15 Wrestlers Who Dumped Their Spouses And Married Their Lovers

Everyone has heard the statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce. As it would turn out, the trend is actually on a decline in recent years, with more and more couples opting for marital bliss over the single life. That said, plenty of men and women still find it hard to live the monogamous life, for better or worse unable to resist the temptation of a little something on the side. Should their husband or wife find out about their inability to remain faithful, no positive statistics will save them, as few couples can survive that sort of dishonesty.

On the other hand, some people who cheat do so because they genuinely love and care for “the other woman/man” more than the person they’re married to. This doesn’t hurt any less for the jilted spouse, but at least it can make some sense of things. In cases where a cheater gets remarried to the person they were cheating with, it might even justify the whole thing as a sign the original marriage simply wasn’t meant to be.

Enhanced by a life on the road, pro wrestlers might find themselves more inclined towards scenarios such as these than average, everyday people working more normal jobs. Dozens of sports entertainers have left their husbands or wives in high profile divorces, then turned around and walked down the aisle all over again in a shockingly short amount of time. Keep reading to learn about 15 wrestlers who dumped their spouses and married their lovers.

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15 John Cena

via wwe.com

All right, technically speaking, John Cena has yet to marry Nikki Bella. However, the nature of his public proposal at WrestleMania 33 pretty much means getting cold feet would be a PR nightmare for him and WWE, so it would be fair to assume the wedding will go off without a hitch. This is only a little bit surprising due to Cena’s first marriage, which ended in a high-profile divorce fueled by rumors he was cheating on his wife with various WWE coworkers. While Nikki Bella actually wasn’t one of Cena’s affairs, the two started dating mere months after his high profile divorce, with little enough time between the events that the situation probably still weighed heavily on Cena’s mind. In fact, many people believed Cena would never remarry due everything he lost in his divorce, and yet love conquered all in the middle of a wrestling ring.

14 Alberto Del Rio

via kayfabenews.com

Example number two that’s technically still in progress, this time the excuse being that it’s too high profile to ignore. No doubt one of the most visible couples in WWE today actually hasn’t appeared on WWE television in quite some time, Paige because she’s injured, and Alberto Del Rio because he left the company for Impact Wrestling on controversial terms. One might assume the fact Del Rio is also related to another woman doesn’t necessarily help, though it’s also worth pointing out the fact doesn’t really seem to bother him personally. According to Del Rio, his marriage with Angela Velkei ended some point in 2015, though she didn’t officially file for divorce June 2016, after his relationship with Paige started making headlines. Regardless of who has the accurate timeline, Del Rio plans to get remarried to Paige whenever the law allows him to do so, meaning he earned his spot on this list.

13 Edge

via si.com

Matt Hardy should have seen it coming—all he had to do was ask Val Venis’s sister. Even before the whole scandal with Lita, the self-professed Rated R Superstar’s cheating ways were public knowledge thanks to how his first marriage fell apart. Edge was married to Alannah Morley in late 2001, but things started falling apart in early 2004. Considering Edge was remarried to Lisa Ortiz before 2004 ended, some people have speculated she may have played a role in the proceedings. If not, hopefully Ortiz at least wasn’t too surprised when Edge started dating Lita while still married to her, as well. Behavior like this does tend to be serial, after all. Although Edge and Lita never tied the knot, their relationship did result in Ortiz granting Edge his second divorce. Hopefully things will go a little better with wife number three, Beth Phoenix.

12 Batista

via youtube.com

Predicting a reputation for sleeping around with his coworkers while in WWE, Batista was already on wife number two by the time he made his wrestling debut. Given the nature of this list, there are few surprises in the fact Batista married his second wife the same year he divorced the first. Part of the issue here could be that Batista married quite young the first time around, tying the knot while in his early-20s. He and first wife Glenda were divorced before the time he reached 30, and he remarried to second wife Angie almost immediately. Batista stuck with Angie for eight years, roughly the same amount of time he was with Glenda, yet with the caveat this was the aforementioned period when he was allegedly sleeping around with coworkers. Unsurprisingly, his second marriage fell apart just like the first, although this time he at least waited a little while before trying for a third.

