15 WCW Superstars Who Failed In WWE: Where Are They Now?

The thing about Vince McMahon is that he asserts total control over what he produces and even what he buys from others, not really paying much heed to other’s opinions about his work. One can say this is what has guided WWE to such a popular status, as his control over his product has made for such entertainment over the years. But control can be a bad thing, as Vince often misuses his control to vent out his anger on his rivals and sticking it to their ‘fans’ by mistreating other company’s talents.

WCW has been a prime target of Vinny Mac ever since the Monday Night Wars. He ‘buried’ most of the product he bought off the company, but ironically his biggest sell in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was once a part of WCW. Many wrestlers flocked from WCW to WWE during the Monday Night Wars, especially after McMahon bought off the WCW in 2001, as some saw short-term success in the company and some even became a pivotal part of it while others perished in the long term.

Because off Vince McMahon’s mistreatment of top stars off other promotions, many hesitate to join the company and how he handled the flock of WCW superstars which arrived at WWE is prime example of it. Most of the mid-carders were given bizarre gimmicks which diminished any relevancy they had in the company, while most of the top stars either refused to join them or left soon after joining because of various disputes inside the company. It’s almost like Vince McMahon didn’t want his former rivals to get one over ‘his men’ and thus we saw the failures of so many promising WCW superstars in the WWE, who have to look somewhere else after meeting their ends in the WWE and some even got into some interesting lines of work.

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30 Scott Steiner (then)

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Scott Steiner is a man who has wrestled in every major promotion and started off in Jim Crockett’s WCW in 1988. With Rick Steiner, The Steiner brothers would start dominating in the mid 90s but Scott joined the nWo afterwards. He would win some championships in WCW, but was a menace for his outspoken behavior. He would join the WWE in 2002 and would get his big opportunity in a match against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title, but the backlash towards this deterred his push. He would get into some disappointing feuds with bizarre angles later and get released while recovering from an injury.

29 Scott Steiner (now)

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Steiner would have a prominent career in TNA after he left WWE, having two stints in the space of 7 years before leaving both times due to disputes with management. He would wrestle in independent promotions while being controversial in real life. Steiner opened his own restaurant of a franchise of the Southern Casual Dining Chain ‘Shoney’s’ where he had a WCW reunion with Hall, Nash, and Jarrett. Steiner was banned from the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame after threatening ‘to kill’ Hulk Hogan and his family after a heated argument.

28 Shane Helms (then)

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Being part of the bunch of wrestlers who moved to WWE once WCW was acquired by it, Shane Helms hoped his career in the company would be more prominent than his WCW one. One can’t say that he was an absolute jobber, but his charismatic character of the Hurricane, a wannabe superhero was a comical one which everyone regarded as a joke. He did win some gold but couldn’t capture himself as a serious character in the eyes of the audience even after dropping his mask for a heel role. After some tumultuous last years in the company, he finally left in 2010 with much frustration.

27 Shane Helms (now)

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Helms now works at TNA as an agent as well as a manager to Trevor Lee. Taking his birth name of Gregory Shane Helms, he is a prominent mid-carder also trying to help the company in the production process and help with his creativity in these dire situations. Having a bad name for being arrested for DUI and having various accidents over the past years, he still has some fans left as his website sells his own merchandise and also lets him be available for public appearances.

26 Ultimo Dragon (then)

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One of the most promising wrestlers of all time, Ultimo Dragon had caught the eyes of wrestling fans by having some amazing matches in his time in WCW. He arrived at the WWE to much excitement in 2003 with loads of experience, and used his innovation to dazzle the fans in his debut in Madison Square Garden. He would be a prominent part of the Cruiserweight division and lived his dream of competing at WrestleMania, but would want a release from the WWE who couldn’t really elevate him as much as one would want and couldn’t utilize his tremendous talent perfectly.

25 Ultimo Dragon (now)

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Now semi-retired from wrestling, Ultimo Dragon is a freelancer for New Japan Pro Wrestling and works on a shorter schedule because of his age. He is still dazzling people with his athletic ability and won a championship last year in Japan. He also appears in various legends shows. He also appeared in two films in 2008, one of named ‘Ultimo Dragon’ and another a documentary named ‘Bloodstained Memoirs’. Dragon is also the creator and developer of the Toryumon promotions where he was a trainer till some years back, and has his own gym as well.

