15 WCW Tag Teams You Forgot Won The Titles

Wrestling has entertained audiences for decades now, and it has done so to such a degree that many promotions now exist all around the world, with the largest and most successful promotion being the WWE. Today, the WWE basically stands at the top of the mountain in terms of professional wrestling, as it is home to most of the best wrestlers in the world, but there was a time when WWE had to battle it out with another company for ratings and overall supremacy, and that company was known as World Championship Wrestling, or WCW. The two companies would enter into what is now known as the Monday Night Wars, and even though WCW was initially winning, they ultimately could not compete with WWE’s Attitude Era, and was eventually bought by their competitor.

WCW may have lost to WWE, but that does not diminish the fact that they had some premium wrestling talent of their own like Sting and Goldberg, but they were also able to steal away wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart. Like virtually every other wrestling promotion around, WCW had its own set of championship titles, including the World Tag Team Championship, which was held by some bug names in the company. There were times when the tag team titles were held by some noteworthy teams consisting of well known athletes, and there were also teams who current wrestling fans have either forgotten about or never heard of before; and it is the purpose of this list to show people 15 WCW tag teams that they likely forgot won the titles.

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22 The Insiders

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Kicking off the list is Diamond Dallas Page teaming up with the one and only Kevin Nash, who himself ended up winning WCW’s World Heavyweight Championship five times, and the tag titles a total of nine. Most of Nash’s tag team title wins came with his dear buddy Scott Hall, but with DDP, he won the titles another two times when the pair were known as The Insiders (which was a play on The Outsiders, his team name with Hall). In late 2000, Nash was betrayed by The Natural Born Killers, and as a result decided to re-form his old team with DDP from the early 90s, and after feuding with the killers for a bit, they faced and defeated Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo for the gold at the Mayhem pay-per-view. They would go on to win the titles a month later again at the Starrcade pay-per-view, and then disbanded in 2001 just prior to WWE buying the company.


20 The Great Muta and Vampiro

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The Great Muta has been wrestling on and off for over thirty years now, mainly in Japan and other more independent promotions, but he did spend time in WCW, even though it was very brief. Vampiro is a slightly more known wrestler within the history of WCW, but one can argue that the main reason for his notability is the fact that his gimmick shockingly revolved around the fact that he was supposed to be a vampire. During one of The Great Muta’s returns to WCW, he was put into a team with Vampiro, and together, they were placed into a championship match against Brian Adams and Bryan Clark (known as Kronik at the time) for the New Blood Rising pay-per-view in August of 2000. They won the belts, but their reign as champs was literally short lived, as they lost the titles the very next night on Monday Nitro.


18 Doom

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Hall of Famer Ron Simmons has become somewhat of a fan favorite now every time he appears on screen, mainly because the bulk of his appearances consist of him simply shouting the word “DAMN!” for comedic effect. In WWE, Simmons is mostly known for being called Farooq as a solo wrestler, and for being a part of the APA tag team with JBL. Prior to coming to the WWE, Simmons worked for WCW, and was a part of the team called DOOM with Butch Reed, and together, the team won the tag team belts in 1990. At the time of their victory, the titles were still known as the NWA World Tag Team Championship, and it was actually during their title reign that the title’s name was changed to the WCW World Tag Team Championship.

17 The American Males

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While with WCW, Marcus Bagwell went by the in-ring name Buff Bagwell, and although he was a solo performer for certain stretches of time, he became an accomplished tag team competitor, winning the WCW World Tag Team Championship a total of five times. His third time winning the titles came when he and Scotty Riggs formed a team called The American Males, a team whose gimmick was simply that they admired their own bodies and that women loved them. They won the titles by beating Harlem Heat during a 1995 taping of Monday Nitro, and they remained champions for 9 days before losing the belts back to Booker T and his brother. Together, the team never made back into the title hunt, which led to Bagwell and Riggs separating in 1996 and then feuding with one another.


15 Booker T and Test

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When Booker T came to the WWE, he made it a point to constantly remind the audience that he was a five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, which he was, and it was a line that the fans actually enjoyed. Booker T may have been a top guy in WCW, but for those who never followed the promotion, it may surprise you to know that he was also a very accomplished tag-team wrestler as well, as he and his brother Stevie Ray won the World Tag Team Championship ten times as the team known as Harlem Heat., Test though was basically a purely solo wrestler, who won WWE’s Intercontinental, European, and Hardcore championships; but he also managed to win WCW’s tag team titles without ever actually being in WCW. By 2001, WWE had already bought WCW, and chose to integrate some of WCW’s titles for themselves, including the tag titles; which is how Test and Booker T managed to win WCW’s World Tag Team Championship during a 2001 taping of WWE’s Smackdown, an episode which saw them defeat Kane and The Undertaker during a tape delay.

14 The Jersey Triad

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Diamond Dallas Page may not be on the same level as Goldberg and Sting in terms of top tier WCW legends, but he is still considered to be one of the promotion’s headliners; a statement which is validated by the fact that he won multiple championships, including the World Heavyweight title on three different occasions. Amongst his list of championships, were tag team titles, which he won a total of four times, two of which he won with Bam Bam Bigelow. Their first win came during an episode of Monday Nitro where they defeated the team of Raven and Perry Saturn, but they went on to lose the belts the very next week. It was at The Great American Bash in 1999 that they won their second title, when they were both a part of The Jersey Triad stable.



