15 Wrestlers Not Named RVD Who Love "The Green"

It's unclear what WWE's current stance on marijuana is. In the past, wrestlers have been suspended, and even in some cases released, due to marijuana related offences. Considering the problem the industry has had with pain killer addictions however, there seems to have been a loosening on how strict the company is regarding "Mary Jane".

Numerous wrestlers, many of whom are listed below, have stated that marijuana provides a safe alternative to pain medication. Wrestlers recovering from injury, or simply sore from a tough schedule, have talked openly about how marijuana has allowed them to avoid taking prescription pain medication. Numerous states are legalizing the substance altogether, and it's expected to be legalized all across Canada next year. Marijuana prohibition is ending in many places across the globe, and that could include the WWE Universe.

That marijuana is becoming more accepted in society should come as welcome news to the 15 wrestlers listed below, all of whom at one time or another have been open about their torrid love affair with the sticky icky. Since Rob Van Dam was too obvious a choice for number one on this list, we've opted to exclude him. It's however entirely likely that Rob Van Dam has smoked weed with every person on this list. This one's for you RVD! 

15 Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne

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Matthew Joseph Korklan (aka Evan Bourne, aka Matt Sydal) is a "high" flyer. Unfortunately he flew into Japan with some stuff that will get you high, and that got him arrested. In fact he spent almost three months in a Japanese prison because of it.

Korklan was flying to Japan to wrestle under the name Matt Sydal for New Japan Pro Wrestling, when it was discovered he had a few grams of liquid marijuana inside an e-cigarette. Such offenses are taken seriously in Japan. He later pled guilty and was sentenced to three years probation.

Under the name Evan Bourne, Korklan performed for WWE from 2008 to 2014. He was released in 2014 with two Wellness Policy violations on his record. He recently made his return to Impact Wrestling, when he appeared at the promotion's April TV tapings.

14 The Brian Kendrick

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While WWE seems to be keeping such Wellness Policy failures a secret these days, marijuana violations used to be something the company handed out fines for. Whether this is still the case or not is currently not known.

Brian Kendrick was a big fan of smoking marijuana between 2006 and 2009. In fact, he was fined for having it being in his system 12 times while under WWE contract. Unfortunately, in 2009, WWE decided they wanted to send a message to other wrestlers who were consistently flunking drug tests for marijuana, that they were no longer going to treat such offences lightly. WWE came to terms with Kendrick on his release in late July of 2009. At the time, it appeared as though he might be in line to work a program with Jerry Lawler.

13 Matt Riddle

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In 2016, 31 year old Matt Riddle won "Most Improved" and "Rookie of the Year" in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards. If Riddle wants to end up in WWE however, he better hope that Vince McMahon has a more open attitude to marijuana than Dana White did. Riddle was forced to choose between a promising MMA career and a marijuana habit in 2013. Twice Riddle had a UFC victory over-turned after a drug test revealed marijuana in his system. He was released after his second failure.

He began his pro wrestling training in 2014 and initially drew some interest from WWE. While the company originally passed on him, Riddle has improved significantly on the independent scene this last year. Currently, Riddle can be found competing for WCPW, WWN, Progress Wrestling and Evolve.

12 Sean Waltman 

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X-Pac has been very open about his marijuana habit for years. The 45 year old is under a legends deal with WWE and has been making sporadic appearances for the company. He also appears at independent wrestling events as well. He was scheduled to wrestle in the UK earlier this year, but ended up being detained at the airport when customs officials discovered what they thought were drugs in his luggage. Waltman was caught with marijuana capsules and what customs officials said was meth. When tests came back confirming the substance was not meth, all of the charges were dropped, even the marijuana ones which Waltman admitted were true.

While Waltman has had his troubles over the years, he seems to be in a good place with his life right now. Perhaps marijuana has played a role in that.

11 Darren Young

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Former member of the Nexus, Darren Young, was suspended for 30 days in 2011 for marijuana use. He was also suspended earlier this year for failing a Wellness Policy test, although it was not disclosed what substance he failed for.

Young has been with the WWE since 2005. The 33-year old was signed to the company in 2005, and wrestled in Florida Championship Wrestling during its tenure as a developmental territory. He then participated in the Nexus angle before returning to NXT in 2010.

After that Young was partnered with Titus O'Neil as the Prime Time Players. The team would go on to become WWE Tag Team Champions at Money in the Bank 2015. Currently, Young is on the injured list, rehabbing an arm injury he sustained back in January.

10 Sabu

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Sabu claims that he's the one who first that introduced Rob Van Dam to marijuana. That must be kind of like introducing Wayne Gretzky to hockey, or Triple H to backstage manipulation.

Sabu was also the other guy in the car the night he and RVD were arrested for marijuana possession. The two friends and former tag team partners were driving after a show when police pulled them over and smelled marijuana in the car. RVD was ECW and WWE Champion at the time, but after the incident both titles were taken off him.

Real name Terry Brunk, it 's amazing that Sabu is still alive, let alone wrestling. He still competes on the independent circuit, even today as a 52 year old. Last summer, Sabu joined a class action lawsuit against the WWE, alleging the company misrepresented the long-term impacts of concussions.

9 Jack Swagger

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Much like RVD and Sabu, Jack Swagger also got arrested for marijuana related charges during a pivotal time in his career. In February 2013, Swagger was in the middle of a build towards a WrestleMania Championship match with Alberto Del Rio. Swagger had won an Elimination Chamber match to earn the right to challenge for Del Rio's World Heavyweight Championship.

After a show one night, he was pulled over by the cops and charged with marijuana possession and driving under the influence. He was sentenced to a six months probation and handed a $500 fine. Unlike what happened to RVD however, the arrest did not impact Swagger's standing in the company. He continued with the storyline and was beaten by Del Rio at WrestleMania that year.

