15 Weird Things These WWE Stars Do In Their Spare Time

While most WWE stars are known to us only on TV, their real-life hobbies can be very surprising to say the least!

For many WWE stars, wrestling is their addiction. When it comes to a life outside of the business, many stars have no idea how to live without their regular intake of wrestling. This isn't the case for the vast majority of WWE's current roster. Even though WWE stars are on the road for around 300 days a year, some stars still find time to enjoy hobbies outside of their day job and surprisingly some of these hobbies of these WWE stars may surprise you.

Wrestlers are only human, they enjoy keeping up to date with the latest TV shows or games and outside of the company, many stars like to spend their spare time cooking or playing with lego or even catching up with the latest horror film releases. Many members of the WWE Universe have more in common with their favourite WWE stars than they ever knew when it comes to their interests outside of a WWE ring.

The following list looks at some of the weirdest and most surprising things that WWE superstars do in their spare time as well as some of the strangest hobbies that these stars have been passing their time with throughout their career.

15 Mick Foley: Sits In His Santa Room


Mick Foley is known as "The Hardcore Legend" in WWE circles, but it seems that even the former hardcore wrestler has a soft side. While he was part of Holy Foley, the former Raw General Manager was able to share many of his secrets as well as showing the WWE Universe what he likes to do in his spare time.

Foley has his very own Santa Claus room, a place that is covered in Christmas merchandise and Santa figures. Foley likes to go in here, dress up as Santa, sit in his chair and chill. It is one of the oddest things that any WWE star likes to do in their spare time, but it is something that has made Mick happy for a number of years, so each to their own.

14 Shinsuke Nakamura: Surfer


Shinsuke Nakamura is the King of Strong Style in WWE and has brought his new style of wrestling over to the United States, but something that has also come over with him is his love of surfing.

When Nakamura lived in Japan a few years ago, he was just a 10 minute walk away from the beach and would be able to surf whenever he wanted. Now that he has moved to Orlando, Florida he is an hour's drive away from the nearest beach and isn't able to surf as much as he would like. Back in Japan, Nakamura was featured on a number of magazines because of his surfing skills and still manages to find time to head out and test the waves whenever he can.

13 Dean Ambrose: Mountain Biking


Dean Ambrose would be considered something of a recluse outside of Wrestling. Even though his character in the ring is based on Ambrose's real personality, in reality it seems that there are a few things that Ambrose and Jonathan Good prefer to do differently.

When Ambrose isn't in an arena surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, he likes to head out into the desert where it is silent so that he can collect his own thoughts and bask in the quietness of nature. Ambrose also enjoys taking his bike out and riding around these secluded spots as well. It seems that even though Ambrose loves his fans when he's Jonathan Good, he seems to enjoy his solitude and will always be found in the middle of nowhere when he's decided to go on a lengthy walk.

12 Baron Corbin: Obsessed With Criminals


Baron Corbin refers to himself as "The Lone Wolf" on WWE TV and has created something of a persona when he is in a WWE ring. It seems that despite this, he is still the same person that wore the Cardinals jersey six years ago.

Baron still does many of the same things he used to do before he joined WWE. He is still a fan of heavy metal and he is still an avid horror movie viewer. Baron enjoys horror movies so much that he even has Jack The Ripper tattooed on his ankle. He has also confessed that he is a fanatic of many serial killers as well. Baron is an avid reader and often updates his Twitter following on which serial killer books he is reading at that moment in time, with one of his favourites being John Wayne Gacy.

11 TJ Perkins: Spends Time With His Pet Pigs


A post shared by TJ Perkins (@megatjp) on

TJ Perkins made quite the impact in WWE when he became the first ever Cruiserweight Champion after winning the Cruiserweight Classic back in 2016. Since then life on the WWE roster hasn't been the same for the former TNA star, but despite this he always has something cute to go home to after a hard days work.

Perkins regularly updates his Instagram to show his followers his two pet micro pigs, called Cupcake and Pugsley. Perkins decided to adopt the pigs a few years ago when he came to WWE instead of a regular pet and often takes advantage of the fact that he can dress them up and even shares videos of him teaching them tricks. It is unknown as to who looks after the pigs while Perkins is on the road though.

10 Johnny Gargano: Collects Funko Pops

Johnny Gargano is famously referred to as "Johnny Wrestling" by the WWE Universe, but it seems that wrestling isn't the only hobby of the former NXT Tag Team Champion.

Gargano, much like the rest of the world has jumped on board with the Funko Pop Vinyl craze and was excited a few years ago when he was able to buy Kevin Owens as a Pop. Despite this, it seems that Gargano's favourite Pop is the one that a fan had custom made of him. Even though Gargano is married now and seen as a role model for many members of the WWE Universe, he still likes to indulge in the childlike craze of collecting figures and Funko Pops and his wife Candice LeRae doesn't have a problem with that.

9 Sami Zayn: Hockey Fan


Sami Zayn is known as The Underdog from the Underground on WWE TV and has been seen as an underdog on the main roster over the past few years. That being said Sami seems to know what it's like to be an underdog after supporting the Montreal Canadiens for the past few decades.

