15 Wrestlers Triple H Hated: Where Are They Now?

Triple H is now one of the most powerful people in the wrestling business today due to his title as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative in WWE. The fact that Triple H is getting ready to eventually succeed Vince McMahon as the person running the show along with sharing business responsibilities with wife Stephanie McMahon has his profile higher than ever. However, it isn’t the first time Triple H has had power in WWE. The romance with Stephanie along with his close relationship with Vince has afforded Triple H the ability to call his own shots.

Many other wrestlers have been victims of the wrath of Triple H. Former wrestling/current radio personality Taz has discussed the difference in working with Triple H as a talent against working with Triple H as an employee. Triple H apparently held his cutthroat attitude towards his fellow peers when trying to be the biggest star in the company. The legend has eased up in recent years, giving more back in hopes of getting over new stars.

We'll take a look at the history of wrestlers to see the dark side of Triple H through politics and backstabbing. Some saw their careers fall apart; others remained huge stars and a couple actually made peace with their former enemy. These are fifteen stories that take a look at what various wrestlers Triple H once hated are doing today.

14 CM Punk: UFC

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The hatred between Triple H and CM Punk became one of the biggest wrestling stories over the past decade. It became common knowledge right away with reports of Triple H making fun of Punk behind his back in the locker room when Punk wrestled dark matches. Both men were polar opposites in every stretch imaginable causing more friction when they started working together.

Punk holds Triple H responsible for a lot lies sold to him by WWE leading to the relationship ending. The heated promos between the two was for television but showed the underlying disdain they held for each other. Punk choosing to leave WWE had a lot to do with Triple H’s treatment of him. Many fans are still holding out hope Punk returns to WWE, but it appears he's content attempting to continue his UFC career along with other projects away from Triple H.

13 Rob Van Dam: Free Agent

The popularity of Rob Van Dam in his first few WWE years was highly impressive. Fans loved the unique style of RVD following his move from ECW to the big leagues. It made things even more perplexing when WWE refused to make him a World Champion until many years later. Triple H apparently is the reason for the people making decisions to sour on the idea of Van Dam being a top star.

A huge error in judgment came when RVD lost to Triple H at the height of his popularity instead of getting the perfectly timed win. Van Dam accidentally injured Triple H during a dangerous spot in the first Elimination Chamber match that made things even worse between the two. RVD has stated that Triple H always presented a weird vibe of hostility towards him. The current life of Van Dam shows it was all worth it as he lives off his WWE wealth along with the occasional independent wrestling booking.

12 The Rock: Mega Hollywood Star 


The Rock would be a very popular answer when asked who Triple H’s greatest rival truly was. Both were young stars trying to make a name at the same time and their pushes to the top of WWE organically mimicked each other. Rock and Triple H had classic matches and feuds through each stage of their career but they didn’t get along.

Bret Hart has confirmed that Triple H hated Rock and tried to use Shawn Michaels’ backstage power to hurt his career. Triple H took shots at Rock in interviews for years when he first left WWE for the acting career. Today, they have made peace and are now good friends that do business together. The fact that they no longer compete against each other takes away the edge.

We all know how things worked out for Rock as arguably the biggest actor in the world and a potential future candidate to become the next President of United States.

11 Kassius Ohno: Back in NXT

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One of the NXT wrestlers to have a tough time working under the tutelage of Triple H during the early days of the developmental brand was Kassius Ohno. The talented independent wrestling legend formerly known as Chris Hero just couldn’t figure out how to move up the card. Many of his peers like Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and Cesaro all thrived on the main roster while he struggled to get NXT time.

Rumors circulated that Triple H was the one to dislike the work of Ohno leading to his release. Ohno worked extremely hard on the independent circuit following the release to become a top tier name. Triple H proved he believes in second chances and made the decision to re-sign Ohno earlier this year. We can only hope Triple H’s opinion has changed and Ohno will get the chance to thrive in NXT today.

11. Paul London: Lucha Underground Producer

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We witnessed a very public moment of Triple H showing his dislike of another wrestler involving the tag team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The segment on Raw featured three heals beating down Triple H until the face tag team saved him to even the odds. Triple H naturally responded by hitting the Pedigree on both London and Kendrick to make them look like complete fools.

