15 Unique Ideas For A New Division On SmackDown Live

Which fans were happy with SmackDown Live adding two new titles to their brand? We enjoyed their introduction, but couldn’t help but think what other unique titles could be used for the Tuesday night television show in their place. We all know they had to bring in a tag team and women’s belt to help push the talent in each of those divisions, but how about we get a little bit creative and discuss what other routes they may be able to go down in the future.

Many of these title scenarios need specific wrestlers or a larger roster, so do understand this is all hypothetical. Besides, WWE is always in motion and is always flexible as to where they put their talent. Who knows if the rosters for each brand are going to look the same a year from now. What we do know is people love new titles and new divisions. It’s why the WWE brought back the Cruiserweight Division for RAW and why they created the newest addition to the family, the Universal Championship. Enjoy.

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15 Women's Tag Team Championship

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As of now, Raw has the better roster when it comes to the women’s division. Having Sasha Banks, Bayley and the champion, Charlotte, gives Raw the advantage, however, SmackDown Live can one up them by having a women’s tag team division. Of course, they would need to bring up a few more talents, such as Ember Moon, Billie Kay, and Asuka, but it can be done.

Let us not forget, the WWE used to have a women’s tag team division in the 80s. The Glamour Girls, Leilani Kai and Judy Martin, ran with the title twice, for a total of 1,157 days. Who’s to say a tag team of Becky Lynch and Moon can’t top that? It would be tough and a long journey, but you never know. For those that think the division will deplete the NXT roster, WWE has many women in the performance center who are hungry for a turn in NXT.

14 Six-Man Tag Team Championship

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This has been done in other promotions, such as New Japan Pro Wrestling’s NEVER open-weight tag team title and Lucha Underground’s Trios tag team title, but it never has been seen in the WWE. We know Mr. McMahon likes to take credit for ideas and can’t for this, so it may not ever be given a green light, however, we believe it would be best for business.

For everyone who loves tag team matches, adding two more wrestlers to the mix only makes it amore interesting, as it adds variety to the type of spots and segments you can have. We are surprised this type of championship hasn't graced the WWE yet, but with the successful popularity of the division in other promotions, it may happen sooner than later, regardless if it didn’t come from WWE. The obvious candidates to hold the titles first would be The Wyatt Family with a returning Luke Harper.

13 Super Heavyweight Championship

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We have the Cruiserweight Division coming this September to Raw, so why not have SmackDown Live go in the opposite direction and have a Super Heavyweight Championship? The division would consist of those who are listed 300 pounds or more and who look like they can eat an entire cow in one sitting. The matches wouldn’t be too long, as cardio and speed aren't the idea, but rather ruthless power and aggression.

Sure, many people can’t stand the slow guys, however, other fans love seeing two huge wrestlers battle it out like grizzly bears. These matches would be very stiff and make the wrestlers look stronger than any other men on earth. Not only would the division service Hall of Famers such as the Big Show and Mark Henry, but also up and comers down in NXT’s performance center, such as Babatunde Aiyegbusi, a 6-foot-9, 350-pound beast and Nikola Bogojevic, a behemoth amateur wrestler.

12 Video Game Championship

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WWE’s Xavier Woods, or Austin Creed, has been killing it with his YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown for a year now. He brings in his colleagues for various video game tournaments and gameplay walkthroughs, making his channel one of a kind. You have professional wrestlers in candid spots, showing them have fun by playing video games. What more can you want? We don’t believe it's stretch to say that most professional wrestling fans like video games as well.

So, why not have a video game title? It could be unsanctioned or because of the business relationship with 2k, which publishes video games, they can have wrestlers duke it out on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Most of the material would be seen online or in segments, but once in a while you can set up the ring and have matches on the titantron. This can also set up other matches for different divisions. One example would be the winner being attacked by the loser, so the winner challenges the loser to a wrestling match.

