15 Wrestlers Who Dated MUCH Younger Women

Although pro-wrestlers have some of the toughest sport's related jobs in the world, if they work hard and succeed in the business, there's also a good chance that those said wrestlers are "living the life" so to speak. It's true, wrestling's a very difficult business to succeed in considering how many talented individuals from all over the world are chomping at the bit to pave their way to success. Competition is stiff, and the big promotions that pay the "big bucks" are very selective as to who they sign, and who the pass by.

However, if a wrestler's lucky and they somehow make it to the big times (WWE for the most part), there's a great possibility that they're making far more money than they'll ever need with annual salaries either in the six or seven figures depending on their position in the company. As you'd probably expect, when one lives a lavish lifestyle and has plenty of dinero to go around (in this case for a man), there's a great chance that women are going to flock to them like birds.

As you'd also probably expect, since many wrestlers are basically "Superstars," these said wrestlers also get all the young and hot women knocking at their doors. That aside, there have been some pretty obvious (and huge) age gaps between some wrestlers and their partner (sometimes the lady's half their age!) Although very few wrestlers have ever hooked up with women who are legitimately half their age, there's no doubt that many wrestlers have dated or married women much younger (and often much hotter) than they are.

This list will be ranked from the smallest age gap to the largest age gap. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 wrestlers who dated much younger women, and actually a few wrestlers who legitimately dated women half their age!

15 Randy Savage

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"Macho Man" Randy Savage was one of the WWE's biggest Superstars back in the '80s all the way up until his departure from the company in the mid '90s. Savage was not only one of the most popular stars in his day (not to mention one of the most talented wrestlers), but Macho Man was also one of the company's cornerstone stars who drew in fans (and as you guess it, made plenty of green!)

As I'm sure you all know, Randy Savage was involved in an on-screen and off-screen relationship with Miss Elizabeth, real name Elizabeth Hulette. Although some fans may have thought that they were close to the same age, in reality, The Macho Man was actually eight years older than Miss Elizabeth. Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth are one of the most iconic couples in wrestling history, and fairly significant age gap or not, they were the perfect fit for each other.

14 CM Punk

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CM Punk is undoubtedly one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. However, this wasn't always the case for the Chicago native. Prior to breaking out as one of the company's top stars, Punk had spent multiple years prior as one of the many WWE midcard wrestlers.  But as we all know, Punk's time eventually came around 2011 and he prospered hugely as he became a bonafide main event Superstar and a guy making an annual salary in the millions.

Although it's not fair to make accusations that the wildly popular (and hot) AJ Lee hooked up with CM Punk because of his fame and fortunes, let's just say that it certainly didn't hurt. Despite the fact that Punk was a very difficult person to get along with backstage, obviously AJ was not one of those wrestlers who had issues with him. If you hadn't known, CM Punk's actually eight years older than AJ Lee. When they started dating back in 2013, Punk was 34 and AJ was 26. I'd say that's a fairly significant age gap wouldn't you say?

13 Bubba Ray Dudley

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Not only is Bubba Ray one half of the Dudley Boyz who are by far one of most decorated and greatest tag teams of all time, but Bubba has also had a successful singles run in TNA under the "Bully Ray" gimmick which led him to capture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on two occasions. Although TNA Impact wrestling is nowhere near the WWE's level in terms of weekly viewership and importance, TNA is still considered to be the "big times" for many wrestlers.

Despite the fact that many talents don't make a whole lot of green in the company, the top stars do quite well for themselves, and they'll usually bring in six figures annually. If you hadn't already known, Bubba Ray is currently dating and in a relationship with former TNA Knockout's star Velvet Sky. They've been together since last May, and although they've both been in the business for quite some time, Bubba is older than Velvet, quite older. Bubba Ray is actually 10 years older than Sky, and that's definitely a fairly large age gap. Nowhere near half, but still significant none the less.

