15 Worst Stars In TNA Today: Where Were They Before?

Once a legitimate competitor to WWE, TNA has fallen on hard times in the past few years, due to a series of unfortunate events and their inability to stay on one TV network. While some blame Hogan, Bischoff and Vince Russo for the decline because of their attempt to create a "New Monday Night War" in 2010, the company was already on a downturn and would've ended up somewhere near where they are now anyway. TNA's problem has never been its talent, as its housed some of the best professional wrestlers in history and without TNA, the likes of AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Bobby Roode and others wouldn't be as big as they are now.

While TNA was once known for having some of the best homegrown talent in wrestling, their recent attempts to recreate their former success has fallen flat. While they have created some great new stars (EC3, Zema Ion,etc.), their attempts to make lightning flash twice have failed. Most of their current talent isn't very good and makes you wonder what TNA saw in them to hire them in the first place. With this lsit, we'll be listing the 15 Worst Stars in TNA Today and where they were before their TNA careers.

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15 Lashley

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Easily the most successful person on this list, for someone who has been in wrestling for over a decade, Lashley doesn't seem to have improved much. Lashley originally started in WWE's developmental company OVW in 2004 and was said to be kept away from Vince McMahon and WWE higher ups when they would visit because they knew that given Lashley's physique they would want him to come to the main roster, regardless of how trained he was. Lashley would debut on SmackDown in 2005 and would win his first wrestling championship in April of the next year. Lashley would then join ECW during their reboot and win the ECW championship in their first WWE pay per view. Lashley would then try to win the WWE Championship, but would fail on multiple occasions and would be released following a six month injury. Lashley would also work for multiple MMA promotions, before, after and during his time in TNA, including Bellator, Strikeforce and TFC.

14 Tyrus

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George Murdoch, introduced as Tyrus in TNA, had the potential to be a great monster heel in TNA when he debuted as EC3's bodyguard. When he turned on EC3 in favor of Matt Hardy, he should have instantly been put into the title scene as a replacement for what Abyss was when he originally started in TNA. Before getting into wrestling, Murdoch was originally a bodyguard and was even a bodyguard for Snoop Dogg at one time. Murdoch was then picked up by WWE in 2006, but would be released in 2008 before being re-hired again in 2010. He would compete in the third season of NXT and would finish in second place. Murdock would would re-debut in 2012 as The Funkasaurus, a happy-go-lucky dancing monster. Before he was released by the company, he would undergo a heel turn and would compete in NXT before getting released in 2014 and making his way to TNA, where he hasn't made much of a mark.

13 Mahabali Shera

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There isn't much to say about Mahabali Shera. Since starting in TNA, he has flip flopped between being a serious threat and slightly offensive dancing gimmick. While compared to other Indian wrestlers, namely The Great Khali, he is decent. But, when you stack him up against any other wrestler, it becomes very apparent that he has a lot of work to do in multiple facets of his career. Shera was trained as apart of TNA's project to bring TNA to a larger audience in India and thus Ring Ka King was formed. RKK took a handful of people and trained them to be wrestlers, one of them being Shera. Shera would even go on to win the Ring Ka King Heavyweight Championship. but would never get to defend it because TNA decided to not renew RKK for a second season after they finished filming the first.

12 Jessie Godderz

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A member of The BroMans tag team with Robbie E, Jessie Godderz has never shown much promise as a wrestler and given his limited ability in the ring, Godderz most likely won't make it to the top of the industry. Godderz started his adult life as a railroad conductor at the Union Pacific Railroad in Rudd, Iowa. Godderz was then featured on Season 10 and 11 of Big Brother and didn't win either of them, but became a fan favorite in the process. He would also make appearances on Season 14, 17 and 18 as a special guest. Godderz would be hired by Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA's developmental territory, where he would be trained to wrestle. After a couple of years, Godderz would win the OVW Tag Team Championship several times with Rudy Switchblade (four times), Rob Terry and Marcus Anthony, before making his way to TNA in 2012.