11 Tournament Style Championship

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This division is inspired from New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax tournament. NJPW’s tournament goes on for almost a month and involves over a hundred matches, however our tournament wouldn’t be as long and would occur more than once a year. This division is also familiar to WWE’s King of the Ring, as wrestlers will battle multiple times a night. The difference would be the winner of the inaugural tournament would hold onto a championship.

Whoever wins the next tournament, will have to face that champion in a separate singles match at the next PPV. As the feud between the winner of the tournament and the champion play out on television, a new tournament will start and the cycle will repeat. It’s a never ending cycle of tournaments, giving many young fighters a chance to prove their worth and those who love tournaments some great entertainment.

10 Junior Championship

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We all know the WWE doesn’t include the ages of their wrestlers in storylines unless they’re being very specific. This division would be to showcase the young talent that’s being called up from NXT. Instead of an age being the bar for who can be in the division, the amount of big time matches a wrestler has will decide the participants.

For instance, when No Way Jose gets called up by SmackDown Live, he would be put into this division until he’s had enough big time matches or becomes the champion and at least defends the title a few times. The exception would be a wrestler like Samoa Joe or Austin Aries being called up for SmackDown Live because most people know their history in wrestling and they don’t necessarily look young. The division is to give those called up from NXT more time to work on their craft in front of a live television audience.

9 Stable Championship

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During The Attitude Era, the WWE had famous stables, such as D-Generation X, The Nation of Domination, and The Ministry of Darkness. They also had The Hart Foundation, The Oddities, Right to Censor, The Radicalz, The Mean Street Posse, the J.O.B Squad, The Disciples of Apocalypse, Kai En Tai, Los Boricuas, and The Union. Granted not all those stables existed at the same time, but during one of the greatest eras of wrestling history, you had many stables. In 2016, we would like to see a lot of stables come back and there be a title to

In 2016, we would like to see a lot of stables come back and there be a title to crown the group who has the best stable. We know it would take a lot of wrestlers to be involved but we believe the WWE can pull it off. Every match for the title would be a street fight involving four members from each stable. This allows for all the wrestlers to get involved and it helps the future of the company by weeding out the greats from the rest. Remember, Triple H and The Rock both came out of stables because they shined the brightest.

8 Little People's Championship

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Hornswoggle and El Torito have been both let go by the WWE this year, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a resurgence of wrestling among those with dwarfism in the WWE in the future. Starting in the 50s, many people looked at the division as something to make fun of. It was, and still is, considered a comedic segment among some in the wrestling world, however, that is not always the case, as there have been phenomenal wrestlers throughout the history of dwarfism in professional wrestling.

Check out wrestlers like Little Beaver, Sky Low Low, and Mascarita Sagrada as a point of reference to see how good these guys were at their craft. We want to bring back real wrestling for the division, not a five-minute comedic spot that modern fans are so used to seeing. Here at TheSportster, we’re firm believers that anyone with disabilities shouldn’t be held back from putting on a great match. If you can pull off a suplex, frog splash, or hip toss, and know how to tell a story in the ring, you’re more than welcome to entertain us with some wrestling.

7 No Holds Barred Championship

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When WWE went PG, they lost the hardcore division for good. It was buried alive, just like what The Undertaker did to Mankind at WWE’s In Your House 11: Buried Alive. Well, we say bring it back, but not in the hardcore fashion we all grew up knowing. We'd rather have the matches be a little classier with more psychology and less blood, but it is still an open rules match or no holds barred scenario.

Now there will be vintage hardcore spots, such as throwing a wrestler off the ramp or onto a table full of electronic equipment. However, there won’t be a 24/7 rule. Most matches would and should end outside the ring, giving the audience the illusion that it really is a hardcore match. This division will help many wrestlers who enjoy the hardcore elements of a match, also with those that have weird gimmicks synonymous with being a bit hardcore.

6 Inter-Gender Tag Team Championship

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Many have scoffed off the idea that inter-gender matches can work. This is 2016 and if done right, anything can work. Just look at indie darlings The World's Cutest Tag Team, Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae, as examples of great inter-gender tag team matches. They pull it off with the charisma and in-ring work that can make the matches very believable to the audience.

