15 Wrestlers Who Absolutely HATE Meet And Greets

Pro-wrestling is without a doubt one of the toughest and most grueling businesses around. Not only does wrestling severely wear one's body down, but dealing with the media and everything else involved can be quite tedious and frustrating. This is especially true for current and even former WWE Superstars. As their name "superstar" entails, these wrestlers are the guys and gals that are in the public eye, and they are the ones who are responsible for representing the WWE and its brand. When one decides to become apart of the WWE or any other large Pro-wrestling promotion, one needs to be aware that their job will entail a whole lot more than just wrestling in front of live crowds in the thousands as well as the millions of fans watching worldwide. One of the biggest responsibilities for any famous wrestler is to represent the company in a positive way (doing interviews etc.) as well as meeting their legions of fans. This is what many of us fans call "meet and greets".

Although the majority of wrestlers love meeting their fans, some wrestlers however, have proven over time that they would rather stay away from this side of the business. These are those guys and gals that obviously overlooked this very important side of the Pro-wrestling before they started their careers. Even though almost all wrestlers take part in these "meet and greets", some have come across as arrogant, disrespectful and rude to their fans, or just plain ungrateful for their fans' time and affection.

Although few wrestlers every blatantly say "I hate meet and greets", as we all know, actions speak louder than words and for these wrestlers on this list, their actions showed that they hated taking part in these sessions and wanted nothing to do with them. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 Wrestlers who absolutely HATE meet and greets. Alright with that said, let's begin the list.

15 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan is undoubtedly one of the WWE's biggest icons of all time. Hulk Hogan is known by every wrestling fan in the world and as you would expect, The Hulkster has a plethora of fans that chomped (and still chomp) at the bit to meet their wrestling idol. Despite having the image of the traditional goody good superhero face character when he was wrestling for the WWE, Hulk Hogan took on a completely different attitude and demeanor when the cameras were off of him and when he would take part in these meet and greets. Many fans over the years have claimed that Hulk Hogan came across as blatantly rude and ungrateful to many of his supporters that came out to meet him (especially to those fans that didn't have or bring the dough to shell out).

Hulk Hogan charges good money for fans who want autographs and pictures which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. To the paying fans, you'll see a glimmer of the Hulk Hogan superhero that appeared on WWE television in the 80's, but for those fans that wanted to get an autograph or have their picture taken with The Hulkster and had not brought the sufficient dinero, you can expect to have seen a completely different guy, and one who would have had security escort you away. Hulk Hogan would hate meet and greets if they were only about meeting the fans and having real, genuine interaction with his supporters without monetary gain. But since Hulk Hogan rakes in the dough from them, he's all for meet and greets.

14 Lita

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Lita is undoubtedly one of the most popular WWE Women's division wrestlers of all time. She has accomplished all there is to accomplish including being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame just a couple of years ago. However, despite her impressive resume, Lita's ego may have been inflated in the process. Now don't get me wrong, Lita is far from the rudest wrestler, but there have been occasions where Lita came across as a bit rude and in a hurry at meet and greets. Although she was never known to curse at fans, Lita was never one to really interact with the fans she'd meet.

Lita made her meet and greets similar to that of a "conveyor belt" where fans would show up, get their autograph or picture and leave so the next fan could get theirs. Again, not the worst, but it seems like Lita isn't a huge fan of meet and greets and would rather not be apart of them if she had the choice. Now a days though, Lita is much friendlier at meet and greets with fans, but back when she was wrestling, Lita came across almost like a real-life heel as she was pretty abrupt, occasionally rude with fans and at times, had the mannerisms and attitude that she was too cool for this.

13 Ted DiBiase 

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Ted Dibiase Sr. is a former wrestler and current WWE Hall Of Famer who has come across as fairly abrupt and rude to fans in the past at various meet and greet sessions. Although few fans have ever mentioned that Dibiase cussed them out at meet and greets, many over the years have mentioned that Ted made fun of various fans with his "heelish" tactics. Some say his mannerisms and attitude were just stemming from his in-ring character, but some also claimed that he was just being plain rude.

Another thing you should note is that most of these stories stem from his days as an active WWE wrestler. These days, Ted Dibiase Sr. comes across as a friendly guy who likes to meet and greet with his fans and someone who doesn't mind taking photos or signing autographs. However, back when he was wrestling, Ted Dibiase kept "kayfabe" by embarrassing various fans as well as keeping the attitude that if you don't have the green, you won't be getting any (or very much) of Dibiase's time.

