15 Wrestlers Who Are Weird AF

The world of pro-wrestling is a strange place. There is an extensive history of colorful characters that do their best to entertain audiences with their over the top behavior. The persona of a wrestler may often be themselves dialed-up to 100, allowing them to indulge in the more extreme parts of their personalities. The talent will try their best to put over their gimmicks, sometimes at the expense of their dignity, but as in all things there are levels from the ordinary to the outright weird. There is a line that can be drawn in the locker room between most of the roster and the few that stand out as extremes. There's a difference between a character with an odd gimmick or a quirky costume and another faction of the wrestling world...the weirdos. If they are able to craft their character the right way, it can often become more beloved and over with the fans than many of the more traditional wrestlers. Consider just The Undertaker, with his smoke, lightning and magical urn, it would be impossible to imagine the landscape of pro-wrestling without his eerie presence.

In this list we're going to take a look at fifteen of the weirdest, creepiest and most bizarre wrestlers in history. The list entrants include everything from painted oddballs that eat worms to mystical vampires, multiple personalities, decapitated heads and voodoo priests to demons, clowns, giants and the walking dead. This rogues gallery of characters will no doubt disturb and amaze you, continue on if you dare!

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15 The Boogeyman

via: WWE.com

The Boogeyman, real name Martin Wright, was a bizarre horror-themed character in the WWE. He made his debut back in 2004 and remained for the company for several years, filling in the gap that always exists in the WWE for the spooky and utterly creepy fiend. Kane and The Undertaker had moved away from the super-creepy gimmicks, so in the pre-Wyatt era there was a need for someone like The Boogeyman. You may have seen him in his Royal Rumble 2015 appearance, eating earthworms and generally freaking out everyone in attendance. He's 52 years old and under a WWE Legends contract now, but you'd never know he was an aging talent, under all his creepy make-up and costume. The Boogeyman remains one of the oddest characters in WWE history. If you're unlucky enough, you can catch him on the indie circuit to this day, but beware!

14 Papa Shango

via: Youtube.com

The Papa Shango character catches a lot of guff these days, but the character of the creepy voodoo witch doctor was very over, at least with the kids watching. He was one of the coolest and creepiest parts of the old WWF era. He would later gain a ton of notoriety as The Godfather character during the infamous and widely beloved Attitude Era. Prior to that, though, he was the skull-faced horror show known as Papa Shango. He would cast his vicious spells on his opponants from afar, causing them to convulse and vomit. I don't care what anyone says, as a kid this was a very cool and creepy baddie. He had his big push in 1992 and would be billed for a return to the WWE in 1994, but they instead repackaged him as Kama. I guess they thought he was too silly for WWE, I mean he wasn't anything cool like a circus clown (cough, Doink, cough).

13 Finn Balor

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Finn Balor, whose real name is Fergal Devitt, spent a lot of time over in Japan perfecting his craft as Prince Devitt and the creator of the now legendary Bullet Club. It was once he came to NXT that he truly brought forth his persona as The Demon King. There are times when Finn Balor enters an arena and he just seems like a classy seasoned wrestler, but there are other times when he's transformed. The Demon King is covered in paint, and crawls to the ring in an almost animalistic fashion. When he channels The Demon King the fans, and his opponants, sit up and take notice. Its bizarre and intimidating all at once. You never know which personality you're going to get with Balor, but for the fans its a lot more exciting when the eerie Demon King rears his ugly head.

12 The Undertaker

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Mark Calaway has had the unique privilege of holding onto one of the longest running gimmicks in WWE history. He changed it up a bit after 9-11 for awhile with the American Badass persona, but he always comes back to the Deadman. When the Undertaker, and his manager Paul Bearer, first stepped foot in the WWE it was during a time when there was nothing like him. He was a towering and horrific vision of death and the fact that he had a mouthpiece and never spoke only added to his mystique. Over the years he has continued to evolve and perfect The Undertaker persona. He event took the character through a cult phase during The Attitude Era with the Ministry of Darkness. To this day whenever that ominous bell tolls and the lightning and smoke appear, it sends a shiver down the spine of whoever is unlucky enough to be in the ring.

11 Vintage Goldust

via wwe.com

An argument could be made that Dustin Runnels has the market on creepy and odd characters. The son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes, Dustin portrayed the ill-fated pale-faced creeper Seven over in WCW, but it was really his time as Goldust that made him a ghoul. His sexual ambiguity, especially during the 1990s when he debuted, was a fantastic gimmick in a testosterone driven world. Goldust's in-ring psychology included making his opponant, and sometimes even his tag team partners, as uncomfortable as possible. It looks like Goldust is taking a turn back to the creepy and eerie, having just turned on his tag team partner, R-Truth, ending his long-standing babyface run with the company.

10 The Bushwackers

via: TBO.com

The Bushwackers were one of the most colorful and bizarre tag teams of the 1980s. Their bizarre behavior and manic energy were always a sight. That's not even to mention the fact that they'd lick each other's faces. Butch and Luke are in the WWE Hall of Fame these days, providing them with some much overdue legitimacy. The duo were already seasoned veterans by the time they were introduced to the nationwide audience in the WWE back in 1988. They had already been working in-ring for decades by that time. Their signature goofy walk, exaggurated arm movements and the excessive amount of licking not only set them apart from the other talent at the time, but it got them over with the fans in a major way.

9 The Ultimate Warrior

via: hdwallpapersfreedownload.com

He hailed from "Parts Unknown" and that's exactly where it seemed that this out there character was from. The Ultimate Warrior made his WWE debut as one of the most high energy talents that the fans had ever seen. He would run to the ring in a manic storm and then proceed to shake the ropes. His moveset wasn't terribly diverse and his wrestling certainly wouldn't fly today, but his energy and face paint were enough to entertain the fans with something odd. This was all bizarre enough, but once he got a stick in his hand, the Warrior really went off the rails. His promos were literally filled with utter nonsense about normals, ancient spirits and living forever. This enigmatic and controversial talent is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on in modern creepy and mostly nonsensical promos from talent like Bray Wyatt.