24 Torrie Wilson (then)

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Another one to move to WWE after WCW’s ship sank, Torrie Wilson was used more as eye-candy than a wrestler by Vince McMahon during her time in the WWE. She was a part of a very erotic story-arc with Sable and later would be part of a stable named ‘Vince’s Devils’. This would be scrapped soon and then she’d become the girlfriend of Carlito. She was also a successful model during her WWE career, appearing on the cover of the Playboy magazine in March 2003. In 2008 she would be released, never returning from an injury lay-off and wouldn’t return to full-time wrestling again.

23 Torrie Wilson (now)

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Now Torrie Wilson manages her clothing line ‘Officially Jaded’ of which she opened a shop in The Woodlands, Texas. After getting released from the WWE, Torrie was a part of NBC’s reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ where she was the runner-up. Wilson was also the girlfriend of New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez from 2011 to 2015. She is is now promoting a fitness brand through her social media platforms

22 Chavo Guerrero (then)

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The nephew of the legendary Eddie Guerrero didn’t really get the love Eddie got for himself when they both arrived in the WWE around the same time. Chavo had talent in his blood, being a 3rd generation superstar and had quite a lot of experience coming into WWE. The ‘Los Guerreros’ team with Eddie was a hit, but as his uncle went on to become WWE Champion, Chavo became a heel lower-mid carder. After Eddie’s death, he saw a push go to Rey Mysterio instead of himself and after some interesting feuds was a part of the ECW Brand of WWE. Soon he was forgotten by the WWE universe as something valuable and left the company in 2011.

21 Chavo Guerrero (now)

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After his release from the WWE, Guerrero moved to the Independent Circuit and also joined TNA for some years. Though he did enjoy a good tag team reign with Hernandez in his first year, things started to go sour towards the second year because of disputes with management and he soon left. Chavo joined Lucha Underground in 2014 and is now a part of the exciting promotion, also working behind the scenes trying to help them get bigger with his valuable knowledge of wrestling and constantly using his name to promote the promotion.

20 Chuck Palumbo (then)

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Palumbo was a prominent part of the latter years of WCW, being in part of teams with Shawn Stasiak and Buff Bagwell. He would move to the WWE with these two in 2001 and soon won the WCW tag titles with fellow former WCW wrestler Sean O’Haire. He then got into a weird homosexual tag team with Billy Gunn which didn’t work out so was then a part of the F.B.I (The Full Bloodied Italians). This worked for a short time, and then he was drafted to RAW where his new gimmick didn’t get him over either so was released soon. He’d return in 2006 with his recent biker gimmick and get into a feud with Jamie Noble over Michelle McCool, but couldn’t find anything solid after it so was released again in 2008.

19 Chuck Palumbo (now)

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Palumbo opened his own car shop in 2005 named CP Kustoms to build his custom bikes from his time away from wrestling. He would design bikes for many WWE superstars like Batista, Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero and would be featured in publications like Hot Bike. He opened his own garage in 2013 and is now fully committed to the car and bike building business. He recently caught the media’s attention when he saved a woman’s life by picking up the car she was stuck under, showing the mad strength he still possesses.

18 Perry Saturn (then)

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Perry Saturn is known for his WCW days when he was part of Raven’s Flock, a stable whose members were almost like servants for Raven. He would join the WWE as part of The Radicalz with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko, but was descended down the pecking order when the group disbanded. He would be punished for legitimately hurting a jobber in a match, and given a gimmick where he’d be infatuated with a mop. He had become this lunatic who talked to his mop and became quite popular for his antics under this gimmick. But he grew tired of being a jobber and would be released in 2002.

17 Perry Saturn (now)

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Saturn would return to the independent scene after being released. He would be part of an incident in 2004 where he saved a young woman from being assaulted by two men. He got addicted to Methamphetamine during the recovery process and literally disappeared for several years as a homeless man. He would get married in 2009 and return to the wrestling ring in 2011, almost 7 years later. He works in independent shows nowadays and is rarely publicized because of his bizarre lifestyle.

16 Vader (then)

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Big Van Vader was quite the terrorizing figure in WCW, sending Nikita Koloff into retirement and legitimately breaking the back of a jobber. He had some hellish matches in his WCW career and was heavily hyped before his WWE debut. He was pushed quite a lot as a super strong, scary guy and got into feuds with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, both stars of the WWE. But after a televised incident where Vader ranted on his position in the company, he was made to job to weaker guys and was soon released.

15 Vader (now)

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Vader nowadays makes rare appearances at wrestling shows, mostly in independent events and wrestling some odd matches for various promotions. He also delivers voice-mails to wish little kids happy birthday for a site and is now a born again Christian after battling years of alcoholism for which his wife left him. Vader returned in April to induct his good friend Stan Hansen into the WWE Hall of Fame, and the big man should be expecting an induction coming his way soon enough.

