15 Wrestlers Who Are Known To Pass Gas In The Ring

Ever wonder if some wrestlers get gassy in the ring? Wonder no more!

In a world that is becoming increasingly divided, there's one thing we all share: the ability to find farts hilarious. Don't kid yourself; you're flat-out lying if you claim otherwise. In fact, chances are you probably let one rip in the last half hour to the dismay of your partner,or, if you're alone, you probably followed it up with a schoolgirl giggle. You're not alone. High-profile athletes and celebrities often release air biscuits in the heat of performance.

The same is especially true when referring to wrestlers. There's only so much repeated damage to the gut that someone can take in high-pressure situations without letting out some anus applause. There are other extenuating circumstances that might cause a wrestler to let go a squeaker: he or she might be stomach sick, or they might just be an asshole. What's worse than a little taint tickle is when a fart becomes a liquid, which has happened to numerous wrestlers over the course of history. Fortunately, we're here to bring you hilarious cases of both in what might be the most important piece of journalism ever.

Enjoy the list and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. These are the 15 wrestlers that passed gas inside of the squared circle!

15 CM Punk


Well before Phil "CM Punk" Brooks made a mess of his UFC debut, the former wrestler had done so in the WWE ring, dropping a tiny nugget on live TV, which we can only assume was accompanied by a ripping fart. Facing Dean Ambrose in a match on SmackDown in 2013, Punk blew chunks in the ring, which were quickly scooped up by the working referee. It was equal parts heroic and disgusting. For his part, Punk at least had a sense of humor about it, referencing it when asked about his UFC debut: "What happens if I lose? What happens if I get embarrassed in front of the world? And then you think to yourself, 'Well, you s--t yourself on national television before so how bad can it go? How bad could it really be?'"

It really isn't that surprising either, given Punk's reputation for doing the duck call. Back in 2009, referee Marty Elias spilled the beans on Punk's in-ring farting: "Guys like Edge and CM Punk are notorious for pulling pranks in the ring, specifically, farting up a storm. When they see the look on my face, telling them that I've smelled it, they just smile."

14 Tommy Dreamer


Tommy Dreamer is the farting Superstar the world needs. The former ECW legend is active on Twitter and has tweeted about farting on more than one occasion, including this gem:

But he's not just an expert at tweeting about farting. During a match against Mark Henry, Dreamer was victim of The World's Strongest Slam. He noticed a funky smell following the match, but assumed it was the big fella. Not quite. Later in the shower, Dreamer noticed he literally had the crap slammed out of him. His description of the incident is about as perfect as the above tweet: "I go and I see that there’s a large tootsie roll sitting in my underwear. I just took off my gear and dropped it right there on the floor and then I picked it up and I smelled it. It was disgusting and it was crap and I said, 'Who [defecated] in my pants?' Then I looked, like I thought someone was ribbing me, pulling a joke on me and then I was like, 'Did I [defecate] in my pants?'"

13 Bret Hart


You're probably expecting a Bret "The Hitman" Shart or Shartshooter joke, so we'll get those out of the way early. Now to the incident in question. The Hitman was facing Bam Bam Bigelow in the 1993 King of the Ring, a match Bam Bam called one of his best in an interview with TitleMatch. The two wrestlers went toe-to-toe in a memorable battle, but, up until he died, Bam Bam remembered it for one very special reason; the best there ever was dropping a stink bomb right in his face.

We'll have to take Bam Bam's word for it, but during the interview in question, he noted he could hear - and smell - Hart's fart. The Hitman let one rip during the match-ending victory roll and Bam Bam does a great impression of Earl Hebner covering his nose while doing the three count.

12 Steve Austin


It might be hard to believe, but the toughest S.O.B in WWE history, Stone Cold Steve Austin, once crapped himself in the ring. WHAT? I said he once crapped ... WHAT?! Enough. During a 2015 episode of his podcast, Austin ran down more than a hundred synonyms for a fart, but none of them could be used to describe what he did in the ring during a match against Yokozuna.

