15 Wrestlers That Should Go On An Undefeated Streak

If there is one accomplishment that is more cherished than holding a championship belt, it's having an undefeated streak linked to your name for the rest of your career. The Undertaker is the one of the biggest and most well-known example of this and even after his devastating lost at WrestleMania XXX, people still and will always worship that 21-0. The thing about undefeated streaks is that they just don't happen much in the world of professional wrestling. This isn't a bad thing. In fact, the move is a good one on WWE's part because if they handed streaks to everyone they felt could run with one well, then the streaks wouldn't mean nearly as much as they currently do.

When it comes to picking a wrestler for a streak, it's a decision that needs to be considered carefully. The Superstar needs to have a mixture of talents and accomplishments before they can even be considered. Do they deliver enough in the ring to sell a streak? Will the fans react in a way that lifts the wrestler even higher than they already are? Will the wrestler be able to sell the storyline that goes with the streak? If all of these aren't checked with a yes, then every bit of energy that went into the making of a potentially historic run will be worthless and the wrestler themselves could flop within the company.

Well, we've done the research and have compiled a list of the 15 Superstars who we feel fits the bill and who honestly deserves the chance to explore an undefeated streak within either WWE or NXT.

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15 Roman Reigns

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Not a lot of people are going to be particularly thrilled with seeing Roman on the list, but keep your minds open for a minute. We all know that WWE is desperate to do something big with Reigns. Holding him hostage in the main event for so long when we clearly had no interest in him being there is the prime example.

When we complained about it, the WWE did not care. They wanted Roman there, so he was going to be there. That is, until recently when he was pushed back to battle for the United States Championship. The problem is that they still want him to do something big enough to own the show. This may be the answer that WWE is looking for. If WWE makes him basically fight for his life in some of these matches and set them up so that the ending is actually surprising, the crowd could potentially love every second. He has the look of a powerhouse and if you combine that with threatening the "invincibility" that comes with an undefeated streak, it is going to hold the audience's attention.

If you fool us into thinking he's going to lose, we're going to appreciate his place in WWE so much more. However, if WWE just wants him to power through the roster like it's nothing, then we definitely do not want to see him with an undefeated streak. This has potential, but only as long as it is handled in the proper fashion and with the United States Belt can be the perfect start for such an idea.

14 Sami Zayn

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While he does not have the intimidating look that a lot of the others on this list have, Sami Zayn's in-ring abilities far surpass those of the larger, beast-like wrestlers who take a spot. He also possesses amazing charisma and can work a storyline unlike many wrestlers currently signed to the roster.

That being said, Zayn has more than earned a spot as a contender for an undefeated streak, and when you combine that with how well the Universe would receive the victories, it almost seems ridiculous for WWE not to see the idea through. This guy could wrestle circles around just about anyone who stands in front of him and therefore holds a sense of plausibility when it comes to the thought that he could go months without losing. He would take each win in a very humble manner, which would appeal to the audience's emotions. This is the kind of wrestler that WWE needs to keep on top and what better way than allowing him the chance to defeat anyone on his way there.

13 Cesaro

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Cesaro is a star that has the look of a powerhouse, but yet to see his talents be fully used. We've seen his strength and we admire it every time he gets into a ring; however, WWE doesn't seem to want to do anything all that exciting with him. We're not entirely sure why, but questioning the company's decision-making has become a complete waste of energy on our part. This doesn't take away from the fact that we wish day in and day out that they would utilize Cesaro to the fullest, nor does it settle the disappointment we feel when he, once again, appears in a match we've seen 500 times with no signs of anything interesting on the horizon.

So why not give him an undefeated streak? The streak doesn't have to include a title (even though we would love to see him wearing championship gold again), but it needs to get him out of the rut that WWE has cemented him in and give him a well-deserved push instead. Especially now that he's trying to prove that he's not being held back by his shoulder injury from earlier this year, having him fight his way through the roster in order to do so would be an extremely badass way to prove himself. We also have seen that Cesaro can successfully work just about any angle you give him and an undefeated streak would be no different.

Whether he turns into a cocky and overconfident heel or he stands as a powerfully proud face, it's hard to believe that anything bad could come from Cesaro going on a streak. It's just a matter of making sure that he's not simply going through a bunch of weak wrestlers who are designed to do nothing but put him over (such as they're currently doing with Nia Jax).

12 The Authors of Pain

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There needed to be at least one tag team on this list and the best option would likely be The Authors of Pain. These two superhuman-like wrestlers are beasts both in looks and in the ring, and we could see them demolishing anyone you put in front of them.

As far as tag teams go, these guys are taking the division by storm on NXT. That says a lot because it takes not only two outstanding wrestlers, but two outstanding wrestlers who can work perfectly together in order for a tag team to be successful — which is exactly why we would love to see them with an undefeated streak. If the two of them can work well enough together, then they could easily roll through other tag teams like it's nothing and all it would do is show the pure strength, power, and team work that these two possess.