12 The Ultimate Warrior

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Although many believe that The Ultimate Warrior had an ego 10 times larger than he should have, there's no denying that Warrior was without a doubt one of the most popular and successful WWE Superstars back in the '80s through 'till the early '90s. The Ultimate Warrior had the look Vince loved, the aggression, the intensity, and most importantly, the connection with the fans which is the trait that splits the wrestlers from the Superstars.

As you would have expected, The Ultimate Warrior was one of the company's cornerstone stars for his entire first tenure with the WWE, and he captured many prized accomplishments including both the Intercontinental Championship as well as the WWE Championship. Considering Warrior was a franchise star alongside the likes of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, Warrior earned a hefty annual salary. In 1999, The Ultimate Warrior married his second (and last) wife Dana Viale who was shockingly 11 years younger. As I'm sure you can tell, we're slowly moving towards the relationships with the most significant age gaps.

11 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy has had an illustrious career as both a singles competitor (especially during his "broken" days) as well as one half of the wildly popular Hardy Boyz tag team. When the Hardy's went their separate ways in 2002, I think it was pretty clear to both the fans and those in charge of the WWE that Jeff was the "star" of the Hardy's, much like Shawn Michael's was the star of The Rockers. No doubt Matt was talented (albeit not nearly as talented as his brother), but Jeff far surpassed Matt in most aspects hence why he was being pushed far more.

However, despite living in his brother's shadow for well over a decade, Matt struck gold with his "Broken Hardy" gimmick in TNA. For the first time in his career, Matt was the Hardy in the front and center with "Brother Nero" at his side. All that aside, Matt has had a great pro-wrestling career none the less, and he has definitely married well as his wife is former TNA Impact star Reby Sky. For those of you were weren't aware, Matt is actually a whopping 12 years older than Reby!

10 The Rock

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is undoubtedly the biggest Superstar to come out of the WWE. Now a days, many people know The Rock as Hollywood's highest earning actor versus a former "wrestler." Despite this, The Rock has stated that he will always be thankful for the WWE and what they did for him. Johnson knows full well that the WWE morphed him into a Superstar, and the company made The Rock's lifelong dream of "making it in Hollywood" that much more possible. For the time Rocky was in the WWE, he was one of the company's franchise stars, and not much has changed since leaving the ring for movies.

Just like in the WWE, The Rock is a franchise star in Hollywood who pulls in well over 50 million dollars a year. As I'm certain you'd expect from such a megastar, The Rock could get nearly any girl he desired. The woman The Rock has chosen to be with since 2006 is Lauren Hashian, who is 13 years younger than Johnson. However, I doubt many would make the assumption that Lauren chose to get with Dwayne just because of his money, because I'm sure many ladies would agree that The Rock's pretty good looking too (no homo).

9 Randy Orton

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"The Viper" Randy Orton definitely likes to flaunt his status as a "WWE Superstar" as much as he possibly can (especially throughout his early career). However, when you're a handsome guy who makes all the ladies scream, is treated by the WWE as a solidified main eventer and was the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion, I doubt many fans could really knock Randy for acting like a bit of an entitled prick on occasion. Randy has done it all in the world of pro-wrestling, and he's a 13-time WWE World Champion as a result. Considering Randy has been one of the company's cornerstones for well over a decade now, there's little doubt that he has been raking in the big bucks.

Now, we can't make the assumption that all girls who go after Randy are mesmerized by his money, but considering Randy just likes to have a good time, I sincerely doubt he would care all too much regardless. Although they have since broken up, among the women Randy has dated who were younger than him, current WWE announcer JoJo comes to mind as the youngest of them all. Randy Orton and JoJo had dated briefly in 2013, and Randy is shockingly 14 years older than her. When they were dating, JoJo was just 19 years old, where as Randy was 33.

