15 Wrestlers Who Accidentally Flashed On Camera

Speed, power, skill, and showmanship are the God-given talents that people who enter the world of wrestling needed to have. At least, those are the only ones you will see in the description of the sport or in the words of somebody who is trying to bring a somewhat conservative person into the realm of wrestling fans. But one thing that wrestlers needed to have in order to survive in the industry other than skill and the other factors we mentioned, is a high bar of tolerance for gratuitous nudity and wardrobe malfunctions.

If you have followed wrestling for some time now, it is impossible for you to say you have never witnessed a moment in wrestling where you saw some sort of exposed genitalia or the everyday nip slip on the ring. While a lot of these explicit moments during fights and promotions are very much scripted, there are some instances in which the fans get some off-the-script action nobody was expecting. And aren’t those the special moments?

From the grace of a diva trying to climb into the ring and somebody pulling down her undergarments, to the brutality of somebody having their genitalia exposed by a ridiculously powerful move, wardrobe malfunctions are a God-given gift to wrestling fans. And since we are in the business of reminding you of those little gems fans have enjoyed throughout the history of wrestling, we have separated a list of 15 wrestlers who accidentally flashed on camera for your enjoyment.

Cough, cough… You are welcome, people.

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15 Dawn Marie

via scoopnest.com

During her illustrious career with the WWE, Dawn Marie had her share of intentional wardrobe malfunctions and nudity, but there was one time in which she didn’t seem to have planned to have her private parts as exposed as they were.

In her defense, this was one of the most graceful wardrobe malfunctions in the history of the sport. It seemed so natural when after performing a move, Torrie Wilson simply pulled down Dawn’s leopard-print pants, which tore off ridiculously easy. With that, the fans got a nice and long shot of Dawn trying to fix what had happened but ultimately failing to correct the problem and having to finish the fight with her ass exposed. One thing is for certain, none of the fans inside that arena complained even for a second.

14 Rosa Mendes

via youtube.com

In a very similar manner to the entry above, Rosa Mendes had a problem with the bottom part of her attire. And the similarities don’t stop there as her wardrobe malfunction happened because of another wrestler. On the other hand, this was very much an intentional, and cheap, shot by her opponent as opposed to the sweet casualty of Torrie Wilson’s move on Dawn Marie. And while we are mentioning cheap shots, this is one move that should indeed be banned from wrestling. Sure, the fans had a blast when it happened and every time that they watched it again on Youtube. Still, this was a dangerous maneuver. Most, if not all, of the injuries in wrestling happen because of moves that fighters are not expecting and ultimately cannot defend themselves from a dangerous and unexpected fall.

13 Brie Bella

via youtube.com

When we talk about accidental flashes or wardrobe malfunctions, people expect to see some action. They think about somebody trying to do a crazy suplex and having part of their clothes torn off or an opponent pulling down their pants or something along those lines. Those are the usual suspects when we talk about wrestling wardrobe malfunctions. However, this classic accidental flash from Brie Bella happened while there was no action going on. Brie was just sitting down, clapping at something when an opportunist WWE camera caught one of her assets hanging out of her dress.

This is sure not the kind of wardrobe malfunction that would have happened if she was wearing any of her wrestling attires, but since it did happen in a ring and WWE fans got a chance to cheer for that, we thought it would be a good addition to this list.

12 Stephanie Mcmahon

via pinterest.com

The boss’s daughter sure has had her share of wardrobe malfunctions happening to her as well as of causing other people to flash on camera accidentally. This one particular moment from when she was fighting Triple H, however, sure was one that wrestling fans would never forget. Not only had he caught her and was about to apply his signature move on Stephanie McMahon, but Triple H also managed to get her in a position that resulted in her top slipping and one of her boobs popping out. And the hilarious part is that before Triple H managed to lock in the move, Steph was desperately trying to fix the problem. Yeah, folks, this was definitely one of Triple H’s greatest hits. Did we mention that he did that to his boss’s daughter?

11 Jacqueline

via network.wwe.com

This was arguably one of the most notorious moments of nudity in the history of the WWE. The promotion might try to pass it out as an accident, but common sense says that it was very much an intentional wardrobe malfunction. Nevertheless, this was so high profile and hilarious that we could not leave it out of this list. The fight itself was already over after Jacqueline and Christian were defeated by Sable and her partner Marc Mero, but an “unhappy” Jacqueline decided to take out her anger on the referee and went after him. The rest, as they say, is history. The guy lifted the Diva and then, in a move that only she could pull off, Sable rushed behind the two and tore off Jacqueline’s top. The crowd went wild.

10 Aksana

via radikal.ru

We love our divas, but sometimes even the most hardcore of wrestling fans have to ask: why?

There are some clothes the Divas wear that are so ridiculous it seems almost like the WWE wants the occasional flash to happen. Well, they probably do. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, if you have one of these flashes every week it is going to keep a good deal fans coming back and waiting for the next one. But that is beside the point.

We all know that Aksana’s gear looks pretty awesome even in comparison to most of her opponents. But one thing that it also has more than her opponents' clothes is that it is more prone to wardrobe malfunctions than it would first seem. Just ask Layla, who in a Raw match decided to take a tug too hard on Aksana’s leg and ended up getting a face full of her butt.

9 Shawn Michaels

via foxsports.com

Shawn Michaels is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. You don’t get to the Wrestling Hall of Fame without paying your dues. You don’t become the first WWF Grand Slam Champion without talent, and you don’t win a Triple Crown without skill and the crowd backing you. Michaels has had all of those during his career. He could pretty much swim in his accolades at this point. But in every decorated career there is a little shameful spot that someone would like their fans to forget.

