15 Wrestlers That Got Up Close And Personal With Vince McMahon On Screen

Wrestlers are in the business of entertainment and pretty much have to do anything that’s asked of them, or else it’s "pack your bags" time. You don’t want to fall out of favor with your boss in any business, but in professional wrestling, a business that is cutthroat, you are especially at risk if you don’t comply with the boss’s orders. Anyone who has ever worked with Vince McMahon can corroborate this.

The thought of snogging Vince McMahon must have been enough to make any wrestler want to run a mile. Then, there was the infamous "Kiss My A** Club" where Vince made certain wrestlers get down on their knees and kiss his behind. Now that's what I'd call intimate.

Now what does intimacy mean? Intimacy means closeness, either on a physical or emotional level. But there would be plenty of wrestling stars who’d agree that they got way too close to Vince -- too close for comfort.

Whether it was through the "Kiss My A**" club, or on-screen affairs, there have been many wrestlers who have gotten intimate with their gung-ho, power-wielding boss. These are 15 instances where Vince McMahon's employer-employee relations developed on a more intimate level.

13 Candice Michelle


This was one of the more publicized affairs featuring Vince. Having openly admitted to cheating on his wife Linda – lucky her – Vince had no misgivings about flaunting his latest girl on -screen in front of the wrestling public.

Vince must have had Candice Michelle in his sights from the get go; the company selected Michelle straight from the Diva Search after her audition. She began life with the company as a makeup artist, but this gimmick didn’t last long because she was quickly propelled into a prominent role as one of 'Vince’s Devils' and then became the WWE Women’s Champion. There’s no doubting her talent and ability, but perhaps she got to that stage because of Vince.

12 Bret Hart


The “Montreal Screwjob” is arguably the most infamous match in WWE, perhaps even the most infamous match in wrestling history. It will be remembered for Vince McMahon essentially screwing Bret Hart out of a title; it was a fix and disaster of epic proportions.

11 Rikishi


This time, it was Vince who got buried up inside a rump. This time he got up close and personal to another man mountain’s backside– Rikishi’s.

Now Trish Stratus features on this list because she got very intimate with Vince when he was trying to anger his wife, Linda. There was plenty of on-screen kissing and Vince didn’t want people to forget it. In 2001 on an episode of SmackDown, he demanded that Trish get down and become the next member of the ‘Kiss My A**’ club. But as Vince squatted and dropped his pants, Trish escaped and in came The Rock. He had Vince keep his pants down, and had his fun humiliating him a bit, but the real humiliation was to come later in the year from The Rock.

10 Hornswoggle


The whole Vince-Hornswoggle relationship was one serious storyline, but one that many people may have deemed to be utterly ridiculous. It began in 2007 when it was revealed that Hornswoggle was Vince’s illegitimate son, and culminated with Hornswoggle becoming the 6th and final member of the infamous "Kiss My A** Club."


This is intimacy on another level, and one that Vince probably still has nightmares about. WWE Unforgiven 2006 was the event where Vince got his comeuppance after subjecting many self-respecting wrestlers to kiss his backside; this time it was Vince who got up close and personal with The Big Show’s – really up close and personal.

It occurred during match four at the Unforgiven event – a Hell in a Cell match, which have always been known for their brutality. This handicap match between DX, The McMahons and The Big Show was no exception – there was plenty of violence, plenty of blood, but for Vince, plenty of Big Show’s crack.


Although it may be hard to believe – because of all the affairs in front of the cameras (and even off camera) – Vince and Linda McMahon have been married since 1966, and everyone at the company is aware of this fact. Linda has decided to stay away from the wrestling limelight, focusing on her political career instead of engaging with Vince and his on-screen antics in recent years. Perhaps that’s wise, as any wife seeing her husband talk openly about dating and sleeping with other women has to have seriously thick skin. But she realizes that a lot of what goes on at the company is purely for the cameras – like actors having to kiss on-screen – so she lets it be.

9 Stacy Keibler


Vince loves new talent and over the years, he’s always been at the center of a story line or other that involves making out with a fresh face in front of the cameras.