12 Brock Lesnar

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"The Beast" Brock Lesnar is without a doubt, NOT the type of wrestler that loves to mingle and interact with his fans. Lesnar is the kind of guy that does his job, gets his paycheck, and gets the you know what out of there. Brock Lesnar has stated on multiple occasions that wrestling to him is just a job, and that he clocks in when he gets there and as soon as he is done his job for the night, he clocks out. Since Lesnar is positioned so high up on the card, he has a huge fan-base as a result. Many fans wish to meet "The Beast Incarnate" in person, but that is definitely something to do with caution.

The last thing Brock Lesnar wants to take part in is meet and greets which entails tons of screaming fans who seek to get his autograph and a picture with him. Brock Lesnar only attends these meet and greets because the WWE requires him to. As you would expect, Brock couldn't look more miserable at these events. Brock Lesnar comes across as a rude and mean dude who wants no part in meeting his supporters. Brock Lesnar has even refused to give fans his autograph and he has also refused to allow fans to take a picture with him, both of which have happened on multiple occasions. The last person I would ever want to meet in person is Brock Lesnar, a guy who could snap at any given second and scare someone half to death.

11 Billy Gunn

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Billy Gunn, as a former member of DX, was a very popular star back in his heyday (Attitude Era). Being apart of a very edgy storyline only added to his popularity. As a result, Billy Gunn has attended countless numbers of meet and greets over the years. Now, if you have seen clips of Billy Gunn behind the scenes or in public, Gunn comes across as a bit "rough around the edges" to say the least. Although everyone has their bad days, it seems like it's a fairly consistent pattern for Billy Gunn.

Many fans over the years have mentioned that Billy Gunn was very rude to those who approached him during meet and greet signings. Not only is Billy Gunn ungrateful for his plethora of fans that travel (sometimes very far distances) for their opportunity to meet one of their favorite stars, but there have been multiple occasions when Billy Gunn would even shout "f**k off" to fans for absolutely no reason besides getting some pent up anger off his chest. Also, if a fan approaches Billy Gunn without sufficient dinero, don't expect any time from "Mr. Ass" and ironically, his wrestling nickname quite suits his personality outside the squared circle. Approach with caution!

10 CM Punk

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CM Punk is one of the WWE's most popular superstars in history. His fan-base is absolutely huge, hence why fans are still chanting "CM Punk" during shows to this day despite Punk leaving the company way back in early 2014. With his immense popularity, comes tons and tons of fans wanting to meet their wrestling idol. As a result, CM Punk has attended countless meet and greets. For Punk, fans experiences and impressions with him vary greatly. Some fans say he was friendly and cool with them, and some other fans say meeting CM Punk was one of their worst experiences as far as meeting wrestlers go.

Judging by his attitude towards the WWE and by his interactions with the fans, I think it's safe to say that CM Punk is a very moody person who can be nice to some, and then completely rude to others. There have been other occasions besides meet and greets where CM Punk got into kerfuffles with fans, like that time at an airport in 2012 where Punk turned down a fans request for an autograph and CM Punk actually ended up throwing the fans autograph book into a garbage can after getting irritated. I think it's clear that CM Punk is not a huge fan of meet and greets or fan interactions in general, and his actions certainly reflect on that.

9 Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash, also know as Diesel and Big Daddy Cool, is a guy that many fans over the years have claimed to be quite arrogant, sometimes rude, and argumentative towards his fans on various platforms. Besides occasionally engaging in (hilarious) arguments with fans on his Twitter account, Kevin Nash makes a habit of picking on his fans in person at various meet and greets. Although Nash doesn't cuss fans out too often, Kevin Nash is definitely one to poke fun at his supporters for his own (and his peers) amusement.

The guy still acts like a bit of a teenager which is why many fans throughout the years have complained about their experiences with the big man. Kevin Nash has always had that I don't care attitude and I'm sure he had and still has no problem poking fun at his paying fans. If there wasn't money involved in meet and greets or anything of that nature, I would willingly bet that Kevin Nash would be the first man out of the building. Nash just comes across as someone who is very self-conceited, and if there was no money to be made, I don't see any reason why Nash would take part in these events. Kevin Nash's attitude and his actions towards his supporters have shown that he doesn't really care all too much for his fans affection or time.

