15 Wrestlers The WWE Will NEVER Bring Back (And The Reason Why)

In many ways WWE is a place where you need to give and take, meaning that you can’t just jump straight into the main event scene without paying your dues. This is something that many superstars often respect, but on the other end of the spectrum, you have some guys and girls who just don’t want to play ball.

Of course that’s not the only reason why they’ve landed themselves on this list, because there’s been a lot of issues over the years when it comes to Vince McMahon not wanting to rehire talent. Triple H is usually the man who puts out the fire, so to speak, but when it comes to these 15 Superstars, we’re not at all confident that they’ll be seen on WWE television anytime soon.

15 CM Punk

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The Voice of the Voiceless isn’t coming back, guys, and it’s about time that we all started to realise that. Everyone knows and loves CM Punk due to his "against the status quo" mentality that he carried with him throughout his WWE tenure, with his exit from the company not going off without a pipe bomb or two as we’d all come to expect.

The lawsuit he was involved in combined with his current relationship with Vince/HHH means that there’s almost no chance of good old Phil Brooks coming back to the squared circle. If he does, then it’s much more likely that he’ll pop up in either Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling, just as he teased in his original 2011 pipe bomb. Sure, it’s farfetched, but we can dream, right?

14 Ryback

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When you put Pre-Show Stopper on your belt ahead of a pay per view match, you’ve all but sealed your fate. The Big Guy, Ryback, hadn’t been happy with his creative direction for quite some time, and his exit probably came nearly a year later than most people were anticipating. It may not have been as brutal as Punk’s, but the aftermath was anything but pleasant.

Ryback has gone out of his way to crap all over the WWE product, blowing up as many bridges as he can in he process. Given his age (36 in November) and the stacked "big superstar" department right now, a return for the former Intercontinental Champion seems unbelievably unlikely.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, really.

13 Muhammad Hassan

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Poor old Muhammad Hassan was just trying to carve out a career for himself in the wrestling business when poor timing completely shelved his plans. After quitting the industry shortly after, it should be no surprise to see his name being featured on this list, although the man himself has hinted at wanting to come back a few times.

WWE, however, surely wouldn’t consider it given that Hassan is already 35 and they would be foolish to bring him back to his old character. If they tried to re-package him, then it could work, but in reality, the hardcore fans would likely just chant his old name at him for weeks on end before he gets released once again.

12 Colt Cabana

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You can copy and paste some of what we put for the Punk entry here, with the whole lawsuit/podcast ordeal likely blacklisting good old Colt from ever appearing on WWE television again. Sure he was backstage at Raw a few months back, but in today’s landscape, seeing indie stars pop up at other shows isn’t all too surprising.

Colt is still one of the kings of the Indies, which is another reason why he probably wouldn’t be considered, and most importantly there just wouldn’t be room for him anymore. Cabana is moving towards the back end of his career and the comedy gimmick on the indies is exactly what he should be doing then, now and forever. Pun fully intended.

11 Mr. Kennedy

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Mr. Kennedy was a HUGE fan favourite during his WWE tenure, with some fans even suggesting that he could be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin. Whilst those kind of comments were obviously ridiculous and should warrant being admitted to a mental institution, he certainly was a unique talent and had a great deal of potential.

Alas, it didn’t last all too long, with Kennedy’s attitude in addition to some of his actions costing him big time. Perhaps if he hadn’t gone to TNA and been embroiled in controversy yet again WWE would’ve considered a return, but those factors in addition to his age make him a superstar who the company just don’t need to take a risk on.

10 Alex Riley

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When it comes to natural talent, Alex Riley had it all. With a solid in-ring work rate, a great look and exceptional mic skills he seemed like the kind of guy who was more than capable of performing in the main event picture. Then, of course, certain issues behind the scenes saw him slip down the card until eventually he was released altogether.

One of the big reasons as to why A-Ry won’t be welcomed back with open arms is John Cena, with the two having an altercation that supposedly led to Riley’s eventual de-push. WWE won’t want to deal with the drama surrounding Alex especially considering that he’s now past his prime, which is a shame given how good the guy really is.

9 Evan Bourne

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Evan Bourne orchestrated his own downfall, and towards the end of his time with World Wrestling Entertainment, it seemed like he was intentionally trying to get himself fired. It was a shame to see this kind of thing unfold, especially considering that Bourne was one of the most promising young high-flyers to come out of the noughties in all of pro wrestling.

It makes sense for WWE to leave history alone though, with Evan’s past injuries and his many drug offences leaving him on the verge of "damaged goods" territory. Sure, he’s a great hand to have around and there’s even evidence to suggest that he could be a big draw, but the man himself left the company with no choice but to avoid all contact.