11 Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe's debut with NXT was met with excitement as well as intrigue and he has definitely delivered ever since. In case you weren't aware, this guy is big. He's also mean and surprisingly agile for someone of his size. We've desired to see him in a WWE ring for years and, now that we've got him, NXT needs to do something huge with him.

We're glad that he currently holds the NXT Championship, but why not push it a bit further? Joe could easily run through any guy who is thrown at him and because of that, he'd be ideal for an undefeated streak. His unforgiving muscle buster shows us the strength and ability he has within the ring, and it's more than enough to put just about anyone out for the count. The storyline would fit him perfectly because of his size and the intimidation factor he has, but his athleticism would take it the extra mile, giving his opponents enough of a reason to shake a bit as they try to overcome that streak. It would make so much sense to see him run with a streak for a while.

10 Charlotte

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Being the daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte has a lot to live up to. We expect so much more from her than we do other wrestlers, but there's also the concern that she's going to be held in the shadow of her father by WWE trying to recreate Ric Flair in the women's division.

There needs to be a balance of her being great while also being her own person, and giving her an undefeated streak could be that balance. In her promos, we hear her bragging about how powerful she is. We also see the physical capabilities that she possesses. Combining that with her brutal heel gimmick would make for an amazing performance and while we might grow to hate her even more, it won't be in the sense that we hate other wrestlers that we actually wish were no longer occupying the roster.

Each victory would be met with boos loud enough to shake the entire arena. Signs expressing our distaste for Charlotte would fill the audience. To put it simply, we would absolutely love to hate her. There isn't an undefeated streak that Ric Flair is known for, so giving that honor to her would feel fresh and new. The women's division in WWE is — without a doubt — better now than it has been in a very long time, so now is the perfect opportunity to do something huge with them. There isn't a question that Charlotte could work that angle nor is there anyone who could argue that she doesn't look like someone who could power through wrestler after wrestler each week until she stands at the top with a smug grin on her lips.

9 Brock Lesnar

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One of the biggest things that Brock Lesnar is known for is the fact that he ended The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania XXX. As much as it still hurts to think about it, the WWE Universe has accepted it and moved forward. Now, Lesnar is known to push the envelope a bit within the WWE and if he's going to do that, then maybe WWE needs to consider taking it even further. He's a heel. Hell, he's a great heel that both excites the audience and disgusts them. He's the silent monster that could end the career of just about anyone in the locker room if they piss him off enough and Paul Heyman is constantly adding the fuel to the already blazing fire within him.

With that being said, if Lesnar were to go on an impressive streak on his own, it would be the perfect chance to really mock The Undertaker by threatening to overtake and outshine The Undertaker's streak. The fans would hate it because we admire and worship the 21 wins in a row more so than anything else that WWE has given us, but we also wouldn't be able to take our eyes off the screen. We would be praying so hard for a loss that we'd hold our breath each and everytime a pin was attempted. We would also be driven by the desire to mock both Brock and Paul the second that the streak is ended and do it in a way that completely humiliates the both of them. Can you honestly say that giving him a streak (not even necessarily a WrestleMania streak) would not make for great TV?

8 Sasha Banks

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We have already touched on why a winning streak would be ideal within the women's division when we discussed Charlotte, but the one woman who could potentially execute it even better would be The Boss, Sasha Banks. She has so much to offer the WWE Universe and she is constantly delivering on that. She may be young, but she wrestles as if she's been in this business longer than half of the wrestlers (regardless of gender) in the locker room.

She works well as a face, but she also owns it as a heel. While she's currently sitting at the top of the women's division with the WWE Women's Championship, it would take it one step further if she ended up with an undefeated streak that really showed us what she is capable of. The main reason why she's higher on this list than her current foe is because while we know she can deliver the wins, to people who are just coming into the world of wrestling, she doesn't necessarily look like she'd be holding a streak. She's tiny and has more of an underdog appearance, so it would become one of those things that we would never be sure of in terms of when it would come to an end. Our attention would be on every second of the match as we tried to analyze the outcome of each one. We would worry about a loss more often and we'd get far more excited each time she successfully bested her opponents. WWE could even run with both Sasha and Charlotte having streaks (if they separate them long enough) only to turn around and do a streak vs streak match at one of the bigger pay-per-views.

7 Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler has been a fan favorite for what feels like ages. He has charisma, talent, and passion; all of which allows us the chance to see the potential that he has within the WWE. While he may not look like the kind of wrestler that would go a major length of time without losing a single match, that is exactly what makes him such a promising candidate.

An undefeated streak would be entirely unexpected and it would also be a crowd-pleaser. This is especially true when he would need to take on an opponent of whom we were sure would have taken the victory and end up besting them in the process. Ziggler would play the role humbly as a face, but it also opens the doors to another heel turn for the wrestler. We know that this guy could perform the story flawlessly, it's just a matter of WWE having enough faith in him in order for it to be successful.

6 Baron Corbin

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Say what you want about Baron Corbin, but the man is a beast. He looks like he could squash anyone and his wrestling has greatly improved, making his ability to squash people that much more believable.

