15 Wrestlers That Absolutely Hate TNA

The history of TNA continues to add more negative moments as time goes on. Many different regimes have taken control of TNA in both the business and on-screen worlds. Unfortunately, none of them worked out and the company consistently failed for the majority of its tenure. TNA currently struggles to find any form of relevance in the wrestling world. Jeff Jarrett is back in charge with the hopes of somehow turning the ship around, but the odds are against them. Negativity has followed TNA for the entirety of its existence with both fans and wrestlers being left in disappointment.

Numerous wrestlers have become enemies of TNA thanks in part to how poorly the company is run. Wrestlers have left the company due to issues like late paychecks, cheap pay and a lack of direction for the future. The bad falling outs caused the wrestlers to take a strong stance after TNA after leaving. There have been a few instances with TNA being the ones to cut bait with the talent and treating them horribly in the process. A select few cases actually ended with lawsuits. We'll look at fifteen wrestlers who have made it very clear that they absolutely hate TNA.

14 Scott Steiner

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The ugly relationship between Scott Steiner and TNA is due to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Steiner grew tired of the backstage antics of Hogan and Bischoff leading to very harsh comments on social media. The tweets stemmed from Steiner insulting TNA for giving them power to allegations of drug use and the ruining of careers by the two men in charge.

Steiner made it clear his issues were with Hogan and Bischoff specifically, but TNA as a company sued him for the negative comments with the claim of breach of contract. The two sides went to court before the case was thrown out for TNA being in the wrong. Hogan and Bischoff eventually left TNA high and dry proving Steiner right, but they damaged their relationship with Big Poppa Pump forever.

13 Tara

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Former WWE star Victoria went to TNA under the name of Tara. The addition could have been huge with the very credible star being a great help for the Knockouts Division. Instead, they treated her with a lack of respect and made her loathe the company. Tara has gone on the record to trash TNA as a company for the poor decisions that ended up hurting the wrestlers.

One of Tara’s allegations claimed TNA actually paid her tarantula’s handler more than they did her for her work in the ring. Another horrible fact was TNA having a “taco Tuesday” which featured unhealthy meal options for the athletes. A combination of weak pay, horrible management and disrespect from Dixie Carter made Tara loathe TNA. The public comments made it clear that Tara strongly disliked the way TNA was run.

12 Joey Styles

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Joey Styles has never worked for TNA, but he has reason for his hatred of the company. TNA brought in Styles to try him out as the new play-by-play commentator at some point during the final years of his WWE career working for the website. Styles worked with Taz and hoped to land the job working on national television again.

A low-ball offer saw him reject it and turn against TNA forever. Styles returned to the independent circuit after his WWE firing and took many shots at TNA. The harsh comments clearly stemmed from how he felt mistreated by TNA following his tryout at the headquarters. It just goes to show you don’t have to truly work for TNA to have a legitimate reason in hating them.

11 Mr. Anderson

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TNA actually pushed Mr. Anderson to the moon for a few years as a World Champion and main eventer. Anderson underachieved in the role but remained an important part of the on-screen product for quite some time. Like with most others, it still found a way to end negatively. Anderson was let go following his failing a drug test in 2016.

The reaction from Anderson saw him curse out TNA on an independent show in Scotland. Anderson has also spoke out against TNA with claims that the company was late on his pay. You can’t fault TNA for anything here aside from the pay. Anderson received many opportunities to thrive and failing a drug test falls on his own responsibilities. Still, he has found his way towards the side of wrestlers to hate TNA.

11. Dustin Rhodes

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WWE star Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes worked in TNA on a few occasions in his time away from WWE. The most memorable stint was sadly for negative reasons under the gimmick of Black Reign. A bizarre gimmick was meant to take the face painted character to the next level of weirdness but it just didn’t connect due to having no real reasoning for it.

Dustin was in a bad place in life during his TNA career before cleaning up for the better. According to Rhodes, TNA would allow wrestlers to perform while high and showed zero organization skills. The confusion of life in TNA made it a company Goldust flat out didn’t want to work for. A genuine disdain for his time in TNA shows just how difficult it is for many to have worked there.

10 CM Punk

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CM Punk had only worked for TNA during the very early days of the company’s inception before they secured a national television deal, but he still hates everything it represented as time went on. The career path of Punk led him to the WWE where he would go on to become a massive star. Punk spoke out against TNA numerous times during his WWE career calling out the company for being a failure.

Many of Punk’s friends and peers from Ring of Honor worked for TNA and Punk didn’t appreciate their talents being wasted. The bitter ending of Punk’s time in WWE usually would have led to a TNA stint like many wrestlers with similar stories. Punk has made it clear he would never work for TNA and it’s out of hatred for what the company represents in wrestling.

9 Rob Van Dam

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The signing of Rob Van Dam in TNA back when they hoped to compete with WWE was huge. RVD held great name value and a reputation as one of the best in-ring performers in the world. It felt like the perfect signing for TNA to move forward with a big name that could have contributed. Instead, Van Dam treated TNA like a vacation with no care at all for building the company.

The smaller size of TNA compared to WWE made RVD look down at them despite all the money they paid him. Van Dam took a few shots at TNA following his contract ending with the company. The belief of RVD is that TNA lacked the leadership and talent to move forward. Aside from enjoying the money and easy schedule, Van Dam has nothing nice to say about TNA in interviews.

