15 Wrestlers Who Allegedly Slept With A Co-Worker's Partner

It may not be a pleasant fact of life, but it’s a fact nevertheless. People cheat. Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, partners. Whatever term you wish to use to describe them, when two people are in a relationship, there is an immense amount of trust required and, as we’ve proven time and time again, too many times we are willing to shatter that trust. Maybe it’s because we think the grass might be greener on the other side of the fence. Maybe it’s because our current situation isn’t all that great and we are trying to see if we can do better. Maybe it’s lacking a certain something and the person is straying in the hopes of finding what’s missing, without destroying what they have. None of this, mind you, is my way of trying to advocate for or otherwise condone the behavior. Far from it. I am merely pointing out the obvious.

Many relationships, whether simply dating or a marriage, when they go bad, infidelity may very well be a root cause. And even if it’s not involved, you can bet that, dollars to donuts, it’s suspected. And why not? Temptation is everywhere and professional wrestlers are in worse situations than most. Think about it like this: I’d venture to guess that many of you who work have heard of someone you work with having an affair with someone else that you work with. Maybe it’s actually you that makes up one half of that equation. But the point is, it happens, probably far too often, but it happens. Now, imagine you are a wrestler. You may be dating or married to someone, but you are on the road two thirds of the year and you are traveling from city to city, most often with some close friends and co-workers so that you can share the driving and travel expenses. You see these people more than your significant other and sometimes a romance comes from it. Sometimes it’s just a bad idea of a fling filling the void of loneliness. Whatever the excuse or explanation, the bottom line is, it happens a lot, especially within the wrestling world. Let’s take a look at some wrestlers who’ve made the poor choice of not only having an affair, but doing so with a fellow wrestler’s other half. Talk about being brazen!

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16 Shawn Stasiak With Terri Runnels

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Now, this was arguably Meat’s biggest accomplishment as a professional wrestler. I mean, let’s be blunt, Terri Runnels was a stunner (she may still be, but I’m specifically looking at the timeframe this happened in). So, for a guy who got saddled with one of the worst nicknames of that time period and who wore some of the worst trunks at the time, it’s a huge feat that he was able to say he bedded Terri. Now, this was way back during Goldust’s first run through WWE, before his born-again run of recent history. Dustin apparently knew of it and, for obvious reasons, was understandably upset. It likely did not help him with his battle with drugs and alcohol. And, the infidelity no doubt had a hand in their marriage breaking up, as they did in fact get a divorce.

15 Brian Lee With The Undertaker's Wife

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Now, you all probably remember Brian Lee. If not, I'd venture to guess that you remember The Fake Undertaker, which gave us the Undertaker versus Undertaker angle. If not, do yourself a favor and go check that out. Seriously. I'll wait. Okay, with that said, Brian Lee landed in WWE thanks to a friendship he had with the real Undertaker, or at least a recommendation from him (things like that happen all the time in wrestling). But, as the story goes, one reason why Lee left WWE and never came back has to do with him supposedly bedding The Undertaker's wife at the time.  The details are sketchy, but why wouldn't they be? The Undertaker is fiercely protective of his privacy and if Lee actually did do that, he's got nothing to gain by blabbing about it and lots to lose. It certainly falls into the realm of plausible, if nothing else.

14 Shawn Michaels With Sunny

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Now, let me really be clear on this one: Chris Candido and Sytch may have “only” been dating, but those two had been together for a long time and had been through a lot. They were best friends and had worked their way up together. So, for the most part, they were as tight as a married couple. The problem for Tammy, however, was that she had issues staying faithful (you will see what I mean as this list unfolds). So, as she became involved in an on-screen angle involving Shawn Michaels, things blossomed a bit and they got quite steamy. As in, a lurid affair kind of steamy. Now, the wise guy in me says look, at the time, both were among the best at what they did, so I can't blame them. But looking at both now, it’s somewhat amazing that they ever went there. Well, not so much Tammy, what with her struggles. But as HBK is a Born Again Christian, that’s a part of his life he’d rather forget.

