15 WCW Female Stars: Where Are They Now?

WCW’s legendary legacy has yet to be forgotten in the pro wrestling world and it will likely live on forever. The company emerged as the only threat to WWE in the mainstream and gave wrestling fans an

WCW’s legendary legacy has yet to be forgotten in the pro wrestling world and it will likely live on forever. The company emerged as the only threat to WWE in the mainstream and gave wrestling fans an era of unforgettable moments. After the company eventually was bought out by WWE, WCW no longer existed and the wrestling industry has suffered for it. WCW did a lot of things great but it was never known for featuring female performers very well. WWE has had its issues as well with their portrayal of women but they at least offered more opportunities for the talent.

The history of WCW would see very few women get hired and even less put in a position to wrestle actual matches. Women would be hired to play valets with the hopes of making up for whatever the male performers lacked. The top valets were Miss Elizabeth, Woman and Kimberly Page. Each woman was utilized in storylines with their looks and on-screen presence adding to the act of various wrestlers. A couple of women would be hired for the same intention but fail with the main example being Tammy “Sunny” Sytch proving unable to adapt to the WCW change from WWE.

The latter years of WCW saw more women getting hired as a reaction to the female stars being made in WWE during The Attitude Era. WCW would hire women solely for their looks in segments that featured them showcasing their physical attributes rather than wrestling competitive matches like we see today. The company had its fair share of memorable women but most of them got lost in the shuffle. We’ll look at them all to see what paths they have taken following the demise of WCW and what they are doing these days. These are the top fifteen “Where Are They Now” stories for past female wrestling stars from WCW.

15 Missy Hyatt 


Missy Hyatt was one of the first women to succeed in WCW with her managing skills and stunning looks making her a valuable part of the show. Her feud with Madusa was Hyatt’s high point in the company with the two women entering a storyline with each other. WCW tried sticking Hyatt with The Nasty Boys but the pairing made very little sense and showed absolutely zero chemistry. Hyatt has had a post-wrestling career of ups and downs but she appears to be in a better state these days. You can find her live-tweeting about most wrestling shows on her Twitter and has recently become a part of independent wrestling promotion AIW.

14 Spice 


The Nitro Girls gave more on-air roles to female talent than wrestling or managing would in WCW. Spice was one of the standout dancers from the group and entered a more vocal role when Vince Russo came on board and wanted the girls to become bigger characters. The lovely Spice entered a storyline that saw her align with Madusa against Evan Karagias. Spice has a more normal life today working as a chiropractor in Atlanta and owning a business named Flow Unlimited dedicated to helping people live healthier. On top of that, she's also danced in music videos for artists like R.Kelly.

13 Midajah 


Scott Steiner’s transformation from a tag team with brother Rick into a singles performer led to quite a few changes. They changed Steiner to a guy who had an army of “freaks” all over the world consisting of beautiful women that lusted over him. The woman playing the main freak was Midajah as she served as his full time manager towards the end of WCW. Midajah was a fitness model but worked well on television with Steiner. The death of WCW ultimately signified the end of Midajah’s wrestling career as she had a few independent show appearances before deciding to leave the business to continue working in fitness and as an interpreter.

12 Fyre 


Another Nitro Girl that fans remember due to her ability to stand out among the best of the crew was the gorgeous Fyre. After working in a mortgage company job making great money, she made the bold decision to join the Nitro Girls in WCW due to Kimberly Page recruiting her. Fyre was one of the most popular Nitro Girls but left the wrestling business after WCW ended. You can still find her at the rare wrestling convention for pictures and autographs. Fyre has worked as an enrollment manager for the University of Phoenix for quite a while and spends her free time with her rescue Belgian Draft Horse.

11 April Hunter 


April Hunter worked in WCW for a short time period as a member of the nWo Nitro Girls. The New World Order would bring their own group of women to accompany them to the ring rather than the normal version of the Nitro Girls. Hunter was one of their core members and has continued her wrestling career following the company closing. Many know Hunter more for her time on the independent wrestling scene over the last 15 years. Between wrestling and modeling, Hunter has been in the public light but has yet to receive her big break. You can find her on Shine Wrestling, a promotion spotlighting the top female wrestling talent in the country.

10 Miss Madness 


As arguably the best women’s wrestling in-ring talent the company ever hired, WCW fans never got the chance to truly see how good Miss Madness was. WWE signing her and giving her the spotlight as Molly Holly showed us one of the best female talents of the last twenty years and she is likely Hall of Fame bound. WCW used her as a valet for Randy Savage with Gorgeous George and Madusa because Savage was having a midlife crisis and wanted attractive women to accompany him to the ring every night. Holly is currently working with women at a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program as a way to help others after having many of her friends die due to those issues.

