15 Wrestler Ages You Wouldn’t Believe

The ages of wrestlers are completely different to any other form of athletics. Most sports consist of athletes having to legitimately defeat each other meaning the younger stars in their prime will always replace the older guard. Wrestling being predetermined allows them to get away with having older wrestlers continue working as long as their body allows it. The wrestlers in their late 30s and 40s are usually more valuable due to the experience and star power after all of their accomplishments. However, WWE doesn’t want you to know that as they like to present it as a sport.

The fact that older and slower wrestlers will defeat the younger and more athletic talents makes it less believable than other sports. There are other variables such as certain wrestlers being the future that are older than WWE wants fans to realize. Certain younger talents have been given too much too early and it leads to ugly situations. We'll take a look at all of the stories in WWE right now regarding the surprising ages they try to hide. You likely won’t hear the ages of these men and women on WWE television due to Vince McMahon not wanting you to know about it.

15 The Miz: 37

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Someone with more success for his age is definitely The Miz. Following a failed WWE Championship run back in 2011, Miz fell back down into the irrelevant tier of stars. It took him years to build his momentum back up. Currently, he is one of the top heels in WWE and delivering an all-time great Intercontinental Championship reign.

Miz doesn’t appear to age one bit and is now actually hitting his prime despite being 37 years old. WWE could easily have Miz work for another decade given his in-ring style and his commitment to the company. However, they wouldn’t want fans to realize he is getting up there in age. Miz still holds his own against the top young new stars and it makes him look younger by association.

14 Kane: 50

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It is extremely rare for a 50 year old wrestler to still compete in the ring for WWE but Kane is doing it. The recently turned 50 year old returned to WWE proving he is not retired as many thought. Kane returned to destroy Roman Reigns and get added to the 5 vs. 3 TLC Match. Vince McMahon definitely wouldn’t want fans to know that a Superstar in his 50s beat up Reigns in the middle of the ring.

The fact that Reigns is now ill and will miss the match means he’ll likely never get revenge on Kane. In theory, this means Kane has an upper hand over Reigns for the foreseeable future and maybe forever if this is indeed his final match. Kane looking to start a career in politics shows he is hoping to start the next chapter of his life, but he remains in WWE for the time being.

13 Paige: 25

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WWE made an unusual decision when signing Paige at the young age of 19. Paige has been wrestling since she was 13 years old on the European independent circuit meaning she had experience. The call to sign her was due to both her experience at a young age and tremendous potential. Unfortunately, there are risks with betting on a young person regardless of how talented and experienced they are.

Paige has made a lot of decisions that led to disaster. The current relationship with Alberto Del Rio is considered to be a huge problem that caused this downward spiral according to the belief of WWE. Vince McMahon can’t be pleased that signing such a young talent led to immature mistakes that caused a downfall and lots of negative stories.

12 Bobby Roode: 40

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Many of the new WWE stars were once top names in other promotions. Bobby Roode is an example of this when he accomplished everything possible in TNA. A decision to finally leave Impact Wrestling allowed Roode the chance to join on the NXT brand. It only took him about a year to become the biggest star in NXT and move up to the main roster.

Roode is viewed as a new era star hitting his prime but he is already 40 years old. Theoretically, there should only be a few more years of Roode being able to perform at a top level. Luckily, he doesn’t wrestle a style that requires a lot of flashy offense. Roode should be fine, but WWE wouldn’t want you to know his actual age due to the shock of him being a 40 year old newbie to the main roster.

11 Dolph Ziggler: 37

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The current opponent of Bobby Roode is another WWE Superstar that is older than the company wants to acknowledge. Dolph Ziggler has been employed by WWE for over a decade as someone with great potential. Unfortunately, the potential has never been fulfilled and he is still fading away in obscurity hoping to get a big break.

The main reason Vince McMahon would not want you to know the real age of Ziggler is it makes you think about how badly his career was wasted. WWE never gave him a fair shot in a top spot despite a few stints with popularity. Dolph nearing 40 means his best days are behind him unless he can drastically change the perception of him. A long career wasted by McMahon is not a story he wants out in the public.

10 Braun Strowman: 34

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Braun Strowman being 34 years old as one of WWE’s biggest stars is a good thing in general. The age indicates he is in his prime and will be able to contribute for another decade if he continues progressing. Strowman however is basically just now having a breakout year after minimal experience. Vince McMahon would not be thrilled with fans basically knowing Strowman was a rookie at 33.

The future of Braun is bright but he is no spring chicken. Strowman getting such a major push seemingly out of nowhere came due to his age. WWE couldn’t wait too long given the big man’s age being closer to 35 than 25. McMahon is clearly trying to present Strowman as a new top talent, but he is in the same age range of long time veterans on the roster today.

9 Alicia Fox: 31

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The double standard between the ages of the men and women on the roster is shown with Alicia Fox. Big Show and Kane are considered the veterans of the male WWE locker room and both guys are respectively 45 and 50 years old. However, the veteran in the WWE women’s locker room is Fox who is only 31 years old.

Alicia has been employed with WWE since she was just 22 years old all the way back to 2008. During that time period, WWE only hired women in their early 20s. That has changed to an extent but it still remains shocking that Fox is a veteran. Mickie James and a few others are older than her. However, no other woman has lasted this long without quitting or getting fired and that’s a story Vince McMahon wouldn’t like being discussed.

