15 Wrestlers Who Failed In Both WWE And WCW: Where Are They Now?

The lack of competition in the wrestling industry today is one of the worst things about business. Wrestlers used to have leverage of two major mainstream promotions with both WWE and WCW competing against each other with national television deals. It allowed the wrestlers to bounce around working both companies. The majority of stars in the 90s spent time with WWE and WCW. History would see that the wrestlers to work for both organizations significantly did better in one more than the other.

Wrestlers to do better in WWE typically were younger stars that WCW failed to use properly like Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio. On the flip side, the stars that thrived in WCW like Diamond Dallas Page, Vader, Ric Flair and Scott Steiner would be booked with less relevance when moving to WWE. A few legends like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Booker T found huge success in both promotions. We'll take a look at the opposite of that with the forgotten wrestlers that did poorly in WWE and WCW each. All of these wrestlers ended up flopping in both companies at the end of their run. Let’s find out what the following fifteen wrestlers to fail in both WWE and WCW are doing today.

15 Sabu: Indie Wrestler/ GoFundMe Campaign 

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ECW legend Sabu inspired many future wrestlers with his death-defying wrestling moves. The majority of Sabu’s offense were moves he invented to become a beloved Superstar to the ECW fan base. Sabu tried his luck in WCW during the early years of the Monday Night Wars. WCW actually allowed him to continue his dangerous hardcore wrestler character by having him use tables for all his matches. Sabu would leave the company within a few months due to overall unhappiness.

WWE signed him many years later for the rebirth of the ECW brand under Vince McMahon’s vision. Sabu started off as a main event performer for a few months before completely falling off the radar. The wrestling career of Sabu is sadly still going as he wrestles on smaller independent wrestling shows to pay the bills. Sabu has various health issues and took to a crowdfunding website to get help in affording a surgery. Life can be tough for a wrestler that never worked long for a top promotion.

14 Terry Taylor: WWE Trainer 

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The wrestling career of Terry Taylor is often forgotten due to underwhelming runs with both major companies of the time. WWE signed Taylor and their biggest idea for him was the horrible character of The Red Rooster. The gimmick is remembered today as one of the worst in the history of professional wrestling. WCW signed Taylor in the early 90s for the first time and he once again flopped with a bland character.

Taylor proved to be a product of the time moving back and forth between WWE and WCW changing seven times during his career. During the end of his time in WCW in the late 90s, he started to branch out into a backstage role. Taylor is back in WWE today working as a trainer in the Performance Center. The stars of NXT that are most ready for the main roster enter Taylor’s “finishing class” to help get them prepared for the biggest stage.

13 Chuck Palumbo: CP Kustoms 

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Chuck Palumbo was one of the top prospects in the WCW Power Plant developmental system. WCW gave him and the other top young stars from there a huge push in the Natural Born Thrillers faction. They were hoping to finally build new talent but it was too late. Palumbo didn’t appear to be right guy to build around either way given how lackluster he came off on WCW television.

WWE saw enough in Palumbo to bring him over following the purchase of WCW in 2001. Palumbo received a few pushes in WWE with his biggest success coming in the Billy and Chuck tag team. Nothing worked in the long term leading to a horrible WWE career. Palumbo left the wrestling business after his WWE release to start his own business. CP Kustoms sees Palumbo build, customize and repair motorcycles today making a living off one of his passions.

12 Paul Roma: Owns Wrestling School 

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The career of Paul Roma featured disappointment after disappointment. Both WWE and WCW loved Roma’s potential due to a great physique. Roma primarily worked as a tag team wrestler in WWE with both Jim Powers and Hercules Hernandez serving as his partners at different times. WWE gave him one chance to get over as a singles star and it went horribly.

WCW signed Roma with the intent of giving him an even bigger push. Roma joined the highly successful Four Horsemen faction but never could fit the part. The fans didn’t buy him as being a future star and it led to more failure in WCW after butting heads with Ric Flair. Roma stopped wrestling in the late 90s but runs his own wrestling school today in Connecticut.

