15 Wrestlers Rumored To Have Hooked Up With Sunny

Tammy Lynn Sytch, better known in the WWE Universe as "Sunny," has been involved in the professional wrestling industry since the early '90s when her boyfriend, Chris Candido, started working for Smoky Mountain Wrestling and by 1995, they both were heading to the WWE to work for Vince McMahon.

Sunny spent her first few years in the WWE managing her boyfriend and his tag team, The Bodydonnas, which was comprised of Zip (Tom Prichard) and Skip (Chris Candido). After starting their title run in 1995, the duo went on to WrestleMania XII and defeated The Godwinn's for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Although WrestleMania XII was one of the highest points in Chris Candido's career, it was Sunny who reap the benefits of that title run. She quickly became known as the first WWE Diva and was named AOL's 1996 most downloaded person on the internet. She was also the Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Manager of the Year in the same year. She was becoming a superstar.

As she continued to climb the ranks of most popular WWE Superstars, her real life personality started getting in the way.

Former member of The Godwinn's, Phineas Godwinn once spoke about Sunny and said, "She did a lot of lying. She could be a very evil person." Dennis Knight, the real life name of Phineas, was one of Chris's good friends and always hated her for constantly disrespecting Chris by allegedly sleeping around with almost all of the other wrestlers in the company.

Before long, Sunny had a reputation for being easier than a 1st grade math problem and she lost almost all respect from a lot of people in the industry because of it. She continued down the path of doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted to do it and it caused a laundry list of wrestlers that either she has claimed to have slept with, they have talked about it, or it was rumored to have happened.

Let's look at the Top 15 rumored wrestler hookups of the WWE Hall of Famer and current porn star, Sunny.

15 Davey Richards

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Being ten years older than him, Sunny allegedly went full cougar and hooked up with Total Nonstop Action, TNA, wrestling star Davey Richards.

Davey is one of those wrestlers that has earned himself respect from spending the last 12 years paying his dues. He started from the bottom for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, PWG, and eventually climbed to the top of the TNA promotion. He also spent time in Japan, where they still appreciate the technical style of professional wrestling and not just the pops, and Ring of Honor, where he supposedly met Sunny when they were both working there.

He has been named World Champion for several promotions and in 2012, he was ranked by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the 7th ranked singles wrestler in the world.

14 Ahmed Johnson

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Ahmed Johnson is a big guy. He stands 6'2" and weighs about 300 pounds. Before he got into the WWE, he was a NFL linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys between 1990 and 1991. His career was short-lived so he had to come up with another career path, so he chose wrestling.

By 1995, he was debuting in WWE and he beat Rico Suave during his first match. Within a year, he was the Intercontinental Champion after winning his King of the Ring match over Goldust. It was not only a proud moment for the wrestler, it was a great moment for the sport because he was inching his way closer to a main event title in the near future.

While he was becoming a success in wrestling, he also became part of a rumor that is among some of wrestling's oldest and craziest. The rumor suggests that Chris Candido sold Sunny for the night in exchange for cocaine.

If that is true, wow. That kind of takes a little of the pain we all felt for Chris all these years.

13 Bob "Hardcore" Holly

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Long before Steve Austin and The Rock, there was a guy named Bob Holly that was winning titles after he partnered with The 1-2-3 Kid to beat Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka at the 1995 Royal Rumble to become WWF Tag Team Champions. That was during his second stint with the WWE. He originally landed a job for the company in 1991 after spending the two years prior to that in the WCW. He has also wrestled for Smoky Mountain Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action.

It's very apparent that he gets around having wrestled for all four of the biggest wrestling companies of the past 25 years. The experience you obtain from wrestling in so many different areas and with so many other people helps build on the person you want to become in the business.

If the rumors are true, then Bob Holly has had quite the career in professional wrestling.

12 Billy Gunn

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Degeneration-X would not have been as popular or entertaining as it was throughout the late '90s without the "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, who was also a part of the five-time WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Age Outlaws, with his buddy, "The Road Dog" Jesse James.