11 Robbie E

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The other half of former TNA tag team champions The BroMans, Robbie E has never displayed much potential and was an obvious attempt to cash in on the success of Zack Ryder's gimmick by TNA. Though he would eventually win the Tag Titles twice, he isn't a very good wrestler and is often times seen as corny by TNA's fans. Before TNA, he was a High School PE Teacher at Woodridge High School before training to become a wrestler in 2000 with the Independent Wrestling Federation. He would work for the IWF for multiple years and even starred in the WWE's commercial for the Royal Rumble in 2002. From there, he would compete in multiple Indy companies from 2002 to 2010 before he was signed  by TNA and would win over 15 championships while on the Indies.

10 Crazzy Steve

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Most likely the first legally blind wrestler to have wrestled in the modern era, Crazzy Steve is currently apart of TNA's Decay, but apart from being able to wear creepy face paint, his character work isn't great and he's far from exceptional in the ring. This was also the case back when he was in The Menagerie and to top it off, he doesn't have an interesting move set, even though he's been wrestling for almost two decades.

Steve was trained by Eric Young and started in 2003 as apart of Canada's GCW and would wrestle in Canada as a part of various other organizations. Before TNA, he would win six different championships in varying companies and played a hand in training his Decay partner, Rosemary. Steve has used this character since he started wrestling and has said on a Reddit AMA that Hitler is his dream opponent.

9 The Tribunal

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This pair of dastardly French foes have the potential to be much better than they are currently in TNA. Sadly, they don't really have any direction at the moment and are usually the fall guys when a tag team needs to pick up a win. They recently started a feud with Al Snow and Mahabali Shera, which shows how their career is going at the moment. Both men were in WWE's developmental territory NXT before going to TNA, where they went by the names Sylvester LeFort and Marcus Louis. While they didn't do much in NXT, they had a notable feud with Enzo and Big Cass which would ultimately end with Marcus Louis losing his hair.

LeFort was trained by Lance Storm and actually competed in Storm's World of Hurt reality competition show. On the other hand, Louis worked all throughout Britain and Europe before making his way to NXT in 2013. The Tribunal could still have major success in the wrestling world, but it would take a major retooling of their characters.

8 Tigre Uno

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Tigre Uno was trained by the uncle of Rey Mysterio Jr and would follow a similar path to Mysterio, as he would debut at the young age of 17 as a variation on the Japanese Tiger Mask character in AAA. Uno would compete in Hardcore Lucha promotions such as DTU and NGX, which is where he got his main style of wrestling from. Uno would eventually win the AAA Cruiserweight Championship in 2009 before losing it in his first defense. Uno has also won two Hair vs. Mask Matches, both occurring in 2004. Currently at the age of 35, Uno's style doesn't fit with a long career and he is coupled with the same problem many luchadores have when they come to America, they don't know how to speak English. Very few wrestlers can get away with not being able to speak and adequately convey their character. Uno's lack of English really hinders him from getting into a bigger company and his age is not really on his side. He's been in TNA since 2013 and has won the X Division Championship once, holding the title for a few months.

7 Eli Drake

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While Eli Drake uses his ability to talk to his advantage and can be quite funny at times, Drake's in ring work leaves something to be desired. While he isn't sloppy, it's bland and his moves often don't have enough impact to make the crowd react to them. In terms of audience reaction, you would think he intentionally tries to make the crowd be quiet because they are often silent when he is talking and not in a good way.

Drake started wrestling in 2002 and was trained by a wrestler that goes by the name of Cody Hawk. He would go on to work in HWA where he would end up being managed by Percy Pringle, known as Paul Bearer to WWE fans. In 2013 Drake would report to the WWE Performance Center and would stay there until August 1st 2014, when he was released. Drake never competed in a televised match, but he held a dark match victory over Yoshi Tatsu during a set of NXT tapings.