The two legends squared off during a match in Africa and perhaps owing to a bad reaction, Austin had the crap slammed out of him after being dropped by Yokozuna. While that might be something one might take to the grave, Austin didn't mind telling the world about it during the 2011 season of Tough Enough. Hey, if anyone was going to remove the stigma, it was going to be Austin.

11 Finn Balor


NXT is a great training ground for future WWE Superstars. Unfortunately, NXT accomplishments don't carry the same weight as championships held in the WWE, but the lower profile of NXT can work as an advantage in some instances. Just ask Finn Balor, who put on a hell of a championship match against Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver: Dallas in April 2016. In fact, the match has received recognition by many for its entertainment value, complete with Joe bleeding from the head just 30 seconds in.

What many people aren't remembering, however, is the fact that such a grueling match left something brewing in Balor's drawers. The Demon King relieved a demon thing from his bowels during the match, but like a true pro he didn't let it bother him and finished the highly-touted match.

10 Naomichi Marufuji


Acclaimed Japanese star and current Pro Wrestling NOAH worker Naomichi Marufuji wrestled sporadically for Ring of Honor from 2006-08 and gave the world one of the best audible farts during a match. Facing Claudio Castagnoli, Marufuji let go a mid-match cornhole tremor which could be heard plain as day.

The two put on a well-received match lasting more than 18 minutes, but the on-screen highlight was Marufuji's crop duster, which had hordes of fans at home laughing in unison. To make matters worse, Marufuji lost the match, but scored a rematch win weeks later at ROH Rising Above 2007. It's too bad the accomplished wrestler is best known in North America for a beautiful butt sneeze and not for his high-flying and technical ability. He's probably happier in Japan.

9 Mae Young


It's not usually the case that you feel bad for the person putting someone through a table, but it works in this instance. Back in 2001 on an episode of Raw, Bubba Ray Dudley had the pleasure of powerbombing the late Mae Young off the stage and through some tables. It was an act that would likely never get the go-ahead in today's PG era, but believe it or not, it actually happened.

Young survived the epic powerbomb, but Bubba Ray (Bully Ray in TNA) may have been scarred for life. In an interview with TMZ, he revealed Young "let one fly ... and it rippled through my balls. Mae Young farts and I can feel it go through my insides." In the video, you can even see the disgust come across his face following the powerbomb.

8 Natalya


There has been some truly bad gimmicks in the WWE, but none are as bad as the farting gimmick Natalya Neidhart took on in 2012. It's not that we're shocked that women do indeed let loose the occasional panty burp, but that Vince and WWE creative were so adamant about pushing a fart gimmick is a little ridiculous - and that's coming from someone writing a list of the top 15 wrestlers known to fart in the ring.

We can't be sure of what led to the absurd gimmick, but some seem to think it was used to show Natalya's own insecurities and use them as a reason for her backstage bullying. Or maybe she was being punished for actual in-ring farting crimes? We're willing to believe there's definitely some truth to the latter, although chances are it was just a dumb gimmick that went much further than it should have. According to Nikki Bella, she has peed in the ring before, if that counts for anything.

7 William Regal


There's a YouTube video of a tag team match in which Lance Storm and William Regal take on Jeff Hardy and Tommy Dreamer. If you can't remember the match, don't worry, you're not alone. The most memorable thing about the brief match is the flatulent noise that can be heard as Dreamer prepares to give Regal a DDT. There's a slight chance that perhaps it was edited, but it seems believable if only because Regal looks like a guy that is constantly smelling a bad fart. Later in the video from the match, a fan yells "Regal you stink." Was he referring to his talent or his actual smell?

The match itself ended quickly with a DQ. A conspiracy theorist might suggest that Regal's butt hiccup was too much for everyone to take so he decided to end the match. Probably untrue, but we've heard worse.

6 Darren Young

Darren Young is another wrestler who has been on record for soiling himself during a match. We can't say for certain that he's a noted farter, but as the old saying goes, when there's shart there's usually a fart - or something like that.