13 Stephanie McMahon with Triple H

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Now, there’s cheating with a coworker. And then there’s cheating with a co-worker, who happens the be the boss' daughter. As some would say, go big or go home. That’s exactly what Hunter did in this case, as he traded up from Chyna to The Billion Dollar Princess. Now, while I am in no way condoning or approving of the infidelity, you can see why Hunter would make that choice. Forget the power and influence Stephanie had. She was, and is, also an attractive woman and I would argue that unless a ripped bodybuilder is your thing, you’d likely choose a woman like Stephanie over a woman like Chyna (at least, I know I would). What pains you here is, if Hunter wasn’t really into Chyna anymore, he should have manned up and told her BEFORE sleeping with Steph. But, in terms of how that worked out for everyone? Hunter and Stephanie are basically the first couple of WWE, and Chyna had struggled with substance abuse before sadly passing away earlier this year

12 Christy Hemme With Triple H

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Now, this is sort of karma biting Stephanie, if I really had to put a spin on it. As we just looked at, Stephanie isn’t exactly a stranger to cheating, as she cheated on her co-worker's partner when she got with Triple H while he was with Chyna. But, for this one, Hemme and Hunter allegedly made bedroom bam bam, AFTER Hunter had hooked up with and was dating Stephanie McMahon. Not exactly a great idea to cross the boss, or his daughter either. But, Hunter allegedly tempted fate back then and despite him playing with fire, he apparently didn’t get burned too badly, as he did end up marrying Stephanie and they have kids together now. And Christy Hemme? For her involvement, she didn’t last much longer in WWE. Instead, she went off to TNA to try and get her career on track.

11 Sable With Vince McMahon

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Okay, this one is a little bit of a stretch, as we're saying that Sable and Linda McMahon are co-workers. Well, even though Linda isn't on television much anymore, she's still a part of the company, so we decided to go with it.

Let’s paint this picture. Sable, better known now as Mrs. Brock Lesnar, is and may forever be known as one of the hottest (if not the hottest) women to work for the company. She was in Playboy not once, but three times. She was a stunner, but she didn’t exactly blow you away with wrestling talent. Yet, she did manage to hold the Women’s Championship. How was that? Well, one argument was that the division back then was a far cry from what we all know it is now. Another theory? That her title run was a bit of a reward for sleeping with the boss. Did she? So far as I know, that’s never been concretely confirmed or denied, but the rumor is out there, so we can say this is, at least, alleged to have happened.


9 Davey Boy Smith With Sunny

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The way Sunny gets passed around this list, you’d think it was the era of Free Love from the 1960s. Seriously, she makes this list a few times and based on the other accounts that are out there, this probably could have been a list entirely of her conquests, if you even want to call them that. I mean, let’s be blunt here. These guys and gals are on the road. A lot. And for many of them, if they are married or in a relationship, the significant other doesn’t always travel with them. That means they might be lonely or have needs, so it gives them motivation to make bad decisions. And when you have a co-worker who has issues but is rather attractive, who is a willing participant? It’s a recipe for disaster. What makes this puzzling is that she was still with Chris Candido (who we already dicussed) and he was traveling with her. If you are determined to cheat even when your partner is around you regularly, well, you have issues. As for Smith, I suppose as the saying goes…”any port in a storm.”

8 Chris Benoit With Nancy Sullivan

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Here’s the most tragic story on this list and one that the WWE hopes never gets mentioned again (sorry about that, Vince). So, Nancy and Chris first crossed paths while they both worked for ECW and their relationship followed them as they both moved from ECW to WCW, where Nancy’s then-husband Kevin was a wrestler and booker. But, she and Chris were an item, in spite of her marriage, and eventually she left Sullivan for Benoit. They had a son, and got married, and things seemed to be going good for them. But, that’s it for the romance portion of it, as unfortunately, this one has a tragic ending. Benoit snapped, killing the couple’s young son and Nancy before hanging himself.

7 Hulk Hogan With Miss Elizabeth

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Now, this is one that I need to heavily stress the "alleged" part, as I think by now, the only one who was ever convinced that Hulk Hogan slept with Randy Savage's wife was Randy Savage himself. There are several versions of this one that are out there. One is that Hogan merely flirted with Elizabeth and that action was enough to drive the overly protective Savage bonkers, and make his paranoia ran wild. Another is that, while Savage and Elizabeth were seeing their marriage fall apart, Elizabeth leaned on Hogan and his then-wife Linda for emotional support (and, perhaps Savage thought other support as well). In any case, while Hogan has come clean on cheating otherwise, this is one woman he has always denied and it would appear all this was only an alleged affair and one that fueled one of the more intense wrestling rivalries of its time (or any other time, for that matter).

