15 Wrestlers Who Don't Fit In WWE's New Era

You can't get through a WWE television show these days without hearing "it's a new era!" at least three times per hour, as they've really beaten that term to death over the last couple of months.

Even though it's supposedly a new era in WWE, we're still seeing a lot of the same faces that we've been seeing for the last ten to fifteen years, including the two people who are running the show, Shane and Stephanie McMahon.

Both Shane and Stephanie will probably be running their respective shows - Raw and SmackDown - for the next couple of years, and Stephanie will likely be on television for even longer than that. So, the new era doesn't necessarily mean that we'll be seeing new faces at the top.

We're also seeing the same old stuff when it comes to who's the face of the company, as Roman Reigns is, and will be WWE's top guy for the foreseeable future. It's not like Reigns doesn't fit in the new era, it's just that he's the prototypical WWE top guy, which is something WWE shouldn't have in a supposed new era.

There are a ton of other guys and gals who don't really belong in WWE if it is indeed a new era - some new stars, and some old. So, without further ado, let's get started!

15 Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio is a fantastic talent and it looked like he had a major upside as a babyface when he returned to WWE this past October. But, much like with Seth Rollins, WWE failed to capitalize on ADR's momentum coming out of the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

I'm not very sure if Del Rio would've been able to keep the momentum going after the HIAC pay-per-view, but him as a babyface coming out of that event would've been much more interesting than him as a heel with Zeb Coulter. While he would be more interesting as a babyface, he still wouldn't fit in the new era.

14 Baron Corbin


Baron Corbin is clearly Vince McMahon's type of guy. He's tall, he's big, he's got a ton of tattoos... But, that really isn't enough to get the job done in today's day and age of professional wrestling. In fact, it's been proven that fans resent guys who only get pushed because of their size and look.

On top of all of that, there's already a big guy on the main roster - Big Cass - who's more talented on the microphone, more impressive physically, and better in the ring. So I don't really see where Corbin fits in here in the new era.

13 The Vaudevillians


The Vaudevillians were a hugely successful tag-team down in NXT, but everyone knew that their gimmick would die on the main roster and it pretty much has. It's not that both men aren't talented, because they are. It's just that the gimmick is lame.

In the past, Triple H has suggested that an act won't be over on the main roster just because they were over down in NXT, and a lot of people rolled their eyes at that statement. But, The Vaudevillians are proving that his statement is true because they were one of the biggest acts in NXT during their time there and they've absolutely tanked on the main roster.

12 Braun Strowman


Much like Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman is a big guy that really isn't special at all. He's awful in the ring and we haven't really heard him cut a promo, which probably means that he's awful on the mic. But, he's on the main roster just because he's a giant.

At the age of 32, Strowman is far from being the most polished wrestler in the ring and he's shown no signs of improvement during his time on WWE's main roster. He also probably won't have legs as a character after The Wyatt Family breaks up for the second time.

11 Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler would've been a fantastic fit if WWE did the new era thing five years ago. But he's extremely stale in today's WWE, which isn't really his fault. It's just that people have probably seen WWE pull the rug out from under him one too many times, so they don't really want to get behind him anymore because they know it'll just lead to frustration and disappointment. It really isn't fair to Dolph, but the fans are just tired of being heartbroken.

10 Chris Jericho


You probably won't find a bigger Chris Jericho fan than me. But, to be honest, Y2J's last couple of runs in WWE have bored me to death. Even his program with AJ Styles, which I should've loved, didn't interest me at all. I also thought that the matches between the two, especially the one at WrestleMania 32, could've been a lot better than they were.

His new gimmick is the heel WWE veteran who "buries all your favorites," which is fine. But it just doesn't interest me and I don't think it really interests anyone, because we all know that in the end, the younger guys will get the upper hand in their feuds with Y2J, because there's really no upside to Jericho "burying" the younger talent.

9 The Undertaker


Rumor has it that The Undertaker may have wrestled his final match at WrestleMania 32. But because WWE didn't give him the sendoff that he deserves, nobody really has bought into the idea that The Deadman is now retired.

I think that it goes without saying that, if he does come back, he doesn't really fit into WWE's new era. Who would he feud with? John Cena? Is anyone really interested in seeing that? I know I'm not. So, in my opinion, if The Undertaker is retired, he should stay retired.

8 Triple H


Much like with Chris Jericho, I'm a huge fan of Triple H. But I just don't have any interest in seeing him wrestle anymore. But, like everyone else, I know he's going to be wrestling on a part-time basis for the next decade at the very least. He'll also probably be one of the most featured characters on WWE television until the day he decides that he's too old to appear on TV.

He'll probably end up wrestling Seth Rollins at either SummerSlam or WrestleMania 33 next year, and the only interesting thing about that match is whether or not The Game will actually put Rollins over. But, the match itself just doesn't interest me at all.

7 The Miz


In my opinion, The Miz shouldn't have been in any era of professional wrestling, which of course includes the new era. There's a term called "turn the channel heat" and that's what The Miz has with me. But now that Maryse is back, I actually don't turn the channel, because I get to stare at her for the duration of his promos.

6 Sheamus


Like Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus would have been a great fit for the new era if it happened five years ago. He has a unique look, a good physique, and he's actually quite good in the ring, even though he's a bit reckless at times. I mean, he did end up giving Daniel Bryan the concussion that helped end his professional wrestling career.

5 Kane


While the Corporate Kane character has been extremely entertaining at times, Kane as a wrestler has no business being in the ring in WWE's new era. Thankfully, it looks like probably won't be wrestling much, if at all, in the future.

In my opinion, the perfect spot for Kane would be as the GM of either Raw or SmackDown. But that probably won't happen, because those spots are reserved for Shane and Stephanie McMahon.

4 Big Show


Fans have been chanting "PLEASE RETIRE!" at Big Show for quite some time now and for good reason. He's not really interesting as a character and he's seen better days as an in-ring performer. If you watch his stuff during his WCW days, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

During his appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast, Big Show said that the fans who are chanting "PLEASE RETIRE!" at him are just having fun and they don't really mean it. But, he's wrong. They do mean it.

3 Eva Marie


Eva Marie is probably the hottest female in World Wrestling Entertainment. Heck, she may even be the hottest woman on the entire planet and while part of being a big female star in WWE is based on looks, there has been an improvement to the quality of women's wrestling in the company, no thanks to Eva Marie.

If WWE wants to improve the overall quality of wrestling in the women's division, then they can't have Eva Marie in the ring. She will never be accepted by the WWE fans, because they know she's only getting opportunities because of how she looks.

2 Randy Orton


Randy Orton has been off of WWE television since last fall and has anybody really even noticed that he's been gone? It doesn't seem like it. Sure, he's a fantastic talent, but to me, there's always been something missing with him, but I can't really put my finger on what it is.

Is Orton a valuable guy to have on the roster? Of course he is. But he'll never be a difference maker. He's a guy that's been around too long and he's rarely involved in anything that's interesting anymore.

1 John Cena


Obviously there's still a ton of interest in John Cena. But the new era is supposed to be built around new top stars, new matches, which we're getting at Money in the Bank, and new opportunities, and John Cena is hardly new.

When he returned from his injury a couple of weeks ago, he asked the fans if he belonged in the new era, and the answer to that question is no, especially because he always has to win and don't expect that to change when he faces AJ Styles this coming Sunday.

John Cena will always have a place in WWE as long as he wants to wrestle because of his star-power. But, does a 39 year-old, fifteen-time World Heavyweight Champion fit in the new era? No, not really.

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