The Professional Wrestling industry can be a lucrative one for wrestlers if they manage to attain some fame in a top promotion like WWE, as the reputation they earn helps them get work outside the company when they are eventually released. While most of the wrestlers tend to wrestle till their mid-40s and call it a day because of their bodies wearing out, there are some wrestlers who actually wrestle till their 50s, 60s and even 70s at times!

The passion of these wrestlers does not allow them to give up wrestling and even if they call themselves “retired”, their love for the business convinces them to come back for matches on a sporadic basis. Some older wrestlers turn up on some low-key independent shows to use their name and collect a check without actually even wrestling, but there are others who are determined on giving value for the money and end up wrestling for the audience (however big or small) and putting on the best show possible.

There have been some unimaginable scenes which have been taking place on the Independent circuit where some of these older, legendary stars continue to wrestle, much to the surprise of everyone, as we take a look at these 15 Unbelievable Pictures of Old Wrestlers STILL Wrestling Today.

15. Marty Jannetty


Marty Jannetty may have attained quite a lot of fandom during his days as part of The Rockers with Shawn Michaels, but his career has gone nowhere but downhill ever since. Jannetty didn’t help his case after losing himself to drugs and was helped back to his feet by HBK, who helped him get a second stint in WWE in 2005. Jannetty obviously didn’t take advantage and was soon released. He went on to wrestle in Chikara for a few years, but has been wrestling at a few low-key independent events in the past years using his “star” name value. This picture shows him wrestling for Fighting Evolution Wrestling. He’s lost the charm he once had as a Rocker, with his age and looks worn out, but has to wrestle in order to pay his bills and lead a respectable life.

14. Gillberg


Gillberg will always be remembered by fans for all the wrong reasons as WWE’s parody of Goldberg was quite the hilarious and foolish character who prospered in the Cruiserweight Division during the Attitude Era. Gillberg was released once his “job” was done and while he did make sporadic appearances in wrestling, he only returned properly to it last year and has been wrestling in the Independent circuit ever since. He also made an appearance on Monday Night Raw on the Festival Of Friendship earlier this year and has been done some work in the Indy scene since then. Gillberg has wrestled for Dynamite Championship Wrestling and actually pulled off some great moves at the age of 58, including this unbelievable spear which he’s connected in this picture. Gillberg may be a joke to fans, but he’s still popular enough to have made a successful return to indie wrestling.

13. Tito Santana


Tito Santana was an important mid-carder for the WWE in the 80s when he debuted to much success and went onto becoming Intercontinental Champion a few months after debuting in the WWE. Santana continued to play a crucial part in WWE’s mid-card for the next few years and his intimidating looks definitely helped his cause. Santana’s steam wore off in the 90s as he continued wrestling in the Independent circuit as the new century kicked in and also transitioned into a physical education teacher. Despite his aging body, Santana has kept on wrestling and also competed inside the squared circle earlier this year when he appeared at Big Time Wrestling’s event. This picture shows Santana looking quite weak in the ring, but at least he has the where-with-all to step inside the ring and it’s quite unbelievable that he’s still wrestling despite having a stable job to lay-back on.

12. Tatanka


Tatanka was quite the unique, strong wrestler in the 90s in WWE when he initially came off as a dominant individual but lost his charm as the years passed. He did return in 2005 for a second stint in WWE which wasn’t that memorable but he has been keeping up with wrestling and despite crossing 50, he doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon. Tatanka has wrestled a lot of matches this year despite his age and has retained his impressive stature. This picture shows him wrestling a few months back at an Independent show where he looks to be giving a hell of a fight to his opponent. Tatanka’s passion for wrestling has kept him training, proving he can still fight it out.

11. Paul Orndorff


Paul Orndorff is regarded by many as one of the more under-rated wrestlers to come out of WWE in the 80s, as he was a terrific heel who helped guys like Hulk Hogan get more popular with the crowd. Orndorff was quite popular in the 80s and 90s but decided to retire with the turn of the century. Since that, his looks and health had really been deteriorated as many had feared about whether something bad resulted in this, but thankfully Orndorff got better eventually. His health seems to be great considering that he made a return to wrestling earlier this year at Canadian Wrestling’s Elite’s show. This picture shows a 67-year-old Orndorff picking up a chair as it’s quite unbelievable that he even wrestled at this age and actually managed to pull off a great match at that too!

10. Gangrel


Gangrel was a terrifying character during the Attitude Era when he portrayed a vampire-like character as the leader of The Brood who produced a lot of edgy stuff in WWE during that time. But after that angle ended, Gangrel failed to prosper as a singles wrestler and was fired by the WWE for reportedly failing to control his weight problems. He did wrestle in the Independent scene for some-time before he turned to a different career and became an adult-movie director. But Gangrel has recently started wrestling again and as it can be seen in this picture, he’s having a hell of a time adjusting to the newer conditions. He isn’t having the best of times in this shocking picture of him wrestling at an old age right now, but at least he has his life back on track.

9. Haku


Haku will be remembered by fans as one of the toughest and most terrifying wrestlers back in the day. He attained quite a bit of fame in WWE and WCW but couldn’t cope up with the pressure with the turn of the century and after his short WWE return failed, he decided to retire. While he works as a car salesman nowadays and has been essentially retired since 2003, Haku still has a passion for wrestling and loves to return every now and then. He has been appearing in New Japan Pro Wrestling (where his son wrestles as part of Bullet Club) for the past year and even wrestled a match as it can be seen in this picture. Haku still has the looks of a tough individual and knowing his reputation, he can still terrorize many younger wrestlers despite his age.

