15 Unfriendly Wrestlers You Do NOT Want To Meet In Public

Wrestling fans are the life blood of the professional wrestling industry as they pay their money to watch their favorite wrestlers entertain them and it's the duty of the wrestlers to be as respectful and courteous as possible with those fans. Most of the wrestlers who are trying to make a mark in the wrestling industry aim at pleasing the fans, be it attending meet and greets or being kind to the fans in real life.

The fans make the wrestling industry tick and even the top companies like WWE have to keep their fans happy in order to keep themselves secured financially. While most of the wrestlers are generally warm and receiving towards the fans, there are some wrestlers who do not like to interact with fans at all. They don't like it when they approach them for something outside the wrestling event and end up being very rude to the fans.

These types of wrestlers generally come off as real jerks to the fans and disappoint them in the end, as we take a look at these 15 Unfriendly Wrestlers You DO NOT Want To Meet In Real Life.

15 Sabu


Sabu is considered by many as the man who made ECW what it was back in the 90s, as the Hardcore Legend did some spots many couldn't even think of attempting. He was a legend in the eyes of fans of the "extreme" and continued his unreal style of wrestling well into his 40s and 50s. While he may do whatever he does in the ring for the entertainment of the viewers, he doesn't necessarily like to interact with them as much. Sabu has come off as a rather rude person in real life who doesn't want to interact with fans, as he has ignored them and also acted rudely towards them. The most infamous case was when he physically assaulted a fan for touching his turban during a wrestling show and knowing how temperamental he is in real life, you wouldn't want to approach him.

14 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is the man who brings in a lot of money for the WWE right now, but many fans are against him because of how he doesn't wrestle enough to actually deserve to be Universal Champion. Regardless of all that, Lesnar puts on quite the show every time he wrestles and while he has quite a fan-base, he isn't really that friendly when it comes to real life interactions. Lesnar is a man who loves his personal space and has been quite disrespectful to fans who approached him in airports and other places. There have been numerous encounters of Lesnar being extremely rude to fans who approached him and denying autographs and pictures. Even though "The Beast" might be an awesome wrestler, Lesnar is an unfriendly person whom the fans shouldn't approach at all.

13 Hardcore Holly


Hardcore Holly was one of the toughest wrestlers in the WWE back in the 90s and during the Ruthless Aggression era, as this hardcore wrestler was also a bit of a bully backstage. He's been involved in many cases of hazing in the WWE and is not a guy you would want to approach in real life either. While Holly does come off as a cool guy who greets his fans on twitter and in meet and greets, there have been cases where he's been extremely rude and nasty towards the fans. One such case was when he took the phone of someone who was trying to take pictures of him and smashed it on the floor. Holly's not really the kindest wrestler in real life and knowing his unpredictable temper issues, one would want to keep themselves distanced from him.

12 Bubba Ray Dudley


Bubba Ray Dudley was apart of one of the most fan-serving tag teams, the Dudley Boyz, who loved to entertain the fans by "bringing out of tables" and putting an "extreme" touch to their matches. While he may be loved by the fans, the real-life Bubba Ray isn't really that friendly at all, as he has a history of being very rude towards the fans. During fan events which Bubba and D-Von Dudley attended, Bubba looked like he couldn't wait to go out while his partner was very interactive with fans. Bubba also insulted the fans in many events where they tried to approach him and has acted like a real jerk many times. He's also written on social media that he's "above the fans" and knowing how terrible he can be towards them, one really shouldn't try to interact with him.

11 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks has over the years become one of the most popular female wrestlers in the WWE because of her "Boss" gimmick being loved by many fans. Banks has also transitioned into a full-time face wrestler really well and is working wonders on the main roster ever since making her debut. While The Boss may love to entertain the fans in the squared circle, she isn't the warmest of personalities in real life and has a history of being rude to fans. One infamous case was when she called a wrestling fan a "creep" for taking a photo with her at an airport. She may be pretty pleasant in meet and greets, but outside any event, she can be a jerk to fans. So if it's not in any WWE event, one should really keep their distance from Banks who can be pretty rude in real life.

10 Mark Henry


"The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry might've been at his best in the WWE during his heel run a few years ago, but the general perception is that the "big wrestlers" are usually very warm to the fans. But that isn't the case for Henry, who has had the reputation of being rude to the fans at meet and greets and has ignored them in many cases. He allegedly told a young fan at WrestleMania Axxess a few years ago to "respect his privacy" when approached for an autograph and was also arrested in 2010 for allegedly throwing a drink at a fan who was probably trying to do the same. Despite looking like a good guy in the WWE in his last years and with his advertisements, it doesn't seem like Henry's that kind in real life and one should stay astray of him outside the WWE.

9 Konnan


Konnan may be remembered by much of the older fans on his time in the WWE which was not memorable at all, but he was quite the popular wrestler back in the 90s. He did really well for WCW as part of the nWo and over the years has become a wrestler with much influence over the Independent wrestling circuit. He recently appeared in GFW as well, aligning with LAX in the promotion. While he may have the respect of many, don't expect him to be very kind if you are to approach him for something. Konnan has stated in his podcast "Keeping It 100" that he isn't afraid of snapping at fans if they were to approach him anyone other than a wrestling event. He's not the humblest of guys in the wrestling industry and knowing his temperament, one wouldn't really want to meet him in real life.