8 Hornswoggle

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There was a time and a place when Hornswoggle was over with the WWE Universe, with his sporadic appearances creating a lot of excitement amongst the fans in the audience. Unfortunately, those times took place around a decade ago, and in the present day, the 31-year-old is best left to the independent scene where he truly belongs.

The whole little person gimmick has been and gone, with Vince trying to focus on the actual wrestling side of things ahead of character work. He’s proven that he can be a bit of a liability if given a long enough leash, and he must’ve achieved pretty much everything he wanted to during his tenure. After all, nobody could’ve anticipated that he’d be around for as long as he was.

7 Low Ki

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If you ask anyone in the wrestling business they’ll probably tell you that Low Ki, also known as Kaval, isn’t the easiest person to work with. From his attitude to his intimidating presence (no, we aren’t kidding) the veteran always seems to rub people the wrong way and that’s a shame because he’s actually an extremely talented performer.

Referencing TNA alone during his time on NXT was probably enough to write off any future WWE appearances for Low Ki, who was apparently not all too pleasant throughout his time there. Several guys on Raw and SmackDown Live can do what he does, and he has such a pedigree on the indies that it’d seem silly for him to leave again.

6 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto’s issues have been well documented both here and around the world wide web, but for the purposes of this piece, we’ll talk about it once again. In terms of his in-ring work, Del Rio is a world class talent, and the fact that he became a multi-time world champion during such a short period of time in WWE should tell you how great he once was.

Unfortunately that greatness hasn’t been seen in quite some time, and it’s been replaced by a guy who seems to spend more time getting suspended and mouthing off about WWE than anything else. There’s almost no way that the company will decide to put him back on television again, and to be honest, we don’t really feel the need to see him anymore.

5 Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley has proven all his doubters wrong in the last few years, becoming the monster that WWE never knew he could be. Over in Impact Wrestling, the man mountain has been booked to look incredibly strong, with the most important factor behind his success being that he was portrayed as a heel as opposed to a bland babyface.

Unfortunately, Lashley probably won’t see the inside of a WWE ring ever again, but it isn’t because of his advanced age. Instead, it’s probably because Bobby will want to balance his MMA career alongside his pro wrestling work, and that kind of thing will never work out with Vince. Unless your name is Brock Lesnar, you don’t get to multitask.


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Remember when MVP was the golden boy and looked set to rise to the very top of professional wrestling? That was over ten years ago now, and looking back we question whether or not WWE ever fully believed that he would reach his potential. Sure he had all the tools, but they never really maintained his push for an extended period of time.

The man himself seems to be extremely content with his life right now, with a bit of a "can’t be bothered" attitude towards most of his work. WWE can probably sense that kind of lethargic nature and whilst that may be a harsh word to use, at 43 years old you can’t really blame the guy for wanting to take a step back.

3 Mistico (Original Sin Cara)

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For those of you scratching your heads and asking "who?" we are indeed referring to the one and only (not really) Sin Cara. Yes, we know that he’s still technically employed, but the man donning the mask right now is not the original owner of the gimmick and instead, the first Sin Cara was a man who was tipped to become a global superstar.

It didn’t work out all too well with Mistico being reluctant to alter his style all too much, which ended up costing him big time in the ring with botch after botch completely derailing his WWE career. Vince doesn’t tend to go back to failed pet projects, and the Mexican sensation will likely never be welcomed back through the doors.

2 Sunny

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Sunny is regarded as the original diva by fans all around the globe, and in many respects, that’s a true statement. She was a trail blazer for the women of today and whilst she wasn’t exactly an in-ring maverick, her role as an inspirational "valet" set the precedent for all future evolutions of women in the world of professional wrestling.

But we all know that WWE wouldn’t even entertain the idea of having her back, mainly because of her many problems outside of the business that have left her walking in and out of rehab more times than we can count. The company are happy to give her the help she requires but when it comes to a full-time job, it seems extremely unlikely.

1 Eva Marie

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Wrestling’s first love Eva Marie has officially left World Wrestling Entertainment, and it’s actually quite disappointing to see her go. Yes, she wasn’t the best performer in the world but she had something in her arsenal that few others had, and that was the ability to draw more heat than anyone on the roster – including Roman Reigns.

At the age of 32, it seems like this "experiment" is well and truly over, with Vince probably choosing to move on now despite initially putting everything he had into making her a household name. With new black hair and a potential acting career ahead of her, there probably won’t be many wrestling rings in the future of Miss All Red Everything.

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