8. Jim Duggan


“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan was quite the fan-favorite in the 80s when he delighted everyone as this American Hero who fought against all the anti-American’s and always waved his nation’s flag whenever he came to the ring. The first-ever winner of the King of the Ring never really got the main-event run he deserved but was an entertaining wrestler who enjoyed great stints at both WWE and WCW. Duggan also had a fun little second stint in WWE but hasn’t been seen since 2009 and while many probably think he’s retired, Duggan is still wrestling in the Independent circuit. Duggan wrestles sporadically as this pictures show him wrestling earlier this year with his iconic club and although he looks (and is) quite old, he’s still got it in him to have fun in the ring and put on an entertaining show for the audience.

7. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express aka Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are definitely one of the greatest tag teams of all time as they were honored earlier this year by being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame after an illustrious career all over the globe. While Morton and Gibson may have looked like two old-timers who are probably retired to many, that is definitely not correct as the two are still wrestling and despite nearing their 60s, they don’t look like stopping. This stunning picture of them wrestling together earlier this year shows just how passionate they are towards wrestling and despite their bodies slowly giving away, they are still turning up and creating stellar matches at this age. The Rock “n” Roll Express proves how the passion for the product can triumph over the problems of old age and these two legends are inspirations to everyone.

6. Rikishi


Rikishi was an absolute terror for his opponents back in the day when he entertained the fans with his dance moves and by dominating his opponents in a fun and relaxed manner. The master of the Stinkface went onto become quite over at the time and even won some titles during the part but things started to fall apart for him after the turn of the century, as he was released by WWE in 2004 for refusing to lose weight. He wrestled in the Independent circuit for a while before taking a semi-retirement but has been wrestling on a sporadic basis since. He is wrestling to this day(despite seeming “retired” by WWE) and did so in an Indy event this year as this picture shows. Rikishi looks quite different because of his age but still has it in him to terrify his opponents while being entertaining at the same time.

5. 2 Cold Scorpio


2 Cold Scorpio was quite a promising wrestler in the 90s when he wrestled for all three major wrestling promotions in WWE, WCW, and ECW but found much of his success in the latter. He really excelled in the Land of Extreme and even appeared as Flash Funk in WWE, but he wasn’t wanted much after the turn of the century. He found himself having to appear on independent shows and for promotions not many even knew about as he was forgotten amongst the fans. But the 51-year old is still wrestling to make a living as this picture shows how worn-out he looks nowadays because of the continuous wrestling. He may look tired, but his love for professional wrestling will never let him leave the squared circle as this shocking picture shows how Scorpio can still endure a lot of pain for something he loves.

4. The Sandman


The Sandman was like the Stone Cold Steve Austin of ECW back in the day because of his rebellious attitude and beer-chugging nature and was quite popular because of it. He couldn’t really succeed in WWE when signed in 2005 and failed to make an impact, but his health has been deteriorating ever since. The Sandman has been looking pretty awful for the past few years but continues wrestling at the age of 54, as this picture shows him wrestling a few months ago. The Sandman looks quite shocking in this picture but his obsession at entertaining the fans and wrestling on has disabled him from quitting and despite however bad he may look in this picture, he’s pretty happy at being able to fight it out in the ring at the moment regardless of how big or small a promotion it be for.

3. Shane Douglas


There’s a reason Shane Douglas is known as “The Franchise”, because of how big of a role he played in establishing ECW as a prime company back in the day. He was the face of the company and a top guy at all times and despite going away to WWE for a failed stint, he returned a king in the company. Sadly, Douglas couldn’t help to keep the company afloat but is trying to bring it back through his own wrestling promotion ever since. Douglas had stopped wrestling a few years back but returned earlier this year and despite being 52 years old, he still has the passion to entertain fans. This picture shows Douglas returning to wrestling at an despite being out of touch from the product, he can still manage to put on quite a show because of the master that he is.

2. Nikolai Volkoff


Nikolai Volkoff was an amazing bad guy for the WWE during the 80s as this Anti-American heel who loved to get heat from the fans and rode off that heat to become a big star. He feuded against all the fan-favorites and was quite over in the 80s and somewhat in the 90s as well but things started to fall for him after leaving WWE. Volkoff didn’t get opportunities in any other “big promotion” and had to settle for wrestling in the Independent scene. Things have really gotten bad for him in the past few years, as this picture shows him wrestling earlier this year at a basketball court! Volkoff is desperate for work and wrestled at a place which didn’t even have a wrestling ring and it’s pretty depressing to see this legend in this terrible situation which shows just how shocking his regression has been.

1. Dory Funk Jr.


Dory Funk Jr. is considered by many wrestling fans as one of the greatest of all time as he’s a wrestler whose impeccable work in the 70s influenced many wrestlers to follow his footsteps. He was most successful in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) where helped to change wrestling. He has been managing his wrestling school for many years now as he’s one of the better technical wrestlers to have stepped into the ring. Wrestling is literally everything to him and he proved as such as he wrestled earlier this year at the age of 76! This extraordinary picture shows a skinny, fragile Dory utilizing his technical prowess on his opponents and it proves why Dory Funk Jr. is regarded so highly by many as this wrestling genius will literally continue to wrestle till his dying breath.

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