15 Video Game Wrestler Ratings That Were Disgraceful

Set for its October 11th release, WWE 2K17 set the wrestler world a buzz when it recently unveiled its wrestler ratings. Like all the other wrestler games, some ratings seemed accurate while others we

Set for its October 11th release, WWE 2K17 set the wrestler world a buzz when it recently unveiled its wrestler ratings. Like all the other wrestler games, some ratings seemed accurate while others were insanely off and we shall document one of those in the number one entry of this article.

Wrestler ratings are fun to look at, but some of them have been really bad, dating all the way back to “SmackDown Here Comes The Pain” in 2003. There have been plenty of other bizarre ratings, such as legends being rated far too high, underdeveloped wrestlers being rated far too generously and some downright brutal ratings given to wrestlers that aren’t even wrestlers.

We truly have a bit of everything on this list, so enjoy some of the most inaccurate wrestler ratings in WWE gaming history!

15 Shawn Michaels: 80 (WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain)


Everybody take a deep breath for this one. HBK, one of the greatest performers in wrestling history, was ranked with an 80 overall rating in a video game. An 80. His overall was truly sickening and insanely inaccurate. Shawn Michaels is a two-time Royal Rumble winner and the first ever Grand Slam Champion in WWE history. That alone should have been enough to put The Showstopper over 85, at the very least.

It was his first return to a video game since coming back as an active performer in 2002, so maybe the developers of the game felt a little confused when assessing his “God like” abilities. To put things into perspective, the likes of Booker T, Scott Steiner, RVD and The Big Show were all rated either equally or higher than Shawn. No disrespect to those wrestlers, but they ain’t HBK.

The developers of the game made up for their horrendous blunder the next year when Shawn was rated an 89, which seems much more realistic.

14 Sheamus: 93 (WWE 2K15)


Sheamus is one WWE star that the company has shoved down our throats for years. Well, it turns out they did the same thing in the 2K15 video game when they decided to give Sheamus a 93 overall rating.

Some of you might be thinking, “well, maybe everyone got a high rating that year.” That is certainly not the case and Sheamus was the second highest rated active wrestler behind the WWE's version of Superman, John Cena.

To make things worse, Sheamus had a higher overall than Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was a 90 in the video game. He was also rated higher than The Rock as well, who had a 91 overall. By the way, Lesnar had a 92 rating. In what universe is Sheamus ranked higher than some of the greatest draws in pro wrestling history?

Apparently in the gaming universe known as WWE 2K15.

13 Hollywood Hogan: 88 (WWE 2K14)


Since the purchase of WCW, McMahon’s company has been known to take some shots at the WCW product. Some are rather obvious, while others fly under the radar.

This one in particular was an under the radar shot, as the face of WCW, Hollywood Hogan, landed an 88 rating in the game. His regular Hulk Hogan character, who was made in the WWE, was somehow rated 92, which clearly indicated which one was better.

To make matters worse, the nWo Hogan rating was similarly to the likes of Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger and heck even R-Truth who was an 87.

This overall was mind-blowing on so many levels and was just another example of the WWE taking a shot at WCW, years after the war.

12 Bob Orton: 89 (SmackDown Vs Raw 2010)


Since the WWE started including wrestler ratings, some of the legends have received some awfully generous overalls and that includes the father of Randy Orton, “Cowboy” Bob Orton.

Bob was a travelled veteran that had limited success in terms of title accomplishments. Don’t get us wrong, he was a great worker and solid villain, but never did anything that truly stood out. He never won a title in the WWE, nor did he do anything with WCW. Which leaves us scratching our heads as to why he was a rated 89? A rating that was on par with the likes of CM Punk, Kane and Rey Mysterio.

At least he wasn’t better than his son, as the master of the RKO outdid his father with a 93 rating, one of the highest in the game.

We assume the Orton family holds this game close to their hearts.

11 Hawk and Animal: 90 (WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain)


We can’t take anything away from the two-time WWE Tag Team Champions, as they were a tremendous duo and one of the greatest tag teams of all time. But we think the developers of the game got a little too carried away with this one, as they rated them both at 90.

When you look at the entire roster, their 90 rating becomes so much worse. As a matter of fact, there are only four other mega Superstars in the 90s, which include Triple H (who always has an immaculate rating), Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and The Undertaker. Not even the likes of The Rock or Steve Austin (who was somehow an 85 in the game) were comparable to the duo. Now that’s just wrong.

10 Jimmy Wang Yang: 86 (SmackDown Vs Raw 2009)


Somehow, Jimmy Wang Yang had a rating of 86 in this game. 86. Maybe they rated him that high because of all the titles he won during his long WWE stint? Wait, he didn’t win anything and was relegated to the pre-show after a couple months. So maybe it’s because of his super cool party bus he rides around in nowadays?

For whatever reason, the developers felt like this rating was appropriate and made his rating similar to the likes of CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston, which only makes his rating seem even more insane.

Sadly, Jimmy Wang Yang is not being made available as an unlockable for the new 2K17 game, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating him.

Don’t forget to put his overall as an 86.


9 Elijah Burke: 87 (SmackDown Vs Raw 2009)


SmackDown Vs Raw 2009 had some horrific wrestler ratings, which we still haven’t gone thorough yet. Elijah Burke was another young star the developers got a little too excited about, as they gave him an 87 rating. Pretty good for a guy that was barely on the main roster for two years, wouldn’t you say?

His rating was terribly exaggerated, as it seemed like the game was projecting his value as opposed to putting his actual worth. In his time with the WWE, Burke did absolutely nothing and failed to win a single championship during his brief run. His most noteworthy performances came during the rebirth of the ECW brand, the same show that pushed Viscera into being a top flight star.

