15 Washed-Up Wrestling Women Who Are Hotter Than You Think

Women's wrestling is constantly evolving and changing as the years press on. Back in the "good old days," women were mainly utilized as sideshow attractions, to fill in for the washroom break matches/segments, and quite simply for giving the male fans "eye candy). However, things have changed drastically from those days, as the current women of professional wrestling are "changing the game" and revolutionizing their contribution to Sports Entertainment. This is especially true for WWE's females. The WWE is currently amidst a Women's Revolution, and the new top females like Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte are changing the way we as fans look at women's wrestling (in a positive way of course).

Although most Divas start to lose their "looks" following retirement for various reasons (the most obvious reason being age), there are actually quite a few who remain hot, and some even become hotter with age. Though some of these women have their loyal, undying fans who still appreciate their looks, I'm sure many fans have forgotten some of the Divas on this list in favor for the newer talents like Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella. Although the term "washed-up" sounds extremely harsh considering many of the women on the list are still relevant to some extent, all "washed-up" really means is that they're no longer needed or useful in the sport of wrestling. Considering the majority of these ladies have long since retired, I'd say "washed-up" is a fairly accurate description. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 washed-up wrestling women who are much hotter than you think.


15  15. Lita


Lita is undoubtedly one of the greatest female wrestlers to ever step foot in a WWE ring, and she ranks among the likes of Trish Status in terms of importance to the business. Although Lita is long past her in-ring days, at 42 years old, this "washed-up" Women's Division wrestler is looking hotter than ever before, and much hotter than you'd probably think. Back in her "heyday," Lita was arguably one of the hottest and most popular Divas on the WWE's roster, though if you compare a picture from say 2002 to a picture from as recent as 2017, you'll quickly notice that if anything, Lita's only become hotter with age. Despite retiring, Lita will always be remembered by the WWE Universe as being a pioneer in the sport long before any Divas like Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch ever came into the picture.

14 Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson has definitely been living an active life following her retirement from the squared circle back in 2009. Although Wilson was never regarded as being a "trailblazer" inside the ring nor was she the greatest talent the company had to offer in terms of ring ability, Torrie was certainly pleasing to the eyes and that's not arguable. Torrie Wilson epitomized what a "WWE Diva" was supposed to look like, as you really couldn't have found a hotter Diva than Wilson on the roster during her tenure between 2001-2008.

No, Torrie never won the Women's Championship, but how could we forget the bra and panty matches? Ironically, I'm sure many fans have forgotten actual Women's Champions compared to the unforgettable Torrie Wilson. Despite being "washed-up" in professional wrestling, at 41 years old, Torrie looks absolutely gorgeous and is much hotter than I'm sure most of you fans would've imagined that haven't been keeping up with her social media.

13 Queen Sharmell

Though Queen Sharmell was never an in-ring talent, she still served as a valet both in WCW and the WWE - most notably for King Booker. Sharmell Huffman has long since left the pro-wrestling world behind, and she spends most of her time now a days raising her children and living the retirement life with Booker .T. Although Sharmell was never a Trish Stratus for example, can you honestly say that you forget Queen Sharmell's "All Hail King Booker!" I'd say that this is similar to how and why Vickie Guerrero's still remembered by fans to this day for yelling "Excuse Me!" - and no, Vickie Guerrero's NOT on this list so you can relax. I doubt any wrestling fans would expect a woman in her late 40's who has long since retired from Sports Entertainment to look as hot and robust as Sharmell does today.

12 Terri Runnels


Since leaving pro-wrestling behind in 2004, you'll often see Terri Runnels hanging out at various wrestling conventions/meet and greets across the country. Though Terri was never a great in-ring technician, she filled the role of being eye-candy quite well, and I'm sure many Attitude Era fans would agree with me on that. Heck, despite not winning the Women's Championship, at least Terri received some Championship gold in the form of the Hardcore Championship (though her reign was a lengthy 10 seconds long). Since retiring in 2004, Terri Runnels hadn't been seen in the WWE up until 2016 where she made an appearance at the Hall Of Fame ceremony for that year. Although Terri Runnels is the definition of "washed-up" in pro-wrestling, I'd have to say that she's quite attractive for being 50 years old, and much hotter than most of you think.