8 Bray Wyatt

via: Reddit.com

He's billed himself as "The Eater of Worlds", whatever that means, and from the moment that the Wyatt Family debuted in NXT they have been sending chills down the spines of wrestling fans all over the world. Originally billed as backwater swamp people, Wyatt soon evolved into a cult leader with massive wordplay abilities. His entrance includes a smoking lantern and often features him sporting an apron, much like Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He appears out of nowhere in the ring and brings with him the mystique of his spiritual benefactor, Sister Abigail. The WWE hasn't done enough with Bray to flesh him out yet and the poor guy jobs to just about everyone, but he has the potential to be as popular as The Undertaker if the company can start taking him as seriously as the fans do.

7 Kenny Omega

via: Gamesradar.com

It's not everyday that you see a wrestler dress-up like the Terminator for his entrance to a match in a big venue like the Tokyo Dome, but that's just how NJPW talent Kenny Omega rolls. He's the current leader of the Bullet Club and stands out as one of the more creative and bizarre superstars in Japan today. There are a number of eccentric superstars in New Japan, but Kenny the Cleaner is in a league all his own. Omega stands out from his odd perm to his themed ring entrances. He's been everything from a Ghostbuster to he Terminator. If you couple that with his oddly smug and overly calm demeanor outside of the ring, Kenny is a really weird dude. He's one of the top talents in the world today, but definitely an odd duck.

6 Doink the Clown

via: Twitter.com

There's nothing creepier than a clown and what's worse, a miserable heel clown. Doink would be portrayed by five different wrestlers over the years. He would appear at ringside and start pulling pranks on the audience and the wrestlers in the ring. He kept up the act as the greasy heel clown, feuding with talent like The Big Boss Man and Crush from Demolition. Doink emerged during an era where colorful cartoonish characters were the norm on WWE programming, but the brightly colored clown was a whole other level of weird. He would end up getting a beatdown by Steve Austin during the Attitude Era, signifying the end of that goofy era and we don't see anything like Doink these days, but it's hard to get the image of the circus freak out our heads!

5 Al Snow

via: allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Al Snow was one of the stranger additions to the Attitude Era of the WWE. He cut his teeth in ECW and eventually worked into the WWE. Al's gimmick as the leader of his self proclaimed J.O.B. Squad, was that he had lost his mind from being forced to job for so many years and he started to talk to and be accompanied by a decapitated mannequin head that he named, quite simply, Head. Al was a sight to behold and was all kinds of weird. He often involved Head in storylines, interacting with other wrestlers, keeping his kooky gimmick alive and well. It may have been a character, but Al seemed to play it a little too well. He still does his J.O.B. Squad gimmick to this day on the indie circuit.

4 Giant Gonzalez

via: WWE.com

Imagine for a moment that you are in the ring and coming at you is a seven and a half foot tall Argentinian in a full bodysuit that has fur and airbrushed muscles on it. We've just described the bizarre heel run of Giant Gonzalez from the dark days of the WWE. It was 1993 and this enormous freak show was such a sight that he actually towered over The Undertaker in the ring. It's hard to imagine the Deadman having to take this guy seriously as an opponent. It's not difficult to see why the WCW thought that they could take the wrestling marketplace away from Vinnie Mac. Giant Gonzalez continues to be one of the strangest and most bizarre parts of WWE history.

3 Broken Matt Hardy

via: ewrestling.com

The Hardy Brothers are back in the WWE where they belong, but during their time away working for Impact Wrestling The Hardys got really, really weird. The "Broken" gimmick evolved from Matt Hardy's creative mind. He began bleaching a streak in his hair and talking with a goofy British accent. Matt started a feud with his own brother and the "delete" chants were born. The over the top "Broken" gimmick began to slowly win over the fans, slowly making Hardy a babyface. It wasn't long before the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick began to spread like a virus around the internet fan community and made The Hardys the hottest free agents in wrestling. The bizarre and campy characters don't appeal to everyone, but no matter what side of the "Broken" fence you're on, there's no denying that its weird.

2 Ember Moon

via: WWE.com

Ember Moon, real name Adrienne Reese, is one of the most enigmatic and bizarre Superstars in NXT. She has been rising in the ranks down there in developmental and it's only a matter of time until she makes her way to the main roster. Adrienne spent a lot of years on the indie circuit, before coming to NXT as Ember Moon. Ember emerges to the ring with a red full moon behind her and freaky contacts that give her a vampiric appearance. She goes by the moniker of the "War Goddess" and brings the elements of medieval mystery and a warrior Amazonian to her in-ring work. Ember's bizarre character stands out from every other woman on the NXT and WWE roster, making her one of the strangest and most unqiue women to ever grace the squared circle.

1 Mick Foley

via: WWE.com

We love Mick Foley, he's the Hardcore Legend, but lets face it...the dude was weird as hell. He spent a good portion of his early career as Cactus Jack. When he came to the WWE they wanted him to take on a creepy heel character in Mankind. Foley took that character from creepy to outright horrifying, all while giving him a surprising depth. Mankind did spend a lot of time doing promos in boiler rooms, not even to mention the insane level of pain that he could endure in the ring. Then, the Dude Love personality emerges, leading to one of the funniest video segments of all time where Foley's three wrestling personalities appear together to discuss who is going to appear in a match. It isn't often that a wrestler has straight-up multiple personalities, making Foley stand out as one of the strangest of all time.

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