8 William Regal


Current General Manager of NXT, William Regal, is today doing pretty well for himself, that’s despite having to recollect the mentally scarring moment of kissing Vince’s backside back in 2001. Regal was initiated into the club during a segment of Raw. Regal and the audience at the time had no clue what was going on as it was the first time Vince had dropped his pants.

7 Mick Foley


Mick Foley’s on this list because he was trying to be a gentleman, trying to help a girl out, but I’m not sure he would have stuck up for Melina had he known what was coming -- what saving her job would entail.

On an episode of Raw in 2006, Foley joined the "Kiss My A** Club," becoming the fifth member to join by planting a long kiss on Vince’s behind.

Being gross is in itself its own form of intimacy, certainly for Vince anyway who took an enormous amount of pleasure from being kissed on his back side.

6 Sable


Sable quit WWE in 1999 after taking the company to court with allegations about unfair treatment and sexual harassment. The lawsuit was for $110 million. Vince has always hated people trying to get money from his company, and so with a load of legal muscle behind him, he counter-sued and the matter was eventually settled out of court. After all of this, it was therefore puzzling when Sable returned to WWE in 2003 – not just as another face on the roster, but as Vince’s mistress. During this time, she kissed Vince several times in the ring, once with Vince’s wife, Linda and daughter Stephanie looking on.

5 Trish Stratus


Trish is arguably the hottest, most famous, successful and most beloved diva to have stepped foot into the ring. She began life with the company as a villainous character but quickly rose through the ranks to become a seven-time winner of the title everybody craves – the WWE Women’s Championship.

But on the road to becoming champion, she had to endure some tough times and was involved in a number of different storylines, one in particular was sure to have made her cringe. She was used to escalate the feud that was growing between Vince and his wife, Linda.

Trish and Vince had a relationship, which occurred when Vince asked Linda for a divorce. Needless to say, the other McMahon family members weren’t pleased with Trish. Stephanie brawled with Trish several times, even getting the better of the future Women’s Champion at No Way Out. But eventually, after plenty of make-out sessions and bitter arguments, Vince discarded Stratus just as quickly as he had picked her up, saying that she was a “toy” he was “tired of playing with.” He then proceeded to humiliate Stratus, making her strip and bark like a dog.

4 Shane McMahon


Getting employees to kiss your backside is one thing Vince, but getting your own son to do the same is, well, abhorrent. There’s a line to father-son intimacy that mustn’t be crossed, but Vince went so far over the line that night – no son should be subjected to anything like that, especially at the hands of his own father.

Many sons love to brown nose to get preferential treatment, but I’m sure this wasn’t the form of brown nosing Shane had in mind.

3 Torrie Wilson


A man of Vince’s stature is certainly intimidating for a first-timer coming into the company, especially when that person is to immediately have a number of intimate one-on-one encounters with the man. This all happened when Wilson joined the company – during her first night in fact. She’s said: "First day backstage, I was so nervous. Vince is an intimidating man, and I'd just met him, so of course he's even more intimidating. To have to kiss someone that you're physically scared of, that's frightening." Wilson was new to all of this and the fact that there were no rehearsals really freaked her out. She was told to just jump into it and recalls thinking “this is so messed up right now."

2 Jim Ross


Jim Ross, affectionately known as JR, is a much-loved figure and prominent personality in the sport, having been around for what seemed like forever and having graced many events as a commentator, referee and occasionally, as a wrestler.

1 Shawn Michaels


Michaels and Vince shared a weird relationship, but things got even more weird very quickly when Michaels was forced to kiss Vince’s rump and became third member to join the club during a WWE Raw segment in 2006.

It was Marty Jannetty who was originally in Vince’s plans, but Jannetty downright refused and ended up getting a punch in the face for his troubles. Michaels ran out and tried to save Jannetty from becoming a member of the club, but things didn’t end well for him. Shane McMahon knocked Michaels out with a chair and shoved his face onto his father’s back end.

This disgusting situation remarkably didn’t really affect the Michaels – Vince relationship. They remained incredibly close, right up until the time Michaels decided it was time to call quits on his wrestling career in 2010 – just watch the video of HBK's retirement speech and you’ll realize how much Michaels meant to Vince and the company.

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