6 Edge With Lita

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This is one of those examples of wrestling mimicking real life and honestly, Vince McMahon won’t pass up a good angle, no matter how personal and intimate it might be. And this one was plenty personal. Lita had been dating fellow WWE talent Matt Hardy for a while, until she and Edge struck up a hot romance of their own. For obvious reasons, Hardy harbored animosity toward Edge (and Lita) and thus a feud between the two men played out on-screen, with frequent and heavy-handed references to the personal relationships that led to the feud. On the one hand, it made for a great and heated rivalry, but on the other, some were a bit uncomfortable with just how intensely personal things were. Hardy wasn’t long for WWE, while Edge and Lita both found their way into the WWE Hall of Fame.

5 Batista With Melina

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Ah, big bad Dave Bautista. Not only a heel on screen, but he could also be one in the locker room as it turns out. Melina, one of the hottest Divas of her time, was serving the on-screen role of John Morrison and Joey Mercury’s valet, as part of MNM. She was also busy as John Morrison’s real life love interest until she met Batista. And that’s when things got hot and steamy between her and The Animal. Now, the gray area is the timing. Batista says he never got involved with Melina until his own divorce was final and supposedly Melina and Morrison were taking a break. But other accounts and speculation, of course, insinuate that the sparks started flying while Melina and Morrison were still dating and before Batista’s marriage hit the skids.

4 CM Punk With AJ Lee

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Here’s karma kind of coming back around to give Lita some payback. As you’ve read by now, Lita was already involved in her own sordid affair with Edge. So now, it was her turn to be burned by a wrestler. So here’s the scenario for you: CM Punk and Lita are a couple, seemingly happy as can be. AJ Lee is a newer WWE talent, someone who grew up idolizing and wanting to be just like Lita. She met Lita. And she got to be so much like Lita, she stole Lita’s man from her. There is a (so-far) happy ending to this, at least so far as Punk and Lee are concerned. The couple is now married and apparently enjoying their time far away from the WWE Universe.

3 John Cena With Mickie James

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This one is out there and has been known for a while, but it always shocks people when you see supposedly squeaky clean John Cena involved in something so scandalous. And yes, Cena was actually married at one point, which is completely different from his well-publicized stance against marriage, thanks to his appearances on Total Divas. So, back when Mickie James was still a full time talent with WWE, she and Cena had a bit of a thing going on. However, she was dating a lesser wrestler (Kenny Dykstra) and Cena was still married to his wife. It’s a period of time in Cena’s life he and the WWE brass love to downplay, considering it runs so counter to his image of wholesome marketing goodness, as he portrays the 21st century version of Hulkamania.

2 Brock Lesnar With Sable

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What The Beast wants, The Beast gets, right? Apparently, this is true even when it pertains to women, even if they are married women. Sable (real name Rena Lesnar now) was married to Marc Mero. By Mero's own account, while they were technically married, things were strained at the least and clearly breaking down. It wasn't a matter of if they'd split, but when. Now, what's hard to know is if Rena hadn't been falling for Lesnar, would there have been any chance at the married couple making up? For the sake of this piece and because we'll never know, let's assume that regardless of if Rena was stepping out, the marriage to Marc was doomed. And, considering she pretty much upgraded by marrying amateur, UFC and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar? I suppose you'd say things worked out pretty good for her.

1 Jeff Jarrett With Kurt Angle’s Wife 

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This one is, I think, one of the worst out there. I mean, Kurt Angle was at a really low point in his life, having issues with addiction and whatnot. There’s going to be some of that fuzzy timeline magic here, but Karen Angle supposedly got involved with Jeff Jarret while the Angles were separated and both men were working for TNA. This romantic involvement prompted Dixie Carter to suspend Jarrett, so it does make you question if the Angles were separated before or after things got heated. Now, I suppose for Jeff and Karen, you’d argue that this one had a happy ending. After her divorce from Kurt, she was free to do as she pleased and, in 2010, she wound up marrying Jeff. This isn’t the only one on the list where art imitates life, but it lands at number one because of the profile of the stars within their company. It was a pretty big deal.

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