15 Wrestlers That Have "No Chance in Hell" Of Returning To WWE

When it comes to the WWE and returning wrestlers, there’s always the old adage of “Never Say Never.” While this was true for the return of stars like Batista and Brock Lesnar, there are some WWE Super

When it comes to the WWE and returning wrestlers, there’s always the old adage of “Never Say Never.” While this was true for the return of stars like Batista and Brock Lesnar, there are some WWE Superstars that you should never get your hopes up about. Sometimes the relationship between the WWE and a performer is severed forever. This can be due to a number of different reasons, but, when it comes down to it, there is absolutely no chance you will ever see them return to a WWE ring again.

For the following fifteen Superstars, when Vince McMahon uttered the words “You’re Fired!” he truly meant it. A majority of these Superstars will not be missed on the WWE roster, but others would have been a nice addition if they were to return. Whether it was drugs, backstage politics, or terrible real-life decisions, each of the Superstars were quickly released of their contracts and are rarely mentioned on WWE programming any more. The list includes former WWE champions, WrestleMania main event performers, and some stars that struggled through the transition from WCW to the WWE after the company was purchased.

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15 Adam Rose


All you Rosebuds out there need to turn it down a little because Adam Rose’s party bus has hit a permanent roadblock on his rise in the WWE. Adam Rose lingered on NXT for several years before finally getting a call up to the main WWE roster. He was quickly shifted down to lower card status, making several appearances on WWE Superstars.

His big mistakes came by failing the WWE Wellness Policy twice. While serving his second suspension, Rose was arrested on a domestic violence charge. This was the final straw for the party animal as he was instantly released from his contract following the arrest.

Drugs and violence do not look good for the WWE and his status was so low that it would never be worth bringing the star back. His white bunny mascot has a better chance of returning to the WWE.

14 Manu


Legacy was a memorable stable that featured generational stars like Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase. When the group first formed, it briefly included Manu. Don’t remember him? Don't feel too bad, the son of Headshrinkers manager Afa did not last very long in the WWE. He was quickly ousted by The Legacy and released from his contract shortly after.

He clearly did not gel well with Legacy on-screen, but there was more to the story. During interviews, Randy Orton claimed that his release was due to his attitude backstage. When you go against big guns in the WWE locker room, do not expect to be welcomed back. Along with his attitude, Manu failed the Wellness Policy and served a suspension while he was under contract during his short stint.

13 Mistico (Original Sin Cara)


The debut and push of Sin Cara was an exciting time in the WWE. He was a great new masked luchador to cheer for as the aging Rey Mysterio inched closer to his WWE departure.

Mistico, the man behind the Sin Cara mask, left many disappointed after his debut. He botched ring entrances, moves, and even failed a drug test. During his suspension, the WWE creative team realized that they didn’t need the man behind the mask – they just needed the mask. A new Sin Cara debuted and Huncio still plays the character to date. Mistico was released from his contract, but things did not go amicably. Mistico continued to use the Sin Cara name and ring gear. This resulted in multiple lawsuits and further severed ties between WWE and the performer.

With a suitable replacement, do not expect the luchador to ever return to the WWE again.

12 Val Venis


The new PG era has changed a lot of how wrestlers are packaged and presented to fans. As stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mark Henry, and Big Show transitioned well from the Attitude Era, Val Venis is one performer who did not make a cut. Never mind the fact that he played a gimmick of an adult star, but Venis’s current career guarantees that he will never return to WWE programming.

Val Venis is now known as "Kaptain Kannabis." He grows and sells marijuana for a living. Considering both the PG rating and the fact that WWE bans marijuana as part of its Wellness Policy, you know that WWE arenas will never be filled with the sounds of “Hello, Ladies” again. Venis has even declared himself that he will not return to the WWE unless the marijuana ban is lifted.

11 Buff Bagwell


When WWE purchased WCW, there were a lot of stars that WWE fans wanted to see on the roster. Unfortunately for Buff Bagwell, he wasn’t one of them. In one of the worst WWE Raw main events in history, Bagwell competed against Booker T in a clunky, slow-moving match that put the final nail in the coffin of WCW.

Not only was the match terrible, but he reportedly had a backstage altercation with Shane Helms that got him in trouble. He was fired the next week and hasn’t been back on WWE programming since.

To make matters worse, Bagwell is suing the WWE over royalties for the WWE Network, so don't expect to see Buff Daddy strolling down to a WWE Ring with a ridiculous hat anytime soon.

10 Alberto Del Rio


The failed Alberto Del Rio experiment seems like it is finally over. Winning the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank matches, Del Rio has received push after push during his tenure in the WWE. He just wasn't able to get over with WWE audiences for a sustainable amount of time.

During his runs, Del Rio was initially fired from the WWE for slapping an employee. Several months later, he would return in another attempted push. Del Rio quickly fizzled out and became a lost member among the failed stable known as “The League of Nations.” With an available out in his contract, Del Rio was officially released from the WWE. It seems like that was the last chance for the Mexican wrestler, as he was always causing conflict backstage and his newly found romance with WWE Diva Paige didn’t help matters much either.

9 Abraham Washington


Abraham Washington never really wrestled in the WWE, but he tried to make an impact that ended up failing time and time again. His first failure was The Abraham Washington talk-show segment on WWE’s ECW brand. The segment was painfully boring and did nothing to win over fans.

Eventually, Washington was added to the WWE Raw roster where he served as a brief manager for The Prime Time Players. While doing live commentary, Washington made an inappropriate sexual assault joke and was instantly released from his contract. Instead of leaving quietly, Washington expressed his frustration in a lengthy Twitter rant. Who knew that it would only take less than 140 characters to eliminate any chance of returning to the WWE?!