The WWE has also had many high profile inter-gender matches in the past. Triple H and Stephanie vs The Rock and Ronda Rousey was teased at WrestleMania XXX, so who says that match can’t happen in the future? Who this division really benefits, is all the women and men who are lost in the shuffle when it comes to the card. This division will open up a brand new avenue for wrestlers of both genders to make a name for themselves. As fans of wrestling, why would you not want this?

5 The People's Champion

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This is inspired by The Rock’s incredible run in the wrestling business before moving to Hollywood. Yes, The People’s Championship should have its own division. It wouldn’t be a title like Zack Ryder’s internet belt, but more along the lines of those wrestlers who really know how to woo a crowd with their talking ability. Not only great mic skills but to have that underdog backing from the crowd as well.

Well, what would make this different from any other title? No push would be involved by the WWE, they would let the division be as natural as it can be and let the people decide who they want to see in the ring. They can easily put up polls and ask who do the people want as their champion? If Enzo and Cass ever break up, Enzo would be a top candidate because of the way he can get a crowd’s attention.

4 Tapout Championship

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It’s only fitting that a division that determines their winner by submission comes to SmackDown Live the same year a business relationship between the WWE and Tapout, a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports clothing, casual apparel, and accessories, began. These matches will involve all your favorite offense tools such as high-flying leaps, amazing kicks, and awesome slams, however, you still have to win by submitting your opponent.

Let us not fool you, this division should be for the wrestlers who use MMA as part of their arsenal of weapons. Jiu-jitsu, sambo, and judo will play a heavy part in telling the story in the ring, and if done right, it can be a great mid-card attraction. Who says Evolve’s Matt Riddle, a former UFC fighter, can’t run away with this division if and when he signs with WWE.

3 Inter-Promotional Championship

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We’re cheating here because this title will be used for both RAW and SmackDown Live. It’s a division that would help bring the two brands closer together while each retains their own identity. It would be used for bragging rights and will only be up for grabs during the inter-brand PPVs. Who liked Randy Orton's RKO on Brock Lesnar during an episode of RAW? Who loved seeing Lesnar F5 Orton on SmackDown Live? That type of storytelling would be the hallmark for this title.

Both contenders will promote their brand and fight for respect and honor. It wouldn’t be an undisputed belt, but whoever has the title will have the bragging rights that their brand is better than the others. We can see Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan looking for a young contender like Apollo Crews as their champion, while the same can be said for Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley, asking Braun Strowman for his services to represent RAW.

2 Triple Threat King Championship

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A triple threat match has always been an interesting stipulation. The champion doesn’t necessarily have to be pinned to lose the belt. It creates an unknown of who might actually win the title. We would like to see a division for the triple threat match stipulation. All the participants in the division will have to compete in triple threat matches in order for a title shot.

Many promotions have triple threat matches that have no count outs or no disqualification in the rule book, but that will not be the case for this title. The champion not only gets to look strong because he beats two wrestlers every time, but it also sets up for intriguing storylines. For instance, if SmackDown Live needs a third competitor for the triple threat title match, they can bring in a Hall of Famer or some hot free agent that didn’t have to go through NXT.

1 The SmackDown Live Championship

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This would be a special and personal title for the brand. The title will be competed on SmackDown Live, and only their PPVs. The idea of a SmackDown Live title revolves around former television titles in several promotions like ECW and WCW. The title will always be defended on television. It could even compete with the prestigious Intercontinental Championship when it comes to how prominent the title is.

The division should be involved with very hungry and proud wrestlers of the SmackDown Live brand. Those that don’t want to leave for RAW and truly want to stay on the show. It could also be considered a workhorse title, similar to what the Intercontinental Title was in the 80s and early 90s. With a New Era, a brand going to live television, and a slew of new wrestlers on the roster, a SmackDown Live title is best for business.

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