8 Batista

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"The Animal" Batista has come across as a guy who can be very outspoken and not only that, as well, having a fairly rough around the edges personality to say the least. During his stint in the WWE, Batista was one of the company's largest and most popular superstars hence why he had so many fans eager to meet him whenever the opportunity arose. Over the years, many fans have said meeting Batista was a great experience, but on the flip-side of the same coin, many fans have also said meeting Batista was a very bad experience.

With a fan base the size of Batista's, I'm sure it can become quite tedious after sitting in a chair for hours on end meeting fan after fan trying to seem fresh and energetic with each one. I think in Batista's case, he is not the biggest fan of meet and greets for that reason alone. Batista has also mentioned on multiple occasions that he is a bit shy, and I would willingly bet that Batista only took part in all of his countless signings because the WWE made him attend them for good PR. As well, Batista seems like an individual who can be nice to fans for a while, but once tired, would unleash his "Animal" side and wouldn't be the most pleasant person to be around, hence why some say their experiences meeting Batista were great, and why some said they were bad.

7 Sasha Banks

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"The Boss" Sasha Banks is one of the WWE's current and most popular Women's division wrestlers, and as a result, she has a very large and active fan-base. With a large and active fan-base, comes a substantial number of her supporters wanting to get a piece of her and one on one time and attention. Over the past few years, there have been various occasions where Sasha Banks would get irritated and downright angry when fans would approach her at the airport. Although these aren't official "meet and greets", it still shows Sasha's not a huge fan of meeting her fans, especially if the meet and greet is not organized by the WWE or if there is nothing in it for her herself.

As you may be aware, it also seems like Sasha Banks has a fairly large ego. As you may recall on various interviews, Banks has mentioned that she's one of the best of all time (not just as a Women's division wrestler) and that she's a trailblazer and although these points are true to some degree, it's still really premature for her to be talking like this. Her career has just begun so her attitude and behavior comes across as arrogant, similar to that of a young Shawn Michaels. As you would expect, Sasha Banks has the attitude I'm above this or better than. She takes part in official meet and greets because the WWE asks her to, but if she had a choice, I'm sure she wouldn't take part in many of them because at this point, it's all about her, not so much the fans.

6 Ric Flair

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Ric Flair is one of Pro-wrestlings biggest stars, as he has won the World Heavyweight Championship on 16 occasions as well as having one of the most illustrious careers of all time. As you are likely aware, Ric Flair had an ego and attitude to match all of his successes. Back in his heyday, Flair was all about the money, the fame and of course, himself and expanding his already massive ego. As you would expect, Ric Flair was not a very pleasant guy to interact with at various meet and greet sessions during his wrestling years. With a fan-base as huge as he had, Flair saw no reason to be too engaged with his followers.

Like others, he handled the meet and greets as a conveyor belt with a fan shelling out their money, getting their autograph or picture and leaving so the next "Nature Boy" fan could get theirs. Meet and greets were merely opportunities for Flair to flaunt his status and to rake in the dough from all of his supporters. Had meet and greet sessions been without any form of monetary gain, Flair would have had absolutely nothing to do with them. During his wrestling years, Flair was in the "all about me" stage of life and all he concerned himself with was lining his pockets with cash and showing off. Flair hated meet and greets for the sole reason of just meeting his legions of fans and supporters.

5 Seth Rollins

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"The Architect" Seth Rollins is by far one of the WWE's most popular superstars on the RAW brand. Since becoming a main-event caliber talent a couple of years ago, Seth Rollin's popularity has continuously skyrocketed each month. As a result, Rollins has a plethora of fans who would do anything to meet their favorite superstar. Since Seth Rollins is positioned as one of the company's top stars, the WWE makes Seth attend many meet and greet sessions considering his fan-base size. If you hadn't already known, Seth Rollins comes across as someone who thinks he's all that and just someone who acts arrogant and full of himself, similar to how Shawn Michaels acted early on in his illustrious career.

Although Rollins isn't the worst when it comes to meet and greets, it's fairly clear that he would rather not take part in them if he had the choice. Since the WWE needs Seth Rollins to take part in these fan-favorite events for good PR and to satisfy his supporters, Rollins does so, but not always with a smile on his face. Rollins sometimes comes across as rude to his fans and acts as if he is above them. Also, you would definitely not want to meet Rollins at any place not organized by the WWE. At the the WWE organized events, Seth tries to be on his best behavior but that cannot be said for when fans meet him at the airport. Expect to meet a guy who wants absolutely nothing to do with taking pictures or signing autographs.