11 Debra

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Since her departure from the WWE in 2002, the WWE Universe have seen very little (if anything) of the former Women's Champion, Debra. She has definitely kept a low profile following her retirement from professional wrestling, and she has rather been enjoying life free of worries or obligations. Although fewer and fewer fans remember Debra considering she hasn't been anywhere near the business in quite a long time, I doubt we could ever forget the entertaining moments she gave all of us back in the day such as the "Evening Gown Match" against Sable (another underrated and hot former Diva). Regardless, although most fans cannot deny the fact that Debra was definitely hot back in her prime, Debra's still quite attractive now a days at 57 years old. Yes, she's no young or spry woman any more, but at her current age, I'd say Debra's very hot.

10 Beth Phoenix


Beth Phoenix recently made headlines in the wrestling community after becoming an inductee for the 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame, and now Beth can refer to herself as a "Hall Of Famer." Though some (well actually many) fans didn't quite understand the WWE's choice of inducting Phoenix into the HOF this year for numerous reasons, there's no denying that Beth had a great pro-wrestling career in the WWE - perhaps not quite Hall Of Fame worthy to some, but still significant none the less.

Over the course of her 6 year WWE career, Beth captured the Women's Championship 3 times, and the Divas Championship once. Despite not being on the level of a Trish Stratus for example, Beth still made an everlasting impact on the sport, and she's still deserving of recognition. In regards to Beth's appearance, despite being "washed-up," Beth Phoenix is still much hotter than you'd think. If you don't believe me, take another look at the photo above.

9 AJ Lee


AJ Lee is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular WWE Divas in recent memory. Starting off her pro-wrestling career back in 2007, it took little to no time for AJ to make her way to WWE's developmental territory, FCW. Following her debut on the company's main roster in 2011, AJ Lee quickly established herself as one of the top females in the company (2o13 is when her in-ring career really started to take off). Within short order, the Divas Championship laid on the shoulders of AJ, and few other women in WWE could match her popularity with the WWE Universe.

Fittingly, AJ Lee - a popular Women's Division wrestler became involved with CM Punk - a super popular Superstar. Together, they became a WWE "power couple" despite the fact that Punk left the company in 2014, and AJ Lee in 2015. Now don't get me wrong, AJ's still relevant in the wrestling community, though most would probably consider her to be "washed-up" to some extent. Although many remember AJ for being attractive, I truly don't believe that most fans realize just how hot AJ Lee really is. One of the hottest Divas in recent memory by far, and she's still as attractive as ever before.


8 Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool definitely used to be a "cool" Diva back in her heyday (no pun intended - actually, it was). I'd certainly say that McCool was somewhat "revolutionary" in her time considering she had a bit more to offer than your stereotypical Diva back then. Instead, not only was Michelle hot, but she also had the physical strength and dominance which made her a threat to any other females on the roster.

As you would've expected, Michelle McCool racked up quite a few accomplishments throughout her 5 year WWE main roster career including the Women's Championship twice, and the Divas Championship twice (Michelle McCool was actually the inaugural Divas Champion which is fairly monumental). Despite being well past her wrestling days, Michelle still looks every bit as hot as she did before, and I believe her hotness would surprise quite a few of you guys.

7 Victoria


Victoria was definitely an intimidating Women's Division wrestler back in her prime - reminiscent of Beth Phoenix who would go onto join the company five or so years later. Victoria left a measurable mark on the wrestling business, and she captured the WWE Women's Championship on two occasions throughout her career. It's arguable if she's deserving of a future Hall Of Fame induction, but if Beth Phoenix can do it, then I don't really see any reasons why Victoria won't get the opportunity. However for now, Victoria spends much of her time post-WWE at various wrestling conventions as well as the odd Indy show. Victoria's certainly not the youngest Diva around, though at 46 years old, she's looking fantastic for her age. Victoria's definitely hotter than most fans would think for someone being a washed-up ex-WWE performer.

6 Trish Stratus


Trish Stratus is the greatest WWE Diva or Women's Division wrestler (whichever title you prefer more) of all time. No other Diva has had the everlasting affect on the professional wrestling business like Trish has. For years to come, fans will remember the name "Trish Stratus" because she was a pioneer in the industry who revolutionized women's wrestling in the WWE. Despite only having a 5 year in-ring career stemming back from 2001 up until 2006, Trish still managed to have a Hall Of Fame worthy career with 7 Women's Championship reigns.

Although very few fans would truly consider Trish to be "washed-up," in regards to the wrestling business, I'd have to say she is considering Stratus hasn't been wrestling in over six years. It isn't arguable that most fans believe Trish to be one of the hottest Divas of all time, but few fans seem to realize that if anything, Stratus has only gotten hotter with age. Yes she was beyond hot in her prime, but she's way hotter than most give her credit for now a days.