Sami, like most Canadians, is an avid hockey fan, so much so that he and Neville used to visit the roller hockey rink near the WWE Performance Centre on a number of occasions. Sami has been a fan of hockey since he was four-years-old but he said he was only a die-hard fan up until 1995 when he decided to begin focusing on his wrestling career. When he finally became successful at his craft, he decided to jump back into his hockey obsession in 2005 and has been hooked again ever since.

8 Bayley - Plays On A Pogo Stick


As far as hobbies outside of the ring go, this is perhaps one of the strangest. Even so, when Bayley isn't hugging various members of the WWE Universe, she is instead playing on her pogo stick.

Many children seem to outgrow playing on pogo sticks when they reach a certain age or become too tall to continue playing, but it seems that this is a childhood obsession that has remained with Bayley for most of her life. She regularly uploads images to her Instagram account which show that regardless of how old she is or who she is on WWE TV, outside of the ring, she likes to play on her pogo stick. It's a shock that WWE hasn't brought this into Bayley's on-screen character yet, surely the company will find a way to include it at some point.

7 Sheamus: Loves Rick and Morty


Sheamus is a former World Champion in WWE but even he likes to keep up with the latest trends in the world, so much so that he is now a huge fan of Rick and Morty.

Sheamus even came to the ring wearing a jacket that had Pickle Rick on it a few weeks ago on Raw. It seems that the animated show has been slowly growing in popularity over the past few months and the fact that someone like Sheamus is willing to share his love of it has allowed many other wrestling fans to jump on board. Sheamus has even been able to slip in many Rick and Morty references in his promos over the past few weeks, leaving many fans wondering where Sheamus's love of the show will go next.

6 The Undertaker: Loves To Read


The Undertaker is one of the biggest legends in WWE history. He is also someone who tries to avoid the spotlight when he isn't on WWE TV, and rarely makes public appearances out of character.

It isn't that much of a shock that outside of the ring Undertaker loves nothing more than becoming lost in a good book. The Deadman used to bring a number of books on the road with him and that would keep him occupied while he was travelling from state to state. This managed to keep Undertaker out of trouble and kept him grounded while he was working for WWE and now that he is semi-retired, he has all the time in the world to read as many books as he likes.

5 Alexa Bliss: Horror Movie Fan


Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women's Champion and even though it has become quite well-known that Alexa loves all things Disney and visits Disneyland at least once a year, it seems that Alexa also has a number of other loves outside of the wrestling world.

Alexa loves cosplay and has been able to customise a number of her WWE ring attires so that they are in the style of Ironman or The Riddler. On top of this, Alexa is also a huge horror movie fan. Her favourite character is Freddy Krueger who she has dressed up as on WWE TV a number of times including as part of last year's Halloween episode of SmackDown Live. Alexa often tweets about the films that she is seeing if a new horror film is released, and usually drags Buddy Murphy to the cinema with her to watch it.

4 Finn Balor: Legos


Finn Balor has become one of the most popular stars in WWE ever since he joined the company back in 2014, but before he made the switch to WWE, he made a name for himself as Prince Devitt, a star who loved to paint different characters onto himself, including The Joker and Spiderman.

Finn's obvious love of comic books and their characters has been one of the driving forces throughout his career, but Balor also has another love: Lego. When Finn injured his shoulder at SummerSlam last year, he was more concerned about being able to head home and play with his Legos than he was about anything else. Lego has been a huge part of Finn's life and he still enjoys building Lego creations to this day.

3 Brock Lesnar: Rodeos


Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant WWE superstars of all time and the current Universal Champion. He is away from WWE TV more than he is actually part of the show these days, which means that he has plenty of spare time.

Surprisingly, since Brock is known to be a person who doesn't actually enjoy human contact or being around any of his fans, one of his favourite hobbies is to attend Rodeos. Brock drives around and attends small town Rodeos on a regular basis and it seems that he is actually nice to any fans who want their photo taken with him while he is at the event. It seems that outside of the ring, Brock is a completely different person.

2 Braun Strowman: Likes To Dress Up


Braun Strowman has become known as "The Monster Among Men" on WWE TV over the past few years, but before he was introduced to the WWE Universe he was part of Adam Rose's Rosebuds.

It was while he was part of the group that Braun was able to enjoy one of his favourite hobbies, which is to dress up, most of the time in female costumes. Braun has been seen dressed in a rather revealing Wonder Woman outfit as well as going above and beyond when he dressed up as Santa Claus because he even decided to dye his signature beard white. Braun does have one of the strangest hobbies of any WWE star, but it is something that obviously makes him happy, and something many of his fellow wrestlers have grown to accept.

1 Seth Rollins: Game Of Thrones


Seth Rollins is now known as "The Kingslayer" on WWE TV, a name that was given to him after he defeated "The King of Kings" Triple H back at WrestleMania. The name is used in the hit fantasy show Game of Thrones as the nickname of Jamie Lannister, who managed to kill the mad king. It should come as no surprise that Rollins himself is a huge fan of the show, even going so far as finally naming his new knee strike finishing move "Kings Landing" as a tribute to one of his favourite shows.

Rollins loved the fact that he was able to design a shirt with Kingslayer on it because of his obsession with the show and likes to use any links to the worldwide phenomenon when he can.

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15 Weird Things These WWE Stars Do In Their Spare Time