15 Washed Up Wrestlers Who Charge Crazy Money For Autographs

If a wrestler isn't set for life after their career they can always make extra money signing autographs, or selling them as these wrestlers do!

Everybody wants to meet their favourite wrestlers at some point in their lives, whether they are at their prime, winning championships and headlining shows, or if it is later on in their career and they have retired; simply appearing at conventions to earn some money. As you'll find out in this list, that is how many wrestlers survive: making money at conventions.

That comes with the territory of being famous and working in the spotlight, which any wrestler who has ever made it big time, no matter for how long, has done. Fans flock to conventions, book signings or WrestleMania Axxess events in the hundreds of thousands, all for a few seconds with their heroes, a brief interaction, a picture and an autograph.

While most wrestlers charge a fair price for that luxury (if you deem some ink on a piece of paper as being worth paying for), but some wrestlers take it to the extreme, charging fans extraordinary amounts of their hard earned money for a simple autograph that takes a matter of seconds. What makes it worse is when the wrestler in question has seen their best days long since passed them by, and it is those exact offenders we will be looking at in this list.

15 Nasty Boys


When you travel as a tag team you would think at least one half would have the sense to work out a reasonable price for an autograph and picture for fans at conventions, but that isn't the case with the Nasty Boys. Often charging around the $40-$60 range for two autographs and a picture, it is clear that these two are still clinging on to their fame and hoping to sponge off the fans for as long as possible. Given that they are regulars at conventions and events, it makes it even worse as they are likely to be encountering similar people over and over again. Considering just how forgotten they are now, that price is ridiculous for their autograph.

14 Sunny


Once a true icon of the wrestling industry, Sunny played a major role in the WWE's shift of focus in regards to women being portrayed as 'divas' and using their looks as the main tool. Since her retirement, it has become clear that she is now willing to do anything for money, whether that is online or at a wrestling convention for an autograph. It is now well known what services she offers online, though we are not sure exactly how good that business has been for her. She is known for charging fans a lot of money for a simple signature and has a reputation for being rude to those who aren't interested in paying for things and just want to meet her.

13 Billy Gunn


You would think given how Billy Gunn portrayed himself on television, whether with DX or as part of the New Age Outlaws, he would be an extremely fun person to meet in real life, someone who cared about the fans; considering they helped him get as over as he was. He was a very popular figure during his prime and continued working for WWE at the performance centre for a long time.

Instead of appreciating the fans, Mr. Ass charges fans an extreme amount of money for the opportunity to have his autograph and isn't always very good to those waiting in line to meet him either. Reportedly once telling fans to "f**k off," despite the fact they were willing to spend their hard earned money on an overpriced autograph.

12 Bret Hart


The Hitman has never been known for his over the top personality and his habit of sharing his honest opinions have given him a 'grumpy' personality in the eyes of a lot of fans, something that he carries into his meet and greets. Maybe he is still bitter from the "Montreal Screwjob". Although his life has been filled with lots of tragedy, so perhaps grumpy is being a bit harsh.

Bret Hart is one of the most expensive people to get an autograph or picture from due to his status from a legendary career. But the Hitman doesn't seem to be as happy at the meet and greet's as he used to be in the ring, often refusing to even stand up for a photo with people who have paid good money to meet him.

11 Alberto El Patron


Ever since leaving WWE,  Alberto El Patron has had bad news follow him around. Whether it involves arguing with Paige at an airport, fighting, or the alleged stabbing incident, El Patron has had a rocky time. This may partially explain why he would want to get as much money as he can, as he is clearly not in the best place right now.

This makes it even stranger when El Patron charges fans $50 for a photo and autograph, especially when you consider that a one day ticket to WWE's Axxess event runs at around the same price and you can meet countless wrestlers without having to pay a premium. Perhaps it was for the better that WWE and El Patron parted ways.

10 Jillian Hall


Some newer viewers of wrestling will likely read that name and say, who? Even those who had to endure her run in the company might say the same and I could forgive the most diehard of fans for forgetting her. She had a very uneventful and forgetable run with WWE.

Best known for her awful signing, it is a major surprise that she charges more than a lot of former WWE divas of her time, including the incredibly popular Kelly Kelly. While her prices may not be as high or ridiculous as some on this list, the fact she believes people should pay $30-$40 for her autograph after a forgettable career earns a spot on this list.

9 Jake "The Snake" Roberts


There is no doubt that Jake Roberts has had an incredibly difficult life, his battle with alcohol and addiction is well known and this has put a financial strain upon his life. Because of that, Roberts is known for having a high price for fans to gain his signature and depending on what sort of day you meet him, the experience might not be worthwhile.

Roberts can go back and forth with his mood, something that most former addicts suffer from. While some fans have incredible experiences with him, others have reported the complete opposite, yet they all pay the same high price. We can forgive Roberts for his difficulty handling his mood, but his prices are too high to give fans a less than desirable interaction.

