15 Wrestler Confessions That Jeopardized Their Careers

Sometimes people just don't know when to stop talking. In the world of professional wrestling that is especially true. Wrestlers just never seem to know when they have said enough (or even too much). Whether it's in an interview, on a podcast, or on their own social media, there are times when wrestlers say and do ridiculous things. Most of the time, they are harmless and don't see much of an impact, but other times the confessions they make (whether on purpose or accidental) can have a devastating effect.

Throughout the years, wrestlers have made some crazy confessions. Admitting to serious mistakes and pulling back the curtain, revealing backstage stories and incidents that fans would otherwise never have known about. A lot of the time they make for good conversation pieces, after all, podcasts are all the range right now. Sometimes wrestlers say something that can deeply offend or upset someone, whether that be a fellow talent or even management.

There have been occasions where confessions that wrestlers have made have put them in serious hot water. Their actions put their careers on the line and even see them lose high profile jobs because of it. If there's one thing that every wrestler should never do, it's make Vince McMahon angry. This list will examine 15 examples of exactly that when a wrestler's own confession put their career in serious jeopardy.

15 Daniel Bryan Happier On The Indies

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Daniel Bryan is a beloved figure in WWE and someone that wrestling fans are desperate to see return to the ring one day. It is clear from the fact WWE keep him around and celebrate his career that the company has the same love for what Bryan accomplished.

However, the higher-ups in the company were likely very shocked when they read Bryan's autobiography. In the book he confesses to preferring his time on the independent scene to his incredible WWE run. Given his health issues since the book was released, his job was likely never on the line due to the terrible PR the company would have received. It is however very likely that it did frustrate the company.

14 Lana Leaks Engagement

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In 2015, Lana and Rusev were entangled in a horrendous feud with Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae. It was supposed to have Lana leave Rusev and begin a storyline relationship with Ziggler.

Of course, while in the midst of this angle, she decided to put the image of her engagement ring online. This confirmed that she and Rusev were very much still an item, making everything that was happening on TV pointless. WWE quickly cut the storyline and Lana received some serious backstage heat for her decision, being used less frequently and having their big tag team blow-off match taken away from them.

13 Enzo Begins To Brag

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Nobody likes a show-off and that includes the WWE locker room and higher-ups. That is precisely why Enzo Amore found himself in a bit of hot water when he decided to begin bragging for the world to see online.

Whether it was boasting about women he was spending time with or how much money he was spending on boxing tickets, these online confessions did nothing for his already poor popularity behind the scenes. It has been documented that Amore has been close to being fired previously during his NXT days, and this didn't help his case on the main roster. Instead, WWE decided to bring up how disliked he was and worked it into a story. Amore wound up getting beaten up by the entire 205 Live roster.

12 Kurt Angle's Demons

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The Olympic Gold Medalist will always be associated with his time in WWE and that is where he will be best remembered by fans, despite his solid work for TNA and on the independent scene.

It is common knowledge that Angle was cut from the company due to his problems, but he has always wanted a return to the place he believes is his home and that finally came once he got sober. His confessions over the extent of his problems in interviews led to WWE being very cautious about re-hiring him. Angle could have likely come back way sooner had he gotten sorted quicker.

11 Nobody is Ready For Asuka

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When you first arrive in any job, the trick is to usually stay out of trouble until you have proved your worth. That is especially true in the world of professional wrestling. Backstage politics are still incredibly prominent and can make or break your career.

Lio Rush found this out the hard way when he decided to make a ridiculous confession. He believed that nobody was ready for Asuka following Emma's release shortly after being defeated by the Empress Of Tomorrow. Rush's tweet did not go down well with the WWE Universe or his fellow wrestlers. It has been interesting to note that since then, Rush hasn't appeared on NXT television. The WWE executives are likely punishing the young upstart.

10 Batista Calls Out WWE

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Wrestlers will never agree with everything that happens in WWE in terms of how their character is portrayed or the way things are run backstage. But most of the time wrestlers keep those thoughts to themselves.

Batista on the other hand decided not to do that and has made his feelings crystal clear about WWE. He has spoken about everything from the PG environment to the backstage politics that take place within the company. The Animal has made it clear that he left the company because of its PG change and has stated that backstage politics are still a major issue. This has made WWE hesitant to use him in a comeback or promote his movies as much.

9 Siding With Ryback

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Cameron was best known for her role as a dancer for Brodus Clay and her time on the popular reality show Total Divas rather than her wrestling career. But any hopes of a run as a wrestler were cut short when she confessed to agreeing with the Big Guy.

Following his departure from WWE, Ryback has made many claims about the company. One of these was stating that people who lose matches should be paid the same as those who win because the result is scripted. Cameron took to social media to agree with him, which is all well and good. But when you are essentially complaining about pay online, it unsurprisingly ended in her no longer being put on television and eventually released.