8 The Undertaker

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As we continue to delve into this list of wrestler's who dated much younger women, The Undertaker is the next man on the list. The Undertaker is probably the WWE's most well known (and respected) Superstars of all time who has had a career that stretched all the way back from 1990 up until his apparent retirement at this year's WrestleMania after doing the "job" to Roman Reigns. The Undertaker has been the main attraction for each and every WrestleMania since 'Mania VII where he defeated "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka in quick and convincing fashion.

As most fans would expect, with such an important position in the company, The Undertaker was bringing in a ton of dinero each year. It's no wonder why he kept wrestling into his early 50s, 'Taker was pulling in seven figures. If you didn't know, The Undertaker had married former Divas Champion Michelle McCool back in 2010. What's the most surprising about this WWE formed couple is the fact that 'Taker is a whopping 15 years older than Michelle. Although I'm sure Michelle loves "The Deadman," that stack of money that goes along with "tying the knot" to him surely didn't hurt matters.

7 Alberto Del Rio

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The highly controversial Alberto Del Rio has most definitely had a very successful pro-wrestling career despite being flamed as a guy who was given a super-push for absolutely no reason apart from Vince wanting another wrestler to replace Rey Mysterio as their "Mexican star." Unfortunately for the WWE, their attempts at making Del Rio (Now El Patron) a believable top star failed miserably and he floundered for the last little bit of time he spent with the company. However, for Del Rio, he can be all smiles despite being regarded as a total WWE flop because while the company were presenting him as a main eventer, he was pulling in a seven figure salary each year.

Do you really think Del Rio would give two you know what's if the fans thought he was a failure? Money speaks louder than words, and for Alberto, he has a heck of a lot of money. Not only is El Patron succeeding financially, but many fans also consider him to be "winning at life" right now, as Del Rio's going to be marrying famous WWE Diva Paige who is 16 years younger than her soon to be husband. Hate him all you want, but Alberto can proudly boast that he's going to be marrying a hot woman nearly half his age!

6 Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle has definitely had a very bumpy up and down wrestling career. He has had his ups, and he has also had his fair share of downs (struggling with addiction for one thing). However, Angle has since risen from the dead and is now enjoying a prominent non-wrestling role (for now) as the General Manager of Monday Night RAW. While Kurt was at the peak of his career, Angle was earning a seven figure sum performing as one of the WWE's biggest stars with multiple World Championships under his belt.

When Kurt transitioned to TNA Impact Wrestling in 2006, he was quickly and effectively utilized as the face of the promotion who had six World Championship reigns throughout his run there. Although Kurt has been married once before to Karen Smedley, his marriage to Giovanna Yannotti saved him from his dark times according to Angle. If you hadn't known, Kurt's wife Giovanna is actually 18 years younger than he is which is very surprising!

5 Batista

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Dave Bautista is the latest pro-wrestler to make it big in Hollywood since The Rock. Ever since the first Guardian's of the Galaxy movie in 2014 became a huge hit, Dave's acting career has shot up to new heights, and he seems to constantly be getting bigger acting gigs with his latest huge acquisition being Blade Runner 2049 starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. However, prior to striking pay-dirt in Hollywood, Dave had spent years prior in the WWE performing as the company's franchise star on SmackDown who had four runs as the World Heavyweight Champion (during the titles peak in prestige) as well as two WWE Championship runs.

However, Batista had decided to quit the WWE back in 2010 to pursue an acting career, as he had stated that the WWE refused to give him acting roles unlike John Cena, and Batista felt as though he deserved the same opportunities as Cena. Looking back now, I think it's safe to say that "Drax" made the right choice, as he really couldn't be any more successful in Hollywood now. If you hadn't already known, Batista married a competitive pole dancer, Sarah Jade in 2015. What's crazy about this relationship is the fact that while Batista is 48, Sarah is 19 years younger at just 29 years old!