In 2017, Swagger asked for and was granted his release from WWE. He had been with the company for 11 years.

8 R-Truth

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Real name Ron Killings, 45 year-old wrestler/rapper R-Truth is said to be a big fan of marijuana.

When he was younger, R-Truth has talked about how both he and his father sold marijuana to make ends meet. He may have picked the habit back up during his run with "3 Live Cru" in TNA, along with Konnan and Road Dogg.

In 2011, R-Truth was busted trying to pass a WWE Wellness Policy test with synthetic marijuana in his system. Although at the time failing a test for marijuana was generally just treated with a fine, Truth found himself suspended 30 days for it.

As of this writing, R-Truth has started a singles feud with his former tag team partner, Goldust. Truth is a former United States Champion, two-time Hardcore Champion, Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston, and a two-time Slammy Award winner.

7 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton might be the reason WWE tends to go easier on marijuana drug test failures nowadays. It seems Orton, who is one of the company's biggest stars, just couldn't stop failing tests for weed. As we've often seen, WWE will treat some Superstars differently than others. When it comes to marijuana, they have been far more lenient with Randy Orton than anyone else.

In 2006, Orton got in hot water when he was caught smoking a joint backstage. While Orton won't mention who it is that told on him to management, others have reported that it was Bruce Prichard, current booker for Impact Wrestling.

Orton received an unpaid 60-day suspension. Somehow in the middle of that mess, Orton was forced to attend a four-week anger management course. The course cost $15 K! They should have just let him smoke more weed!

6 Heath Slater

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In 2011, Slater was suspended for failing a Wellness Policy violation for marijuana. He's one of a few that were singled out at the time, even though it's believed this was during one of the main periods when suspensions weren't being handed out for marijuana. The suspension was disappointing to several of Slater's many children. They were later appeased when Rhyno squirted some cheese on crackers for them.

The 34 year-old Slater, has been with the WWE for 11 years. He started his career at the World Wrestling Alliance school in Georgia but was quickly scooped up by WWE and sent to developmental. Slater spent four years in developmental split between Deep South Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling, before cracking the main roster.

His first big angle in WWE was as a part of the Nexus. Slater has won tag team gold on four occasions, three-times with Justin Gabriel and once with Rhyno.

5 Road Dogg

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Fans of the Attitude Era will not be surprised to see Road Dogg's name on this list. After all, he would frequently use the catchphrase "Roll this dog a bone!" as part of his gimmick. X-Pac and Road Dogg were said to be big fans of "Mary Jane" back in the day. Vince Russo once said that X-Pac and Road Dogg even partook in the smoking of weed with Ben Stiller once backstage at a Raw show.

Rumors indicate that Road Dogg would sometimes spend all day smoking marijuana with his fans before wrestling that night. Nowadays, Road Dogg works in creative backstage, but it's unclear if he still partakes.

Real name Brian James, Road Dogg is said to he the highest (pun intended) person on the SmackDown executive totem pole not named Vince McMahon.

4 Konnan

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Konnan frequently travels to the country of Iran, though he doesn't need a passport when he goes. That's because "Iran" is code for getting high. Anytime K-Dawg mentions on his podcast that he's travelling to Iran, you now know what he means (although you probably could have assumed). There is a story to go along with why Konnan refers to marijuana this way, but we'll save it for another entry on this list.

Konnan has spoken openly about his marijuana hobby, and luckily for him he hasn't spent much time in a company which has actively tested for it. Aside from a brief run as Max Moon in the 1990s, Konnan didn't spend much time in the WWE.

In addition to hosting Keepin it 100, Konnan is also the current leader of LAX on Impact Wrestling.

3 Iron Sheik

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The reason Konnan refers to smoking marijuana as "travelling to Iran" is because of a story involving the Iron Sheik.

According to Konnan, Sheik once lit a joint on an airplane. This was back when smoking was allowed on planes, but not marijuana. When the stewardess informed "Sheiky baby" that he couldn't smoke that stuff on the plane, he informed them that the substance he was smoking wasn't marijuana. Instead he said, it was "Iranian Tobacco" and while it had a funny scent to it, he assured the stewardess that it was only tobacco.

In the 1980s Iron Sheik and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan were pulled over and discovered with holding marijuana in the car. The bigger deal at the time however, was that Sheik and Duggan were travelling together when they were supposed to be rivals.

2 The Godfather

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Charles Wright, better known to wrestling fans as the Godfather (or Papa Shango) is a big fan of "Mary Jane". The state he lives in, Nevada, also just legalized the stuff, which we're sure is to his liking.

Wright now lives in Las Vegas where he manages a strip club. Fitting considering the character he used to play on WWE programming. In 2017, Godfather was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. How did he choose to celebrate? He openly walked around the after-party vaping CBD oil from a vaporizer pen.

In addition to running a strip club, Godfather is also married and has two children. While The Godfather has been a longtime proponent of marijuana, he isn't quite as avid a fan as the next entrant on this list. Coincidentally, the two of them had a short-lived tag team once.

1 Val Venis

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Wrestling fans might think that Sean Morley, aka Val Venis, has fallen off the map. While it might be true that Venis hasn't performed for a major wrestling organization in seven years, he's been busy with is new hobby; Marijuana.

Venis is a big proponent of marijuana as an alternative to pain medication. He has spoken out often on how he feels his fellow wrestlers should ditch the pills for the joints. Nowadays, Morley runs a marijuana dispensary and lounge in Arizona. The business was formerly known as the Purple Haze Lounge but he has now changed the name to Health for Life.

He also has a YouTube channel where you can catch the former member of Right to Censor speaking about new marijuana strains and his encouragement of marijuana legalization.

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