Kendrick did not express as much anger as London in the years following this incident. London trashed Triple H for treating him poorly backstage along with the Pedigree that doomed his career. Kendrick found his way back to WWE, but London continues to hold the grudge. London has stated he'll never work for WWE again and is content with his current job as a producer in Lucha Underground.

10 Daniel Bryan: SmackDown General Manager

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The WWE career of Daniel Bryan started right around the time frame of Triple H’s transition from wrestler to executive. Triple H however was not a fan of Bryan and rumored to be a huge reason WWE was hesitant towards pushing him in the main event picture. Bryan’s smaller size and untraditional look for a top star influenced Triple H in wanting the company to push others over him.

Going further back, Triple H took shots at Bryan before the latter even signed with WWE for calling himself the “best wrestler in the world” as his independent wrestling character. Bryan has referenced not getting along with Triple H due to a difference in philosophies. Both are on better terms today as Triple H grew to accept new styles and looks of wrestlers. Bryan still works with WWE weekly as the SmackDown General Manager but is still hoping to return to the ring.

9 The Miz: WWE Superstar 

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Another WWE performer to feel the wrath of Triple H during his transition was The Miz. Most veterans in WWE hated Miz during the early portion of his career. Miz entering WWE following a career in reality television made him a target. The Undertaker, Chris Benoit and others banned him from getting changed in the locker room after he was caught eating fried chicken over the gym bag of another co-worker.

Triple H apparently had the same feelings of Miz leading to a few snide comments in interviews through the years. At one point following Miz’s WWE Championship reign ending, Triple H appeared in a segment just hitting a Pedigree on Miz and walking away. This kind of action was typically only done to enhancement talents. Miz luckily overcame all the negativity and is back as a relevant top heel in WWE. Triple H speaks highly of him today when referenced in interviews which is a drastic change.

8 Ken Shamrock: MMA

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Former WWE star Ken Shamrock has been out of the company since leaving towards the end of the Attitude Era. Shamrock received a noteworthy push during WWE’s hottest time period. It's odd that the company has never brought him back for any returns, appearance or interviews on documentaries. Shamrock claimed this is all due to the hatred Triple H holds for him.

Triple H was one of the heels that frequently had to put over Shamrock during the latter’s push as one of the top new faces. Shamrock claims Triple H never liked him due to this leading to the two always having tension. Sadly, life isn't as fun for Shamrock these days as he's still desperately trying to hold onto his MMA legacy. Shamrock wants to continue fighting for Bellator at the age 53.

7 Ultimate Warrior: Passed Away 

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One of the strangest twists involving Triple H and a former hated wrestler revolves around the story of Ultimate Warrior. Triple H trashed Warrior in various WWE productions due to Warrior burying him at WrestleMania XII in a match that only lasted under two minutes. Warrior refusing to give Triple H any offense and being an overall pain to work with made the two exchange insults publicly for years.

Triple H started to put business above his ego during his move into an executive position. It shocked the wrestling world to find out that Triple H somehow convinced Warrior to end his long war with WWE by returning for the 2014 Hall of Fame. Warrior became part of the WWE family again thanks to Triple H, he passed away a few days after the induction. The family of Warrior now works with WWE and his legacy was saved thanks to making peace through Triple H.

6 Alberto Del Rio: TNA

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Alberto Del Rio has left WWE through ugly departures twice in recent years. Both situations have ended with him trashing Triple H in interviews. Del Rio claims Vince McMahon was his biggest supporter, but Triple H always tried to bury him backstage. The most recent breakup between WWE and Del Rio came following the company being unhappy about his relationship with Paige.

According to Alberto, Triple H is the one that hated the idea of them dating and tried to make them miserable. Del Rio is long gone from WWE yet still delivers harsh insults towards Triple H any chance he gets. The current career path of Del Rio has him wrestling all over the world with TNA being his main home. It's a long fall from grace and Alberto going this hard after Triple H will ruin any chances of him returning to WWE again.

