15 Washed Up Wrestlers Who Are Richer Than You Are

Finding wrestlers who are washed up isn’t a problem. Just watch almost any episode of WWF Superstars of Wrestling from the late 1980s and you’ll see a parade of wrestlers who were washed up even at the time. The term “washed up” is subjective but sometimes you just know it when you see it.

We’re going to measure what the wrestlers are worth based on reports of their net worth. Net worth is determined by taking your assets, meaning any money you have any real estate or other physical property as your first number and then subtracting any debts that make exists like bills, loans, mortgages, settlements, etc. People who appear very rich on the outside can actually be worth very little and those who don’t look like they have a dime to their name could be sitting on a bankroll.

How much is the average person worth? It largely depends on your age for the most part. How much time have you had to accrue wealth vs. what you may have in tangible worth gets larger as you get older. CNN money recently stated the average net worth, broken down by age group is: $9,000 for ages 25-34, $52,000 for ages 35-44, $100,000 for ages 45-54, $180,000 for ages 55-64, and $232,000+ for 65+. Seems very low, but that's because we use averages and a large age range.

Yes, there are many, many wrestlers that are simply flat-out broke. You’re doing better than them. Congratulations. There are those who are washed up, but are surprisingly worth tens of millions of dollars. Then there is the group of washed-up wrestlers who have done OK. They’re not filthy rich, but they’re better off than you and it’s sometimes surprising by how much. 

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18 Lita, $2.5 Million

via Sportspedia.co

We hesitate about putting her on the washed up list, but if the rumors of her being removed from the WWE pay-per-view pre-show broadcasts are true, we can’t imagine much more positive coming out of her career publicly, even if she does stay on as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center. Realistically, she shouldn’t be on this list and Trish Stratus edged her out to stay off this list by very little cash. Of course we don’t think $2.5 million is anything to sneeze at, but considering that she was moving merchandise back at her peak and putting butts in the seats, she should have made far more money. Hopefully the divas of today will be properly compensated for their work. Whether they can hold onto it is another thing altogether. Let’s just pray Charlotte Flair doesn’t have her father’s taste for the finer things in life.


16 Curtis Axel, $2 Million

via wwe.com

Can you put a wrestler who is active on the roster and still pops up on Monday Night Raw on the washed up list? If you’ve been around as long as Curtis Axel, haven’t made much of a splash and are still only worth $2 million in today’s day of inflated salaries, then yeah, we’re going to call you washed up. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find information on Fandango because we assume he’d be right here in the actively washed up Hall of Fame next to Mr. Perfect’s son. His greatest contributions to wrestler were as a delusional guy who thought he was the winner of the Royal Rumble and as a tag team partner with Ryback. When one of your career highlights has anything to do with Ryback, you know things didn’t go well.

15 Brie Bella, $1.5 Million

via wwe.com

This surprises us a little bit since we thought she’d be worth more considering how long she worked for WWE and has been on Total Divas and $1.7 million is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but multiple sources indicated this is indeed Brie Bella’s net worth. Thankfully for her, husband Daniel Bryan was nowhere near appearing on this list, worth over $10 million according to most sources. We’re going to put her in the washed up category because we saw how she sleepwalked through her last six months with the company and retired to have a family. She could have kept going, but when you lose that passion and get pregnant in the same year, you’re probably never coming back. For Brie and Daniel’s sake, we hope playing the general manager and appearing on Talking Smack pays well. We don’t want to have to see Brie go back to work.

14 Chris Masters, $1.5 Million

via wrestle-sport.com

Chris Masters is a sad story, but when we saw he was worth $1.5 million, we stopped crying for him. Only in his mid-30s, he had all the potential in the world, but is now washed up, bouncing around the indies trying to trade off the name he made for himself 10 years ago. He appeared on the scene as a chiseled beast and was quickly pushed toward the top of the card. Apparently nobody stopped to watch him wrestle, nor gave him a drug test because it turned out he was horrible and in 2007, had two violations of the WWE Wellness Policy. He was released, but returned a few years later to pick up his failing career exactly where it left off. He was again quietly released and apparently has invested his money well because you’re not making that kind of scratch on the indies a decade after your name barely meant something.