But that was not the first time he was a champion in the WWE. His first tag team was a few years earlier when he was a part of The Smoking Gunns with tag partner, Bart Gunn. The three-time Tag Team Champions were being managed by the sexy Sunny, which only helped increase their fan base. While she was managing them, Vince added an storyline where the two of them were involved and that relationship caused the eventual split of the tag team.

The relationship was all fictional at the time but according to various wrestlers from all over the WWE that have done a shoot interview on Sunny, there is a very good chance the two of them weren't only pretending to be together.

11 Droz

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The Legion of Doom is one of the most infamous tag teams in wrestling history. The team consisted of two legendary wrestlers, Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal who still remaind one of the only tag teams intact at the time, regardless of which promotion or company they were working for at the time.

But by the late '90s, Sunny was needing someone to manage and The Legion of Doom was a few years past their prime so Vince McMahon decided to put them together to form the L.O.D. 2000. Sunny was a complete disaster and before long, was no longer their manager. She was replaced by Droz.

Droz ended up being paralyzed during a routine wrestling move called the Powerbomb. He nearly died when D-Lo Brown dropped him too low and he landed on his neck. He has never been able to walk since and for a long time, was not even able to chew his own food.

But before he lost the use of his lower extremities, he was allegedly shacking up with Sunny, in exchange for drugs, most likely. It was sad but Sunny's drug abuse is not something  she is shy about discussing.

10 Jake Roberts

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Drugs were used an awful lot during the '90s as evident by the number of former wrestlers that have died from drugs, drug related conditions, or simply ended up leaving the sport they once loved to deal with their drug addictions.

Jake Roberts is one of the most heart-breaking stories of former WWE Champions that have hit rock bottom and then dropped a few more feet. His drug addiction and usage was one that he never tried to hide and during the height of the Sunny and The Bodydonnas tag-team, there is a rumored story about a three-way between Sunny, Chris, and Jake. The rumor makes sense because all three of them were heavy drug users back then and it isn't far fetched to think that they would exchange drugs for sex, allegedly.

9 Joey Matthews

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If you are having trouble remembering Joey Matthews, what if we gave you another name he wrestled by? Joey Mercury?

After bouncing around different independent promotions, Joey Mercury eventually landed a job with the ECW. It was during his time with Extreme Championship Wrestling that Joey Matthews started to grow into a true professional wrestler. He ended up signing with WWE in 2004 as Joey Mercury, the wrestler that had his nose and face destroyed to pieces during a Fatal Four-Way Ladder match in 2006.

He was also one of the rumored men to have slept with Sunny at one time during his ECW career. At a time when drugs were being tossed around like tic tacs, Sunny was rumored to have exchanged sex for drugs with him, a few times.

8 Taka Michinoku

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Some of these rumors can get a bit out of control. But during Sunny's WWE career, Chris Candido was allegedly dealing a lot of drugs and would use her body in exchange for drugs and vice versa.

Taka Michinoku is another wrestler, on a long list of professional wrestlers to have been rumored to sleep with Sunny for drugs. However, according to the rumors that many wrestlers talked about, this time was a bit different because Chris was involved. In fact, he allegedly stuck around and watched the whole ordeal.

Taka has become best known for his rumored affair with Sunny and not the fact that he was once the WWE Light Heavyweight Champion and part of an undervalued feud between Kai En Tai that the WWE should have used better.

7 Raven

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Before Raven came over to the WCW and turned into a whiny little baby, he was a large part of the rise of the ECW. In fact, he was involved in one of wrestling's most incredible feuds with The Sandman. The man was one of the most intelligent performers in the business as well, creating some of the best psychological heel tactics ever performed on camera.

As he was rising in fame, he was failing in his personal life as he battled with drugs and alcohol resulting in some incredible stories out of the ring too. Some of them involving other wrestlers, drugs, alcohol, and fighting, but the best one remains the story The Sandman told about how Sunny was loose for drugs.

Before the infamous Sabu-Sunny story (more to follow), also Joey Matthews, Sunny was supposedly hooking up with Raven while Chris Candido ran around the bars looking for her.