Luckily for The Prime Time Players, they were able to move on from the embarrassment of Washington.

8 Marty Jannetty


Poor Marty Jannetty. He will forever be known as the forgotten member of Shawn Michaels’ tag team, The Rockers. After the tag team split up and Shawn saw major success as a singles star, Jannetty fell off the radar. He has tried to make a WWE comeback on numerous occasions, each one leading nowhere as he failed to connect with both old and young fans.

Along with that, Jannetty has suffered from years of drug and alcohol issues. He briefly worked as a WWE trainer, but that stint ended after court orders prevented him from traveling. Now Jannetty has permanently ruined any chance of returning to the WWE by joining a class-action lawsuit against the company, while also speaking out against Stephanie McMahon referencing him on Raw. He is seeking a settlement for concussions and other issues related to his time in the company.

7 Muhammad Hassan


Evil foreign characters are nothing new in the WWE, but the character of Muhammad Hassan took things to a whole other level. The character would aggressively threaten Superstars and offended many American viewers with his opinions and actions on WWE SmackDown.

After sending out masked men to attack the Undertaker, networks and fans had seen enough of the controversial gimmick that mimicked real life too closely, especially since that episode aired at the same time as the London Bombings.

Hassan left the WWE forever and retired from the business as a whole. Like several others, he minimized his chances of ever returning by adding his name to long list of performers on the WWE Class-Action lawsuit.

6 Mr. Kennedy


Mr. Kennedy started out strong in the WWE. With a lovable persona, he quickly rose through the ranks and was competing near the main event level. WWE even allowed him to win the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 23.

An injury forced him to give up the briefcase and his career only got worse from there. Poor in-ring performances and backstage complaints from Superstars like Randy Orton and John Cena led to his demise. Kennedy quickly jumped ship to TNA after getting fired and has not looked back. He spoke out against his release, showcasing some of the backstage politics that led to his release.

With Orton and Cena still ruling the roost, do not expect Kennedy to step into a WWE ring ever again.

5 Ryback


Who knew that when Ryback would chant “Feed Me More!” it actually meant that he wanted more money? The former WWE Superstar had a quick push to the top and feuded with Superstars like CM Punk and John Cena. This year, after failed contract negations, Ryback made a very public appeal about the way he was getting paid in the WWE.

Even though his character had grown stale, he wanted to get paid main event numbers and expected multiple perks to go along with it. After months of stalling, Ryback was finally released from his contract.

Since his release, he has spoken out against the company, changed his legal name to Ryback and made other moves to ensure that he would not return to a WWE ring. Ryback is now touring the independent circuit, trying to prove to the WWE who the “Big Man” really is. He's also rumored to be pursuing an MMA career, believe it or not.

4 Chris Masters


Sometimes a drastic transformation may help your personal life, but not your career trajectory, just ask Chris Masters.

When he debuted in 2005, he was large and muscular, often forcing opponents into his inescapable Masterlock finishing move. A few years later, a pill addiction forced him to leave the company. After getting healthy and slimming down, Masters returned to the WWE, but he looked like a completely different wrestler.

The announcers buried Masters' new size and completely ruined the character on-air. He was released shortly after this and then would randomly show up outside of WWE events like SummerSlam. His odd behavior was capped off with an image on Twitter where Masters was holding a gun to his head. The change, past problems, and weird appearances will keep Masters from ever appearing on WWE TV again.

3 Dawn Marie


The women's revolution in the WWE will never feature an appearance by former WWE Diva Dawn Marie.

Dawn Marie debuted for the WWE in 2002, where she first appeared as Mr. McMahon's legal assistant before transitioning into a full-fledged Diva. In 2005, she became pregnant. When she took maternity leave, she was promised that her job was safe. That was not the case as Dawn Marie was released from her contract mid-pregnancy. This led to an eventual lawsuit that the WWE settled out of court. Dawn Marie's hatred for the company will keep her from ever returning again.

After the birth of her child, Dawn Marie has appeared at several independent events. Obviously the treatment of the WWE's females has changed dramatically since this case, but we doubt Dawn Marie cares.

2 Jeff Jarrett


One of the biggest thorns in the WWE's side has been Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett apparently demanded $300,000 to lose his Intercontinental Title to Chyna when his contract expired. After that, Jarrett jumped ship from WWE to WCW, where he pretty much declared war on the company. As WCW folded, Jarrett didn't decide to make amends with the WWE. He instead created his own wrestling promotion, TNA. and tried to out battle the WWE. For years, Jarrett was at the top of the TNA roster, winning multiple championships and trying to scoop up former WWE stars like Kurt Angle and Christian.

Vince McMahon definitely still holds a grudge with Jarrett over the contract and ways he's tried to sabotage the brand. As Jarrett continues his quest to build promotions like Global Force Wrestling, do not expect to see his strut inside a WWE ring anytime soon.

1 Scott Steiner


Big Poppa Pump got his big push as a part of the Steiner Brothers tag team, but he completely transformed during the final years of WCW, becoming a massive singles star due to his impressive new look. Upon his return to WWE, Steiner would be placed in an awful feud with Triple H. Their slow-paced and boring matches quickly showed that Steiner was not main-event material. He was placed in the mid-card and then released from the WWE.

He joined TNA shortly after that and it seems like his life has been in a downwards spiral. Steiner has been sued by TNA, kicked out WWE events for threats against Hulk Hogan, and his WWE career is over for good, as he constantly trashes the company.

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