14 X-Pac (then)

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Although he started out his career in the WWE, X-Pac rose to stardom because of his antics as Syxx for the nWo. His antics got him a place in the WWE, as he was revealed as a part of the ‘New DX’ headed by Triple H. His time at DX was pretty entertaining as the group fooled around to troll others. He got a singles push as a mid-carder after his time in DX, winning some championships but losing them very quickly. They tried to pair him again with fellow DX members Triple H, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn but that didn’t last very long and he was released after incurring another injury.

13 X-Pac (now)

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X-Pac wrestled for many a promotion after his WWE career, including stints in TNA, AAA and Chikara. He would have a controversial personal life with addiction to many kinds of drugs including Cocaine, and would also make an amateur porn film with fiancé Chyna. X-Pac worked as a Scout and Evaluator for Florida Championship Wrestling(FCW), WWE’s developmental territory and signed a legends contract in 2013 which let him keep merchandise profit, make appearances in WWE TV and work independent events. He was recently seen in many NXT events, where maybe he’s helping Triple H do a superb job.

12 William Regal (then)

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William Regal debuted in WCW as Lord William Regal who behaved like royalty. He was part of the Bluebloods and became the WCW Television Champion numerous times. He would leave the company after a dispute with management and join WWE for a short stint before returning to WCW. But he’d have to go back to WWE after they bought WCW, and would become the Alliance Commissioner. He would have some championship reigns with his ‘brass knuckles’ after the Invasion angle and then get into some weird angles with Eugene as his nephew. More bizarre stuff followed before he became King of the Ring in 2008 and an IC title followed soon. But soon he’d move on from wrestling because of his needs in the development territories, as his technical prowess and impeccable gimmick ability should’ve made him a top heel.

11 William Regal (now)

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Regal acted as a color commentator for FCW in 2011 and had a feud with Dean Ambrose in it. He then joined NXT 2012, and after some wrestling of putting younger guys over, he became the General Manager of the new and refined NXT. He is now a pivotal part of NXT as he recruits various talents alongside Triple H(who regards him as a big mentor) and is very important to the promotion's success. After the passing of Dusty Rhodes, Regal would also become a trainer in the WWE Performance Center, helping other’s incur his impeccable technical hold of the art of wrestling.

10 Goldberg (then)

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Goldberg was THE Unstoppable Icon in the WCW with an undefeated streak of 173 wins before losing a match, as he was one of the top guys in the wrestling business during his time. So it was off no surprise when WWE offered him a big-money contract and catapulted him to the top of the company upon arrival. He defeated The Rock in his debut, and things looked upwards for him when he also won the World Heavyweight Championship some months after his arrival. He also went against ‘The Next Big Thing’ Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania but the match was negatively received because of fans knowing this will be the last matches for these two icons. Goldberg would leave after WrestleMania and fail to make the impact he did in WCW.

9 Goldberg (now)

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Goldberg has been quite the active man after leaving the squared circle, as he’s tried his hands on many career options. After leaving the WWE, he starred in the Hollywood movie ‘The Longest Yard’ and was the host of The History Channel’s documentary ‘The Auto Maniac’. He also made an appearance in Donald Trump’s ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ in 2010 but was soon eliminated. Goldberg is an animal welfare advocate and also a spokesman to stop animal fighting in the US. He also co-owns and co-operates a Muay Thai gym called ‘Extreme Power Gym’ in Oceanside, California and also has a hobby of collecting vintage cars. In 2014, he started his own podcast show named "Who’s Next?! With Bill Golberg" and has had some prominent people making appearances in it.

8 Diamond Dallas Page (then)

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Diamond Dallas-Page rose fittingly in the WCW from a strong mid-carder to a top star towards its demise and arrived at the WWE with much promise in him. But Vince McMahon’s hesitation at ranking WCW employees at the turned him into a lower mid-carder as he won the Tag Team belts soon after arriving. But then he got the gimmick of a motivational speaker which completely changed what one knew him to be. But this gimmick got him the European Belt which he retained in Wrestlemania but failed to become ‘a top WWE Guy’ in his years at the company. He was released after suffering an injury and his WWE career is mostly known for its catchphrases like ‘Yo, Its Me! Its Me! Its DDP!’.