11 Raven: Podcast Host 

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Raven is one of the sadder stories of someone that should have been a bigger star in both WWE and WCW. The ECW run of Raven showed just how talented and brilliant of a performer he could be under the right booking. WCW signed him away to a big contract but never did much with him. Raven did have good matches and memorable moments. Sadly, he never fulfilled his potential by moving out of the mid-card picture.

WWE used Raven even worse multiple times. The early 90s character of Johnny Polo is remembered horribly and his later run in the early 2000s as Raven is rarely remembered at all. WWE mostly used him in the Hardcore Division refusing to give him a bigger push. Raven still makes rare independent wrestling appearances today and has his own podcast on Chris Jericho’s network these days.

10 David Flair: Owns Seal Wire Company 

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One of the dumbest decisions WCW made during their downfall was trying to make David Flair a star. Ric Flair is obviously a WCW legend but the idea of pushing his inexperienced son at such a young age showed just how little insight they had. David clearly wasn’t ready for the push he was given or the opportunity of being on television at all. The project of the second generation star flopped horribly.

WWE kept David on board following the purchase of WCW but to train in developmental at Ohio Valley Wrestling. David did not impress enough to ever get called up and eventually quit the wrestling business. Charlotte Flair had a much better transition than her brother and revealed David is doing well today. David and his wife run a Seal Wire Company selling copper, steel and aluminum wires in North Carolina.

9 Jerry Lynn: ROH Backstage Agent 

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Jerry Lynn is one of the more talented wrestlers to never get any respect from WWE or WCW. The run in WCW saw him wear a mask and portray the Mr. JL character. WCW didn’t even have any vision for the masked character but wanted him to pretend to be a luchador. Lynn had some good matches with the dumb idea but did not achieve much success until leaving for ECW.

A huge push in ECW saw Lynn gain the reputation of being one of the better in-ring performers in the industry. WWE signed him following the death of ECW but made him Light Heavyweight Champion right away. The bad news is Lynn rarely even performed on television and WWE did nothing of use with him during a short run. Jerry retired from the ring back in 2013 and started working with Ring of Honor last year as a backstage agent.

8 Marty Jannetty: Indie Wrestler 

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The career of Marty Jannetty is a disappointment given the comparison between how things worked out for him and former Rockers tag team partner Shawn Michaels. Jannetty was highly successful in the tag team but his career fell apart after the break up. Addictions to drugs and alcohol led to his downfall. WWE gave him a number of chances but each ended horribly.

WCW signed Jannetty for about a year during the Monday Night Wars. Most fans have no memory of this given he was never involved in an actual storyline. Jannetty primarily worked as an enhancement talent or would randomly appear in battle royals. The current life of Jannetty sees him still battling addiction issues while occasionally performing at independent wrestling shows. Jannetty joined a class action lawsuit against WWE for brain injuries.

7 Shawn Stasiak: Chiropractor


Shawn Stasiak received a few opportunities in the wrestling due to his pedigree as the son of former WWE Champion Stan Stasiak. WWE gave him the horrible character of Meat that would see him too tired to win matches due to “too much sex” with Terri Runnels. That influenced the decision of Stasiak to make the jump to WCW and receive a bigger push as a member of the Natural Born Thrillers.

Sadly, Stasiak just didn’t have the overall presence or charisma to get over. WCW still tried to push him until they were purchased by WWE. Once again, Stasiak turned into a joke in WWE with his main moments coming from humorously running into a wall. The best decision of his life came when he retired from the wrestling business to start a new career as a chiropractor. Stasiak is successful in his field along with his side gig of motivational speaking.

6 Mark Jindrak: Wrestling Star In Mexico 

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Another flop from the Natural Born Thrillers faction was Mark Jindrak. WCW loved his look and athleticism but Jindrak never stood out in the faction. Jindrak was the least memorable of the bunch in WCW. The biggest push of his WWE career would come a few years later when aligning with Kurt Angle. WWE wanted top star Angle to have a stable of Jindrak and Luther Reigns to get the new stars over.