Because TMZ loves telling poop stories, the gossip outlet caught up with Young in June of 2016 and asked him to detail his most embarrassing moment in the ring. It was during a tag team match against The Wyatt Family: "In the match, one of the Wyatt boys slammed me so hard that I sharted my pants. I was so embarrassed." Young was wearing baby blue tights at the time, which he hated to begin with, and needless to say he hasn't worn them since.

5 Andre the Giant


There's a lot of unfortunate victims in this piece. We've noted our sympathy for wrestlers like Bam Bam Bigelow and Bully Ray who had people fart directly in their face, but nobody had it worse than Bad News Brown.

Bad News Brown confirmed the story in which Andre literally took a dump on him. Performing a sit-down splash in the corner, Andre mistook Brown for a toilet and accidentally emptied his bowels on the WWE veteran. There was no getting through the match as Brown rushed backstage to the showers in absolute disgust. "He had diarrhea, plus he was drinking too," said Brown in an interview. That's a nasty combination, especially if you consider Andre's reputation as a heavy drinker and, well, the amount of waste his giant body could hold. But if you came for the fart story, Princess Bride castmate Cary Elwes tells a great story of an on-set fart by the legendary wrestler.

4 Sycho Sid


One of the most prominent urban legends in WWE history involves the question of did he or didn't he shart himself in the ring? The perpetrator in question is Sycho Sid, who supposedly crapped himself on the biggest stage in wrestling at WrestleMania 13.

Facing The Undertaker for the WWE Championship, Sycho Sid accidentally relieved himself during the match. It's not something that you can notice when watching the match, but some have claimed it happened at a house show prior to WrestleMania. However, Sid did leave the ring incredibly fast following the end of the match, so it wouldn't be a surprise if there was at least some truth to the story. At the very least, we're willing to accept a nasty fart as the truth.

3 John Cena


During a match against Scott Steiner, fans literally couldn't see John Cena for a brief period of time. That's because Cena, dealing with a bad case of food poisoning - and presumably rectal turbulence, rump rippers, and stale wind - vacated the ring and went under to take a big, steaming dump.

The story Cena has been told numerous times, including on an episode of Total Divas in which he shared the information with Nikki Bella, is that he went under the ring because he felt he had to puke. If only that were the end of it. The 16-time champion vomited and crapped under the ring, which we've got to admit was a pretty impressive way to hide the fact. It happened in the Canadian city of Saskatoon, which sounds about right.

2 Big Show


Big Show just might take the cake for the WWE's most violet abuser of in-ring farts. The big man was signaled out by The Miz on an episode of the Allegedly podcast as racking up the most frequent farter miles in the WWE.

The Miz confirmed what we've always believed in that there's "a lot of gas" going on during WWE matches, especially when you factor in the protein powders and food most wrestlers eat. He cited Big Show as the worst offender, even outside the ring: "The best running gag he has is he'll get in an elevator and once the doors close, he'll just let it rip and walk out." Speaking to some of the more pungent puffers, The Miz added: "You're breathing heavy, so it's like you can taste it ... You wonder if the audience can smell it." If it's Big Show? Probably.

1 Rikishi 


Is there any surprise? For a guy who used "the stink face" as a finishing move, you had to have figured that Rikishi was a known farter. There are numerous instances which have been confirmed by Rikishi himself and other wrestlers. It's a humiliating move, but one made at least a million times worse if you receive a rump ripper directly in the mouth.

Here's the list of poor souls who took a big one for the team: Trish Stratus, Booker T, Mike Fox, Eddie Guerrero, William Regal, Lance Storm, and several others. You're probably asking yourself who received the worst stinkface and fart of all time. Apparently Rikishi's fart on Road Dogg Jesse James was "tremendous." It was also the longest stinkface he had ever given. If you listen carefully to the stinkfaces given to Regal and Booker T, you can hear the audible farts. Chances are you don't have anything better to do.

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15 Wrestlers Who Are Known To Pass Gas In The Ring