a terrible and massive forest fire destroyed the homes and property of many people living in Alberta, Canada.

4 4. Rico Constantino


Believe it or not, Rico’s path to the WWE is a remarkable story. After graduating at the top of his class in the Northwestern Military & Naval Academy, he became a police officer. His drive for competition landed him on the show American Gladiators in 1990 and he made it all the way to the Grand Championship. By the age of 37 and still in great shape, he decided to enter the world of professional wrestling.

In 2002, he would make his debut for the WWE as a manager for Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo and eventually would go on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship twice.

3 3. Sabu


What can we say about the "homicidal, suicidal, genocidal maniac?" He’s a man who has given his blood, sweat, and tears to entertain his beloved fans. He’s on the "Mount Rushmore" of ECW legends and will no doubt go down as one of the toughest and most extreme Superstars to every lace up the boots. He’s had broken bones, skin ripped off, and concussions while still performing a match. Now that’s grit.

2 2. Perry Saturn


Saturn has been dealt a tough hand since leaving the WWE Universe. So bad, friends have had to step in and create this page just for him. He’s arguably part of one of the greatest tag teams, ECW’s Eliminators, from the 90s and helped WCW battle the WWE during the Monday Night Wars saga. Just before the WWE bought WCW, Saturn found himself in the WWE as a member of The Radicalz. When the team split, he was given an odd gimmick talking to a broom.

1 1. Kamala


Kamala's story is a perfect example of why we should have these fundraisers. He was an absolute monster and literally billed as one during his wrestling career. He wrestled all the greats, including Andre the Giant, The Undertaker, and even Daniel Bryan. He is a legend of the industry and that’s why he needs our help today. Once standing 6’7” and close to 400 pounds, Kamala is now a double-amputee and has been regulated to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

He was diagnosed with diabetes and doctors had to remove his legs. His medical bills continue to grow and we’re pretty sure they won’t stop. The crazy thing is, Kamala didn’t even ask for money and had no idea about the page being started until it exploded. So far, the page has collected more than $40,000 donations for Kamala.

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15 Unbelievable Go Fund Me Charities Involving Professional Wrestlers