So to sum up, the rating was pretty awful.

8 Muhammad Hassan: 84 (SmackDown Vs Raw 2005)


The WWE had high hopes for Muhammad Hassan when he entered the business and many in the company truly believed that they could have turned him into a top of the line heel during that time period. The game also thought he had huge potential as well, giving him an 84 rating, the same rating given to The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Just visualize for a second, Ric Flair and Muhammad Hassan together. Now imagine them being regarded as the same. Try not to puke as you do this exercise.

Again, the developers of the game got too excited and jumped the gun with a rising talent. Ultimately, as you probably already know, Hassan was a huge bust and WWE was forced to end his gimmick. Hassan made his debut in December of 2004 and was out the door in September of 2005.

7 The Miz: 90 (WWE ‘12)


The brand split thus far has already resurrected several careers including Chris Jericho , who seems untouchable at the moment, but nobody has enjoyed as much success as The Miz. Even when he won the WWE Championship, the “it” factor just wasn’t there. Today, with the help of his wife and a vastly improved gimmick, we can finally say that it is.

Now, with that said, we still wouldn’t got as far as giving him a 90 rating. This year’s 2K17 game got his rating pretty accurate, putting him as an 85. The WWE ’12 video game wasn’t so accurate, however, giving the LA resident an inflated rating, which just seems wrong in any era. The Miz was not only one of the highest rated stars on the Raw brand, but he also shared the same rating as Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Yikes.

6 Chavo Guerrero: 87 (SmackDown Vs Raw 2009)


Once again, and for the second last time, we're featuring a wrestler from the SmackDown Vs Raw 09’ video game. Seriously, who was in charge of these ratings?

This rating once again goes under the “what the hell were they thinking” category. Look, we respect Chavo Guerrero and his journey in the pro wrestling business, but an 87 rating is just too much. Can you seriously compare Chavo to the likes of CM Punk and Rey Mysterio? Well, according to the game, he matches up to those performers and, as a matter of fact, he actually has a higher overall rating than Mysterio,which is just brutal considering he never won a major WWE Championship. And please, don’t even try bringing up that ECW Title reign, as that just made things worse.

5 Mike Tyson: 89 (WWE ’13)


Here’s an idea, let’s give a guy that never wrestled a match in his life an 89 rating. Seriously, Tyson couldn’t even do the DX chop properly, but somehow the developers decided to give him an inflated 89 rating anyway.

All the rating really does is weaken the state of pro wrestling, showing the world that just about anyone with a fighting background can be a Superstar. Had they thought about the rating logically, he would have been a 75 with brilliant striking and terrible move-set abilities. Naturally, that was a little too complicated for the WWE ’13 game developers. Instead, they found it logical to rate him the same as Chris Jericho and Edge.

Wise, very wise.

4 Billy Gunn and Brodus Clay: 87 (WWE ’13)


Some fans felt like they woke up in a different world when looking at the ratings of both Billy Gunn and Brodus Clay in the WWE ’13 video game.

Starting with Brodus Clay, there’s just so much wrong here that we'll keep it very brief. The guy had a comedic gimmick and became an afterthought rather quickly. His only WWE accomplishment was winning a Slammy for the “Best Dancer of the Year.” That accomplishment alone should have landed him with a 40 rating.

Billy Gunn was also rated 87, which made no sense for a tag wrestler. Gunn had returned during that era and was mainly putting younger talents like The Shield over. Which begs the question: how the heck was he rated so high?

3 Tazz: 90 (SmackDown Vs Raw 2009)


We end the lackluster SmackDown Vs Raw 2009 wrestler ratings with the worst one of them all, Tazz. The conclusion we’ve made by judging these ratings is this: the developer really likes ECW or the WWE was trying really hard that year to put ECW over.

Whatever the case may have been, we documented several ECW brand wrestlers on this list that got an abnormally high rating. None, however, was bigger than Tazz, who received a 90 rating in the video game. Is that really accurate for a guy that won one singles championship in WWE, which was the Hardcore Title? We certainly don’t think so. Tazz had one of the highest ratings in the entire game trailing only a couple of WWE Superstars, which is really mind-boggling.

2 Triple H: 95 (SmackDown vs Raw 2005)


One of the biggest complaints about Triple H, according to his “peers,” is his ability to always put himself in the spotlight, whether it be for a commercial, PPV, appearance or even a video game. Past Superstars complained that you always saw Triple H looking dominant for these things and many believe this was because of his power behind the scenes.

In video games, Hunter has certainly never been made to look weak since the rating system came out. In every game, Triple H is always one of the top rated performers. In SmackDown vs Raw ’05, the developers took thing’ a step further and made Hunter the best player in the game, with an insane 95 rating. Do you believe Hunter is the best wrestler in the company? Chances are you don’t.

1 Andre The Giant: 80 (WWE 2K17)


Recently, wrestling fans were excited as a YouTube channel unveiled the ratings for the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game. Immediately, a particular rating sent wrestling fans to the message boards and that was the 80 overall rating given to Andre The Giant.

Watch the video to see which wrestlers he was compared to and your stomach will certainly turn. Older fans will remember the days of playing No Mercy, where it felt impossible to not only beat Andre, but even lift him up. Now that was a video game!

This game got Andre's rating terribly wrong and it's just confused fans. How does a wrestler that passed away 23 years ago digress going from an 89 in the 2K16 game to an 80 in this upcoming game.

Oh boy.

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