7 Diamond Dallas Page (now)

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During an injury lay-off in 1998, DDP would develop a fitness program named Yoga for Regular Guys Workout while recovering from ruptures in his L4/L5 discs and discover the magic of Yoga through his former wife Kimberly. He would write a book named ‘Yoga for Regular Guys’ which would be derived into a series of videos named ‘DDP Yoga’. This became a huge success in the following years, and after he appeared in an ABC series Shark Tank and declined to share 5% of the company, he sold $1million worth of products in the six days after making the appearance. His Yoga program has helped wrestlers like Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Scott Hall help to overcome their drug problems and helped many recover from injures. Apart from this, DDP is also a motivational speaker and also hosts a radio show called ‘DDP Radio’.

6 Jeff Jarrett (then)

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Like X-Pac, Jeff Jarrett also started out at the WWE but left the company for WCW where he became a part of the ‘Four Horseman’. He would then again return to the WWE and this time found his footing in the company with Debra by his side and the guitar to help him do the dirty-work. This made him a prominent mid-carder who won numerous Intercontinental Championships, and in the end had won the title an unprecedented six times. But Jarrett took his position for granted and became greedy, blackmailing Vince McMahon into giving him $300,000 for wrestling one day before his contract expired and defending his championship(and dropping it) to Chyna. He was fired after the match ended.

5 Jeff Jarrett (now)

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After the WCW Ship had sunk, Jarrett would open a wrestling promotion of his own with his father named Total Non-Stop Action(TNA) Wrestling. TNA would become very popular in the mid 2000’s with Jarrett as its face, competing with the Ruthless Aggression era in the WWE and making for some very good superstars and wrestling. But after having disputes with Bob Carter(now owner of TNA), Jarrett would leave the company and decide to open another wrestling promotion called Global Force Wrestling. He is the head booker of the promotion as well which has limited dates and is just starting to take off, with Jarrett trying to settle his scores with the WWE by challenging it yet again with something new.

4 Eric Bischoff (then)

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The Crooked mastermind behind the rise and success of WCW during the Monday Night Wars, Eric Bischoff gave Vince McMahon a hell of a battle in all those years and reaped the absolute best from his counter-part during the Wars. He used many crooked methods to get one over Vince, who’s respect he had earned during all this time and was called to work with him in 2002. He was unveiled as the new General Manager of RAW and would continue to ‘run the show’ as a heel till 2005, creating some infamous matches and becoming the authority around the place. He was kayfabe ‘fired’ towards the end of 2005 and would work behind the scenes as he was still under contract.

3 Eric Bischoff (now)

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After Leaving WWE, Bischoff would join TNA in 2010 and work as an executive producer to help ‘rebuild’ the franchise along with Hulk Hogan. He worked behind the scenes in TNA till 2014. Meanwhile, Bischoff also runs his own production company called Bischoff-Hervey with Jason Hervey. They’ve produced many shows like VH1 reality shows in ‘Scott Baio is 45…. And single’ and ‘Scott Baio is 46….and pregnant’ and another reality show named ‘Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling’ where he was one of the judges. He also has an ownership in MX, a company which develop computer and mobile games. He recently appeared in the ‘Legends with JBL’ show in the WWE network, marking his return to WWE TV in almost a decade.

2 Sting (then)

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Sting has inherited many a name during his wrestling career, from ‘The Icon’ To ‘The Franchise’ and he’s something which is the symbol of WCW and then TNA. He would make remarkable contributions to both the promotions and be the vocal point of their challenge to WWE’s dominance. Sting hesitated many a time from joining the WWE and declined many offers, but finally had to cave in 2014 where he signed a contract with the company. He inherited his status and made a stunning debut in Survivor Series which culminated against WWE’s guy Triple H at Wrestlemania. Sting lost that effort and after months of being out of WWE TV, he returned in August to challenge Seth Rollins for his WWE Championship. In their match at Night of Champions, Sting would suffer a bad injury and would soon reveal that his career is over, marking a disappointing ending to an underwhelming career at WWE.

1 Sting (now)

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Sting is a born again Christian and tries to advertize the magic of Christianity as much as he can. He also appeared in a 2010 Christian filled ‘The Encounter’. He has also written a book about his transformation upon embracing Christianity named ‘The Moment of Truth’. Sting has also trademarked his name which collides with the musician Sting. Though he can’t wrestle anymore, Sting is still contracted to the WWE. He is willing to make appearances in the Indy Circuit to put over some promotions, and help some talent youngsters get their appreciation. Last seen being inducted by good friend Ric Flair to the WWE Hall of Fame, Sting is now happily enjoying retirement in his home state of Texas and hopeful that his legacy can influence budding wrestlers to get to the top.

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