8 Raven


Raven attained much of his popularity because of his impressive work in the 90s where he excelled in ECW and WCW with his unique persona. Since then, he went onto work for WWE and TNA and is still occasionally wrestling to make ends meet. But while Raven may have been a fascinating character in the ring, he's not really that warm and inviting in real life where he likes to stay by himself. Raven can be rather rude to the fans who try to approach him and has a history of being mean to fans who approached him for autographs or pictures. He's also insulted the fans in some shoot interviews as he seems to be a mirror image of his kayfabe gimmick in real life and is somebody you wouldn't want to approach.

7 Billy Gunn


Billy Gunn was another wrestler who became popular during the Attitude Era in the WWE where he excelled as part of D-Generation X. Gunn was a terrific tag-team wrestler and later also a decent mid-carder for the WWE as he has been in the Independent circuit recently after being fired by WWE for alleged steroid-abuse. But while he may be an entertaining wrestler in the ring, he's anything but fun outside it as he's had a history of being pretty rude to the fans. Gunn has been extremely impolite to the fans in wrestling events as he apparently even told them to "f*** off" in one wrestling event when they tried to approach him. Gunn's got quite the bad temper and knowing how disrespectful he's to the fans in real life, it'd be better for the fans to not meet him at all.

6 Val Venis


Val Venis was quite the raunchy character in the WWE during the Attitude Era where he was the "ladies man" who used to try to seduce the female fans in the WWE with his actions. Venis won some championships and was actually in the WWE for almost a decade as a lower-mid carder mostly and while he was seemingly there to "entice the fans", he didn't care for them outside the WWE. There have been many cases of Venis being rude to the fans, with one being especially shocking. Apparently, during one event, Venis had many fans waiting to meet him but he completely ignored them and actually swore at them in Spanish(which he speaks fluently). He later sped away in his vehicle and almost ran upon someone in the process, as the "ladies man" doesn't seem so inviting in real life at all and isn't someone you should approach.

5 New Jack


New Jack is such a vile, shocking kind of a violent professional wrestler that it's rather confusing to know that he's been in the wrestling business for decades now just because he could legitimately beat people up. He's been part of some heinous stuff in wrestling and is an extremely dangerous man with whom nobody wants to be associated with. He's also pretty rude to his fans as he's insulted and ignored the fans many times in the past and he can also get physical at times. Apparently, during an argument, New Jack threw a beer bottle at someone's head and there are numerous more stories of his bad interactions with fans. New Jack is an extremely unstable and dangerous human being, whom no fan should want to approach as there's no certainty as to how he'll react to it.

4 Bret Hart


Bret "The Hitman" Hart was definitely the best wrestler during his time in the industry as he became the top star of WWE because of his amazing skills. Even though his time in the ring came to a tragic end after a career-ending injury suffered in a match against Goldberg, Hart continued appearing in many wrestling shows after retirement. But while he appears for many wrestling events, Hart isn't really the kindest of people to approach. There have been many cases of Bret being rude to the fans as he appears at the fan-events but doesn't show any enthusiasm about being there or interacting with the fans. He's often too grumpy and temperamental and looks like he could lash out any minute as the Hitman may have been the child-hood hero of many due to his in-ring prowess, but outside it he's not the guy you'd want to approach.

3 Virgil


Virgil may have been relevant in the 90s when he was the "servant" of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, but he has just become a forgotten figure as the years have passed by. He went from WWE to WCW in the 90s where he was the "Head of Security" for NWO and also an occasional wrestler, but after the company was bought by the WWE, Virgil was out of a job in the wrestling industry. After some-time going onto be a teacher, Virgil was back on the road as he'd attend wrestling conventions to sell autographs and pictures. While one may feel bad for him, Virgil is actually awfully rude to the fans whom he tries to intimidate to get pictures with him and pay him for it. He's very disrespectful and tries to take advantage of people despite his situation and is a man every fan should avoid.

2 Scott Hall


Scott Hall was a very popular wrestler in the 90s when he portrayed the cool character of Razor Ramon in the WWE before going on to form the nWo in WCW. He was a really likeable character despite been a heel and while he entertained the fans thoroughly inside the squared circle, he was a completely different person outside. Hall has had a history of not wanting to interact with the fans because he just doesn't like it. Bret Hart wrote in his autobiography about how Hall would keep his fans waiting for autographs only to reject them in the last minute. He also refused to sign an autograph for a sick child at a wrestling convention which is absolutely terrible and shows how Hall is as a person. He might've been loved by many for his in-ring character, but you wouldn't want to approach the real Scott Hall at all.

1 Scott Steiner


"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner has been one of the most impressive technical wrestlers for a long time now as he's liked by many because of his muscular looks and in-ring work. But something which has always kept him as a controversial character is how much of a loud-mouth he is in real life. While he has problems with many wrestlers in the industry, he also managed to get in the bad-books of fans because of how rude and insulting he was to the fans in the past. To the fan-events which Steiner has attended, there have been multiple reports about how he acts like a douche to the fans in the event. He also has the history of threatening and getting a bit physical with fans who try to get close to him and knowing how much of a madman he is, you shouldn't try to approach Steiner at all.

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