8 Michael Elgin Can't Hold It In

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Some stories are best kept to yourself, and the story of independent wrestler Michael Elgin taking a leak on one of his friends is one of those exact tales. However, he decided to confess to the situation during an interview.

The moment was caught on camera with Elgin's 'friend' clearly telling him to stop, something that he did not do. While the situation didn't cause him any major problems, given the increase in stories surrounding him, these sort of confessions do not help his situation. This confession paints him as a certain type of person, with new stories involving other situations that are certainly playing a major impact on his career.

7 Austin Refuses To Work

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This is now an infamous incident in the legendary career of Stone Cold Steve Austin and possibly one of his biggest regrets. He refused to do business for WWE when they requested he lose a match to Brock Lesnar.

Granted, the match wasn't well advertised, and something of that magnitude should have been. Austin was one of WWE's biggest stars, but the way he handled the situation put him in serious trouble. Simply refusing to work the match, Austin and WWE were on incredibly bad terms. While at that point the Rattlesnake was too big of a star to fire, WWE certainly didn't approve of the decision. Austin's attitude often landed him in trouble. He often says he regrets many of his past decisions.

6 All Smiles

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Who would have thought that smiling could be a crime? Well, in the world of WWE, nothing should surprise you, so of course, Paul London got himself in major trouble when he displayed his grin on television.

The segment involved Vince McMahon walking towards his limo before it would blow up and the entire WWE locker room was standing around him as he left the arena. Everybody was meant to be straight-faced, but London's face confessed exactly how he felt about the whole thing. Clearly finding it hilarious, London smiled the entire time he was on camera whilst the boss walked past, and Vince certainly noticed. London was quickly taken off television and was promptly released.

5 Ladies First

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Titus O'Neil received a 90-day suspension in 2016 for grabbing Vince McMahon's arm at the top of the stage, pulling the chairman back in a scene that was caught by WWE cameras for the whole world to see.

At the time it seemed playful and harmless and the suspension was incredibly harsh on the leader of Titus Worldwide. It was since confessed that O'Neil was actually looking to show respect to Vince's daughter, Stephanie McMahon. With Vince walking ahead of her, Titus pulled him back to let ladies first. It was supposed to be a respectful move, but it cost him a lot of money and put him in the bad books of WWE.

4 AJ Lee Rips Michelle Beadle

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Sometimes people don't like each other, that is life, but when that happens it is usually best to simply stay quiet and let them get on with their work. That didn't happen when AJ Lee and Michelle Beadle (ESPN reporter) crossed paths in WWE.

Beadle had greeted Lee's now-husband, CM Punk with a curse word, which she claims to do to all her friends, but clearly, Lee wasn't part of the joke. Instead, the former Divas Champion chewed out Beadle backstage in front of the locker room. WWE staff actually made the decision to let Lee go because of the incident, proving that this confession of frustration and dislike almost cost her a job. Luckily for Lee, Vince McMahon himself overruled the decision.

3 The Pre-Show Stopper

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Towards the end of his WWE career, Ryback was barely used in a prominent role, slipping to PPV Pre-Shows the situation became visibly frustrating for the Big Guy, so he took matters into his own hands.

From his CM Punk in-ring taunts, using his moves and mannerisms to his infamous 'Pre-Show Stopper' weight belt, which was a nod to the legendary Shawn Michaels, Ryback was openly confessing to the fans how fed up he was. The Big Guy admitted himself on his podcast that WWE was furious with the belt and had the match official ask him to take it off throughout the encounter, something he refused to do.

2 Curtain Call

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This famous incident has been covered countless times, and for good reason, it is one of the most shocking moments in wrestling history that changed the business forever moving forwards. The confession from Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H that they were all real life friends behind the scenes in front of the live crowd left Vince McMahon furious, but with Nash and Hall moving to WCW and HBK the champion, only one man took the punishment.

That man was Triple H. While things ended up okay for The Game, during that time he was punished in a major way. Hunter was scheduled to win the King of the Ring, a reward that was taken away from him with Triple H being sent down to the mid-card.

1 Whining About WWE

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Matt Hardy might be one of the most popular WWE Superstars in history, currently enjoying a push in the company with his 'Woken' character being a project of WWE's, but the company hasn't always viewed Matt in such high regards.

Matt has actually been let go by WWE on two occasions, once around the time of the Lita/Edge love triangle, and the other coming in 2010 when he was released for comments he made about WWE online. Hardy wasn't happy with things in the company or the direction his character was going and he made a habit of complaining about it publicly on YouTube. Eventually, WWE had enough and simply released Hardy from his contract.

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