5 Scott Steiner: TNA

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Scott Steiner is a wrestler that certainly doesn’t care about burning bridges. WWE learned this back in 2002-2003 when signing him a year to huge fanfare. Steiner thrived in the final years of WCW as one of the final big stars the company made. WWE had to wait a year to bring him in once his prior contract ended. Steiner was placed into a World Title feud with Triple H right away as a good sign of things to come.

It however ended up being the worst possible thing for his career. Steiner and Triple H had zero chemistry leading to all-time horrible PPV matches. The two developed a dislike for each other in the process of delivering stinkers. Steiner would lose all of his momentum and fade in obscurity before WWE fired him. The interviews of Steiner today sees him curse out Triple H and WWE holding onto the grudge. TNA currently employs Steiner as a wrestler in addition to his daily work running a Shoney’s restaurant. Also, in a peculiar twist, Steiner is being featured in a new Spanish film - no folks, this is not a rib!

4 Chris Jericho: Part-time WWE Star/Musician

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Chris Jericho coming to WWE helped make him a wrestling legend, but his first few years weren’t without drama. Many WWE stars disliked Jericho due to his WCW ties. Triple H and D-Generation X specifically targeted Jericho with insults on a weekly basis. Jericho shared details in his second autobiography about how much he and Triple H disliked each other on a personal level.

The genuine dislike the two held for each other actually helped their rivalry come off as realistic on television. Through the years, Jericho and Triple H have made peace with Jericho coming in and out of the company. Jericho’s selfless nature in putting over young talent and Triple H trying to set up the future of the company each likely helped understand the other today. Following another successful stint in WWE, Jericho is taking some time off to tour with his band Fozzy but is expected to return to the ring.

3 Kurt Angle: Raw General Manager

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Similar to Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle entered WWE during the highly competitive nature of the Attitude Era. Angle fit in quickly becoming the WWE Champion within his first year in the company instantly getting a top heel spot. Triple H and Angle worked together numerous times in that time period. Despite doing great work together, Triple H apparently didn’t like Angle.

One of the hottest rumors of the time featured Triple H refusing to allow WWE’s storyline ending of Stephanie McMahon leaving him for Kurt to end their love triangle. Triple H claimed no one would find it believable and WWE changed plans. Angle had harsh words for Triple H when he left the company back in 2006. The fences have been mended since then with Angle coming back to WWE for the 2017 Hall of Fame and now the spot as Raw General Manager. There are rumblings that Angle’s return match will eventually take place against Triple H.

2 Bret Hart: Happily retired

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The drama between Triple H and Bret Hart started due to Triple H’s friendship with Shawn Michaels. Hart and Michaels had one of the most intense backstage rivalries in WWE history. Triple H’s close relationship with Michaels made him loathe Hart by association. History has revealed that Triple H was the one to suggest the idea of the Montreal Screwjob to Michaels and Vince McMahon.

Hart and Triple H would take shots at each other through the years after Bret left the company. They have a cordial relationship now that Hart has returned to the WWE family. Hart even appeared at NXT in the corner of Natalya after Triple H had the idea for her match against Charlotte Flair. However, Bret still holds a grudge against Triple H with various insults thrown in interviews. Hart doesn’t have anything to lose as he's retired spending his life at home with his wrestling days long behind him.

1 Goldberg: Semi-Retired

Triple H hated Goldberg before the two even worked together. During the Monday Night Wars, Triple H made several insulting comments towards Goldberg. One specifically stood out on the Tough Enough reality show when Triple H trashed the aspiring wrestlers for having a Goldberg poster on the wall. Triple H claimed Goldberg had zero passion or respect for the wrestling business.

Fate would put Triple H and Goldberg against each other in a feud when the latter finally joined WWE in 2003. They had horrible matches and Goldberg claimed Triple H tried to hurt his career by sabotaging his unbeatable character. Goldberg trashed Triple H for years after the departure blaming him for the bitter ending. That was until WWE worked towards a return for Goldberg over the past year. Goldberg was given a run with the Universal Championship heading into WrestleMania 33 and all appears to be forgiven.

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