5 Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly was the epitome of a WWE Diva during her tenure with the company between 2006-2011. No, Kelly Kelly wasn't the greatest in-ring Diva to ever step foot inside the squared circle, but her looks surely more than made up for any and all of her shortcomings. As you'd expect, considering how beautiful Kelly Kelly was, she was undoubtedly a fan favorite who had a plethora of supporters and fans. Despite only winning the Divas Championship once, Kelly Kelly's still more remembered than many other Divas who accomplished a whole lot more - again, all stemming from Kelly's incredible good looks.

Although Kelly Kelly's washed-up as far as pro wrestling is concerned, she's certainly the furthest thing from being washed-up as far as modeling goes. Though tons of fans remember Kelly Kelly as being one of the hottest Divas back then, take a look at the above photo or any of her other Instagram photos, and you'll see a former Divas Champ who's way hotter than nearly any other current WWE Diva. Kelly Kelly's way hotter than most fans think, that's for sure!

4 Brooke Adams


Brooke Adams is definitely far more recognized as a former TNA Knockouts star over a WWE Diva considering Brooke only spent one year working for ECW in 2007. Adams would rather find success in TNA as both a Knockouts Division commissioner and as an in-ring competitor. Throughout her initial TNA career between 2010-2015, Brooke Adams captured the Knockouts Championship

three times, and the Knockouts Tag Team Championship once with Tara. However, following her departure from TNA Impact Wrestling earlier this year, I'd say she falls under the washed-up category considering she's already hit her peak in the business. Now a days, Brooke is focusing on her modeling career, and by the looks of it, she's doing just fine. Though Brooke has her loyal wrestling-related followers, Adams is way hotter than most fans would imagine today. Don't believe me? Then take a good and long look at the incredibly hot picture of Brooke above.

3 Candice Michelle


Candice Michelle has kept a fairly low profile since calling it a wrestling career back in 2009. She hasn't returned to WWE television following her release from the company, and Candice has rather focused on raising her children while living peacefully. Candice still keeps in contact with lots of WWE's former Divas (many of which are included on this list). Candice Michelle is a former one-time Women's Champion despite never being regarded as one of the top Divas in the division (nor the hottest either). However, age has been a blessing for Candice Michelle, as she has gotten noticeably hotter with age like quite a few other Divas on the list. The picture above is proof of that notion, and Candice is a heck of a lot hotter than most would imagine for a "washed-up" former WWE Diva. She's definitely underrated in the hotness department, that's for sure!

2 Christy Hemme


Christy Hemme is known by the wrestling community for her tenures in both the WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling. Following a short stint in the WWE between 2004-2005 (much of this time was on RAW), Christy jump shipped over to TNA Impact which is where she remained up until last year. Hemme performed as both an in-ring competitor for a period of time as well as a ring announcer/interviewer. Though Christy Hemme never truly amounted to very much as an in-ring performer, she filled in the role as an announcer quite well hence why she held that job for nearly seven years. Although Christy hasn't been gone from Sports Entertainment for very long yet, she still falls under the "washed-up" category as far as pro-wrestling is concerned. Hemme was always a pretty woman, and she's still incredibly hot to this day - I'd say Christy Hemme is quite a lot hotter than most of you'd think or imagine.

1 Kaitlyn

By far the hottest washed-up wrestling woman is none other than former WWE Divas Champion, Kaitlyn - real name, Celeste Bonin. Kaitlyn initially started off her pro-wrestling career back in 2010 down in FCW, and then she eventually became a member of NXT prior to joining the WWE main roster in late 2010. Kaitlyn remained a WWE Diva all the way up until her departure from the company back in July 2014. Although Kaitlyn wasn't quite on Beth Phoenix's level, there were definitely similarities between the two (both were extremely powerful and dominant).

Kaitlyn decided to leave pro-wrestling behind in 2014 to focus more time on her clothing line, marriage and modeling. Though Kaitlyn could definitely be considered "washed-up" taking into account the fact that Kaitlyn stated that she was done with pro-wrestling, Kaitlyn's still in the media's eye - just take a look at her Instagram account. All that said, Kaitlyn has only become hotter since retiring from wrestling, and I'm sure the extremely hot picture above of Kaitlyn may be very surprising considering she was never really regarded as being a "hot" Diva during her WWE days.


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