4 Ric Flair

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The legendary Ric Flair has done it all and seen it all in the business of pro-wrestling. Flair has had a truly illustrious wrestling career like few others, and he's a fittingly two-time WWE Hall of Famer inducted once as a singles competitor and twice as apart of the legendary Four Horsemen stable. Ric had been wrestling for decades as the top star for multiple promotions (basically wherever he went) up until 2008 including the NWA, WCW and the WWE, and he has captured 16 World Championships throughout his career.

As you'd probably expect, Ric Flair was bringing in the kind of money a fan would've imagined he was (a lot). Now it's no secret that Ric was very much as he described a "Limousine Ridin', Jet Flyin', Kiss Stealin', Wheelin' Dealin', Son of a Gun" throughout much of his time spent as a pro-wrestler. Ric definitely had a taste for the finer things in life, including many hot (and young women). At one point, Ric Flair was married to Elizabeth Harrell who was shockingly 19 years younger than "The Nature Boy." Let's just say that Ric knew what he wanted, and he went out and got it!

3 Hulk Hogan

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"The Immortal" Hulk Hogan is without a doubt one of the greatest and most popular WWE Superstars of all time despite being tangled in his own string of controversies in recent times. Hogan was the face of the WWE between the '80s and early '90s, and he basically made wrestling cool and trendy. If there's one Superstar who could potentially be praised for drawing in new viewers to pro-wrestling, then look absolutely no further than Hulk Hogan.

Both as the face of the WWE and WCW, Hulk Hogan was undoubtedly the biggest draw in the sport, and the popularity boom of wrestling back then can partly be attributed to Hogan. Since The Hulkster was the biggest star in Sport's Entertainment, he earned a heck of a lot of money each year. Like many other Superstars at the top of the industry, Hulk too enjoyed the finer things in life, and he could get just about anything he wanted with the snap of his fingers. Hulk Hogan is currently married to Jennifer McDaniel who's not only hot, but she's also 21 years younger than "The Immortal" one. I'd say that's a pretty significant age gap, wouldn't you?

2 Bret Hart

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart is regarded (and rightfully so) as being one of, if not the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Both in the WWE and WCW, Bret Hart served as a top star who was utilized as the main eventer who put on the five-star matches that drew in the hardcore wrestling fans. Bret was basically "the man" in the wrestling world back then, and he definitely had his fair share of enemies backstage (most notably Shawn Michael's). Although Bret left the WWE on crappy terms following the Montreal Screw-job incident, Bret has since put the past behind him and he has moved forward holding no grudges against the company, Vince McMahon or HBK.

Now if we're going to be honest here, Bret Hart definitely hasn't aged all too well. Although Bret's only 59, he looks nearly 10 years older than he really is. However, this hasn't stopped "The Hitman" from hitting it off with the women, as Bret dated and married a young Stephanie Washington in 2010. If you're wondering as to just how much younger Stephanie is compared to Bret, how does 26 years grab you? Yes, Mrs. Hart is in fact 26 years younger than Bret Hart, and that's pretty well as close as you can possibly get to being half as old.

1 Jerry Lawler

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The only documented wrestler in history who has legitimately dated a women half their own age (actually quite a lot younger) is none other than the legendary pro-wrestler and commentator, Jerry "The King" Lawler. Yes, Jerry Lawler has dated (and is now engaged to) Lauryn McBride (a businesswoman) who is only 28 years old. To put this in perspective, Jerry is 67 years old. Had Lauryn been half "The King's" age, she would've been 33 years old. However, considering she's only 28, that means she's a half-lifetime and five years younger (38 in total) than Lawler. Now I know the old saying goes "love has no boundaries," but this is definitely shocking to say the least.

There's no doubt in my mind that Jerry's hefty bank account must've accentuated Lauryn's interest in "The King." Of course she probably has genuine feelings for Lawler too, but as a businesswoman, seeing those dollar signs sure didn't hurt! Regardless of the fact that Jerry's a true pro-wrestling legend, there's no denying that Lawler has come across as a bit of a "womanizer," so it's only fitting that he's now with a hot (and young) woman despite getting up their in age (he's old enough to be her father!)

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