4 Bret Hart

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Bret Hart is not the worst when it comes to meet and greets, but he's definitely no sweetheart either, especially back during his active wrestling years in the 80's and 90's. Now a days, Bret comes across as a real genuinely nice guy who has no problem meeting with his fan-base and engaging with them. The same cannot be said back in his heyday. Bret Hart definitely had a very large ego when he was positioned as the company's top star and he came across as a bit of an egomaniac. As a result, Bret Hart was not too fond of long meet and greet sessions, and he would've loved it if he hadn't needed to take part in them.

Of course, since Bret Hart was a huge star back them, he raked in the cash from these events so I'm sure he didn't find it too hard to put up with them. Despite being widely considered one of, if not the greatest professional wrestler of all time, his attitude and arrogance turned off quite a few fans in the process. Bret Hart knew he was the best and he made damn sure everyone else knew it too. Bret Hart has also said on multiple occasions that he was a shier guy to begin with, so being front and center at these meet and greets (considering he was one of the most popular stars then) must not have been his cup of tee to begin with.

3 Randy Orton

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"The Viper" Randy Orton is one of the WWE's most established and successful wrestlers in history. Orton has done it all in the business and after being one of the key stars of the show for over a decade, you can see why his fan following is one of the absolute largest and most diverse. Thousands of fans dream to meet Randy in real-life and when these meet and greets come up, fans hesitate little to jump at the opportunity. However, as you are probably aware, Randy Orton was definitely a jerk and a goof-ball during his earlier years. Orton just came across as a total jackass if we're going to be honest here.

As you would expect, meeting Randy Orton, especially back then, was a far from pleasant experience. He acted arrogant towards his fans and he simply treated them with disrespect. The last place Randy Orton would have wanted to be was at a meet and greet session. He carried the attitude that he was superior than everyone else and thought events such as meeting his supporters, was beneath him. However, with time, Randy Orton has toned down a bit and he is now more willing to meet his fans with a better attitude but still, be aware, I would definitely not suggest meeting or approaching Randy anywhere else besides WWE organized events because there's a good chance you'll see the real "Viper".

2 Ryback

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"The Big Guy" Ryback, is a former WWE and current Independent wrestler who many have said over the years, comes across as someone who doesn't like being apart of meet and greet sessions. Ryback is not a very outspoken guy like a Scott Steiner, but there have been occasions when Ryback would be very abrupt with fans and many thought as if he had the I'm above this attitude. It's pretty easy to tell if someone enjoys meeting their fans, and for Ryback, his interactions (at least while he was in the WWE) came across as a bit forced, and he seemed like someone who only took part in them because the WWE told him to.

Some have even mentioned that Ryback's dislike for meeting the fans and generating good publicity for the WWE were some of the reasons why he never received any sustained pushes. There has even been an occasion where Ryback declined to take a short fun video with a Youtuber by the name of GrimsToyShow, and it came across as rude and uncalled for. I think it's safe to say that Ryback's attitude regarding the meeting and greeting of fans during his WWE stint was definitely far from the greatest and I believe it played a part in why his ceiling in the company was much lower than it could have been.

1 Shawn Michaels

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"The Showstopper" Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and as a result, Shawn has an absolutely huge fan-base, especially back when he was an active member of the WWE roster. Even today as a retired wrestler, he still has a huge following. Despite widely being considered one of the greatest of all time and a true wrestling icon, that doesn't take away from the fact that Shawn had an absolutely huge, inflated ego back in the day. Not only that, but Michaels was also a very difficult person to get along with and be around, and many former wrestler and even Vince McMahon himself can attest to those facts.

Not only was "The Heartbreak Kid" disrespectful to his peers, but HBK was also just as bad to his fan-base. Shawn Michaels had the attitude that he was better than everyone else and as a result, he angered a plethora of his fans. Shawn didn't attend meet and greets for pure reasons, he attended them because there was more money to be made, and he also got enjoyment out of strutting around and showing off. Although Shawn Michaels is a changed man now a days who genuinely appreciates his fans, that doesn't change the fact that back in his day, it was all about Shawn Michaels, and seeing what he could gain from a situation was all that mattered to him. Shawn would have never attended meet and greets if there was nothing in it for himself.

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