What we like about him so much is that fact that he's not the kind of "beast" that plows through an opponent in less than a minute. He has shown signs of enjoyment when he makes his rivals suffer, which is something that causes fear. He can take a mean beating and while he does sell it during the match, he comes back pretty quickly in order to show the strength and determination he has. That's another fear factor to add to the list.

If the WWE would play even further on that, on his toughness factor alone, it would make a potentially awesome story line. Mix it in with a nice undefeated streak and it could end up being pure gold. His signature move is called The End of Days and to have a move like that be what ultimately adds another tick to the win side of his stats just makes it all the more creatively pleasing.

5 Seth Rollins

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The talent that Seth Rollins possesses is completely undeniable. His agility alone is enough to make us love him (or love to hate him as a heel) and he's definitely earned his spot in the main event for years to come. It seems as if there can never be too much of Rollins, so it makes sense to say that he's likely going to be in the main event spotlight for a while.

While it is a great feeling to know he's going to stay on top for a bit, it's also worrisome because things do tend to get a bit stale when these guys are stuck at the top of the chain. In order to avoid this, WWE has to mix things up and give us something to look forward to each week. This is exactly why Seth Rollins has made it on the list. We know he has the ability to make it work, using the fact that he's a heel to turn an undefeated streak into bragging rights and entitlement. It's something we would enjoy seeing because we would spend each match wondering if he's going to win clean or dirty and how in the world he's going to pull yet another win out of his sleeve.

He'll show desperation when he comes close to losing, but he'll act as if he had it in the bag the entire time. Doing this would make us hate him even more and we definitely wouldn't want to miss the time that he finally loses so that we have the ability to rub it right back in his face. It would be entertaining as hell and it's something that he could pull of better than 90% of the wrestlers currently signed to WWE.

4 Kevin Owens

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As another beastly looking man, Kevin Owens would be another great contender for an undefeated streak. He may not have the typical powerhouse in wrestling look (the one that people like Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have), but he isn't someone you want to come face to face with after you've ticked him off. He's strong, intimidating, and his attitude as a heel sells that just as well as his performance in the ring.

If the WWE were to give his character a reason to be cocky by grating him an undefeated streak, it would make him all the more interesting. He would demolish and torture his opponents and he'd likely tick off a lot of the other wrestlers while he's bragging on the titantron about how nobody can beat him. His victories would be believable. His reaction to his wins would be both over the top, but realistic as well. That's not even to mention the fact that it would be such a good feeling to see one of the newer guys take on such a big push.

3 Dean Ambrose

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The Lunatic Fringe busted out of The Shield and took the singles division by storm. He plays the role of a lunatic so perfectly that it actually has become believable. While that is great on its own, it would be even more amazing to see the craziness become completely unhinged and end up with Ambrose plowing through opponent after opponent with absolutely no regards for anyone's (or even his own) well-being. He may not be the biggest or toughest guy on this list, but he has the ability to become one of the most intimidating because we all know what happens when the crazy train derails.

All those mental factors that hold sane wrestlers back don't exist and the result is a great and rather brutal show (shout out to Mick Foley). Utilizing this in an undefeated streak would be enthralling because in order to beat the streak, a wrestler would have to overcome their own mental stability. Who doesn't want to see that unfold?

2 Finn Bálor

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With the appearance of The Demon King side of him on Raw, the hype surrounding Finn Bálor is immense. The Universe is in love with him and for good reason, given he has an extraordinary skill set and works as hard as he does. Bálor would be amazing when working with an undefeated streak, but it would be even better if his alter ego was the one who became unbeatable.

Think about it: What would be a better way to emphasize the strength and aggression of The Demon King? What would justify him instilling fear into his opponents more than them knowing that he hasn't been beaten yet? WWE had the chance to do something similar to this with Kane in the not so distant past, but they really dropped the ball big time. The successful execution of this idea would highlight how dangerous this other persona is and it would be one of the most interesting storylines that WWE has done in a very long time. This would be especially true if they play it as if Bálor cannot control when The Demon King rears its ugly head.

Regardless of all that, even Finn Bálor as Finn Bálor would play an undefeated streak extremely well, and we're pretty sure that the entire WWE Universe would be thrilled to see it happen.

1 AJ Styles

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Topping off our list is someone who has conquered several of the top wrestling promotions in the world. Hype has followed him through TNA, RoH, New Japan Pro, and is still present now that he's working in the WWE.

He is top star material. He puts on outstanding matches, has an incredible in-ring presence, and mic skills to match. No matter if he's playing the role of a heel or a face, fans love him — and for good reason. If there is one person on this list who would be the perfect choice for an undefeated streak, it's definitely AJ Styles.

His potential within WWE is limitless and he needs to occupy the spotlight in some shape or form. Imagine the opponent for a championship match being announced and Styles' theme song blasts through the speakers as you remember the fact that he hasn't lost a match in several months. The crowd would go nuts and (depending on who he wrestles) it could end up being a match that could qualify as the match of the decade. WWE needs to make this happen. Even if they only base the decision on the fact that there isn't another wrestler in the business like him and probably won't be for a long time to come, we'd be completely okay with that.

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