6 Aron Rex

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Aron Rex was held in high regard when he first debuted in TNA, but the longer he's wrestled and the more he's been on television, the more it's become apparent that he's average on the mic and less than stellar when it comes to in ring ability. TNA has made him a serious character and it's becoming obvious that he only excels when he's some form of comedic character. Before starting with TNA in 2016, Rex would wrestle for WWE on three different occasions as Idol Stevens and Damien Sandow, with his most successful run coming as The Intellectual Savior of the Masses. He would also compete in Puerto Rico for a time. Rex would also find success as the stunt double of The Miz and their feud would actually be one of the high points of 2015. Sadly, the feud culminated with a lackluster match on Monday Night Raw and following that Rex would imitate Randy Savage as apart of The Meta Powers before fading away and moving to TNA.

5 Abyss

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While originally TNA's answer to Kane, Abyss turned into something different over time, though that's not necessarily a good thing. Abyss started in TNA as a massive monster heel who was almost untouchable, but throughout the years, much like the giants in WWE, he's become someone who upcoming wrestlers could get an impressive win over since he was already an established star. His character Joseph Park preceded Corporate Kane and had the chance to become something great if it wasn't for shoddy booking and a lack of commitment on TNA's part.

Before Abyss wrestled for TNA, he was trained by Roger Ruffin in 1995 and would start to wrestle as the Original Terminator. He would get a tryout match with TNA going by the name of Prince Justice, but he opted to go to Puerto Rico first instead. Following his excursion to Puerto Rico, he would return to TNA and become the Abyss character we all know today.

4 Aiden O'Shea

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Aiden O'Shea has yet to show any promise when it comes to his current character as an Irish Brawler, let alone any promise in most of his wrestling career to date. Over his career, he's been a below average wrestler who regardless of the push he is given will end up being a jobber within a year of his debut in a promotion. O'Shea started training in 1999 and even trained with such stars as CM Punk and Colt Cabana. He would have to step away from wrestling due to an overactive thyroid issue, but would return to training and would eventually get signed to Ohio Valley Wrestling. O'Shea would debut on SmackDown in 2008 and would immediately be used as a jobber before being released in 2009 to work the Indies. O'Shea is a very bland wrestler who often times looks like a character that would be created in a video game when you were bored.

3 Moose

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Much like Lashley when he started wrestling, Moose just hadn't trained enough to be a credible threat in the wrestling world when he debuted in TNA and he could still use valuable time in a training facility. Moose started as a football player and played for the Atlanta Falcons, St. Louis Rams, and the Indianapolis Colts from 2007-2012 as on offensive lineman. Moose would go on to start training and would be trained by Mr. Hughes (who trained Apollo Crews, AR Fox and Heath Slater). Moose was signed to ROH in 2014 following his completion of his training. Moose would not win any championships in ROH, but would make a large impact given his past career and his agility. In July of 2016, Moose would leave ROH and he was rumored to sign with WWE, but his 2009 simple battery charge would prevent him from signing and he would instead go to TNA, where he's still trying to find his footing.

2 Grado

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One of the more recent signings to TNA, Grado portrays a Scottish slob who couldn't tell right from left if there was a sign in front of him. His character got stale quickly and the main allure to his gimmick was the fact that the fans loved him and sang along to his theme whenever he would win.

Grado started training in the early 2000s and would train with UK stars like Kid Fite and Drew Galloway. He stopped training in 2004 for an unknown reason, but would pick back up eventually. Grado was also the lead singer of a metal-core band named Prezident Prime and through that he would start training again, this time with recent NXT signee Big Damo. Grado would have his first feud with Jackie Polo and, in November of 2015, he would win the ICW championship.

1 Josh Mathews

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We know that Josh Mathews isn't a wrestler, but he makes this list as one of the worst play by play announcers in the wrestling world today. He has the same problem as former TNA commentator Mike Tenay, as he has little to no personality. It almost seems like he doesn't like commentating, but his wife works there so he decided to give it a shot.

Mathews got his start by trying out for Tough Enough and he would eventually finish third place behind Maven and Nidia. Mathews would then go to the Indies and gain wrestling experience before getting signed to the WWE, mainly to be a commentator and backstage interviewer. He worked as a commentator on a number of WWE shows before getting released in June of 2014. He quickly made his way to TNA and has made it a point to trash WWE whenever he can.

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