9 Debra 


Working in WWE and WCW during the boom period of the Monday Night Wars was among the most glamorous and celebrated jobs one could have had during the late 90s, but it doesn’t last forever. Debra achieved success with a relevant on-air character in both companies and ended up marrying “Stone Cold” Steve Austin until the two had a bitter divorce. With wrestling no longer in her life, Debra was forced to find another path in life and went back to school. The originating motivation of the “puppies” term in WWE has graduated from the University of Alabama with a BA degree and is continuing her education.

8 Daffney 


The only good thing to come from David Flair’s pro wrestling career was Daffney being introduced to the wrestling world. Daffney debuted as Flair’s psychotic girlfriend and the two, along with Crowbar, raised havoc on the WCW program and were actually one of the more entertaining acts during the dying days of WCW. Daffney has wrestled for many years following WCW with her main successes coming in WWE development and TNA television. Unfortunately, she suffered career threatening injuries in TNA and actually sued them for refusing to pay for her medical bills. Daffney still makes independent appearances and serves as a manager today for Shine Wrestling.

7 Whisper 


Despite her only official role in wrestling taking place in WCW as a member of The Nitro Girls, Whisper may be the most prominently featured Nitro Girl in wrestling history. This didn’t take place in WCW as she was just another pretty face that could dance in skimpy outfits. Kevin Nash introduced Whisper (real name Rebecca Curci) to Shawn Michaels and the two would eventually get married. Rebecca took a stiff punch from Chris Jericho on WWE television during his feud with Michaels and she is annually seen in the front row next to Michaels at the WWE Hall of Fame festivities.

6 Major Gunns 


Major Gunns was one of the more over female performers in WCW during its final years due to her association with the Misfits in Action. The blonde bombshell was used in attraction matches that showcased her physical assets and she's most remembered for her feud with Stacy Keibler. The two had a couple of noteworthy matches but Major Gunns’ career did not follow Keiber’s successful path after WCW went out of business. After deciding the wrestling business was no longer a viable option, Gunns became an adult film star under the name of Tylene Buck.

5 Madusa 


Madusa has one of the most impressive bodies of work by a female performer in wrestling history. During a time when it was nearly impossible for a female wrestling personality to achieve success on a mainstream level, she had relevant runs in both WCW and WWE. Madusa’s unfortunate claim to fame was Eric Bischoff signing her to a deal with WCW and convincing her to bring over the WWE Women’s Championship and throw it in the trash on Monday Nitro. With WWE understandably upset about it, she was blackballed for years until recently entering the WWE Hall of Fame. Despite her not getting celebrated for her career, Madusa has a strong presence in the monster truck world and has worked in the field for many years now.

4 Paisley 


Between her time as a Nitro Girl and on-air character Paisley, Sharmell had a great presence onWCW television. Despite all that time on screen, WCW didn’t utilize her skills effectively by pairing her with the dead end gimmick of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea and later with the even less interesting Kwee Wee. Sharmell would become a bigger star in WWE serving as the manager to her real life husband Booker T. The duo delivered amazing entertainment as King Booker and Queen Sharmell. With her time as an active performer now over, Sharmell spends her days as a full-time mother and helps with Booker’s Reality of Wrestling promotion.

3 Torrie Wilson 

The signing of Torrie Wilson was a home run for WCW. Most fitness models coming into WCW would become irrelevant or turn into a train wreck. Wilson was instead successful and instantly become a popular member of the roster. After WCW went under, Torrie’s popularity grew much more and she was one of the bigger success stories of the talent to make the jump from WCW to WWE. Wilson had a highly successful wrestling career but decided to retire after years of bumps made her no longer want to endure the pain. While she was most known for dating MLB star Alex Rodriguez in her post-WWE days, Torrie spends her time pursuing her continued passion in fitness work.

2 Kimberly Page 


Kimberly Page was prominently featured on WCW television for many years in various opportunities. As the wife of Diamond Dallas Page, Kimberly accompanied her husband to the ring and would lead the Nitro Girls dance segments after she pitched the idea. WCW fans saw more of Kimberly than any other woman and you could argue she was the female face of the company. Once WCW ended, Kimberly decided the business was no longer for her and she eventually split from Diamond Dallas Page but the two are still on good terms. Kimberly appeared in the “40 Year Old Virgin” film but made the choice to end her time in the entertainment industry by settling down as a marketing and interior designer today in Utah.

1 Stacy Keibler 

The most storied female performer that came from WCW has to be Stacy Keibler. The stunning beauty was instantly a star on television due to her look and star presence as Miss Hancock. WCW would place her in silly storylines but it didn’t hinder her popularity and it only grew once WWE picked her up after buying WCW. Keibler became one of the biggest female wrestling names for the company and was marketed as such until her retirement from the business. She went on to achieve notoriety in Hollywood by appearing on Dancing with the Stars, getting a few acting gigs and dating George Clooney for a couple of years. Keibler has since married a longtime friend and is now a full-time mother while stepping away from the spotlight for the first time since her WCW days.

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15 WCW Female Stars: Where Are They Now?