15 Wrestlers That Are Banned From WWE Video Games

WWE 2k18 is right around the corner and fans are just waiting in anticipation for its October release. Whether you hate the series or not, everyone is intrigued by the new features the 2k team has worked on. One of the biggest features of the video game is playing with legendary wrestlers who aren’t on the main roster. Some of them featured in this game consist of Daniel Bryan, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, and the Ultimate Warrior.

Sometimes fans become disappointed that one of their favorite Superstars isn’t in the game. They may not know the reason why and it’s not just because that particular wrestler is unpopular or never made an impact. A lot of former WWE employees have been banned from WWE products. The WWE will never talk about them and treat them like they don't even exist.

This list has 15 wrestlers that would probably be in a WWE video game if it wasn’t for being banned. Most fans don’t really care because of the CAW (create-a-wrestler) option. This allows fans to create the likeness of legendary Superstars that may be banned. If CAW wasn’t an option, we’re pretty sure more fans would speak up about certain wrestlers being banned. Enjoy.

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15 Hulk Hogan

via videogamesblogger.com

Listen here, brother! Eat your vitamins, say your prayers, and make sure there are no hidden cameras or people recording you. Hogan messed up, badly. In 2015, comments he made several years earlier involving race surfaced and the WWE had to terminate his contract. Claiming someone is a racist seems to be a knee-jerk reaction these days, however, Hogan clearly messed up and deserved some type of discipline.

Although the remarks were inflammatory, a plethora of African American wrestlers came to his defense, including Kamala, Virgil, Dennis Rodman, and even The Rock. Things have smoothed over for the legend since then, especially after winning a lawsuit against Gawker, and there have been some hints that the WWE might bring him back into the fold sooner than later.

14 Chyna

via Sportskeeda.com

Although both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have claimed Chyna will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, actions speak louder than words. Until that does happen, the WWE has usually stayed far away from talking about Chyna. Undoubtedly the greatest women’s wrestler of ever, Chyna broke the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman to ever win the Intercontinental Championship. Besides the belt, Chyna transcended into pop culture because of her size and actual ability to hold her own against the big guys.

After her fallout with the WWE because of the relationship between Triple H and Stephanie, Chyna would enter the adult entertainment business. The WWE has worked with the adult entertainment industry before, however, since the “PG” era, they've stayed away from it. Chyna passed away in 2016 and the WWE did show a snippet of her in their video package for the May Young Classic, but a video game appearance seems unlikely today.

13 Demolition

via WWE.com

The WWE’s New Day would break Demolition’s record of longest reigning Tag Team Champions of 487 days in 2016. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E deserve all the praise in the world for creating one of the most memorable tag teams of all time but let’s go down a nefarious path as to why they broke the record.

Some people suggest the record was broken because Demolition is in a class action lawsuit against the company. In 2016, over 50 wrestlers decided to sue the WWE because they believe "WWE placed corporate gain over its wrestlers health, safety, and financial security, choosing to leave the plaintiffs severely injured and with no recourse to treat their damaged minds and bodies." You can’t sue the WWE and expect them to put you in a video game.

12 Nailz

via Sportskeeda.com

Nailz had a very brief career in the WWE but short careers in the company haven’t stopped WWE from putting wrestlers into a video game. After several tryouts with the company, he would debut as Nailz in 1992. His gimmick was a psychopathic inmate that foamed at that mouth. It seems his gimmick was a little too much like his real personality. Allegedly, Nailz was working a feud with The Undertaker and figured out he wasn’t getting paid as much as the Deadman.

Nailz would go to Vince McMahon’s office asking for a pay raise. Vince wasn’t having it and Nailz would start choking him violently. Wrestler John Nord, The Berzerker, and Bret Hart both claim the incident to be true. A lawsuit would follow with Nailz claiming Vince gave him steroids. The entire thing would be dropped and Nailz was blacklisted from the company.

11 Paul Orndorff

via armpit-wrestling.com

Maybe the forgotten man in the inaugural WrestleMania, Orndorff would team up with Roddy Piper to take on Hulk Hogan and Mr. T in the main event. It takes two to tango or in this case four, and after the night was over, Vince McMahon, WrestleMania, and the WWE would become one of the biggest commodities in the world. As a WWE Hall of Famer, why isn’t Orndorff in any of the legend packages for WWE 2k?

As we mentioned with Demolition, Orndorff is part of a lawsuit against the WWE. The suit claims “"the head trauma that has resulted in injury is the accumulated effect of many impacts to the Plaintiffs' heads that occurred on a regular, routine basis during their WWE career." With concussions becoming a huge impact on how the WWE operates, they rather not let the public hear about this case too much.

10 Scott Steiner

via gamersglobal.de

Hey Big Poppa Pump freaks, where you at? Steiner may not have the greatest mic skills but the guy had a unique look. Steroids or not, when Steiner enters a ring, you notice it. He would make his wrestling debut in 1986 and eventually for a tag team with his brother, Rick, called the Steiner Brothers. He would become a champion in several promotions including WWE and WCW.

He’s encountered a rocky relationship with the WWE and even had a photo distributed to security at WrestleMania XXX because earlier that weekend he stated he was going to "kill" Hulk Hogan. Apparently, he believes Hogan is the reason for his downfall in WCW.

He's also working with Global Force Wrestling and we doubt he'll ever be in anything related to the WWE ever again.

9 Brad Maddox

via Rickey.org

At 33 years old, Maddox still has a lot of wrestling left in his career but don’t expect to see him anywhere close to the WWE. He would begin working for Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling, two developmental territories of the WWE after signing a contract with the company in 2008.