13 Chavo Guerrero, $1.4 Million

via wikiwand.com

He’s had a successful career for over 20 years in wrestling, so this figure surprises us a little bit. But then again, unlike his Uncle Eddie, Chavo Guerrero will never see the WWE Hall of Fame stage. The one positive we can say is that the whole gimmick he played with Eddie Guerrero where they “lie, cheat and steal” clearly wasn’t real or he’d have a lot more money than he has right now. His career has seen a niche renaissance in the last few years since he hooked up with Lucha Underground which airs on the El Rey Network. That company, along with a few indie appearances will probably be the period on the end of the sentence of his career. As one of the wrestlers who joined in the class-action lawsuit against the company over head injuries, we can’t see them welcoming him back with open arms anytime in the near future.


11 Shannon Moore, $1 Million

via wwe.com

We’re going to guess there was some good investing here. Maybe he just earned far more than he deserved during those last days of World Championship Wrestling when he was part of a “boy band” known as 3 Count. They’d dance before their matches and sadly, this was probably the highlight of Moore’s otherwise lackluster career. He went to WWE after WCW folded but failed to make any real impression. The next 10 years of his career saw him bouncing around WWE, TNA and the independent scene. To show you just how far he’s dropped out of the public eye, in early December 2016, he once again became a champion...for Full Throttle Pro Wrestling. Yeah, we’ve never heard of it either. This guy is the very definition of washed up. But at least he can say he’s a washed up millionaire.

10 Carlito, $900,000

via wwe.com

We wonder if Carlito was pushed into wrestling by his father, Puerto Rican legend and WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon. We ask this because it never seemed like he cared about what he was doing during tenure in the WWE. Yeah, we get that he was supposed to be a laid-back guy who didn’t have many worries. The whole taking a bite of an apple, spitting it at someone and then saying, “I spit in the face of anybody who is not cool” was funny at first. As time went on though, he seemed less interested. WWE released him in 2010 he was released on a Wellness Policy violation, allegedly for refusing to go to rehab for an addiction to painkillers. Since then he’s done a lot of independent dates in the US and one of the top stars for the World Wrestling Council, the Puerto Rican wrestling organization that made his father famous.


8 Lanny Poffo, $800,000

via wwe.com

Lanny Poffo has always been one of those wrestlers who didn’t seem to understand he was playing a character, or he’s kept kayfabe out of the ring for so long he’s morphed into who he once played on WWE shows. Poffo, who was not publicly recognized as the brother of Randy Savage, never saw much in the way of wins during his career. He was more talented than his win-loss record indicates, but the only thing people will remember is his poetry before matches. For those of you too young to remember, go YouTube it. It will leave you shaking your head wondering what anybody was thinking. Then watch the Randy Savage career retrospective the WWE made around the time he went into the Hall of Fame and you see the exact same guy you saw in the ring.

7 Jake “The Snake” Roberts, $500,000

via wwe.com

Now we’re getting down to the area if you’re doing well, you may be approaching the net worth of some of these competitors. Roberts may only be worth a half-million but that’s way up from the all-of-nothing he was worth for many of his post WWE years when he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. The movie, “The Resurrection of Jake The Snake’ is a fantastic documentary that shows his turnaround with the help of Diamond Dallas Page. He is a WWE Hall of Famer, but he’s also a guy who looks 20 years older than he really is, has some mobility issues and is working the autograph circuit to pay the bills. For one of the most popular wrestlers of the 1980s, this isn’t how things should have turned out. Here’s hoping that he’s able to get himself off this list one day soon.

6 Santino Marella, $300,000

via wwe.com

Most just remember Santino Marella as the goofy Italian guy who had a thing for Emma and walked around with a green sock on his hand. It helped him perform his finishing move “The Cobra” although toward the end of his WWE tenure he was nothing but goofy enhancement talent. Let’s however go way back to the debut of Marella, whose ring name is an homage to Gorilla Monsoon, who was known as Robert Marella in real life. Anyway, on Marella’s first night in the WWE, he captured the Intercontinental Title from Umaga with the help of Bobby Lashley. They needed to get the belt off of Umaga so he could go onto a feud with Lashley that involved the next President of the United States. Neck injuries forced Marella to retire and focus on his other love, training wrestlers.