8 Shinsuke Nakamura: 37

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Shinsuke Nakamura made a name for himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The work of Nakamura was so unique and special that fans in the United States started going out of his way to watch his Japan work. WWE signed him to debut in NXT back in 2016 and he was instantly a massive star for the brand. The older age of Nakamura made him one of the oldest WWE signings in recent memory.

Nakamura was called up to the main roster one year into his NXT tenure. WWE realized they couldn’t risk losing out on his potential star power any longer. The portrayal of Nakamura is someone that WWE wants to build the SmackDown brand around. Vince McMahon definitely doesn’t want you realizing Nakamura is nearing 40 and his best days are behind him after the wear and tear of the Japan style.

7 Bo Dallas: 27

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The career of Bo Dallas basically peaked before he even hit 25 years old. Bo was a top heel on the NXT brand in 2014 developing a perfectly annoying character that created a legitimate disdain for him. This same character flopped badly on the main roster when he was called up. A lack of strong booking behind him proved to be the difference in the character failing. The fact that he didn’t have the natural talent as other callus was another strike.

Dallas has struggled for television time for years until recently becoming one of The Miz’s henchmen. Despite being only 27 years old, we'll likely never see Bo get another chance at success in WWE. This is the story of someone hoping for any lackluster role such as a lackey to remain employed. Vince McMahon and other people in management wouldn’t want fans to realize how young Dallas is. It may make us think he has another relevant run left in him when he really doesn’t.

6 Finn Balor: 36

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The rise of NXT from 2014 to 2016 helped establish it as a touring brand with the capability of filling a large venue for big shows. No one was more pivotal to the growth of the brand than Finn Balor. Triple H signed Balor, Kevin Owens and Hideo Itami at the same time as an incredible group of top names.

Owens would get called up within a few months and Itami suffered an injury. Neville also got called up and Zayn also suffered an injury making Balor the one top name full time in NXT. It caused him to stay longer than expected to ensure NXT continued to grow. Balor had to sacrifice a few years of main roster time due to this. WWE announcers refer to him as a young man and the belief is he’s a star to build around. However, Finn is 36 years old and WWE can’t waste any more time if they truly want to make him a top level Superstar.

5 Charlotte Flair: 31

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Charlotte Flair has been presented as the top women’s wrestling star to get called up from NXT. The core of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Carmella are considered the biggest success stories from NXT at the moment looking at their respective successes. WWE likely wouldn’t want fans realizing that Flair is the oldest woman of the bunch at 31 years old.

Other wrestlers like Emma and Dana Brooke are younger than Charlotte. Alicia Fox is actually the same age in a fun fact WWE would never share. History has shown that ladies either get released or choose to leave WWE at younger ages than men, even the successful ones such as Trish Stratus and Lita. Charlotte may only be in WWE for another five years unless something changes in the way the women’s careers end there.

4 Brock Lesnar: 40

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The age of Brock Lesnar shows he is definitely towards the end of his career. Brock has always been adamant that he doesn’t love the wrestling business but rather just does it for money. Mixed martial arts is the legitimate passion of Lesnar along with hobbies on his own time. He is clearly wealthy after making a ridiculous amount of money from WWE and UFC.

Brock being 40 years old likely means he will be leaving the company sooner than later with his contract expected to expire next year. The option of having a final UFC match or two could tempt him to make that a priority before it is too late. Regardless, Vince McMahon is set to lose one of his major names within the next few years at the latest.

3 Daniel Bryan: 36

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Daniel Bryan retiring at a young age makes it easy to forget that he is in the same age range of current stars Finn Balor, Shinskue Nakamura and Kevin Owens. At just 36 years old, Bryan could easily wrestle for another five-to-ten years if he chooses to. WWE however doesn’t want that due to his injuries scaring their doctors into believing he is not fit to compete.

Bryan remains adamant that he wants to wrestle again and doctors outside of the company believe his health is more than good enough. The desire of Bryan to wrestle will see him leave WWE in September of 2018 when his contract expires if WWE refuses to clear him. Bryan returning to Ring of Honor, New Japan and other growing promotions will annoy Vince McMahon considering he is still young enough to make an impact for a few more years.

2 Asuka: 36

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As mentioned earlier, WWE typically prefers to have younger talent in the Women’s Division compared to the men. One exception to this is Asuka getting called up to the main roster at the age of 36. Following many years wrestling in Japan, Triple H signed her to the NXT brand. Asuka spent two years in NXT with an incredible undefeated streak.

Triple H even admitted Asuka was the one person he begged Vince McMahon to not call up due to wanting to build the NXT Women’s Division around her. However, McMahon may regret that due to Asuka now being a 36 year old rookie in his perception of the main roster viewer’s eyes. Asuka is one of the best in the world but also among the older women in WWE now making her debut on the big stage.

1 A.J. Styles: 40

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The biggest instance of an age Vince McMahon wants to hide is due to one of his biggest mistakes. A.J. Styles was overlooked by WWE leading to him signing with TNA in its early years. McMahon never was sold on Styles despite his rise as a huge star for TNA. Various stories have suggested that the Southern accent and smaller size are what Vince disliked.

An incredible run with New Japan led to Styles getting noticed by WWE after all the years. They signed him to a contract that allowed him to skip NXT for the main roster in 2016. Styles instantly was a huge star and become one of the top names on SmackDown following the brand split. McMahon reportedly loved his work now regretting on passing on such a star. Styles being 40 years old now means we missed out on so many years of his prime.

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