6 Sabu

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One of the greatest things about professional wrestling is that these wrestlers all have tons of stories to tell and are just waiting for their chance to share in something they refer to as a shoot. A shoot is when a professional wrestler talks about real-life occurrences in wrestling. The Sandman, an ECW legend, had one of the most epic shoot interviews a few years ago where he opened up about Sunny and her time in the ECW.

Sandman told the story of this time when some of the guys went to a local bar after an ECW taping. During his shoot, he mentions how he walked into the boiler room of the bar and saw Sunny going down on Sabu, apparently for Somas, but he would not give them to her until she was finished.

Sabu later denied this story but he did confirm it was partially true. He said she spent a lot of her time offering sexual favours in exchange for drugs.

5 Road Warrior Hawk

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Besides Droz, Sunny had also been rumored to have hooked up with Road Warrior Hawk back when she managed the Legion of Doom for the short time that she did.

Back when wrestling was still believed to be authentic, Hawk and Animal were touring the globe winning belts from Japan and anywhere else they could dominate. For a long time, they were an international tag team juggernaut that WWE decided to ruin with lazy gimmicks and horrible writing.

As you probably know, Hawk died of a heart attack in 2003 at the age of 46. But he had many problems before that including a chemical dependency with alcohol. He was an alcoholic and the WWE was more worried about selling tickets to their shows that they even wrote that part of his life into a storyline.

It is no wonder he was rumored to have slept with Sunny, he was so drunk half the time he probably slept with Sable too. (Who wouldn't?)

4 Davey Boy Smith

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Most of the rumors hail from other wrestlers shooting on Sunny but this is one that comes straight from the source itself, Sunny. She was being interviewed by the WWE and when a question about her love life came up, she suddenly remembered how she randomly hooked up with him after her relationship with Shawn Michaels ended.

Davey Boy Smith, aka The British Bulldog, was a champion at many different levels having won the WWE European Championship, Hardcore Championship, and Intercontinental Championship several times while also winning the World Tag Team titles twice.

He was married at the time of the alleged affair with Sunny and he had passed away by the time she revealed the secret to the rest of the world so it is one of those rumors that will continue to have a life of its own since no one can argue against the story.

3 Dolph Ziggler

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Sunny learned how to use social media to her advantage and has caused a few chaotic moments over the past few years including the time she was speaking about which WWE Superstars were hot and said, "But since I've had Dolph, I'll have to go with him." - via Twitter

So much for not kissing and telling. If Dolph Ziggler hooked up with Sunny and wanted it to remain a secret, then he should have paid her in pills since she has a track record for accepting drugs for sex. Maybe she would accept drugs for keeping silent about sex, who knows?

But as long as Dolph has a reputation for being a ladies man, this is one of the more believable rumors about Sunny hooking up with wrestlers.

2 Shawn Michaels

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The hookup between Shawn Michaels and Sunny has become legendary thanks to her accounts of the relationship she had with him. He has never talked about it or even discussed anything about her but Sunny has never tried to hide the fact that she spent nine months involved with Shawn Michaels.

In her autobiography, A Star Shattered: The Rise & Fall & Rise of Wrestling Diva, Sunny goes into detail about the affair. She talks about how they would get together in broom closets, locker rooms, bathrooms, and even Vince McMahon's private office. She is not afraid to admit to the affair because, as she also says in her book, she was in love with him.

So even if she is lying, she is going a bit over the top to sell it at this point. It does make for good coverage and might be a reason she added it to the book, but it has been rumored for so long that it almost has to be true, right Shawn?

1 Bret Hart

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Besides Shawn Michaels, the other top dog in WWE at the time was Bret Hart, which helped add fuel to the fire of the rivalry between Bret and Shawn Michaels.

But back in 2007, Sunny was shooting about various things in the wrestling business and the subject of Bret Hart came up. She went into a story about how they shared a locker room but nothing more. According to Sunny, Bret didn't want to be around the guys so he asked if he could hang out in her locker room instead and she agreed because she wasn't even in there. Over time, they worked out a deal where they would alternate using it but never together or at the same time.

However, rumors spread and it bled into the show's storyline feud between Bret and Shawn. It got to a point that Shawn would add tiny little phrases or words to his promos that were referring to Sunny and Bret. It makes their matches even more exciting once you hear that.

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