Jindrak did not do well in the role and found his way off television quickly. The WWE time ending saw him expand his career outside of the United States. Jindrak achieved the greatest success of his wrestling career when trying his luck in Mexico. A new name of Marco Corleone has allowed him to have a successful stint working primarily in Mexico for almost a decade now for CMLL and AAA.

5 Bill DeMott: Wrestling Seminars 

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The wrestling career of Bill DeMott is forgotten despite working consistently for many years in both WCW and WWE. DeMott spent the entirety of the Monday Night Wars in WCW under the Hugh Morrus moniker. Despite having the impressive agility to pull off a great moonsault as his finisher, Morrus never received a push until the dying days. The new name of General E. Rection leading the Misfits in Action was his biggest role and it was due to how desperate WCW was at the time.

DeMott moved to WWE following the purchase of WCW and had another flop trying to continue his wrestling career. WWE eventually moved him into a coaching role to teach the young talent in developmental. DeMott would get fired when numerous stories were revealed of him bullying and harassing the trainees. The most recent work of DeMott saw him try to host a wrestling podcast and bring his training insight to wrestling seminars.

4 Buff Bagwell: Indie Wrestler 

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WCW tried to make Buff Bagwell a star for a decade until their dying days. The physique of Bagwell landed him a job in the early 90s. Bagwell did nothing of note for the early portion of his career until randomly joining the New World Order. It was another opportunity that added relevance to Buff’s name but he once again dropped the ball remaining a secondary player that actually harmed the nWo value.

WWE brought over Bagwell after purchasing WCW and actually wanted him to be a big player going forward. The first WCW match featured Bagwell and Booker T having a horrible stinker. It killed any chance of WCW being its own brand going forward thanks to Bagwell. Buff would get fired a week later for no-showing and having his mom call for him. Today, Bagwell makes rare independent wrestling promotions and worked as a gigolo a few years ago.

3 Shane Douglas: Indie Wrestler/Management Job 

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Shane Douglas was once the hottest prospect in wrestling in the early 80s when signing with WCW. The white meat babyface appeared to be a future star but he never went anywhere. Douglas claimed Ric Flair sabotaged his career in WCW and held on to a grudge to this very day. WWE signed him with the character of Dean Douglas having him play an arrogant teacher gimmick. Needless to say, it didn’t get over and ended his career in WWE.

Douglas achieved the greatest success of his career as a huge star in ECW using the failures in WWE and WCW to fuel his anger. Another WCW run flopped proving Douglas never meant to succeed in the major promotions. Douglas still wrestles today on the independent wrestling scene and won the XICW Xtreme Intense Champion in May of 2017. The Franchise also has an office job working in a management role somewhere to pay the bills.

2 Marc Mero: Motivational Speaker 

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Both WWE and WCW attempted to push Marc Mero as a face but it always ended with failure. The character of Johnny B. Badd saw WCW try to make him look like singer Little Richard. Mero played the flamboyant character that was slightly successful. Following three Television Championship reigns, Mero flopped losing all momentum. It led to his decision to jump ship to WWE.

The push under his real name of Marc Mero saw him bring his wife Sable to the act. WWE gave him an Intercontinental Championship reign as a sign of eventually wanting to move him into the main event picture. Sadly, Mero was too boring to get over as a top star and eventually lost his push with Sable being the star of the team. Life appears to be better for Mero today as he has beat his personal demons and works as a motivational speaker.

1 Virgil: Wrestling Conventions 

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The legend of Virgil started with his time in WWE as the bodyguard and manservant of Ted DiBiase. Virgil received the biggest push of his career when becoming a fan favorite by turning on DiBiase. The big moment came at Summerslam 1991 when Virgil defeated DiBiase to become the Million Dollar Champion. That would be the peak of his push as Virgil didn’t have the talent to move forward as a bigger star.

WCW signed him to join the New World Order once again reuniting with DiBiase. The new name of “Vincent” was meant to be an insult towards Vince McMahon. Virgil was the one insulted at the end of the day with nothing coming from WCW aside from being an extra body in the nWo. Today, Virgil is known for being one of the worst wrestlers at conventions. You can find Virgil trying to bully fans into buying his autograph and looking for any new ways to pull off scams.

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