In the case of Shawn Michaels, there are almost too many of those. It is almost hard to believe that these days Michaels is a devout religious. But let us not forget that at some point in the late 90s, wrestling fans had gotten more used to looking at Shawn Michaels’ ass then the Divas’s.

8 The Barber

via giphy.com

The very definition of a wardrobe malfunction is this moment that happened to Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. This folkloric wrestler was in the middle of performing his hilarious routine of cutting his opponent’s hair after a victory when something he wasn’t quite expecting happened. As he squatted down to get a good angle so he could use those scissors to cut off a few dreadlocks, Brutus’ ridiculously tight pants, which somehow had survived throughout the whole fight, decided it was time to call it quits and ripped off right in the middle. This angle from the audience is so perfect that the fan catches the moment in which those bluish pants rip, and Brutus’s ass comes popping out. Definitely not a pretty one, folks, but a hilarious moment nonetheless.

7 Rory Fargo

via youtube.com

In a very similar fashion to what happened to The Barber, Rory Fargo had a rather unpleasant thing happen to him during a fight. When this occurred, the props have to go to the camera crew as it is almost impossible to see what is wrong in the video if you are not looking for the problem. Towards the middle of the fight, Zach Ryder pulled Fargo towards him by his shorts. What we can’t see on camera is that Ryder’s pull caused a rather unpleasant tear on Fargo’ shorts.

The whole bottom part of his shorts, which now you will realize the camera crew was trying their hardest to keep out of the shots, was torn clean off and exposed everything Fargo had down there. Just listen to the crowd towards the end of that fight, and you'll realize that the cameras are not showing everything.

6 Al Snow

via wwe.com

Unfortunately, we could not find footage of this match, but the explanation Bob Holly gives to what happened during one of his bouts against Al Snow is simply hilarious and enough for you to get a rather graphic picture of the scene that transpired.

Bob Holly was the one who performed the deed, but the mastermind behind the operation was none other than Mick Foley. What these two conspired to do is unquestionably something that Al Snow will never forget for the rest of his life.

During their match in Montréal, Holly picked up Snow for a suplex. However, instead of performing a regular one, he decided to pull his opponents’ tights to the side and expose Snow’s genitalia to the 20,000 people attending the event. All because Mick Foley told him Snow didn’t wear any underwear.

5 Sable

via youtube.com

One thing the WWE has become notorious for is the barrage of fights and scenes that happen out of the ring and backstage. But few of them have ever been as entertaining as this one. Sable seemed only to be minding her own business, going into a car to drive off into the sunset when Steph appeared and decided it was time to kick some ass. That was the moment wrestling fans found out the only thing that looks better than divas fighting in their wrestling gear, are divas fighting in everyday clothes.

You can pick your favorite accidental flash off of this quick encounter, because apparently everyday clothes, especially dresses, are not made for fighting. But then again, we don’t think many people complained about this one to the clothing companies.

4 Nikita Koloff

via youtube.com

There are two conclusions we can take out from this video. Number one is that you absolutely do not want to be on the wrong end of a Ric Flair suplex. The second conclusion we can draw from this is that being a wrestling referee is not as easy a job as we first thought. Seriously, in what other jobs would you have to go out of your way to cover up some dude’s junk after he suffered a sick suplex?

Poor Nikita Koloff didn’t even seem to have realized that his junk had slipped out after he landed like a rock on the mat. Perhaps he was actually pretty dazed from the impact. Either way, everyone should thank the poor referee for doing that public service to the audience.

3 Miss Jackie

via youtube.com

We are still trying to figure out if this one was for real or not. The top that Miss Jackie was wearing does seem to be a little bit loose and gives the idea that all the promotion wanted to do was to wait for it to fall off at some point. To add to that occasion, it seems very much like she dropped it on purpose in order to give her companion and edge during his match.

Actually, yeah she totally did that on purpose. It's just that the production team was a little late in changing camera angle, so fans caught a glimpse on their screens at home. Still, this was such a legendary and not so accidental flash on camera that we deemed it deserved a pretty high spot on this list. For what it is worth, there has hardly ever been a more efficient distraction tactic in a wrestling ring than this one.

2 Lita

Via: scuteristi.ro

We all love wrestling, we all love divas, and we do love the WWE for what they have their divas doing during the promotions. But there was one time where they might’ve gone a tad bit too far. It was an R-rated episode of Raw, which means that the people who were there knew very well that they were in for. But still, what Edge and Lita did on top of that ring was not something fans were probably expecting. We highly doubt that they were actually doing the business down there, which if they were would be ridiculous. Nevertheless, the fans still got a little taste of the undercover action when Lita surfaced from the covers showing a bit more than it would be allowed for a PG crowd.

1 Rick Rude

via wwe.com

Certainly not the kind of action you guys were expecting to see at the number one spot on this list, but absolutely the kind of accidental flash that deserves to be ranked this high. Haters are going to say this was scripted, and we know it probably was, but it is so perfect that we would like to believe it all happened impromptu.

From Ravishing Rick Rude going up onto the ring and insulting the crowd that instantly started booing him, to his amazingly quick victory and hilarious celebration, to Jake Roberts giving him exactly what he deserved, this was a perfect fight.

And no matter how scripted this bout might’ve been, the face that Rick Rude made when his pants were pulled down was absolutely priceless.

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