He would make his main roster debut in 2012 and would stay in the big leagues until 2015. The WWE would depart with him the same year but it’s not because of a bad attitude as to why Maddox is banned from a video game. A leaked tape would surface involving Maddox, Xavier Woods and Paige earlier this year. Woods and Paige won’t be touched for certain reasons but Maddox, he’s the odd man out. You'll never see him in a WWE video game again, and most, really don't care anyway.

8 Road Warrior Animal

via Alchetron.com

You won't be hearing “What a rush!!” in any WWE video game anytime soon. Road Warrior Animal made up one-half of the Legion of Doom, one of the most dominant and popular tag teams in the history of the industry. Animal would make his debut in the business in 1982 and would skyrocket to the top of the card once he paired up with Hawk.

He would have several runs in the WWE and won the Tag Team Championships three times. As a member of the 2001 Hall of Fame class, Animal should be in some WWE video games. With the war paint and awesome look, it would be a no-brainer for him to be in one, so what’s the hiccup? Animal is another wrestler part of a lawsuit against the WWE.

7 Chavo Guerrero Jr.

via YouTube.com

Chavo was born to wrestle and still does so today at the age of 46. As a Guerrero, he will always find a promotion for work but don’t expect him in the WWE. It’s a shame because he’s related to Eddie and what better way to honor his life by having his nephew involved in the promotion. Chavo left the WWE in 2011 because he felt his family name wasn’t being used properly.

That isn’t the reason why he’s banned from a video game though. He’s another wrestler part of the ongoing class-action lawsuit alleging the WWE hid the damage done to a wrestler in their ring. A lawsuit can take years, especially when you have the money to do so. We doubt Chavo ever makes it into a WWE video game again.

6 Raven

via WWE.com

Raven may never have been a top-billed wrestler in the WWE but he did leave his mark on the industry. He would make his professional wrestling debut in 1988. Vince McMahon and the WWE actually gave him a one-off appearance in 1990 against Koko B. Ware but he wouldn’t become a full-time wrestler in the promotion until 1993.

Raven would really come into his own while working for ECW in 1994. It was during that time when he would become the dark and edgy hardcore Superstar we've all grown to love. Along with Chris Kanyon and Mike Sanders, he would sue the WWE for not providing healthcare benefits while performing but the case would be dismissed in 2010. When you sue the WWE, don’t expect to be in a WWE video game.

5 Jeff Jarrett

via si.com

The Jarretts and the McMahons have been in the wrestling industry for 50 years. Jarrett’s father, Jerry, founded the Continental Wrestling Association in 1977 while Vince McMahon was still working for his father. The two would battle in competition and shared a joint project together in 1992 but it didn’t last long. Jeff would have several runs in the WWE but didn’t come back to the company when they bought out WCW in 2001.

Instead, Jeff and his father would form NWA/TNA in 2002. They would eventually sell the majority of their shares, but Jeff would stay with the company. In 2014, Jeff announced his own promotion, Global Force Wrestling. This year, Impact Wrestling, which is the processor of TNA, would buy GFW. You can’t have the direct competition in a WWE video game, and we doubt Jeff ever is in one until he leaves the competition for good, but given Vince's hatred for him in real-life after the "blackmail" incident, it still seems impossible no matter what.

4 CM Punk

via PWMania.com

You would think a guy who has won the WWE Championship, ECW Championship, Tag Team Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and two Money in the Bank contracts would definitely be a character in any WWE video game. That just isn’t the case when it comes to CM Punk. We all know the story but here’s a brief run through.

Punk would bail on the WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble. Two major reasons for departing was poor medical management and a feeling of being underappreciated in the company. Punk would take on the UFC as well as create a comic book for Marvel and he seems pretty happy today. Regardless of how he’s feeling, you’re not going to see Punk in a video game anytime soon.

3 Owen Hart

via pitch.com

Maybe the most tragic tale in the wrestling industry, the brother of Bret Hart, Owen, was one of the top wrestlers in the business before his untimely death in 1999. While performing a stunt from the rafters of the venue, he would fall to his death at the age of 34. WWE would have loved to honor him at the time, however, a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his wife, Martha, would prevent them from doing so.

In 2000, she would settle out of court with the WWE for $18 million and also hold the rights to his name, likeness, etc. So if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Owen in a game, it’s because the WWE can’t legally do so without Martha’s position. There is good news, in 2015, Martha and the WWE came to an agreement on the first ever Owen Hart Collection, titled Owen: Hart of Gold. Maybe the two sides can finally get Owen in a video game.

2 Sunny

via WWE.com

Sunny would have one official match on Pay-Per-View in the WWE in 2009 when she was an entrant in the Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal. She wouldn’t win, but it was a sign that the WWE and Sunny were going to have a positive relationship moving forward. She would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 but things would go downhill fast after that.

News spread that Sunny was selling her Hall of Fame ring and not only that, she was breaking into the adult entertainment business. Sunny has been involved in adult movies as well as cam shows, which isn't the greatest for the family friendly WWE program. Of course, the WWE would ban her and we'll probably never see her in the WWE Universe or video game again. 

1 Chris Benoit 

via cavecomedyradio.com

There should be no surprise this wrestler is number one on our list. Hell will freeze over before Benoit is ever officially a character in a WWE video. Considered one of the greatest technical wrestlers in history, Benoit destroyed his entire legacy as well as family when he committed a double murder-suicide in 2007. Sadly, he would murder his wife and son before killing himself. The event would shake the foundation of the wrestling industry.

Not only did critics focus on the violence in wrestling, they also brought up steroid abuse, a topic the WWE has been trying to get away from since the 1990s. Although roid rage was considered one of the main reasons for Benoit’s crime, new evidence shows Benoit suffered from CTE. The disease has several stages and can cause confusion, memory loss, impulsive behavior, dementia, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

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