11 Karen Jarrett

via wikipedia.org

They say women are attracted to power, and what could possibly be more emblematic of great power than an Olympic Freaking Medal? Well, if one was to ask Karen Jarrett, the answer appears to be owning a series of mid-level wrestling promotions. All right, so it probably isn’t that simple, but the fact remains Kurt Angle’s ex-wife in no uncertain terms left him for his boss at TNA/Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett. Interestingly enough, Karen filed for divorce from Angle just little over a year after she made her TNA debut, adding to the many ways in which it could be said the wrestling business directly destroyed their marriage. Of course, it’s just as easy to argue the business is responsible for her second marriage to Jarrett, which began in 2010 and remains strong to this day.

10 Ric Flair

via rfgolds.com

Limousine riding, leer jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling and dealing all come at a cost, especially the one where romance is a requirement. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair knows this well, with more divorces to his name than some of his contemporaries combined. Truly proving he’s the patron saint of this list, almost all of Flair’s marriages have met the exact same pattern. Living his character, Flair meets a woman, showers her in money and affection, gets married to her, then meets a newer, younger woman to start the process all over with about ten years later. Sometimes he gets divorced before finding a new gal, other times he doesn’t, and either way the result is the same—a settlement that costs him millions immediately followed by remarriage. Flair is currently separated from wife number four with number five already picked out, showing senior citizenship isn’t going to slow him down.

9 Charlotte Flair

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Like father, like daughter. Following in her father’s footsteps as usual, Charlotte Flair had already gone through two tumultuous marriages before taking her throne as the self-proclaimed Queen of WWE. Her second marriage is arguably the more noteworthy of the two, entirely because it was with future TNA King of the Mountain Champion Bram. In line with the rest of this list, it’s also worth mentioning that Charlotte was married to her first husband, Riki Johnson, mere months before she and Bram found themselves in a similar arrangement. Thanks to a few questionable incidents where the police got involved, things with Bram didn’t last too long either, and Charlotte was divorced for a second time within two years of her second nuptials beginning. Since then, it’s looked like Charlotte has calmed down with her father’s philandering ways, but the more famous she gets, the more temptation she’ll have to get married again…and again, and again.

8 Sable

via therichest.com

Very few men would step aside and let their wives get remarried to a younger man with absolutely not protest, but what if that man happened to be the Beast Incarnate? Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero found himself in this precarious predicament circa 2004, when his wife Sable started dating Brock Lesnar while the two were separated. Unlike most of the other examples detailed throughout this list, the fact Sable and Mero were separated definitely took the sting off quite a bit. In fact, far from a jilted lover, Mero has walked away from the situation calling himself “the happiest man alive,” a distinction he uses in his public speaking career. For Sable’s part, she seems pretty happy with Brock, as well, with the two forming one of the more stable long-lasting couples in wrestling, at least thus far.

7 Woman

via Pinterest.com

Nine times out of ten, when someone leaves a marriage for a third party, it would probably be fair to say their ex-husband or wife in some way drove them to make the decision. Almost every wrestler on this list can make that argument in one way or another, and none more directly than Woman, aka Nancy Sullivan. In addition to being a respected manager in her own right, Woman was also the wife of wrestler/WCW booker Kevin Sullivan, who had accidentally booked his own divorce. Sullivan accomplished this dubious feat by creating an angle where Nancy would leave him for Chris Benoit, a member of The Four Horsemen, who were feuding with Sullivan’s Dungeon of Doom at the time. Life imitates art and art imitates life, so before long, Woman actually left Sullivan for Benoit. Unfortunately, the other half of this story hints at how tragic the whole thing would become…

6 Chris Benoit

via gbagam.com

People have long been calling it a pretty questionable move on Kevin Sullivan’s part to let his wife pretend to start dating a younger, more athletically inclined man. There’s really no way to deny he was making a mistake there, and that’s regardless of how tragically Woman’s relationship with Benoit ultimately turned out. However, a detail occasionally left out is that Benoit’s wife happened to be pregnant during this same time frame, so perhaps Sullivan took that as a sign things were happy in their household. Not so, as Benoit divorced his first wife either while she was still pregnant or almost immediately after their daughter was born. Sullivan and Woman were divorced around the same time, allowing Benoit and Nancy to get engaged right away. It took them a few years to get married, but there were no other relationships in the interim, making it all the more shocking how things ended in 2007.