8 Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake


Now this one really does take the cake (see what I did there...). Sometimes wrestlers really don't seem to understand their worth and with Brutus Beefcake, that is exactly the case. Paying to meet wrestlers is a common thing, but fans should only be expected to pay big money to meet the biggest stars, those who main evented PPV's and sold shows off their name. Beefcake often charges more than the likes of Sting for an autograph. Currently, Beefcake is offering the chance to get a personalized video message from himself for the fee of $75... any takers? Talk about riding the gravy train!

7 Kevin Nash


Big Daddy Cool has always known his worth (or what he thinks he is worth); something that has been well recorded throughout his career in regards to his pay and position on a wrestling card. That habit has followed him into retirement too, as he now charges fans a pretty penny for a photograph or an autograph at conventions around the world. While he is known for being cool with his fans, he can be picky with his pricing, tending to charge $20 for an autograph, but stepping the price up to $50 for a piece of memorabilia being signed. Of course, these items are worth more online than a screwed up piece of paper, but does that really warrant a $30 surcharge? That certainly isn't too sweet.

6 Ted DiBiase


There is a reason he was known as the Million Dollar Man. Ted DiBiase comes from the old school generation of talent that lived their gimmicks, which in DiBiase's case was earning as much money as possible and treating fans poorly in the process of it. The WWE Hall of Fame star has tried to keep kayfabe alive at his meet and greets, charging a high price for a simple picture and autograph, and often using his old school heel tactics to embarrass fans. While those sort of stunts may have put him on the map, it isn't what most fans are expecting (or wanting) from their meet and greet experience, especially when they are being charged good money for it.

5 Scott Steiner


Big Poppa Pump has quite the reputation when it comes to charging fans for the honour of owning his autograph, often being one of the most expensive former wrestlers you can meet when at a convention. Steiner certainly has a large and dedicated fanbase though, as all seem willing to pay the high prices to meet him. But when it comes to the experience, don't expect much. Steiner is often very limited in the conversation he provides to those fans who pay for his autograph, which makes you wonder if it's all worth it? This is another perfect example of a wrestler using autograph sessions to milk the fans of as much money as possible for little effort.

4 Scott Hall


Another member of the famous NWO makes the list, proving that bad habits really don't change in regards to how the group did business and looked after number one. Hall is seen as one of the coolest wrestlers of all time, and that image will likely stay the same as long as you meet him on a sober day.

Known for his high prices when it comes to autographs and meet and greet opportunities, a story exposed just how badly he cares about the money revolving around a sick child who suffered from brain cancer. Several big names in wrestling signed a card for free and recorded messages for the kid, including Goldberg, Ric Flair, and Bret Hart, but Hall refused because there would be no money involved.

3 Virgil


Of course, he had to appear on this list at some point, right? Virgil has become a notorious figure at conventions and events, especially following the 'Lonely Virgil' situation, which saw the former WWE wrestler with no line to meet him. There is a reason that people don't want to meet Virgil though. Often being miserable when he does interact with his fans, he is known for overcharging fans for things that they have paid for or haggling them to buy more than they originally wanted.

Virgil has also previously snuck into photos with Ted DiBiase, who he owes a large majority of his 'fame' too, and then proceeding to claim fans owed him money as well as the Million Dollar Man, despite fans not requesting Virgil to be in the shot. He is now famous for charging fans a high price and not providing an enjoyable experience. He is also known for failing to gain lines or any income at conventions, summing up exactly why he is on this list.

2 Honky Tonk Man


Another talent whose prime has come and gone and another who is a regular at conventions and meet and greets. The man who is best known for his guitar-wielding skills is also known for charging fans a high price for the privilege of meeting him. Anyone who has seen one of Honky Tonk Man's shoot interviews will know the prime goal in his life is making money and while there is nothing wrong with that (after all, that is what everyone is trying to do), his rates can often be far higher than his worth. Honky Tonk Man is fondly remembered by most fans, but he wouldn't fall under the category of best of all time, which is why when you are paying as much to meet him as the likes of Kevin Nash fans can feel hard done by.

1 1.Hulk Hogan


Saying the Hulkster is washed up might be a stretch too far, after all the man is wrestling royalty. But in recent years his reputation has been tarnished (due to his own actions) and the Immortal One is no longer seen in the same light that he once was. It is fair to assume that somebody of Hogan's stature is going to charge a little more than your average ex-WWE superstar, that is a privilege he has earned through his career. However, the fees that the Hulkster does charge are simply astronomical, with people paying around $300 for an autograph at WrestleCon a few years ago, that is an extreme amount of money. The meeting with Hogan is often a rushed, brief conversation a hurried photo and signature, all for the same price that could get you a ticket to WrestleMania. While he might be a legend, that price simply isn't justified.

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15 Washed Up Wrestlers Who Charge Crazy Money For Autographs