11 The Mamalukes

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The wrestling world is filled with stereotypical tag team gimmicks, with Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and The Shining Stars being good examples of it in today’s WWE; but over a decade ago, these types of gimmicks were allowed to go further down the stereotype rabbit hole. In 1999, WCW had a tag team which was called The Mamalukes, and their gimmick was that of Italian-Americans in the Mafia, a gimmick that the team sold very well. This team consisted of both Johnny the Bull and Big Vito, and the pair went on to win the tag team titles twice before they disbanded. Both their wins came in early 2000, with the first coming at a taping of WCW’s Thunder show, and the second coming at a house show in Germany; back when house shows had legitimate stakes involved.

10 Sting and Lex Luger

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This list of tag team champions does not only consist of teams which had their own specific name, it also includes traditionally solo wrestlers who were simply teamed up together and ended up winning the gold. As a solo competitor, Lex Luger went on to become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion while with WCW, and the Hall of Famer Sting managed to win the coveted belt six times; which is why it should come as little surprise that the duo were able to capture the tag team belts when they were paired together. As it turns out, Sting and Luger had been teammates within the company before it was known as WCW, and they would occasionally reunite with each other over the years, which included a stint in 1996 when the they won the belts during a Nitro taping. That championship win was the first and only for the pair, and it was a quite lengthy reign as they remained champs for 154 days.

9 Alex Wright and Disco Inferno

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Alex Wright spent years wrestling in both Germany and Japan before being signed by WCW, and after he debuted with the company in 1994, he quickly became known for his pre-match dancing ritual and his skill in the ring. Disco Inferno was a wrestler who was named after the famous disco song of the same name, and based off of the main character from the movie Saturday Night Fever; and he really annoyed fans with his disco dancing and music. These two were teamed up together and faced off against the team of Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak at the Millennium Final pay-per-view which was only broadcasted in Germany. They won the titles that night, but their overall reign as champions was a truly forgetful one, as they held the belts for a total of only four days.

8 Stars and Stripes

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On his second appearance on this list, Marcus Bagwell appears as a member of the tag team, Stars and Stripes, which was formed in 1994 as a face team which also included The Patriot, whose gimmick was of course that he was immensely patriotic. In order to fit the name of their team, Bagwell based his in-ring gear after The Patriot’s, and as a team, they went on to win the World Tag Team Championship twice in a three month span. Their first title win came at a September taping of WCW’s Main Event, and it was a reign that lasted 28 days until they lost at the Halloween pay-per-view the following month. Their second title reign began when they won the titles in November at the 29th edition of the Clash of the Champions television special, a reign that lasted 22 days until Harlem Heat beat them for the titles.


6 Ricky Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes

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Dustin Rhodes, or Goldust as most of us know him by, has been wrestling for over three decades now, and seeing as he is the son of the late Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, you can say that wrestling is indeed in his blood. During his second stint with WCW, he was paired up with 2009 Hall of Fame inductee Ricky Steamboat, who at the time had already been a tag team champion in WCW six different times. In November of 1991, at the eighteenth Clash of the Champions special, Rhodes and Steamboat challenged and defeated the team of Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko (who at the time went by the name “The Enforcers”) for the tag team titles. As champions the duo were fairly effective, as they managed to keep the titles for just under two months.

5 Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan

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Mick Foley will forever be known as both a hardcore wrestling legend, and one of the overall best wrestlers in WWE’s history, and even though he wrestled under his real name, he also had multiple memorable personas such as Dude Love, Mankind, and Cactus Jack. Foley did not spend the entirety of his career with the WWE though, as he spent three years with WCW between 1991 and 1994. In his final year with WCW, Foley, who at the time was using his Cactus Jack persona, was teamed up with Kevin Sullivan, and together the duo went on to face and beat The Nasty Boys for the World Tag Team Championship at the Slamboree pay-per-view. The unlikely team went on to keep the titles for nearly two months before they lost them to the team of Paul Roma and Paul Orndorff.


3 Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman

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We all know how great of a wrestler Rey Mysterio is, as he has been a quality in-ring performer for every company he has ever worked with; in fact there was a time when he was so beloved by the fans in WWE, that his popularity made him one of the top-tier guys. Billy Kidman was a good performer in his own right, as he won multiple Cruiserweight titles, and tag titles, but he was never considered to be in the same league as Mysterio. That being said though, the two did end up becoming a team, and they were able to use their skills to win the belts together. It was during a Monday Nitro taping in Toronto that the duo defeated the team of Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko, and they went on to hold the belts for just over 40 days.

2 Sting and Giant

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In Sting’s second and last appearance on this list, he is partnered up with The Giant, who for those who do not know, was the original in-ring name that was used by the Big Show. It is true that the two went on to win the tag team titles, but the team itself did not last that long and was seemingly used to form the foundations of other feuds. Sting and Giant faced off against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall at the 1998 edition of the Slamboree pay-per-view, and ended up winning the titles because of Hall turning on Nash and hitting him with one of the belts. Sixteen days later though, Sting and Giant disbanded, and Sting won the right to keep the titles and name his own new partner, which turned out to be Nash, and then those two went on to feud with Giant and Hall.

1 Goldberg and Bret Hart

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There are times when fans think that they will never see certain high-profile wrestlers ever team-up with one another, let alone win the tag team titles together, but there are times when such a thing does happen, and one of those times involved Goldberg and Bret Hart. Goldberg was more or less an unstoppable force in WCW, and he is to this day one of the best wrestlers to have ever been a part of that company; and Bret Hart is one of the most iconic wrestlers to come out of the WWE and its Attitude Era. In 1999, Bret signed with WCW, and a few months after his September debut, he was teamed up with Goldberg, and the two won the titles during a Thunder event. You would think that a team made up of Bret Hart and Goldberg would be able to keep the belts for a lengthy period of time, but they lost the championship only six days later to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall at the following Monday Nitro.

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