5 Magnum T.A.

via youtube.com

Revenge can be a dish best served cold, though in all fairness, the situation with Magnum T.A., Tully Blanchard, and the woman they both called their wife at one point seems bizarrely amicable, even for wrestling. Back in the 1980s, Blanchard and Magnum engaged in some of the fiercest battles the NWA had ever seen, most notably a Steel Cage I Quit match at Starrcade 1985. That match in particular could have made Magnum a legend for all times, but he sadly suffered a serious injury not long afterwards, ending his in-ring career forever. Some two decades later, though, Magnum would get the last word on Blanchard by stealing the woman who was his wife nearly that entire time. Of course, Magnum was also married to another woman at the time, but that didn’t seem to slow him down. Before long, Magnum divorced his first wife and remarried Blanchard’s ex after they likewise split.

4 Eddie Gilbert

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Arriving on the scene way before his time, “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert would probably have a much different legacy were he born about ten years later than he was. The way things are, Gilbert is one of the most underrated performers in history, and his rise to the top arguably began when he hooked up with Missy Hyatt, who soon became his valet/manager. Undergoing the classic whirlwind relationship, Gilbert and Hyatt were married shortly after they met, with their incredible chemistry apparently extending far behind the scenes. Hyatt wasn’t entirely unique in this, however, as Gilbert would find the same thing happening to him again in no time flat, when he was working in the same company as Madusa. Hyatt had already divorced Hot Stuff before he remarried to Madusa, but that hasn’t stopped her from remaining intensely bitter about the situation for decades, possibly all the way to the present day.

3 The Undertaker

via celebritytonic.com

Certain women are simply attracted to bad boys, which is in part how The Undertaker has managed to accumulate three wives during his dance with the dark side. First up was a woman named Jodi, the only woman who can say she loved him before he became wrestling’s greatest zombie. The couple was together for a decade and had one son, yet it wasn’t enough to keep them together, as the two were divorced after about ten years. During what many called the midlife crisis phase of his career, Undertaker started hanging around a woman named Sara not long after his divorce, and the two were married in short order. Of course, the real signs of a man with money aging ungracefully came several years later still, when Undertaker left Sara for the significantly younger Michelle McCool. And since we’re on the subject…

2 Michelle McCool

via youtube.com

Just about every young wrestler, male or female, has ample reason to idolize The Undertaker, so there were plenty of reasons for Michelle McCool to fall for him while both were active wrestlers on SmackDown. That said, of all the ladies on the WWE roster who might try and earn a date with the devil, McCool was fairly low on the list for one key reason—she had been married to Jeremy Alexander since before she signed with WWE. Obviously, the very nature of this list means marriage hardly precludes people attracted to one another from starting a relationship, especially when they also work together. McCool and Alexander were thus divorced in 2006, beating Undertaker and Sara to the punch by long enough it may not have been directly related. Even so, McCool and Undertaker got together right afterwards, and has remained a couple to this day, cemented with marriage in 2010.

1 Steve Austin

via prowrestling.wikia.com

If you somehow hold the belief a beer-swilling Texan who proudly calls himself a redneck could have a clean marriage record, you probably aren’t too familiar with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. In or out of the ring, Austin’s personality tells him not to trust anybody, and most marriage councilors claim trust is the most important element of a relationship. Austin made it clear he didn’t understand this concept well before he was even a superstar, way back when he met his second wife, Lady Blossom. It didn’t deter Austin in the slightest that he was introduced to Blossom by her ex-husband and his trainer, Chris Adams, and Blossom reciprocated this notion by turning a blind eye to the fact Austin was already married at the time. The situation pretty much repeated itself in the late-'90s when Austin married his third wife, Debra, mere months after things fell apart with Blossom.

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