5 Ricardo Rodriguez, $210,000 

via wwe.com

Here’s our first big surprise of the list. If Ricardo Rodriguez’s name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because he has no right being this rich based on his wrestling career. His biggest amount of fame came as Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer. You’ll remember him as the pudgy guy in the tuxedo. The obvious short feud with Alberto Del Rio came and went, along with a violation of the Wellness Policy. A wrestler by trade, he briefly worked under a mask while the WWE evaluated his talent in a tag team with Tyson Kidd known as Los Locales. Rodriguez was eventually moved onto the Spanish announce team for a short time prior to leaving WWE. He now wrestles for AAA in Mexico as Chimaera and serves as a trainer at The Great Khali’s wrestling school in India.

4 Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, $200,000

via wrestlezone.com

Next to Hulk Hogan, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka was easily the most popular wrestler at the time Vince McMahon took the reigns of the WWF from his father. He’s had to continue wrestling until very recently. His last match was a tag-team affair at the age of 71 in 2014. Since then, it’s been nothing but downhill for the Superfly, who should be held up as the warning to every wrestler walking through the doors of the WWE Performance Center. In May 1983 something happened to Snuka’s girlfriend when he was traveling to a set of TV tapings in Pennsylvania. She died later that night in their hotel room and the cause of her death was always in question. Thirty-two years later, in 2015, Snuka was indicted on third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges. Snuka was also diagnosed with stomach cancer and dementia that year. The trial was indefinitely postponed as a judge ruled him unfit to stand trial. In December 2016, he was moved to hospice care and isn’t expected to live through 2017.

3 AJ Lee, $155,000

via wwe.com

AJ Lee, known these days as Mrs. CM Punk, isn’t worth as much as you may think, but we also wonder if most of the property she has was actually purchased by her husband. Despite not wrestling for several years and getting his butt handed to him in his UFC debut, he was nowhere near making this list because he’s worth at least 10 times that of his wife. AJ was a decent wrestler at the end of the Divas era, but once girls like Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch started showing up, it became clear she couldn’t hang with that kind of talent. She hung around for a while after Punk and the WWE parted ways in a less than amicable fashion, but decided to call it a career after WrestleMania 31. She’s now an author and works the autograph circuit...and likely mends her husband’s wounds.

2 Adam Rose, $100,000

via wwe.com

Statistically, if you’re older than 54, you’re probably doing better than Adam Rose and if you’re between 45 and 54, you’re right at the net worth of this former leader of the Rosebuds. Since the real-life Ray Leppan is 37 years old, he’s technically doing better than the average person, but his career was a much bumpier road than the average wrestler’s. He had a decent gimmick in NXT as sketchy dude Leo Kruger, but the WWE never called him up. He reinvented himself as party boy Adam Rose. It got over in NXT but never really translated to WWE because most of the time, it didn’t look like he wanted to be doing it. WWE tried turning him heel, then put him with the Social Outcasts than briefly had him play a gossip reporter, but the bottom line is the guy is just not a good actor. ESPN did a great documentary on him a few years back and he’s got an interesting story. It just never translated to the ring.

1 The Iron Sheik, $50,000

via boweryboogie.com

Raise your hand if you’re worth more than The Iron Sheik. If you’re 35 or older, you should be, according to the statistics. This is another one of those stories like Jimmy Snuka or Jake Roberts where the guy had hundreds of thousands of dollars at one point in his life and he just simply let his demons get the better of him. In recent years he became something of a cult figure, giving scalding shoot interviews, appearing on The Howard Stern Show and becoming an early Twitter celebrity for his nutty rants. If you’ve got Netflix, check out the documentary on his life after retirement. It’s a sad story of a man still craving attention, but never quite able to get a drug habit under control, especially after his daughter was murdered. It’s another sad tale and despite our inclination to boo him, he did deserve better...at least to be richer than you.

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