8 Taz

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TNA made a big change to their commentary team when they brought Taz to the company. Taz spent many years as one of the voices of Impact. The ending of his time ended abruptly a few years ago before he made the jump to join CBS Radio to host his own daily radio show. Taz has spoken out against TNA on quite a few occasions during his show.

The decision of Taz to leave TNA was decided when the company started paying him late. Taz actually tries to avoid discussing TNA unless there's huge news. The explanation is he doesn’t feel like he can give TNA a fair assessment in his reviews due to his personal feelings of disdain for certain people in the company.

7 Jim Cornette

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Another current podcast personality that uses his platform to reference his dislike for TNA is Jim Cornette. The hiring of Cornette by TNA was done to add his legendary personality as a character on-screen and a mind in the booking meetings backstage to help pitch ideas. It all ended sourly when the disdain between Cornette and Vince Russo played out in TNA.

Cornette was allegedly fired for threatening to murder Russo at one point in the drama reaching a peak. Russo won out in this case with Cornette leaving TNA forever. The hatred of Cornette towards Russo is stronger than his hatred of TNA, but he holds ill will towards TNA for choosing Russo over him. Today, both men are now outside of TNA and trash the company along with each other on their respective podcasts.

6 Kazarian

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Kazarian is one of the many wrestlers that showed star potential during their young years in TNA. The company never went all the way with pushes and it ended up wasting the momentum that could have been something special. Kazarian spent his prime years with TNA before letting his contract expire to join Ring of Honor back in 2014 along with tag team partner Christopher Daniels.

Fans often chant very rude comments about TNA when wrestlers they snubbed are in the ring. Daniels will try to stop the chants, but Kazarian absolutely loves it. Kazarian is not shy about his anger towards how TNA treated him at the end of his time there. The late pay and lack of confidence in his talent made Kazarian go from a loyal TNA original to someone that despises the company.

5 Eric Bischoff

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One of the worst decisions TNA ever made was giving control to Eric Bischoff. Many years after the mistakes of WCW, Bischoff didn’t learn and continued the same path. Bischoff convinced TNA to run tours in arenas they couldn’t sell enough tickets to make profits and wanted to compete against WWE on Monday nights. It all resulted in horrible failure in helping sink TNA.

TNA found even more pain from the Bischoff era when he sued them following his departure. Bischoff claimed refused to pay him all the money he was owed in a producer role. The lawsuit just created more negative reports to the name value of TNA. Bischoff’s bitter ending with the company made him one of many to despise the company that once employed him.

4 Ric Flair

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Ric Flair has shown his disdain for TNA both before and after he worked there. The comments of Flair about TNA before signing with the company mocked the small size of the company along with their lack of potential to grow. TNA eventually signed him during the Hulk Hogan regime before an ugly split following Flair’s dunk escapades growing old.

Flair has made it clear that he enjoyed the talent in the company and believes Dixie Carter was a good person (because she paid him of course), but he's not fond of the overall business. The comments about TNA following his departure have been ridiculing the company for having no viewers. Flair also isn’t fond of TNA making a big deal of his drinking habits and refusing to cover his tab. In fairness, funding Flair’s alcohol consumption could have put TNA out of business.

3 Daffney

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The story of Daffney’s time in TNA is one of the more depressing tales. Daffney showed great potential as a very popular member of the Knockouts Division. TNA treated her poorly enough with Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo booking her and the other women in sexist segments. Daffney would also be placed in hardcore matches due to her character resulting in very dangerous bumps.

A few injuries piled up with TNA refusing to cover the health bills. Daffney’s career unofficially ended following more injuries coming in a dark match against an inexperienced talent. The lack of communication or payment for the medical bills led to Daffney filing a worker’s comp lawsuit against TNA. Many wrestlers have reason to hate TNA, but Daffney is at the top of the list for her treatment there.

2 A.J. Styles

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TNA dropping the ball with A.J. Styles truly sums up why they are in shambles. Styles was clearly the face of TNA and the one top star they built that would always overcome horrible booking. TNA continuously hired former WWE and WCW stars and pushed them above Styles instead of building around their top young guy. Styles overlooked it all until they tried to make him take a pay cut in 2014.

The decision of Styles to leave the company he helped build worked out for the best. Styles became a huge star for Ring of Honor, New Japan and is now a huge part of WWE. TNA tried to sign him back before the WWE swooped in. The sad part is TNA tried blocking the deal by citing A.J. verbally agreed to a deal with them. Styles has made it no secret that he loathes TNA for disrespecting him and then trying to ruin his big break.

1 The Hardys

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Matt and Jeff Hardy helped add short term relevance to TNA in 2016 following their “Broken” characters and innovative matches. Various interviews from Matt showed he wanted to re-sign with TNA and continue having control of his character. Jeff Jarrett was given power in TNA and one of his first moves was to shut down contract negotiations with the Hardys.

To make matters worse, Jarrett and TNA are trying to prevent Matt and Jeff from using the “Broken” characters in WWE by claiming they have ownership. Both Hardys have spoken out against TNA doing them wrong in recent months. Matt’s wife Reby has been most vocal on social media airing TNA for all of their faults from refusing to pay her father Senor Benjamin to trying to own something the Hardys created.

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